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Dibdin, Thomas Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. An introduction to the knowledge of rare and valuable editions of the Greek and Roman classics. H. Ruff (1802). Being, In Part A Tabulated Arrangement From Dr. Harwoods View. andC. With Notes From Maittaire, De Bure, Dictionnaire Bibliographique, And References To Ancient And Modern Catalogues.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The History of Cheltenham and its Environs. H. Ruff (1803). Containing An Inquiry Into The Discovery And Properties Of The Mineral Waters; An Accurate Description Of The Accommodations And Amusements-And Of The Rides And Walks In The Vicinity; And A Concise View Of The County Of Glocester.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. INTRODUCTION TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF RARE AND VALUABLE EDITONS OF THE GREEK AND LATIN CLASSICS. Printed For W.Dwyer (1804). With Some Account Of Polyglot Bibles And The Best Editions Of The Greek Septuagint And Testament.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The Bibliomania. Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme (1809). Or, Book-Madness; Containing Some Account Of The History, Symptoms, And Cure Of This Fatal Disease; In An Epistle Addressed To Richard Heber, Esq.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. Typographical Antiquities. William Miller (1810). Or The History Of Printing In England, Scotland And Ireland: Containing Memoirs Of Our Ancient Printers, And A Register Of The Books Printed By Them; Begun By The Late Joseph Ames, F.R. and A. Ss; Considerably Augmented By William Herbert, Of Chestnut, Herts; And Now Greatly Enlarged, With Copious Notes And Illustrated With Appropriate Engravings; Comprehending The History Of English Literature, And A View Of The Progress Of The Art Of Engraving, In Great Britain; 4 Volumes

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. Bibliomania. McCreery (1811). Or Book Madness: A Bibliographical Romance, In Six Parts; Illustrated With Engravings

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The bibliographical decameron. W. Bulmer and Co. Shakspeare Press. (1817). Or, Ten Days Pleasant Discourse Upon Illuminated Manuscripts And Subjects Connected With Early Engraving, Typography, And Bibliography; 3 Volumes; Illustrated With Textual Engravings and Woodcuts, Prints On India Paper, Etchings In Sepia

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. A bibliographical, antiquarian and picturesque tour in France and Germany. Bulmer and Nicol (1821). Illustrated With 83 Plates, Some After Designs By George Robert Lewis, Five Fold-Out Illustrations Of Manuscripts, 63 Smaller Size Illustrations On India Paper, In-Text Illustrations. 100 Large Paper Copies.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. Aedes Althorpianae. Shakspeare Press (1822). Or An Account Of The Mansion, Books, And Pictures, At Althrop; The Residence Of George John Earl Spencer, K. G. To Which Is Added A Supplement Tothe Bibliotheca Spenceriana; 55 Large Paper Copies; 2 Volumes; Engraved Frontispieces In Each Volume, 30 Engraved Plates On 29 Sheets, Plus 6 Other Engravings And 71 Facsimiles In The Text.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The Library Companion. Harding et al. (1825). Or, The Young Mans Guide, And The Old Mans Comfort, In The Choice Of A Library; 2000 Copies; 2 Volumes.

Dibdin, Thomas. An introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. Harding and Lepard (1827). Together With An Account Of Polyglot Bibles, Polyglot Psalters, Hebrew Bibles, Greek Bibles And Greek Testaments; The Greek Fathers, And The Latin Fathers; 2 Volumes ; 250 Large Paper Copies.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. A bibliographical, antiquarian and picturesque tour in France and Germany. Jennings and Major,, (1829). Total 3 Volumes; With 3 Engraved Frontispieces, 9 Full-Page Engraved Plates

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The Reminiscences of Thomas Dibdin. H. Colburn By R. Bentley, Bell And Bradfute, Edinburgh And John Cumming (1834). Of The Theatres Royal, Covent-Garden, Drury-Lane, Haymarket, andC, And Author Of The Cabinet, andC; 2 Volumes

Dibdin , Thomas Frognall. Reminiscences Of A Literary Life. John Major (1836). Illustrated With 10 Engraved Plates, Bound By Ramage; 35 Large Paper Copies; 2 Volumes.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ANTIQUARIAN AND PICTURESQUE TOUR IN THE NORTHERN COUNTIES OF ENGLAND AND IN SCOTLAND. C. Richards (1838). 3 Volumes; Illustrated With Plates Including A Lithographed Frontispiece Portrait Of Dibdin, 44 Engraved Or Lithograved Plates Including Frontispieces To Volumes Two And Three, 93 Wood Or Steel Engravings, And 16 Engraved Ornamental Capital Letters; Total 100 Large Paper Copies Printed.

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. BIBLIOMANIA. Chatto and Windus (1876). Or Book-Madness; A Bibliographical Romance; 500 Copies

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The Bibliomania. Bibliophile Society, Boston (1903). Or Book Madness. History, Symptoms And Cure Of This Fatal Disease; Four Volumes; 483 Copies Printed; Illustrated By Frontispieces In Each Volume By W.H.W; Bicknell After Paintings By Howard Pyle.

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