Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Crane, Walter Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Hervey, Eleanora L. Pictures of Society, Grave and Gay. Sampson Low, Son, and Marston (1866). From The Pencils Of Celebrated Artists And The Pens Of Popular Authors; Eleanora L. Hervey. Noel Jones. Thomas Hood. Cuthbert Bede. Herbert Maple Et Al Illustrated By Louis Huard, Walter Crane, J.E. Millais, F.W. Keyl, G. Du Maurier, John Everett,Edward John Poynter, Frederick Walker, Frederick Sandys,Phiz Et Al

Greenway, Kate. The Quiver Of Love: A Collection of Valentines. Marcus Ward (1876). 8 Plates Printed In Gold and Colours, (4 By Greenaway, 4 By Walter Crane).

Crane, Walter. The Babys Opera. Frederick Warne and Co. (1877). A Book Of Old Rhymes With New Dresses

Stevenson, Robert Louis. An Inland Voyage. C. Kegan Paul and Co. (1878). 750 Copies Published; Illustrated By Crane, Walter

Crane, Walter. Babys Bouquet. George Routledge (1878). Second Edition; Music Collected And Arranged By Lucy Crane (Sister)

Crane, Walter. The First of May. Henry Sotheran and Co. (1881). 300 Copies Of India Paper Proofs

Crane, Walter. Pan Pipes. George Routledge (1883). Illustrated Throughout In Color By Crane; A Collection Of 40 Traditional English Ballads.

Crane, Walter. Slateandpencilvania. George Rutledge (1885). Being The Adventures Of Dick On A Desert Island. First Title In Cranes Trilogy That Includes Little Queen Anne And Pothooks And Perserverance.

Crane, Walter. The Sirens Three. Macmillan (1886). 41 Pages Of Illustrations. Frontispiece, Title Page, Illustrations, Decorations, And Cover Design By Walter Crane.

Crane, Walter. Echos of Hellas. Marcus Ward (1887).

Wilde, Oscar. The Happy Prince and Other Tales. David Nutt (1888). 1,000 Copies; Illustrated By Walter Crane And Jacomb Hood; Collection Of Five Fairy Tales

Crane, Walter. Floras Feast: A Masque of Flowers. Cassell (1889). Colour Lithographs By Crane

Crane, Walter. Queen Summer or The Journey of the Lily and the Rose. Cassell and Co. (1891). 250 Copies; 40 Clour Plates By Walter Crane

Crane, Walter. Renascence: A Book of Verse. Elkin Mathews (1891). 8 Volumes; 500 Numbered Copies (150 For America); 25 Numbered Copies Signed By The Author And Printed On Japanese Vellum; 38 Ornaments And Illustrations

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1892). 250 Copies; Contents: The Gorgons Head. --The Golden Touch. --The Paradise Of Children. --The Three Golden Apples. --The Miraculous Pitcher. --The Chimaera. 60 Designs By Walter Crane Including 19 Full Page Colour Plates.

Crane, Walter. Eight Illustrations to Shakespeares Tempest. J.M. Dent (1893). 650 Numbered Copies Signed By Crane And Dallas Who Printed The Plates Using His Process Called Dallastype. (Dallas Certified That The Plates Were Destroyed So No More Copies Could Be Made). Containing 8 Art Nouveau Plates.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Wonder Book For Boys and Girls. The Riverside Press, Cambridge (1893). 250 Copies. Detailed Color Illustrations By Walter Crane.

Crane, Walter. Eight Illustrations to Shakespeares Two Gentlemen of Verona. J.M. Dent (1894). 650 Signed Copies; Eight Engravings On Mounted India Paper, Engraved And Printed By Duncan C. Dallas After Drawings By Crane; Dallas Certified That The Plates Were Destroyed So No More Copies Could Be Made.

Crane, Walter. Shakespeares Comedy of The Merry Wives of Windsor. Ruskin House (1894). 650 Copies; Signed And Numbered.

Ellis, F.S. The History of Reynard the Fox. David Nutt (1894). 250 Copies

SHAKESPEARE. The Merry Wives of Windsor. George Allen (1894). 650 Copies After Which The Plates Were Destroyed. Signed By Walter Crane And The Printer. 8 Plates In Black And White On Card With Blanks Interleaving.

Beardsley, Aubrey. The Modern Poster. C. Scribner's Sons (1895). 750 Copies; Arsene Alexandre, M. H. Spielmann, H. C. Bunner And August Jaccaci

Crane, Walter. Of The Decorative Illustration of Books Old and New. George Bell and Sons (1896). 150 Illustrations

Spenser, Edmund. Spensers Faerie Queene. George Allen (1897). A Poem In Six Books With The Fragment Of Mutabilitie. 6 Volumes Bound In Three; 1000 Copies; 8 Intricate Engraved Titles. Edited By Thomas J. Wise

Crane, Walter. A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden. Harper and Brothers (1899). Illustrated Prose By Crane With Color Illustrations At Each Page.

Crane, Walter. Triplets. George Routledge (1899). Comprising The Babys Opera. The Babys Bouquet. The Babys Own Aesop; 750 Copies; 500 Copies For The United Kingdom; 20 Copies Printed On Japan Vellum; Original Designs In Color By Walter Crane

Crane, Walter. A Masque of Days. Cassell (1901). From The Last Essays Of Elia: Newly Dressed And Decorated. Each Page Fully Illustrated In Color And Printed From The Artists Own Script.

Konody, P. G. The Art of Walter Crane. George Bell and Sons (1902). 100 Using Arnolds Handmade Paper. 1 Photogravure, 8 Black and White Prints and 16 Color Plates.

Crane, Walter. A Flower Wedding Described by Two Wallflowers. Cassell (1905). A Series Of Forty Color Illustrations With Accompanying Text.

Crane, Walter. Flowers from Shakespeares Garden. Cassell (1906).

Calmour, Alfred C. Rumbo Rhymes or The Great Combine, A Satire. Harper and Brothers (1911). Or, The Great Combine: A Satire; Written By Alfred C. Calmour, Rendered Into Pictures By Walter Crane; 23 Full Colour Illustrations Plus Title Page By Crane.

Crane, Walter. A Leaf From The First Of May. Stone and Lorson, Fullerton (1988). 50 Copies Designed And Bound By Joseph Dambrosio, Signed By Him, Carolyn Johnson, And Carmen Voss, The Handcolorist; 23 Full Colour Illustrations Plus Title Page By Crane.

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