Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Wildflowers Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Bloomfield, Robert. Wild Flowers; or, Pastoral and Local Poetry. Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme: London (1806).

Twamley, Louisa Anne. Our Wild Flowers familiarly described and illustrated. Tilt and Bogue: London (1843).

Embury, Emma C. American Wild Flowers in their Native Haunts. Appleton: New York (1845). Illustrated by E. Whitfield

Loudon, Jane Webb. British Wild Flowers. William Smith: London (1846).

Strong, Asa B. The American Flora. Green and Spencer: New York (1853). 4 volumes; Full title-The American Flora, or History of Plants and Wild Flowers: containing a systematic and general description, natural history, chemical and medical properties of over six thousand plants, accompanied with a circumstantial detail of the medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been most successfully employed

Pratt, Anne. Wild flowers. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: London (1857). 2 volumes

Plues, Margaret. Rambles in Search of wild Flowers, and how to distinguish Them. Journal of Horticultural and Cottage Gardener Office: London (1863).

Hogg, Robert and George Johnson:. The Wild Flowers of Great Britain. Journal of Horticultural and Cottage Gardener Office: London (1863). 11 volumes; Full title-The Wild Flowers of Great Britain; Botanically and Popularly described with copious Notices of their History and Uses; Illustrated by Charlotte Gower

Prang, Louis. American Card Album. L. Prang and Co.: Boston (1864).

Traill, Catharine P. Canadian Wild Flowers. John Lovell: Montreal (1869). Second Edition; Other author-Agnes Fitzgibbon

Johnson, C. Pierpoint. British Wild Flowers. John Van Voorst: London (1882). Illustrated by John E. Sowerby

Goodale, George L. Wild Flowers Of America. S. E. Cassino: Boston, MA (1882). 2 volumes; Illustrated by Isaac Sprague

Ward, H.C. Wild Flowers of Switzerland: A Year Amongst the Flowers in the Alps. Sampson Low: London (1883).

Thayer, Emma Homan. Wild Flowers of Colorado. Cassell and Company: New York (1885).

Goodale, George L. The Wild Flowers of America. Bradlee Whidden: Boston (1886).

Thayer, Emma Homan. Wild Flowers Of The Pacific Coast. Cassell and Company: New York (1887).

Thayer, Emma Homan. Wild Flowers of the Rocky Mountains. Cassell and Company: New York (1889).

The Botanical Fine Art Weekly. Wild Flowers of America. G. H. Buek and Co.: New York (1894).

Robinson William. The Wild Garden : or the Naturalisation and Natural Grouping of hardy exotic plants. John Murray: London (1895). Signed Limited Edition; Fifth Edition; 280 Copies; Printed on Handmade Paper in Full Vellum; Illustrated by Alfred Parsons

Rowan, Marion Ellis. Wild Flowers: Facsimiles of Water Colors. Frederick A. Stokes Company: New York (1899). Other author-Alice Lousberry

Pratt, Anne. Wild Flowers. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: London (1905). 2 volumes; Indexed by G. Egerton Warburton

University of the State of New York. Wildflowers of New York. State University of New York: New York (1921).

Walcott, Mary Vaux. North American Wild Flowers. The Smithsonian Institute: Washington, D.C. (1925). Signed Edition; 5 volumes; 500 copies

Outhwaite, Ida Rentoul. A Bunch of Wild Flowers. Angus and Robertson: Sydney (1933).

Stokoe, W.J. The Observer's Book of British Wild Flowers. Frederick Warne: London (1937).

Jennings, O.E. Wildflowers of Western Pennsylvania and the Upper Ohio Basin. University of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA (1953). 2 volumes; 3000 copies; Illustrated by Andrey Avinoff; Edited by Agnes Lynch Starrett

Dickson, Violet. The wild flowers of Kuwait and Bahrain. George Allen and Unwin: London (1955).

Colt, Armida Maria-Theresa. Weeds and Wild Flowers, Some Irreverant Words. The Two-Horse Press: London (1965). 2 volumes; Signed Limited Edition; 250 copies; Illustrated by George Mackley; Quarter green cloth over yellow Tatsumaki Japanese handmade paper covered boards

Rickett, Harold William. Wild Flowers of the United States. McGraw-Hill Book Company Inc.: New York (1965). 6 volumes; Edited by William C. Steere

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