Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Crane, Stephen Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Crane, Stephen. The Black Riders and Other Lines. Copeland and Day, Boston (1895). 50 Copies Printed In Green Ink On Japan Vellum; Total Edition Of 500.

Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage. D. Appleton (1895). An Episode Of The American Civil War; First Edition, First Issue Printed On Laid Paper. 4 Pages Of Publishers Ads At The Back. The Second Issue Has Publishers Ads With This Book Advertised.

Crane, Stephen. A Souvenir and a Medley. The Roycroft Printing Shop; East Aurora (1896). Seven Poems And A Sketch By Stephen Crane With Divers And Sundry Communications From Certain Eminent Wits; Include Seven Short Poems (The Chatter Of A Death Demon, A Lantern Song, A Slant Of Sun On Dull Brown Walls, I Have Heard The Sunset Song Of The Birches, What Says The Sea?, To The Maiden The Sea Was Blue Meadow, And Fast Rode The Knight).The Two Sketches Are A Great Mistake And A Prologue; Original Cost Was Twenty-Five Cents.

Crane, Stephen. Georges Mother. Edward Arnold (1896). Eight Pages Of Ads At Rear

CRANE, Stephen. Maggie. A child of the streets.. William Heinemann (1896). First Uk Edition

Crane, Stephen. Maggie. D. Appleton (1896). A Girl Of The Streets; First State With The Eight-Line Title-Page Printed In Upper And Lower Case.

Crane, Stephen. Red Badge of Courage. D. Appleton (1896). An Episode Of The American Civil War; Second Printing With Adds In Rear.

Crane, Stephen. The Little Regiment. D. Appleton (1896). And Other Episodes Of The American Civil War; First State (Ads Headed Gilbert Parkers Best Books On Page 197)

Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage. D. Appleton (1896). 2Nd Printing: 1896 On Title Page; Mutilated Type On P. 225; 4 Pages Of Ads Beginning With Gilbert Parkers Best Books (4 Titles) And Ending With Anthony Hopes The Chronicles Of Count Antonio.

Crane, Stephen. The Third Violet. D. Appleton (1897).

Crane, Stephen. Pictures of War. Heinemann (1898). Includes The Two Novels The Red Badge Of Courage And The Little Regiment; Four Pages Of Rear Advertisements

Crane, Stephen. The Open Boat. Heinemann (1898). First British Edition; Collection Of 17 Stories; The Entire Group Of NineMidnight Sketches, Were Omitted From The American Edition.

Crane, Stephen. The Open Boat. Doubleday and McClure (1898). And Other Tales Of Adventure; The Collection Also IncludesThe Bride Comes To Yellow Sky.

Crane, Stephen. The Monster. Harper and Brothers and London (1899). The TwoOther Stories AreThe Blue Hotel AndHis New Mittens.

Crane, Stephen. War Is Kind. Frederick A. Stokes (1899). Drawings By Will Bradley In The Arts and Crafts Style. Bradley Also Arranged And Printed The Book At The University Press In Cambridge And New York.

Crane, Stephen. Whilomville Stories. Harper and Brothers (1900). 33 Plates From Illustrations By Peter Newell

Crane, Stephen. Wounds in the Rain. Stokes (1900).

Crane, Stephen. Great Battles of the World. D. Appleton (1901). Illustrated With 8 Full-Page Plates By John Sloan.

Crane, Stephen. The Work of Stephen Crane. Knopf (1925). 750 Copies; 12 Volumes; Edited By Wilson Follett; Printed Under The Supervision Of Elmer Adler At The Plimpton Press

Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage. Random House (1931). Signed By The Illustrator Valenti.Issued By The Grabhorn Press By Random House At $15 Dollars Each; 980 Copies; Signed On The Colophon Page By The Artist, There Are 24 Engraved And Colored Illustrations By Valenti And Each Folio Was Hand Letter Pressed With Goudy Type On Hand Made Watermarked Rag Paper.

Crane, Stephen. The Works of Stephen Crane. University Press, Charlottesville (1969). Ten Volumes; Bowers, Fredson (Editor)

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