Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Valenti Angelo Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Crane, Stephen. A Battle in Greece. Valenti Angelo (1936).

,. The Splendid Gift. Valenti Angelo (1940).

Blake, William. A Cradle Song. The Divine Image. A Dream. Night. Valenti Angelo (1949).

,. The Book of Ruth and Boaz. Valenti Angelo (1949). According to the King James Version of the Holy Bible

Blake, William. The Divine Image. Valenti Angelo (1949).

Saroyan, William. The Fiscal Hoboes. Valenti Angelo (1949).

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. Friar Jerome's Beautiful Book. Valenti Angelo (1952).

Bacon, Francis. Of Gardens. Valenti Angelo (1959).

Duff, Annis. Valenti Angelo: Artist, Writer, Man. Valenti Angelo (1962).

,. Of Human Rights. Valenti Angelo (1963). Equality, Liberty, Protection of Law, Property Rights, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Free Elections

Camus, Albert. September 15th, 1937. Valenti Angelo (1963).

Blake, William. Auguries of Innocence. Valenti Angelo (1968).

,. The Book of Jonah. Valenti Angelo (1969). From the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible

Momaday, N Scott. Before an Old Painting of the Crucifixion. Valenti Angelo (1975).

Hare, W. Loftus. The Court of the Printers' Guild. Valenti Angelo (1975).

Herrick, Robert. A Thanksgiving to God for His House. Valenti Angelo ().

,. The Lords Prayer. Valenti Angelo ().

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