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Dali, Salvador Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The Marques of Paradox: Dali

Salvador Dali came from a rich tradition of avant-garde Spanish painters (Picasso, Miro) who, like himself all took great pleasure in exploring their art in myriad forms. For that reason, the father of the Surrealist movement is not only famous for his symbolist paintings of melting clocks and long-legged elephants, but also for his illustrations, pen and ink drawings, sculpture and short films. Indeed, compared to his peers, Salvador Dali may not have had the prodigious output of Picasso, but he can be said to be the only surrealist to really remain engaged with the modern development of the art world, the media, and technology.

Salvador Dali was also, as Orwell rather favorably put it, 'a very good draughtsman…' and worked extensively for major printers, publishers, and advertising agencies of his time. One such example would be his illustrated edition of Macbeth, for Doubleday of New York (1946), with copies available for as little as $250. His work stretched from illustrations and prints for books, plays, and in magazines such as Vogue, or even theatrical costumes (As You Like It, by William Shakespeare, of which the Folio Society has reproduced color pictures) and television commercials (Lanvins chocolates, 1968).

The father of the absurd was an obvious workaholic, who reveled in disseminating his work to as wide an audience as possible. For the serious collector, this makes finding unique pieces somewhat difficult, as his many contractual agreements with discrete publishers encouraged his works to be reproduced hundreds, if not thousands of times. However, there is still good news for the collector, as that also follows that Dali's work can indeed be found, still available and on market.

My advice would be to search reputable companies such as DoubleDay, Taschen, The Folio Society and the Dial Press, and be looking for smaller, limited edition runs. Pieces such as The Signs of the Zodiac (with each sign illustrated by Dali) can be found at a very reasonable price, while a signed edition would raise the value of the piece to the region of a $1000. Beware of retrospectives of Dali and his work, but instead focus on individual projects, such as Essays of Montaigne, or The Metamorphosis of Narcissus.

Dali, Salvador. La Femme Visible. Editions Surrealistes (1930).

Dali, Salvador Breton. L'Immaculee Conception. Editions Surrealistes. Paris. (1930). 116 copies with a full page original heliogravure reworked with drypoint by Salvador Dali

Dali, Salvador Crevel. Dali Ou L'Anti-Obscurantisme. Editions Surrealistes (1931). 615 copies with 10 photographic plates by Dali

Dali, Salvador. Violette Nozieres. Paris, Editions Nicolas Flamel (1933). illustrations by Magritte, Giacometti, Ernst, Dali

Dali, Salvador Lautreamont. Les Chants De Maldoror. Albert Skira Editeur (1934). 160 copies with 30 hors-texte original heliogravures reworked with drypoint and 12 smaller etchings within the text

Dali, Salvador. Conquest Of The Irrational. Julien Levy (1935). 1000 copies with 35 b/w photographic reproductions and one color plate of Dali's paintings

Dali, Salvador. La Conquete De l'Irrationnel. Editions Surrealistes (1935). 1200 copies with 35 b/w photographic reproductions and one color plate of Dali's paintings

Dali, Salvador Breton. Notes Sur La Poesie. GLM (1936). 115 copies with a frontispiece by Dali

Dali, Salvador. Metamorphose De Narcisse. Editions Surrealistes (1937). 500 copies with poem and painting by Salvador Dali. Includes 3 photographs of the painting (1 in color and 2 details)

Dali, Salvador. Metamorphosis Of Narcissus. Julian Levy Gallery (1937). 550 copies with poem and painting by Salvador Dali. Includes 3 photographs of the painting (1 in color and 2 details)

Dali, Salvador. The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali. Dial Press (1942). 16 full page composite photographs, numerous b/w figures

Dali, Salvador. Hidden Faces. Dial Press (1944). dust jacket, frontispiece and tailpiece designed by Dali

Dali, Salvador. Vida Secreta De Salvador Dali. Buenos Aires, Poseidon (1944).

Dali, Salvador Cervantes. Don Quixote De La Mancha. The Illustrated Modern Library (1946). Ten two-page Dali color illustrations

Dali, Salvador Dante. La Divina Commedia. Verona, Stamperia Valdonega (1946).

Dali, Salvador Shakespeare. Macbeth. Doubleday and Company (1946). illustated by Dali

Dali, Salvador Symonds. The Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini. Doubleday, Garden City (1946). 1000 copies illustrated by Dali

Dali, Salvador Montaigne. Essays Of Michel De Montaigne. Doubleday, Garden City (1947). 1000 copies illustrated by Dali

Dali, Salvador. 50 Secrets Of Magic Craftsmanship. The Dial Press (1948).

Dali, Salvador Sandoz. El Laberinto. Barcelona : Ediciones Comtalia (1948).

Dali, Salvador Oriol. Salvador Dali. Ediciones Cobalto, Barcelona (1948).

Dali, Salvador. The Secret Life Of Salvador Dali. Vision Press Ltd. (1948). 1000 copies

Dali, Salvador Rose. Wine, Women And Words. Simon and Schuster A Giant Golden Book (1948). Dali lithographs by Acweltone Corp

Dali, Salvador Sandoz. La Maison Sans Fenetres. Pierre Seghers Editeur (1949). 2500 copies illustrated by Dali

Dali, Salvador Sandoz. Le Labyrinthe. Lausanne, Mermod (1949). illustrated by Dali

Dali, Salvador Sandoz. On The Verge. Garden City N.Y., Doubleday (1950). Illustrated by Dali with line and wash drawings, full-color frontispiece and dust jacket

Dali, Salvador Sandoz. The House Without Windows. William Campion (1950). Illustrated with full-page colour plates by Salvador Dali

Dali, Salvador. 50 Secretos Magicos Para Pintar. Luis De Caralt (1951). numerous b/w illustrations and 5 colour plates

Dali, Salvador Sandoz. La Limite. La Table Ronde / Plon (1951). 1800 copies illustrated with 7 hors-texte drawings by Salvador Dali and a frontispiece in color

Dali, Salvador. Manifeste Mystique. Robert J. Godet (1951). portfolio containing pen and ink drawing and an etching by Dali

Dali, Salvador. Rostros Ocultos. Luis De Carlat, Barcelona (1952).

Dali, Salvador Shakespeare. As You Like It. Folio Society (1953). Decor and costumes by Salvador Dali

Dali, Salvador Tapie. Dali. Les Editions Du Chene (1957). 16 color plates

Dali, Salvador Dedon. Histoire D'Un Grand Livre Don Quichotte. Joseph Foret (1957).

Dali, Salvador Morse. Dali A Study Of His Life And Work. Greenwich: New York Graphic Society (1958). 95 b/w illustrations and 16 tipped-in color plates

Dali, Salvador Goll. Nouvelles Petites Fleurs De Saint Francois D' Assise. Emile-Pau (1958). 1000 copies

Dali, Salvador Livingston. Dali - A Study Of His Art-In-Jewels. New York Graphic Society, Greenwich (1959).

Dali, Salvador Dante. La Divine Comedie. Les Heures Claires (Paris) And Arti E Scienze Salani (Florence) (1959). 12 volumes. 350 deluxe copies with 100 color woodcuts after watercolors by Dali, plus an extra suite with the 100 woodcuts, plus 369 color decomposition woodcuts on Rives paper

Dali, Salvador Descharnes. The World Of Salvador Dali. Harper and Row (1962).

Dali, Salvador. Le Mythe Tragique De L'Angelus De Millet. Pauvert (1963).

Dali, Salvador. Diary Of A Genius. Garden City, Doubleday (1965).

Dali, Salvador Cervantes. Don Quijote De La Mancha. Mateu, Barcelona (1965). 2 volumes

Dali, Salvador. Pater Noster. Rizzoli Editore, Milan (1966).

Dali, Salvador. Bibbia Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis. Rizzoli Editore, Milan (1967).

Dali, Salvador. Hommage A Meissonier. Hotel Meurice (1967). 4 original lithographs by Dali

Dali, Salvador Gerard. Dali. Harry N. Abrams, Inc (1968). 271 illustrations, including 80 plates in full color and 23 in toned gravure

Dali, Salvador Gerard. Dali De Draeger. Le Soleil Noir Editeur (1968). 271 illustrations, including 80 plates in full color and 23 in toned gravure

Dali, Salvador Ronsard. Les Amours De Cassandre. Argillet (1968). 299 copies with 10 full-plate and 8 vignette drypoint etchings by Dali.

Dali, Salvador Carroll. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Maecenas Press - Random House (1969). Twelve Illustrations with original woodcuts and an original etching by Salvador Dali. 2500 copies.

Dali, Salvador. Les Metamorphoses Erotiques. A L'Erotitiad (1969). includes an additional suite of drawings. 120 numbered copies signed by Dali have an extra etching.

Dali, Salvador. Signs Of The Zodiac. New York; Penn Prints (1969). Portfolio of 12 color off-set lithographs

Dali, Salvador Jones. The Jerusalem Bible. Doubleday (1970). 32 illlustrations by Dali

Dali, Salvador. La Bible De Jerusalem. Denoel (1972).

Dali, Salvador. Hidden Faces. Peter Owen,London (1973). 100 copies are signed by Salvador Dali

Dali, Salvador Moore. Les Diners De Gala. Felicie (1973).

Dali, Salvador. Sagrada Biblia. Noguer, Rio De Janeiro (1973).

Dali, Salvador. Die Diners Mit Gala. Berlin, Propylaen-Verlag (1974).

Dali, Salvador. Les Diners De Gala. Labor, Barcelona (1974).

Dali, Salvador. Die Diners Mit Gala. Propylaen, Berlin (1975).

Dali, Salvador Romero. Tout Dali En Un Visage. Ed. Du Chene (1975).

Dali, Salvador Gomez De La Serna. Epilogo De Baltasar Porcel. Espasa Calpe, Madrid (1977).

Dali, Salvador Domenech. Les Vins De Gala. Draeger (1977).

Dali, Salvador Domenech. The Wines Of Gala. New York Harry N. Abrams, Inc (1977). illustrated by Salvador Dali

Dali, Salvador Domenech. Die Weine Von Gala. Frankfurt/Berlin/Wien (Ullstein-Propylaen) (1978). illustrated by Salvador Dali

Dali, Salvador Domenech. The Wines Of Gala. New York Harry N. Abrams, Inc (1978). 100s of illustrations by Dali

Dali, Salvador Cervantes. Don Quixote De La Mancha. Aberville Press (1979).

Dali, Salvador. Homage To Salvador Dali. Leon Amiel (1980). with a Dali lithograph

Dali, Salvador Abadie. La Vie Publique De Salvador Dali. Centre Georges Pompidou (1980).

Dali, Salvador Tuchel. Salvador Dali Literarische Zyklen. Schloss Drachenburg (1982).

Dali, Salvador. 400 Obras De Salvador Dali - 1914-1983. Madrid, Ministerio Cultura (1983).

Dali, Salvador. Dali Fotograf Dali En Els Seus Fotografs. Barcelona, Spain: Obra Cultural De La Caixa De Pensions (1983).

Dali, Salvador Sahli. Salvador Dali - 257 editions Originales 1964-1985. Editions Michele Broutta - Spadem (1985).

Dali, Salvador. Dali 50 Magische Geheimnisse. Koln, Du Mont (1986).

Dali, Salvador. Die Bibel Mit Bildern Von Salvador Dali 1904-1989. Augsburg, Pattloch (1989). 20000 copies

Dali, Salvador Hight. Salvador Dali: The Divine Comedy 1951-1964. Park West Gallery (1993). exhibition catalogue

Dali, Salvador Michler. Catalogue Raisonne Of Prints: Etchings And Mixed-Media, 1924-1980. Munich, Prestel-Verlag (1994). 100 color plates and 900 black and white illustrations

Dali, Salvador. Dali Joven (1918-1930). Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia (1994).

Dali, Salvador Descharnes. Salvador Dali 1904-1989. Taschen (1994). 2 Volumes. Vol. I: 1904-1946. Vol. II: 1946-1989. 1,848 illustrations

Dali, Salvador Michler. Catalogue Raisonne Of Prints, Lithographs And Wood Engravings II, 1956-1980. Munich, Prestel-Verlag (1995). 693 illustrations, 85 in colour.

Dali, Salvador Field. Official Catalog Of The Graphic Work Of Salvador Dali. The Salvador Dali Archives. New York (1996).

Dali, Salvador Finkelstein. Salvador Dali's Art And Writing, 1927-1942. Cambridge University Press (1996). (The Metamorphosis of Narcissus)

Dali, Salvador. Die Bibel. Gesamtausgabe In Der Einheitsubersetzung. Augsburg, Pattloch (1997). Gesamtausgabe in der Einheitsubersetzung, illustr. mit dem vollstandigen Bibelzyklus von Salvador Dali

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