Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Wyoming Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The state of Wyoming is filled with national parks, mountains, and vast prairielands, but is the least populous state in the Union. With the land so preserved and untouched, it is home to many national parks. Before these national parks were maps from explorers describing the virgin land and documenting their finds in manuscripts and maps. Early maps command a price of thousands of dollars.

Another unique attribute about the state are the vast miles of railroads. Any documents or memorabilia from railroads through Wyoming, Union Pacific in particular, can be a great treasure for collectors. Also, books by explorers before Wyoming became a part of the United States is sure to be part of any collection.

If one is looking for more books on the history of the state, look no further than the Native American tribes within the state that are still present today. Tribes like Lakota, Shoshone, and Cheyenne have rich and deep histories within the State of Wyoming.

Mullan, John. Miners and Travelers' Guide to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Published by Wm. M. Franklin: New York (1865). Full title-Miners and Travelers' Guide to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado: Via the Missouri and Columbia Rivers

McClure, A. K. Three Thousand Miles Through the Rocky Mountains. Lippincott: Philadelphia, PA (1869).

Report of The Commission Appointed Under Act of Congress. Government Printing Office: Washington (1873). Full title-Report of The Commission Appointed Under Act of Congress Approved June 1, 1872 to Negotiate With the Shoshone Indians in Wyoming Territory

Jones, William A. Report upon the Reconnaissance of Northwestern Wyoming. Government Printing Office: Washington (1875). Other author-Theodore Bryant Comstock; Full title-Report upon the Reconnaissance of Northwestern Wyoming, including Yellowstone National Park, made in the Summer of 1873

Dunraven, Earl of. The Great Divide. Chatto and Windus: London (1876). Full title-The Great Divide: Travels in the Upper Yellowstone in the Summer of 1874

Bancroft, Hurbert Howe. The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft. The History Company: San Francisco (1890). Full title-The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft: Volume XXV: History of Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming 1540-1888

Langford, Nathianiel Pitt. Vigilante Days and Ways. J.G. Cupples Co. Publishers: Boston (1890). 2 volumes; Full title-Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies -- The Makers and Making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming

Langford, Nathianiel Pitt. Vigilante Days and Ways. D. D. Merrill: New York (1893). Second Edition; 2 volumes; Full title-Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies -- The Makers and Making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming

Turrill, Gardner Stilson. A Tale of the Yellowstone. G. S. Turrill Publishing Co.: Jefferson, Iowa (1901). Full title-A Tale of the Yellowstone: In a Wagon Through Western Wyoming and Wonderland

Schmidt, Carl Ernest. A Western Trip. Herold Press: Detroit (1904). 12 mounted color photographs by Henry Jackson

Wilson, Elijah Nicholas. Among the Shoshones. Skelton Publishing Company: Salt Lake City, UT (1910).

Mokler, Alfred James. History of Natrona County Wyoming 1888-1922. R. R. Donnelley and Sons: Chicago (1923). Full title-History of Natrona County Wyoming 1888-1922: True Portrayal of the Yesterdays of a New County and a Typical Frontier Town of the Middle West. Fortunes and Misfortunes, Tragedies and Comedies, Struggles and Triumphs of the Pioneers

Mercer, A.S. Powder River Invasion War on the Rustlers in 1892. Self Published (1923). Rewritted by John Mercer Boots

Clay, John. My Life on The Range. Privately Printed: Chicago, IL (1924).

Frewen, Moreton. Melton Mowbray and Other Memories. Herbert Jenkins Limited: London (1924).

Tittsworth, W.G. Outskirt Episodes. Success Composition and Printing Co.: Des Moines, IA (1927).

McPherren, I.G. The Banditti Of The Plains or The Cattlemen's Invasion Of Wyoming In 1892. McPherren: Sheridan, WY (1930). Second edition

WPA. Wyoming: A Guide to its History, Highways, and People. Oxford University Press: New York (1941).

Ricketts, William Pendleton. 50 Years in the Saddle. Star Publishing Co.: Sheridan, WY (1942). Signed edition

Rollinson, John K. Wyoming Cattle Trails. The Caxton Printers, Ltd: Caldwell, ID (1948). Signed Limited Edition; 1000 copies; Edited by E. A. Brininstool

LeFors, Joe. Wyoming Peace Officer: An Autobiography. Laramie Printing Company: Laramie, WY (1953).

Krakel, Dean F. The Saga of Tom Horn. Powder River Publishers: Laramie, WY (1954). Full title-The Saga of Tom Horn: The Story of a Cattlemen's War with Personal Narratives, Newspaper Accounts and Official Documents

Burns, Robert Homer. Wyoming's Pioneer Ranches. Top Of The World Press (1955). Signed Edition; 1000 copies; Other authors- Willing Gay Richardson and Andrew Springs Gillespie

Chamblin, Thomas S. Historical Encyclopedia of Wyoming. Wyoming Historical Institute: Cheyenne, WY (1970). 2 volumes

Burroughs, John Rolfe. Guardian of the Grasslands. Pioneer Printing and Stationary Co.: Cheyenne WY (1971). 200 copies; Signed Edition; Full title-Guardian of the Grasslands: The First Hundred Years of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Wakefield, Robert. Schwiering and the West. North Plains Press: Aberdeen, SD (1973). Signed Limited Edition; 300 copies

Hedgpeth, Don. Spurs Were A-Jinglin'. Northland Press (1975). Signed Limited Edition; 50 copies; Full title-Spurs Were A-Jinglin': A Brief Look at the Wyoming Range Country; Other author-Charles J. Belden

Edgar, Bob. Brand of a Legend. Stockade Publishing: Cody, WY (1978). Centennial Edition; Other author-Jack Turnell

Edgar, Bob. Lady of Legend. Stockade Publishing: Cody, WY (1979). Other author-Jack Turnell

Avedon, Richard. In the American West: 1979-1984. Harry N. Abrams: New York (1985).

Proulx, Annie. Close Range: Wyoming Stories. Scribner: New York (1999). Signed Edition

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