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Bacon, Sir Francis Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The Birth of Science: Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon is a fascinating figure for the antiquarian collector, as he stands at one of the last moments that we can still see a little clearly into the past. He has left works that still exist in their original printing to this day, and which provide a solid link to a time so different to our own as to be almost mythical. His personal life is surrounded by rumour and intrigue - such as Bacon being a leader of the underground Freemason Rosicrucian movement in England, or that he may, in fact be the author of the Shakespeare plays.

Francis Bacon moved in influential circles, being a member of both the Elizabethan Tudor Court, as well as that of her rival, James 1 of Scotland when he came to the throne. He was personal friends of such influential figures as Buckingham and Robert Devereaux (2nd Earl of Essex, executed for treason by Elizabeth) and doubtless must have known John Dee, Shakespeare (if he existed) and others. Bacon rose so high as to become an Attorney General and a Viscount, but only by narrowly avoiding treason charges himself by severing ties with Essex and, later, apologising to King James for the unkind things he said about his mother, Mary Queen of Scots.

It is easy to see why, in this sea of scandals, intrigues, and mysteries, Bacon is considered an illuminating figure. His personal works of philosophy are said to be one of the first of the modern 'Scientific Method' (observation, deduction, experimentation) and he was highly regarded by the Royal Society (the organisation that was later to start the growth of serious academic science in Great Britain).

It is a marvel then, that his works are so comparatively cheap - the highest price that they command being in the region of seven thousand US dollars, the lowest being near the two thousand US dollars mark. Whilst this may be considered a lot for the amateur collector, just reconsider again that list of names and intrigues of which Bacon was personally acquainted - and the antiquity of the artefacts themselves (books at least four hundred years old)!

At the moment, it is possible to find for sale at auction his seminal work from 1605, a small quarto volume privately printed by Henrie Tomes of London Twoo Books of Francis Bacon: On the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane for six thousand US dollars, which describes his approach and scientific method of 'natural philosophy'. Whilst this price may be somewhat prohibitive, another excellent choice might be The Historie of Life and Death. With Observations Naturall and Experimental for the Prolonging of Life (1638) by I. Okes and Humphrey Mosely. This volume contains some of Francis's more esoteric studies, and is very reasonably priced at around two thousand US dollars.

Bacon, Sir Francis. Twoo Bookes of Francis Bacon. For Henrie Tomes (1605). Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans; Of The Proficience And Advancement Of Learning, Divine And Humane.

Bacon, Sir Francis. The History of the Raigne of Henry the Seventh. printed by W. Stansby, for Matthew Lownes, and William Barret (1622). Written By The Right Honourable, Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban; 2 Volumes; Engraved Portrait Frontispiece By John Payne; Possible First Issue WithFaults Escaped; Annales Of England : Henry The Eighth; Edward The Sixt. Queene Mary

Bacon, Sir Francis. Historia vitae and mortis. Sive, titulus secundus in historia naturali and experimentali ad condendam philosophiam. Haviland, Londini (1623). Quae Est Instaurationis Magnae Pars Tertia (The History Of Life And Death With Observations Natural And Experimental For The Prolonging Of Life: This Being The Third Part Of The Great Unstauration).

Bacon, Sir Francis. Certaine miscellany works. Printed by J. Haviland for Humphrey Robinson. (1629). Of The Right Honourable, Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount S. Albans. Published By William Rawley. [Bound With: [Gordon, Thomas]. Francis, Lord Bacon: Or, The Case Of Private And National Corruption, And Bribery. Addressid To All South-Sea Directors. And Bacon, Francis, Defendant. A Collection Of The Proceedings In The House Of Commons Against The Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Albans. For Corruption And Bribery. Together With The Judgment Given. A.D. 1620. And Wrenham, John. A Vindication Of The Lord Chancellor Bacon, From The Aspersion Of Injustice Cast Upon Him By Mr. Wraynham.

Bacon, Sir Francis. The Historie of the Reigne of King Henry the Seventh Raigne. J Haviland and R Young (1629). Written By The Right Hon: Francis Lo : Virulam, Viscount S. Alban; First Printing

Bacon, Sir Francis. The Essayes Or Counsels, Civill And Morall.. Printed by John Haviland,London (1632). Of Francis Lo. Verulam, Viscount St. Alban.

Bacon, Sir Francis. The Two Bookes of Sr. Francis Bacon of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Human. Thomas Higgins, Oxford (1633).

Bacon, Sir Francis. History Naturall And Experimentall, Of Life and Death. Or Of the Prolongation of Life. Printed by John Haviland for William Lee, and Humphrey Mosley. (1638). Written In Latin; Translated By William Rawley.

Bacon, Francis. Sylva Sylvarum. John Haviland for William Lee. (1639). Written By Right Honourable Francis Verulam Lord ( Viscount ) Vifcount S. Alban; Published After Authors Death By William Ravvley ( W. Rawley ) Dodorin Divinity , One Of His Majefties Chaplaines, Blank Endpapers Have Mild Wear and Soi; Or A Naturall Historie ( Worke Natural History ) In Ten Centuries ( 1639, 5Th Edition Hereunto Is Now Added An Alphabeticall Table Of The Principall Things Contained In The Whole Worke ) Dedication Page Says Originally Dedicated To King 4.

Bacon, Francis. The Elements Of The Common Lawes Of England, Branched into a double Tract. Assigns of John More (1639). The One Containing A Collection Of Some Principall Rules And Maximes Of The Common Law, With Their Latitude And Extent; Explicated For The More Facile Introduction Of Such As Are Studiously Addicted To That Noble Profession; The Other The Use Of The Common Law, For Preservation Of Our Persons, Goods, And Good Names; According To The Lawes And Customes Of This Land. By The Late Sir Francis Bacon Knight, Lo: Verulam, And Viscount S. Alban.

Bacon, Sir Francis. THE ESSAYS OR COUNSELS, CIVIL AND MORAL. Printed by John Beale (1639). Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans; With A Table Of The Colours, Or Apparances Of Good And Evill, And Their Degrees, As Plsces Of Perswasion, And Disseasion, And Their Severall Fallaxes, And The Elenches Of Them.

Bacon, Francis. Cases of treason. Printed by the Assignes of John More,London (1641). Written By Sir Francis Bacon, Knight, His Maiesties Solicitor Generall; Sold By Matthew Walbancke, And William Coke.

Bacon, Francis. The Historie of the Reigne of King Henry The Seventh. Printed by R.Y. and R.H. (1641). The Right Hon Francis Lord Verulam Viscount S. Alban; Whereunto Is Now Added A Very Usefull And Necessary Table.

Bacon, Francis. Mundus Alter et Idem, sive Terra Australis antehac semper incognita .. Joannes a Waesberge, Ultraiecti (1643). Imaginary Voyages And Utopian Fiction ,Mercurius Britannicus [Joseph Hall], Thomas Campanella; First Printing.

Bacon, Francis. Franc. Baconi De Verulamio Historia Regni Henrici Septimi Angliae Regis. Francesco Hack, Leida (1647). Opus Vere Politicum

Bacon, Francis. Sylva Sylvarum, sive Historia Naturalis. Fransciscum Hackium, Leiden (1648). In Decem Centurias Distribute, Anglice Olim Conscripta, A Francisco Bacono Barone Verulamio, Nunc Lati[N]O Transscripta A Jacobo Grutero P.F. Medicina Candidato.

Bacon, Francis Sir. Sylva Sylvarum. William Lee (1651). Or A Natural History In Ten Centuries

Bacon, Sir Francis. De Augmentis Scientiarum Lib. IX. Ex officina Adriani Wijndergaerden, Lugduni Batavorum (1652).

Bacon, Francis. Scripta in naturali et universali philosophia. APUD LUDOVICUM ELZEVIRIUM, Amsterodami (1653). Bound With Historia Naturalis and Experimentalis De Ventis andC.

Bacon, Francis. Resuvscitatio. William Lee (1657). Or, Bringing Into Publick Light Several Pieces, Of The Works, Civil, Historical, Philosophical, and Theological, Hitherto Sleeping ; Of The Right Honourable Francis Bacon According To The Best Corrected Coppies; Together, With His Lordships Life; By William Rawley.

Bacon, Sir Francis. OPUSCULA VARIA POSTHUMA, PHILOSOPHICA, CIVILIA, ET THEOLOGICA. R. Danielis (1658). Nunc Primum Edita. Cura and Fide Guilielmi Rawley; The First Issue (With Only The R. Danielis Imprint); A Posthumous Collection Of Unpublished Writings By Bacon, Including A Biography Of Bacon By His Editor William Rawley.

Bacon, Francis. SYLVA SYLVARUM. William Rawley (1658). Or, A Natural Historie, In Ten Centuries; Whereunto Is Newly Added The History Naturall And Experimentall Of Life And Death, Or Of The Prolongation Of Life; Both Written By The Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam Viscount St. Alban; Published After The Authors Death, By William Rawley.

Bacon, Francis. Francisci Baconi Baronis de Verulamio. Francofurti ad Moenum [Frankfurt]: Impensis Joannis Baptistae Schonwetteri, Typis Matthaei Kempfferi (1665). Vice-Comitis S. Albani, Summi Angliae Cancellarii, Opera Omnia, Quae Extant:, Philosophica, Moralia, Politica, Historica; In Quibus Complures Alii Tractatus; Quos Brevitatis Causa Praetermittere Visum Est, Comprehensi Sunt; Hactenus Nunquam Conjunctim Edita, Jam Vero Summo Studio Collecta, Uno Volumine Comprehensa, and Ab Innumeris Mendis Repurgata: Cum Indice Rerum Ac Verborum Universali Absolutissimo; His Praefixa Est Auctoris Vita; Edited By J. B. Schonwetter.

Bacon, Francis. Opera omnia quae extant, philosophica, moralia, politica, historica. Franfcofurti ad Moenum (Frankfurt): Impensis Joannis Baptistae Schonwetteri (1665). In Quibus Complures Alii Tractatus, Quos Brevitatis Causa Praetermittere Visum Est, Comprehensi Sunt, Hactenus Nunquam Conjunctim Edita, Jam Vero Summo Studio Collecta, Uno Volumine Comprehensa, and Ab Innumeris Mendis Repurgata: Cum Indice Rerum Ac Verborum Universali Absolutissimo. His Praefixa Est Auctoris Vita.

Bacon, Francis. The Essays. Printed By Thomas Ratcliffe and Tho. Daniel (1668). Or Counsels, Civil and Moral, Of Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, Viscount Of St. Alban; With A Table Of The Colours Of Good And Evil, Whereunto Is Added, The Wisdome Of The Ancients; Enlarged By The Honorable Author Himself, And Now More Exactly Published.

Bacon, Francis. Sylva Sylvarum, or a Natural History. W Lee (1670). In Ten Centuries; Whereunto Is Newly Added, The History Natural And Experimental Of Life And Death, Or Of The Prolongation Of Life; Whereunto Is Added Articles Of Enquiry, Touching Metals And Minerals; As Also The Life Of The Right Honorable Francis Bacon, Never Added To This Book Before; The Ninth And Last Edition .

Bacon, Francis. Resuvscitatio. S.G. and R.G. (1671). Or, Bringing Into Public Light Several Pieces Of The Works Civil, Historical, Philosophical, And Theological, Hitherto Sleeping; Of The Right Honourable Francis Bacon Baron Of Verulam; In Two Parts.

Bacon, Francis. The Essays. T. N. for John Martyn,S. Mearne, and H. Herringman London (1673). Or Counsels, Civil And Moral.With A Table Of The Colours Of Good And Evil. Whereunto Is Added The Wisdom Of The Antients.

Bacon, Sir Francis. Of the Advancement and Proficience of Learning. for Thomas Williams (1674). Gilbert Watts, Trans.; Or The Partitions Of Sciences; Nine Books.

Bacon, Francis. Sylva Sylvarum. S.G. And B. Griffin/Thomas Lee (1676). Or A Natural History, In Ten Centuries [And] The Novum Organum; The New Atlantis; History Natural And Experimental Of Life and Death: Or, Of The Prolongation Of Life; And Articles Of Enquiry Touching Metals And Minerals; Edited By William Rawley.

Bacon, Francis. THE HISTORY OF THE REIGNS. Printed by W.G. for R. Scot, T. Basset (1676). Of Henry The Seventh, Henry The Eighth, Edward The Sixth, And Queen Mary; The First Writte By The Right Honourable Francis Lord Verulam; The Other Three By Francis Godwyn, Lord Bishop Of Hereford.

Bacon, Sir Francis. Baconiana. Richard Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown (1679). Or Certain Genuine Remains Of Sr. Francis Bacon, Baron Of Verulam And Viscount Of St. Albans; In Arguments Civil And Moral, Natural, Medical, Theological, And Bibliographical; Now The First Time Faithfully Published.

Bacon, Francis. Opera Omnia. Impensis Johannis Justi Erythropili, Lipsiae, (1694). Cum Novo Eoque Insigni Augment;Tractatuum Hactenus Ineditorum, and Ex Idiomate Anglicano In Latinum Sermonem Translatorum; Opera Simonis Johannis Arnoldi Ecclesiae Sonnenburgensis Inspectoris.

Bacon, Francis. The Philosophical Works. Printed for J.J. and P. Knapton (1733). 3 Volumes; Methodized, And Made English, From The Originals; With Occasional Notes, To Explain What Is Obscure; And Shew How Far The Several Plans Of The Author, For The Advancement Of All The Parts Of Knowledge, Have Been Executed To The Present Time. By Peter Shaw.

Bacon, Francis. The Works of Francis Bacon. A. Millar. (1753). Baron Of Verulam, Viscount St. Aldan, And Lord High Chancellor Of England; In Four Volumes, With Several Additional Pieces, Never Before Printed In Any Edition Of His Works, To Which Is Prefixed, A New Life Of The Author, By. Mr. Mallet

Bacon, Francis. Summi Angliae Cancellarii, Novum Organum Scientiarum. Girardi, Venitiis (1762).

Bacon, Francis. Letters, Speeches, Charges, Advices, andc.. Printed for Andrew Millar,London (1763). Lord Viscount St. Alban, Lord Chancellor Of England; Now First Published By Thomas Birch, D.D.

Bacon, Francis. The Works of Francis Bacon. J Rivington and Sons (1803). Baron Of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, And Lord High Chancellor Of England; In Ten Volumes; Volume I: The Life Of The Lord Chancellor Bacon, Of The Advancement Of Learning, Sylva Sylvarum, Or A Natural History In Ten Centuries (Centuries I-Viii); Volume Ii: Sylva Sylvarum (Centuries Ix-X), Physiological Remains, Medical Remains, Medical Receipts, Works Moral, [And] Theological Works; Volume Iii: Works Political; Volume Iv: Law Tracts [And] Maxims Of The Law; Volume V: Writings Historical [And] Letters; Volume Vi: Letters (Continued) [And] Letters, Speeches, Charges, Advices, andC. Volume Vii: Instauratio Magna; Volume Viii: Instaurationis Magna Pars Ii, Iii And Iv; Volume Ix: Instaurationis Magnae Pars V, Opuscula Philosophica, [And] Opera Civilia Et Moralia; Volume X: Opera Civilia Et Moralia (Continued), De Sapientia Veterum


Bacon, Francis. Novum Organum sive Indicia Vera de Interpretatione Naturae. Clarendon Press, Oxford (1813).

Bacon, Francis. The Works. W. Baynes and Son, (1824). Baron Of Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, And Lord High Chancellor Of England; Ten Volumes.

Bacon, Francis. The Works. William Pickering (1825). Edited By Basil Montagu; 17 Volumes; Printed By Thomas White.

Bacon, Francis. The Works. C and J Rivington (1826). Baron Of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, And Lord High Chancellor Of England; New Edition, 10 Volumes

Bacon, David Francis. Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women of Britain and America. New Haven, D. McLeod (1833). Collected And Edited By David Francis Bacon

Bacon, John Francis. Six Years in Biscay. Smith, Elder and Co. (1838). Comprising A Personal Narrative Of The Sieges Of Bilbao, In June 1835, And Oct. To Dec., 1836; And Of The Principal Events Which Occurred In That City And The Basque Provinces, During The Years 1830 To 1837.

Bacon, Francis. The works. Carey and Hart, Philadelphia (1842). A New Edition. With A Life Of The Author By Basil Montagu, Esq.; 3 Volumes.

Bacon, Francis. The Works. Brown And Taggard, Boston (1861). Baron Of Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, And Lord High Chancellor Of England; 15 Volumes

Bacon, Francis. Of Gardens. Hacon and Ricketts (1902). An Essay With Introduction By Helen Milman; The Frontispiece Designed And Engraved By Lucien Pissarro.

Bacon, Francis. The Essayes Or Counsels Civill And Morall. Cresset Press (1928). Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Alban; 250 Copies Printed On Batchelors Kelmscott Hand-Made Paper And 8 On Vellum.

Bacon, Francis. The Essayes Or Counsels Civill and Morall. Limited Editions Club (1944). Or Counsels Cior Counsels Civill and Morall Of Francis Bacon Baron Of Verulam Viscount Saint Alban; Decorative Initials And Design By Bruce Rogers; Printed On Worthy Special Paper By William E.Rudges Sons (Limited Editions Club Copy In A Period Binding By Jarmilla Sobota); 1100 Copies. Vill and Morall Of Francis Bacon Baron Of Verulam Viscount Saint Alban; With An Introduction By Christopher Morley and Postscript By A. S. W. Rosenbach.

Bacon, Francis. Francis Bacon. Thames and Hudson (1964). Edited By Jasia Reichardt; Introduction (Essay On The Life And Works Of Francis Bacon) By John Rothenstein; Catalogue Raisonne And Documentation By Ronald Alley.

Bacon, Francis. Francis Bacon, Special Number 162. Maeght (1966). 150 Copies. 5 Color Lithographs And 5 Color Offset Lithographs After Bacon.

Bacon, Francis. Recent Paintings. Marlborough-Gerson (1968). Introductory Essay By Lawrence Gowing.

Bacon, Francis. THE EFFAYES OR COUNSELS CIVILL and MORALL OF FRANCIS BACON. Easton Press, Norwalk, Connecticut (1980).

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