What’s the Value of a L. Ron Hubbard Signature, Autograph or Inscription?

We collected a sample of 1 auction results for books containing L. Ron Hubbard's signature from 1 different auction houses. The lowest overall price realized in our sample was $2400 and the highest overall price realized was $2400. The average price was $2400 and the median price was $2400. There were 0 auctions (0%) with a price realized below the low estimate, 1 auctions (100%) exceeding the high estimates, and 0 auctions (0%) within the range of the low and high estimates. Auction results are highly dependent upon condition, rarity, edition, provenance, year of publication, publisher, and many other factors. Your book’s value will vary.

No auction results found.

Recent Auction Results:

Auction House Auction Date Author Title City Publisher Description Year Estimate Sale Price Auction Page Other Copies
PBA09/28/2006Hubbard, L. RonScientology Group Auditor's Handbook, Volume TwoLos AngelesChurch of Scientology of California...Limited Second Edition. Signed by L. Ron Hubbard on the title...1979$1000-$1500$2400 PBA Copies for Sale