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Flint, William Russell Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Flint, William Russell. The Odyssey of Homer. Medici Society, London (1924). done into English prose by S.H. Butcher and Andrew Lang, with twenty plates in colour after the water-colour drawings by W. Russell Flint; 530 copies.

Flint, William Russell. Drawings. Collins, London (1950). 500 copies; illustrared with 134 photogravure drawings by Flint

Flint, Sir William Russell. Models of Propriety. Michael Joseph, London (1951). Occasional Caprices for the Edification of Ladies and the Delight of Gentlemen; With 31 full page delineations; 500 copies.

Flint, William Russell. Minxes Admonished or Beauty Reproved. Golden Cockerel Press., London (1955). An Album of Deplorable Caprices Faithfully Narrated and Modestly Embellished by Sir William Russell Flint; Total 550 copies; 150 specially bound in full crimson morocco, and with an extra suite of 8 plates; Photogravure reproductions of 2 watercolour paintings and 51 crayon drawings by the author.

Herrick, Robert. One Hundred and Eleven Poems. The Golden Cockerel Press (1955). 500 copies; Selected, arranged and illustrated by Sir William Russell Flint.

Flint, Sir William Russell. Shadows in Arcady. Charles Skilton Ltd, London (1965). 500 copies.

Flint, Sir William Russell. Breakfast in Perigord. Privately printed by Charles Skilton, London (1968). Essays on Various Occasions And in Diverse Moods With favourite quotations Decorated and Enlivened With 60 Illustrations and Devices; Limited to 525 copies signed by Flint; only 475 copies were for sale.

Flint, William Russell. The Lisping Goddess. Stanbrook Abbey Press, Worcester (1968). A Figurehead Fantasy; Illustrated with collotype reproductions of 26 pencil drawings and two watercolours by Flint; Total 275 copies.

Flint, William Russell. In Pursuit. The Medici Society, London (1970). An Autobiography; Total 1050 copies; 1000 copies for sale; 850 copies were quarter leather bound and 150 full leather signed copies by Francis Russell Flint; Colour frontispiece and 110 further plates in b/w and colour, plus lavishly embellished text by Russell Flint.

Flint, William Russell. Sir William Russell Flint. Sir William Russell Flint Galleries, England (1986). GARDNER, Keith S. and Nigel D. Clark; Contributions by Cecilia Green and Moira Shearer;A Comparative Review of the Artists Signed Limited Edition Prints; 1000 copies; 500 Deluxe copies.

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