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Surgery Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Never has a medical practice been so ever-changing than the practice of surgery. Surgery even a mere 5 years ago is drastically different than practices today. Even more so, surgery practices from 100 years ago would be considered taboo in today's society. That's why books written with old surgery practices are sure to be worthy for any collector!

Surgical treatments date back to the prehistoric era. Therefore, it can be exciting as a collector to find books written on surgery dating back many years. If a collector is interested in finding information about surgeries during wartime, one title to look for is Notes On the Surgery of the War in The Crimea with Remarks On the Treatment of Gunshot Wounds by George Macleod. This book was instrumental for many surgeons during the Civil War as they used this book for reference. Early editions can be found to be worth thousands of dollars! There is a wide array of documents for each body part for collectors looking for surgical practices of a specific body part. Fortunately, medical practices have always been recorded and documented, so there are sure to be much to choose from for any collector!

Woodall, John. The Surgeons Mate or Military and Domestique Surgery. Nicholas Bourne: London (1639). 2nd Edition; Full title-The Surgeons Mate or Military and Domestique Surgery; Discouering faithfully and plainly ye method and order of ye surgeons chest, ye uses of the instruments, the vertues and operations of ye medicines, with ye exact cures of wounds made by gun-shott, and otherwise as Namely: Wounds, Apos fumes, Ulcers, Fistula's, Fractures, dislocations, with ye most easie and safest wayes of Amputation or dismembring. The cures of the Scuruey, of ye fluxes of ye belly, of ye Collicke and Iliaca Passia, of Tenasmus and Exitus Ani, and of the Calenture, with A Treatise of ye cure of ye Plague

Cheselden, William. A Treatise on the High Operation for the Stone with XVII. John Osborn: London (1723).

Kettilby, Mary. A Collection Of above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery. King's-Head in St. Paul's Church-Yard: London (1728). 4th Edition; Full title-A Collection Of above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Physick and Surgery; For the Use of all Good Wives, Tender Mothers, and Careful Nurses. By several Hands

Heister, Laurence. A General System of Surgery In Three Parts. W. Innys, C. Davis, J. Clark, R. Manby and J. Whiston: London (1743). 2 volumes

White, Charles. Cases in Surgery, with remarks. W. Johnston: London (1770).

Bell, Benjamin. A System of Surgery. Dobson: Philadelphia (1791). Other author-Nicholas B. Waters

Bell, Charles. System of Operative Surgery, Founded on the Basis of Anatomy. Hale and Hosmer: Hartford (1812). 2 volumes; First American Edition

Bell, Charles. A System of Operative Surgery, Founded on the Basis of Anatomy. George Goodwin and Sons: Hartford (1816). 2 volumes

Cloquet, Jules Germain. Anatomie de l'Homme. Imprimerie lithographique de C. de Lasteyrie, Imprimerie de Rignoux: Paris (1821). 5 volumes

Averill, Charles. A Short Treatise on Operative Surgery. Jackson, Borough: London (1825). 2nd Edition; Full title-A Short Treatise on Operative Surgery, Describing the Principal Operations as They Are Practised in England and France; Designed for the Use of Students in Operating on the Dead Body

Bell, John. The Principles of Surgery. Thomas Tegg: London (1826). 2nd Edition; 4 volumes; Full title-The Principles of Surgery as They Relate to Wounds, Ulcers, Fistulae, Aneurisms, Wounded Arteries, Fractures of the Limbs, Tumors, The Operations of Trepan and Lithotomy

Bell, Charles. The hand. Pickering: London (1833).

Lawrence, William. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye. John Churchill: London (1833).

Dupuytren, Guillaume. Clinical lectures on Surgery Delivered at Hotel Dieu, in 1832. De Silver, Jr., and Thomas: Philadelphia (1833). Translated by A. Sidney Doane

Blandin, Philippe Frederic. Treatise on Topographical Anatomy. Moore and Payne: New York (1834). Full title-Treatise on Topographical Anatomy; or, the anatomy of the regions of the Human Body, Considered in Its Relations with Surgery and Operative Medicine

Velpeau, Alfred A.L.M. New elements of operative surgery. Duff Green: Washington (1835). Appendix of notes by Granville Sharp Pattison

Hunter, John. Lectures on the Principles of Surgery. Haswell, Barrington, Haswell: Philadelphia (1839). 2 volumes; Notes by James F. Palmer

Warren, John C. Etherization; With Surgical Remarks. William D. Ticknor and Co.: Boston (1848).

Simpson, James Young. Anaesthesia, or the Employment of Chloroform and Ether in Surgery, Midwifery, etc.. Lindsay and Blakiston: Philadelphia (1849).

Malgaigne, J. F. Operative Surgery, Based on Normal and Pathological Anatomy.. Blanchard and Lea: Philadelphia (1851). Translated from the French by Frederick Brittan; First American edition

Erichsen, John Eric. The Science and Art of Surgery. Blanchard and Lea: Philadelphia (1854). Editor-John H. Brinton

Eve, Paul F. A Collection of Remarkable Cases in Surgery. J. B. Lippincott: Philadelphia (1857).

Bodenhamer, William. A Practical Treatise on the Aetiology, Pathology, and Treatment of the Congenital Malformations of the Rectum and Anus. Samuel S. and William Wood: New York (1860).

Adams, William. On the Reparative Process in Human Tendons after subcutaneous division for the cure of deformities. John Churchill: London (1860). Full title-On the Reparative Process in Human Tendons after subcutaneous division for the cure of deformities; with an account of the appearances presented in fifteen post-mortem examinations in the human subject; also a series of experiments on rabbits, and a resume of the English and foreign literature of the subject

Gross, Samuel D. Lives of Eminent American Physicians and Surgeons of the Nineteenth Century. Lindsay and Blakiston: Philadelphia (1861).

Macleod, George H.B. Notes On The Surgery Of The War In The Crimea With Remarks On The Treatment of Gunshot Wounds. J.B. Lippincott: Philadelphia (1862). First American Edition

Hilton, John. On the Influence of Mechanical and Physiological Rest in the Treatment of Accidents and Surgical Diseases, and the Diagnostic Value of Pain. Bell and Daldy: London (1863).

Hamilton, Frank Hastings. A Treatise on Military Surgery and Hygiene. Bailliere Brothers: New York (1865).

Sims, J. Marion. Clinical notes on uterine surgery. William Wood and Co.: New York (1866). First American Edition

Otis, George A. A Report on Amputations at the Hip-Joint in Military Surgery. Government Printing Office: Washington (1867).

Bigelow, Henry Jacob. Lithoaplaxy or Rapid Lithotrity with Evacuation. William Wood and Co.: New York (1878).

Gosselin, L. Clinical Lectures on Surgery, Delivered at the Hospital of La Charite. Henry C. Lea: Philadelphia (1878). Translated by Lewis A. Stimson

Senn, Nicholas. Experimental Surgery. W. T. Keener: Chicago (1889).

Stemen, C. B. Railway Surgery: A Practical Work on the Special Department of Railway Surgery. J. H. Chambers and Co.: St. Louis, MO (1890). Full title-Railway Surgery: A Practical Work on the Special Department of Railway Surgery: For Railway Surgeons; and Practitioners in the General Practice of Surgery

Morton, William J. The X-Ray; or Photography of the Invisible and its value in Surgery. American Technical Book Co: New York (1896). Other author-Edwin W. Hammer

Crile, George W. Experimental Research into Surgery of the Respiratory System. J.B. Lippincott: Philadelphia (1900). 2nd Edition

Ricketts, Benjamin M. The surgery of the heart and lungs. The Grafton Press: New York (1904). Full title-The surgery of the heart and lungs: A history and resume of surgical conditions found therein, and experimental and clinical research in man and lower animals, with reference to pneumonotomy, pneumonectomy and bronchotomy, and cardiotomy and cardiorrhaphy

Bernheim, Bertram M. Surgery of the Vascular System.. J.B. Lippincott: Philadelphia (1913).

Ballance, Charles Alfred. Essays on the surgery of the temporal bone. Macmillan: London (1919). 2 volumes; Other author-Charles David Greene

Davis, John Staige. Plastic Surgery Its Principles and Practice. P. Blakiston's Son: Philadelphia (1919).

Campbell, Willis C. A Text-Book on Orthopedic Surgery. W.B. Saunders: Philadelphia (1930).

Kelly and Ward. Electrosurgery. W.B. Saunders: Philadelphia (1932).

King, Edgar Samuel John. Surgery of the heart. Williams and Wilkins Company: Baltimore (1941).

Leonardo, Richard A. History of surgery. Froben Press: New York (1943).

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