Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Safari Big Game Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Harris, William Cornwallis. The Wild Sports of Southern Africa. William Pickering: London (1841). Third Edition; Full title-The Wild Sports of Southern Africa; Being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Cape of Good Hope Through the Territories of the Chief Moselekatse, to the Tropic of Capricorn

Cumming, Roualeyn Gordon. Five years of a hunter's life in the far interior of South Africa. John Murray: London (1850). 2 volumes; Full title-Five years of a hunter's life in the far interior of South Africa; With notices of the native tribes, and anecdotes of the chase of the lion, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, rhinoceros, etc.

Drummond, W. H. The Large Game And Natural History of South and South-East Africa. Edmonston and Douglas: Edinburgh (1875).

Shields, G.O. The Big Game of North America. Rand McNally: Chicago (1890).

Roosevelt, Theodore. The Wilderness Hunter. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York (1893). Full title-The Wilderness Hunter: An Account of the Big Game of the United States and Its Chase with Horse, Hound, and Rifle

Selous, F. C. Travel and Adventure in South East Africa. Rowland Ward and Co. Ltd.: London (1893). Full title-Travel and Adventure in South East Africa, Being the Narrative of the Last Eleven Years Spent By the Author on the Zambesi and It's Tributaries; With an Account of the Colonisation of Mashunaland and the Progress of the Gold Industry in the Country

Phillipps-Wolley, C. Big Game Shooting. Longmans Green and Co: London (1894). 2 volumes; 250 copies; Illustrated by Charles Whymper

Von Hohnel, L. Discovery of Lakes Rudolph and Stefanie. Longmans Green and Co: London (1894). 2 volumes

N'Zau, Bula. Travel and Adventure in the Congo Free State and Its Big Game Shooting. Chapman and Hall: London (1894). Author pseudonym of Henry Bailey

Pollock, A. J. O. Sporting Days in Southern India. Horace Cox: London (1894). Full title-Sporting Days in Southern India: being reminiscences of twenty trips in pursuit of big game, chiefly in the Madras Presidency

Millais, John Guille. A Breath from the Veldt. Henry Sotheran: London (1895).

Swayne, Captain H.G.C. Seventeen Trips Through Somaliland. A Record of Exploration and Big Game Shooting. Rowland Ward: London (1895).

Kirby, F. Vaughn. In Haunts of Wild Game. William Blackwood: Edinburgh (1896). Illustrated by Charles Whymper

Chanler, William Astor. Through Jungle and Desert. Macmillan and Co: London (1896).

Grinnell, George Bird. Trail and Camp Fire: The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club. Forest and Stream Publishing Company: New York (1897). Edited by Theodore Roosevelt

Darrah, H.Z. Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir. Rowland Ward: London (1898).

Roosevelt, Theodore. Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and On the Great Plains. G.P. Putnam and Sons: New York (1899). Signed Edition; 1000 copies

Kirby, F. Vaughn. Sport in East Central Africa. Rowland Ward: London (1899).

Foa, Edouard. After Big Game in Central Africa. Adam and Charles Black: London (1899). Translated by Frederic Lees

Cobbold, Ralph. Innermost Asia, Travel and Sport in the Pamirs. William Heinemann: London (1900).

Oswell, W. Edward. William Cotton Oswell: Hunter and Explorer. Doubleday Page: New York (1900). First U.S. Edition

Grogan, Ewart. From the Cape to Cairo. Hurst and Blackett, London (1900). Signed Edition; Other author-A.H. Sharp

Wallihan, A. G. Camera Shots at Big Game. Doubleday, Page and Co: New York (1901). Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt

Church, Percy W. Chinese Turkestan with Caravan and Gun. Rivington's: London (1901).

Buxton, Edward North. Two African Trips, with Notes and Suggestions on Big Game Preservation in Africa. Edward Stanford: London (1902).

Findlay, Frederick Roderick Noble. Big Game Shooting and Travel in South-East Africa. T. Fisher Unwin: London (1903). Full title-Big Game Shooting and Travel in South-East Africa; An Account of Shooting Trips in the Cheringoma and Gorongoza Divisions of Portuguese South-East Africa and in Zululand

Grinnell, George Bird. American Big Game in Its Haunts: The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club. Forest and Stream Publishing Company: New York (1904).

Roosevelt, Theodore. Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1905). Signed Limited Edition; 260 copies

Selous, Frederick Courtney. Recent Hunting Trips in British North America. Witherby and Co: London (1907).

Bulpett, C.W.L. A Picnic Party in Wildest Africa. Edward Arnold: London (1907). Full title-A Picnic Party in Wildest Africa; Being a Sketch of a Winter's Trip to Some of the Unknown Waters of the Upper Nile

Chapman, Abel. On Safari: Big-Game Hunting in British East Africa. Edward Arnold: London (1908). First U.S. Edition

Churchill, Winston. My African Journey. Hodder and Stoughton: London (1908).

Madeira, Percy C. Hunting in British East Africa. Lippincott, Philadelphia, PA (1909).

Stigand, C. H. The Game of British East Africa. Horace Cox: London (1909).

McCutcheon, John. In Africa. Bobbs Merrill: Indianapolis, IN (1910). Signed Edition; 250 copies

Roosevelt, Theodore. African Game Trails; An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1910). Signed Edition; 2 volumes; 500 copies; Other author-Harold Rosenberg

Lyell, Denis D. Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia. Horace Cox: London (1910). Full title-Hunting Trips in Northern Rhodesia; With Accounts of Sport and Travel in Nyasaland and Portuguese East Africa, and also Notes on the Game Animals and Their Distribution

Whitney, Harry. Hunting with the Eskimos. T. Fisher Unwin: London (1910). First U.K. Edition; Full title-Hunting with the Eskimos; The unique record of a sportsman's year among the northernmost tribe - the big game hunting, the native life, and the battle for existence through the long Arctic night

Bland-Sutton, J. Man and Beast in Eastern Ethiopia. Macmillan: London (1911).

Letcher, Owen. Big Game Hunting in North-Eastern Rhodesia. John Long Limited: London (1911).

Ogilivie-Grant, W.R. The Gun at Home and Abroad. London and Countries Press Assn: London (1912). 4 volumes; 500 copies

British Sports and Sportsmen. British Sports and Sportsmen: London (1912). 2 volumes; 750 copies

Sutherland, James. The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter. Macmillan: London (1912).

Stigand, C.H. Hunting the elephant in Africa. Macmillan and Co: New York (1913). Introduction by Theodore Roosevelt

Wallace, Harold Frank. The Big Game of Central and Western China. John Murray: London (1913). Full title-The Big Game of Central and Western China; Being an Account of a Journey from Shanhai to London Overland Across the Gobi Desert

Chapman, Abel. Savage Sudan Its Wild Tribes, Big-Game and Bird-Life. Putnam: New York (1922).

Bell, W.D.M. The Wanderings on an Elephant Hunter. Country Life Ltd.: London (1923).

Lyell, Denis D. The African Elephant and Its Hunters. Heath Cranton: London (1924).

Maxwell, Marius. Stalking Big Game with a Camera in Equatorial Africa. Medici Society: London (1924).

Lydekker, R. The Game Animals of Africa. Rowland Ward: London (1926). Revised by J.G. Dollman

Roosevelt, Theodore. East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1926). Illustrated by Kermit Roosevelt

Percival, A. Blayney. A Game Ranger on Safari. Nisbet and Co: London (1928). Edited by E.D. Cuming

Boyes, John. The Company of Adventurers. East Africa: London (1928). Foreword by Lord Cranworth

Pigot, Brigadier General R. Twenty Five Years Big Game Hunting. Chatto and Windus: London (1928).

Dollman, J. Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game. Rowland Ward: London (1928). Ninth Edition; Other author-J. Burlace

Hubback, Theodore. To Far Western Alaska for Big Game. Rowland Ward: London (1929). Signed Edition

Lyell, Denis. The Hunting and Spoor of Central African Game. Seeley and Co: London (1929).

Kittenberger, Kalman. Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa 1903-1926. Edward Arnold: London (1929). Foreword by Major Burrard

Holman, John, P. Sheep and Bear Trails. Frank Walters, Grand Central Press: New York (1933).

Hemingway, Ernest. Green Hills of Africa. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1935). Illustrated by Edward Shenton

Connett, Eugene V. American Big Game Fishing. Derrydale Press: New York (1935). 906 copies; Illustrated by Lynn Bogue Hunt

Dollman, Guy. Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game. Rowland Ward: London (1935). Other author-J.B. Burlace

Szechenyi, Count Zsigmond. Land of Elephants, Big Game Hunting in Kenya, Tanganyika and Uganda. Putnam: London (1935). First English Edition; Translated from Hungarian by Ralph Murray

Carpenter, R.R.M. My African Safari. Roycrofters: East Aurora, NY (1937).

Armstrong, Neville A.D. After Big Game in the Upper Yukon. John Long: London (1937).

Huxley, Elspeth. Murder On Safari. Harper and Brothers: New York (1938). First U.S. Edition

Annabel, Russell. Tales of a Big Game Guide. Derrydale Press: New York (1938). 950 copies

Carpenter, R.R.M. Game Trails from Alaska to Africa. Privately Printed (1938).

Ely, A. North American Big Game: A Book of the Boone and Crockett Club. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1939). Other authors-R. Carpenter and H. Anthony

Schaldach, William. Carl Rungius, Big Game Painter: 50 Years with Brush and Rifle. Countryman Press: West Hartford, VT (1945). 1275 copies

Chase, Will H. Alaska's Mammoth Brown Bears. Burton Publishing Company: Kansas City, MO (1947).

Bell, W.D.M. Karamojo Safari. Harcourt, Brace and Co: New York (1949). First U.S. Edition

Klein, Herb. Lucky Bwana. Privately Printed: Dallas, TX (1953). Signed Edition

Koehler, Otto A. Ku-Winda. The Clegg Company: San Antonio TX (1956). Signed Edition

Johnson, Clive W. With Memsaab on Safari. Privately Printed: Los Angeles, CA (1956). Signed Limited Edition

Molloy, Peter. The Cry of the Fish Eagle. Michael Joseph: London (1957).

Rushby, G. No More The Tusker. W. H. Allen: London (1965).

Keith, Elmer. Safari. Safari Publications (1968). Signed Edition

Holman, Dennis. Inside Safari Huntin. W. H. Allen: London (1969). Signed Edition

Mellon, James. African Hunter. Safari Press/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1975).

Beard, Peter H. The End of the Game. International Center of Photography: New York (1977). Full title-The End of the Game: The Last Word from Paradise A Pictorial Documentation of the Origins, History and Prospects of the Big Game

Herne, Brian. Uganda Safaris. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1979). 1000 copies; Foreword by Anthony Dyer

Rikhoff, Jim. Hunting the Big Cats. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1981). 2 volumes

Batten, John. The Best of Sheep Hunting. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1981).

Foran, W. Robert. Elephant Hunters of the Lado. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1981). Signed Edition; 1000 copies; Illustrated by Bob Kuhn; Foreword by Anthony Dyer

Wincza, Laddy. Bush and Plains. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1984). Signed Edition; 1000 copies; Other author-Ada Wincza

Ward, Rowland. Rowland Ward's African Records of Big Game. XIX Edition. Division of Game Conservation International: San Antonio, TX (1984). 19th Edition; 250 copies

Percival, A. Blayney. A Game Ranger's Notebook and A Game Ranger On Safari. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1985). 2 volumes; 1000 copies

Hunter, J.A. White Hunter. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (1986). 1000 copies

O'Connor, Jack. Hunting On Three Continents with Jack O Connor. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (1987). Second Edition

Gates, Elgin T. Trophy Hunter in Africa. Amwell Press: Clinton, NJ (1988). Signed Edition; 1000 copies

Brandt, Captain John H. Asian Hunter. Wild Sheep and Goat International (1989). 1250 copies

Pardal, Jose. Elephant Hunting in Portuguese East Africa. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (1990). First English Language edition; Signed Edition; 1000 copies; Introduction by Jose Antonio Martens Vitorino

Sand, Rudolf. Those Were the Days. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (1992).

Muderlak, Ed. Parker Guns TheOld Reliable. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (1997). 500 copies

Nychens, Ian. Months Of The Sun: Forty Years Of Elephant Hunting In The Zambesi Valley. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (1997). Signed Edition; 1000 copies

Prothero, Walt. Safari: a Dangerous Affair. Safari Press: Long Beach, CA (2000). Signed Edition; 1000 copies

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