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William Clowes Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

House Guards. Regulations And Instructions For The Cavalry Sword Exercise. William Clowes (1819). Adjutant-General's Office, Horse-Guards, 10Th June, 1819; With two instructional plates, including large engraved folding frontispiece titledAngelos Sword Excercise.

British Army. General Regulations And Orders For The Army. William Clowes (1822). Adjutant Generals Office, Horse Guards, 1St January 1822

Torrens, Sir Henry. Field Exercises And Evolutions Of The Army. William Clowes (1824). As Revised By Major General Sir Henry Torrens; 12 folding engraved plates

Essays And Tales. William Clowes (1833). Collection of 12 essays and tale; Contains: A cup of tea, The young poet, The amiable young lady, The reclaimed, An auction, Journey to London, First day in town, Little children, Retrospection, My first manuscript, The only love and A cold.

Packe, Edmund. An Historical Records Of The Royal Regiment Of Horse Guards, Or Oxford Blues. William Clowes (1834). Its Services And Transactions It Which It Has Been Engaged From Its First Establishment To The Present Time; Engraved frontispiece portrait of Aubrey de Vere; hand-colored title vignette and 7 lithograph plates by G.E. Mandeley, including 6 hand-colored military costume plates of theBlues in uniforms of various periods.

Cannon, Richard. Historical Record Of The Second Or Queens Regiment Of Dragoon Guards. William Clowes (1837). Containing An Account Of The Formation Of The Regiment In 1685, And Of Its Subsequent Services To 1837.

Committee Of Council On Education. Minutes Of The Committee Of Council On Education With. William Clowes (1841). With Appendices, 1840-41

Great Britain. Colonial Office. Emigration. William Clowes (1848). Papers Relative To Emigration To The British Provinces In North America. (In Continuance Of Papers Presented December, 1847.) Presented April, 1848; Contains A. C. Buchanans annual report as Chief Agent for Emigration to Canada

Exhibition Of The Works Of Industry Of All Nations, 1851.. William Clowes (1852). Reports By The Juries On The Subjects In The Thirty Classes Into Which The Exhibition Was Divided.

Colt, Samuel. On The Application Of Machinery To The Manusfacture Of Rotating Chambered. William Clowes (1854). Breech Fire-Arms, And Their Peculiarities, With An Abstract Of The Discussion Upon The Paper.

Rhodes, Godfrey. Tents And Tent Life. William Clowes (1859). From The Earliest Ages To The Present Time; To Which Is Added The Practiceof Encamping An Army In The Ancient and Modern Times.

Gay, John. Fables Of John Gay. William Clowes (1871).

Manning, Samuel. Swiss Pictures, Drawn With Pen And Pencil. William Clowes (1880). By The Author Of Spanish Pictures And Italian Pictures. With Illustrations By Mr. Whymper, And Others. New And Enlarged Edition.

Hedges, John Kirby. The History Of Wallingford, In The County Of Berks. William Clowes (1881). From The Invasion Of Julius Caesar To The Present Time With An Account Of Its Castle, Churches, And Monastic Institutions : 2 Volumes

International Health Exhibition, London, 1884. William Clowes (1884). The Health Exhibition Literature. Volume XVII. Catalogue Of Education Division, Catalogue Of Manufactures And Designs, Library Catalogue, Catalogue Issued By Sanitary Bureau Of Japan.

Poore, G.V. Our Duty In Relation To Health.. William Clowes (1884).

Monaco, Domenico. Specimens From The Naples Museum. William Clowes (1884). (Curator Of The Naples Museum) With Descriptive Letterpress, Carefully Revised And Amplified From The Best Authorities By E Neville Rolfe

Monk, William Henry. Hymns Ancient And Modern,. William Clowes (1889). For Use In The Services Of The Church, With Accompanying Tunes . The Supplemental Tunes Revised By Charles Steggall. Complete Edition. Complete Edition.

Gleichen, Count E. The Armies Of Europe. William Clowes (1890). From The German Of F Von Koppen; Illustrated By Richard Knotel.

The Chicago Exhibition. William Clowes (1893). Official Catalogue Of The British Section;The Chicago world exhibition of 1893 centred around the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Columbus.

Stanhope. The Life And Letters Of Lady Hester Stanhope. William Clowes (1897). By Her Niece The Duchess Of Cleveland

Martin, Archer. The Hudsons Bay Companys Land Tenures. William Clowes (1898). And The Occupation Of Assiniboia By Lord Selkirks Settlers With A List Of Grantees Under The Earl And The Company.

Furse, Colonel George Armand. Provisioning Armies In The Field.. William Clowes (1899). A Victorian study of military logistics with chapters on the campaigns of Gustavus Adolphus and Frederick the Great, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War, Indian Mutiny, American Civil War, Franco-Prussian War, and Abyssinia, Ashantee and Sudan campaigns.

Massy, E. I. Memories Of Maoriland. William Clowes (1900).

Phillips, Stephen. Paolo And Francesca. William Clowes (1902).

Spring, F.W.M. The Bombay Artillery. William Clowes (1902).

Bell-Irving, E.M. Mayfield. William Clowes (1903). The Story Of An Old Wealden Village

Hymns Ancient And Modern With Accompanying Tunes. William Clowes (1909). W.H.Frere (Ed); Historical Edition With Notes On The Origin Of Both Hymns And Tunes And A General Historical Introduction Illustrated By Facsimiles And Portraits.

Grabham, Michael. The Garden Interests Of Madeira. William Clowes (1926). Illustrations Horticultural And Tourist Guide To The Portuguse Island Of Madeira.

Priest, Cecil. The Birds Of Southern Rhodesia.. William Clowes (1936). 4 Volumes

Quilter, D C. No Dishonourable Name. William Clowes (1948). The 2Nd and 3Rd Battalions Coldstream Guards 1939 - 1946

Essame, Major-General H. The 43rd Wessex Division At War. William Clowes (1952). 1944-1945

Barclay, Brigadier C N. The History Of The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers In The Second World War.. William Clowes (1952). 1919-1945

Barclay, C. N. The London Scottish In The Second Worlds War. William Clowes (1952). 1939 To 1945; Foreword By Col.R.J.L.Ogilby.

Woodyatt, Nigel. The Regimental History Of The 3rd Queen Alexandrias Own Gurkha Rifles. William Clowes (1953). From April 1815 To December 1927; 2 volumes.

Erskine, David. The Scots Guards 1919-1955. William Clowes (1956).

Mann, Sir James. European Arms And Armour. William Clowes (1962). Wallace Collection Catalogues; 2 Volumes; Vol. 1Armour; Vol. 2Arms.

Burton, Richard F. A Complete System Of Bayonet Exercise. William Clowes (2002). 750 copies

Burton, Richard F. Complete System Of Bayonet Exercise.. William Clowes (2002).

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