Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Ward and Lock Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Mills, John. The Flyers of the Hunt. Ward and Lock, London (1859). 6 hand-colored etched plates after John Leech, First Edition

Mills, John. Stable Secrets; or, Puffy Doddles, His sayings and Sympathies. Ward and Lock, London (1863). First edition with 3 hand colored steel engravings

Beeton, Isabella Mary. The Book of Household Management. Ward Lock and Tyler (1869). Illustrated with many wood-engravings and 11 other color plates. Second Edition

Latouche, John. Travels in Portugal.. Ward, Lock and Tayler, London (1875). With illustrations by T. Sotheron Estcourt. 2nd Edition

Crawley, Cook. The Billiard Book. Ward and Lock, London (1877). With illustrations by John Proctor. With 54 plates engraved on steel, and numerous woodcut illustrations.

Anonymous. Swimming, Skating, and and Rinking. Ward and Lock, London (1883). Black and white illustrations with Explanatory Diagrams

Keene, John Harrigton. Fishing Tackle: Its Materials and Manufacture. Ward and Lock, London (1886). A Practical guide for the Angler and Fly-Fisher.With 254 illustrations, First Edition.

Barth, Henry. Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa. Ward and Lock, London (1890). Including accounts of Timbuktu, Sokoto, and the basins of the Niger and Benuwe.With 7 full-page illustrations and 44 original woodcut illustrations. Edited by G.T. Bettany

Peters, Dr. Carl. New Light on Dark Africa, Being the Narrative of the German Emin Pasha Expedition. Ward and Lock, London (1891). 1st English edition.

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