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Gray, Thomas Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Gray, Thomas. Elegy. William Owen, London (1751). Written in a Country Churchyard; Illustrated with plates and numerous vignette woodcuts; With Walpoles anonymousAdvertisement, andwrote dropped from the title in favour ofwritten

Gray, Thomas. DESIGNS BY Mr.BENTLEY, FOR SIX POEMS BY Mr.T.GRAY. J. Dodsley, London (1753). Six full-page engraved plates, engraved vignette on the title, twelve vignettes in the text, and six engraved initials by Muller and Grignon; The first issue of the first edition, with the half-title readingDrawings, andc; This was corrected toDesigns, andc in subsequent issues; The four pageExplanation of the Prints, written by Horace Walpole

Gray, Thomas. Odes. Printed at.For R. and J. Dodsley, Strawberry-Hill (1757). 2000 copies printed; This is the proper first printing, with Ilissus at 8:17 and a comma after Swarm at 16:19

Gray,Thomas. Poems. J. Dodsley, London (1768). Contains the first appearance ofThe Fatal Sisters,The Descent of Odin, andThe Triumphs of Owen; In the advertisement following the title-page, the publishers acknowledge Beatties contribution and state that this is thefirst work in the Roman Character which they have printed with so large a type; Northup states that 250 copies were sold - Northup 52; Edited by James Beattie

Gray,Thomas. Elegy. J. Dodsley, London (1771). Written in a Country Courtyard; With full page copper engraved frontispiece and halfpage engravings at the head and end of the poem

Gray, Thomas. POEMS. printed by A. Ward; and Sold by J. Dodsley.and J. Todd, York (1775). Poems By the Right Honourable the Late Lord Lyttleton, the Poetical Works of Mr William Collins, to Which are Added Mr Hammonds Elegies; engraved portrait frontispiece of Thomas Gray (Engraved by James Basire

Gray, Thomas. POEMS. J. Murray, London (1778). TO WHICH ARE ADDED MEMOIRS OF HIS LIFE AND WRITINGS, BY W. MASON; with an engraved vignette title-page and 3 engraved plates

Gray, Thomas. Poems. Printed for G. Kearsley, London (1786). with Notes by Gilbert Wakefield; engraved title-page with John Murray's initials in cypher as vignette, engraved frontispiece, 6 engraved plates

Gray, Thomas. Poems. Printed for J. Murray, London (1790). A new edition (title page); contains 13 poems plus an uncredited biographical sketch, Gray's last will and testament, andThe Tears of Genius: An Ode, to the M mory of Mr. Gray byJ.T.; Also notable for the engraved plates, including the engraved title page, bearing the date 1784 in the plate; Preceded by an account of an alleged piracy and a short account of the life and writings of Mr. Gray by Gilbert Wakefield.

Gray, Thomas. Poesies. Lemierre, Paris (1798). traduites en francais, le texte vis-a-vis la traduction, avec des notes et des eclaircissemens egalement en francais et en anglais; ouvrage propre a faciliter lintelligence de la langue anglaise, particulierement dans la haute poesie; English texts and French translations on opposite pages, with introductory material in French; Two of the odes are translations from Old Norse, and two from Welsh

Gray, Thomas. Poems. Printed by T. Bensley, for F. J. du Roveray, London (1800). 6 engraved plates (3 after Henry Fuseli) engraved by Jas Neagle, James Heath and Thomas Holloway

Gray, Thomas. Works. Printed for Vernor, London (1807). containing his Poems, and Correspondence with several eminent literary characters; To which are added, Memoirs of Life and Writings by W. Mason

Gray, Thomas. Poems. White, Cochrane, and Co., London (1814). with Critical Notes, A Life of the Author, and an Essay on His Poetry by the Rev. John Mitford; With engraved frontispiece portrait of the poet, and one other engraved plate of the poet as a boy, both under tissue guards.

Gray, Thomas. Works. William Bulmer and Co, London (1814). With Memoirs of his Life and Writings by William Mason; To which are subjoined Extracts Philological, Poetical and Critical from the Author`s original manuscripts, selected and arranged by Thomas James Mathias; 2 volumes; 2 half-titles, 2 engraved frontispieces, 4 plates of facsimiles on 2 leaves, a plate and a vignette.

Gray, Thomas. Works. J Mawman, London (1816). Two Volumes; Vol I: The Poems, with Critical Notes; A Life of the Author; and an Essay on His Poetry; by John Mitford; Vol II: The Letters; with Important Additions and Corrections from His Own Manuscripts. Selected and Edited by John Mitford

Gray, Thomas. Grays Elegy. Longmans and Wiley and Putmans, London (1846). Illuminated by Owen Jones.

Fearnside, William Gray. Holmess Great Metropolis. Thomas Holmes, London (1851). Thomas Harrel; or, Views and History of London in the Nineteenth Century; Being a grand national exhibition of the British capital with historical and topographical notices of each place; 50 fine steel engraved plates, including frontispiece and engraved title vignette; Some of the steel engravings by Hablot Browne

Gray, Thomas. Poems and letters. The Chiswick Press, London (1867). 4 mounted albumen prints, the frontispiece portrait of Gray from a painting, the other 3 of Eton, which are oval, from nature

Gray, Thomas. Elegy. Sampson Low, London (1869). Written in a Country Courtyard; with 16 plates, each with title-tissue, printed by Cooper, Clay and Co., 2 leaves of facsimiles at the end and portrait on title.

Gray, Thomas. Poems and Letters. The Chiswick Press, London (1879). Four mounted photographic plates (2 Woodburytype and 2 albumen), including frontis portrait of author and 3 architectural views; Woodcut initials and ornaments

Gray, Thomas. Works of Thomas Gray in Prose and Verse. A. C. Armstrong and Son (1885). Volume 1: Poems, Journals, Essays; Volumes II and III: Letters; Volume IV: Notes on Aristophanes and Plato; Edited by Edmund Gosse

Gray, Thomas. Poems. Chiswick Press, London (1887). Contents include Memoir, Lecture, and miscellaneous poems such as Ode on the Spring, Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat, drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes, Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College, Hymn to Adversity, The Fatal Sisiers, an Ode, The Descent of Odin, an Ode, Epitaph on Sir William Williams, Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard, and other various pieces and Translations into English Verse, Poemata, Translations into Latin Verse, etc., The Honorable Horace Walpole contributed a four-page biography of the author, included is A Lecture Delivered Before the Eton Literary Society, Oct. 16, 1886 (36 pages); 4 steel engravings being a frontispiece portrait by Freebairn and 3 Eton scenes by Charles W. Radclyffe

Gray, Thomas. Poems. Eton College Press, Eton (1894). With a foreword by the Hon. Horace Walpole; Illustrated with three lithograph plates (printed on India paper and mounted to heavier stock) by Charles W. Radclyffe as well as portrait frontispiece--aquatint with bold plate mark by Benjamin Wilson--of Thomas Grayfrom the original picture, painted 1770. Additionally illustrated with numerous line engraved initial letters, intricate chapter head- and tail-pieces including a title page vignette; Frontispiece portrait and 3 steel engravings on mounted India paper; decorative initials, head and tail-pieces throughout.

Gray, Thomas. Grays Elegy. Bibiophile Society, Boston (1912). nine etchings from copper plates engraved by Arthur N. Macdonald and designed and etched by W. H. W. Bicknell; 469 copies.

Gray, Thomas. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. A and C Black, London (1914). 73 numbered pages, tipped in full color frontis with seven additional full color plates

Gray, Thomas. An elegy written in a country church-yard. John Henry Nash, San Francisco (1925). An Introduction by James Southall Wilson and A Foreword by William Andrews Clark, Jr. The Frontispiece is by William H. Wilke; Limited edition 200 numbered copies.

Gray, Thomas. Elegy in a Country Church-Yard. E. P Dutton and Company, New York (1931). written by Thomas Gray and newly created into an illustrated book by John Vassos.

Gray, Thomas. Ode to the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude. John Henry Nash, San Francisco (1933). Left Unfinished By Mr. Gray, and Since Completed; 2 volumes; 200 copies; engraved frontispiece in two colors from the original drawing by Thomas Rowlandson, introduction by Leonard Whibly.

Gray, Thomas. ELEGY Written in a Country Church-Yard. The Limited Editions Club, London (1938). With an introduction by Sir Hugh Walpole; illustrated with 32 full-page wood engravings by Agnes Miller Parker; Limited edition 1500 copies.

Gray, Thomas. Grays Elegy. Golden Cockerel Press, London (1946). Written In A Church-Yard; With A Foreword By Christopher Sandford And Eight Engravings By Gwenda Morgan; 750 copies.

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