Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Robert Duncan Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Duncan, Robert. Heavenly City Earthly City. Bern Porter, Berkeley (1947). Illustrated By Mary Fabilli; 100 Numbered Copies Signed By Author And Illustrator; 250 Trade Copies; First Edition Of The Author'S First Book

Duncan, Robert. Berkeley Miscellany, Nos 1 and 2. Miscellany Editions, Berkeley (1948). Two Volumes; Also Includes The Works Of Mary Fabilli, Jack Spicer, And Gerald Ackerman; Edited By Robert Duncan

Duncan, Robert. POEMS 1948-49.. Miscellany Editions, Berkeley (1949). 100 Uncensored Copies With First State Text; 400 Censored Copies With Removed Lines Of Text

Duncan, Robert. Medieval Scenes. Centaur Press (1950). Limited Edition; 250 Copies Signed By The Author; Color Block-Print Title Decoration By Kermit Sheets

Duncan, Robert. Boob 1 and 2.. Privately Printed (1952). Jess Collins (Illustrator); 2 Sheet Set; Limited Edition, 250 Copies Of Each; Privately Printed

Duncan, Robert. The Song of the Border-Guard. Black Mountain College Graphics Workshop, North Carolina (1952). Cy Twombly (Illustrator); Approximately 200 Copies Printed.

Duncan, Robert. Faust Foutu. Privately Printed (1953). 100 Privately Printed Copies By Duncan; Composed Of 4 Acts; 4Th Act Printed Separately; 6 Years In Advance Of The Published Edition

Duncan, Robert. Caesars Gate. Poems 1949-1950. Divers Press, Palma de Mallorca (1955). Jess Collins (Illustrator); Trade Edition Of 200 Copies (Total Edition 213)

Duncan, Robert. Faust Foutu: Act One of Four Acts. White Rabbit Press (1958). Illustrated By Author; Limited Edition Of 300 Copies; First Edition After Duncan'S Private Printing; Act One Of Four

Duncan, Robert. Letters.. Jargon Society, Highlands, NC (1958). 60 Limited Edition Copies Signed By Author, Printed On Shogun Paper; 450 Numbered Copies; Illustrated By The Author (510 Copies Total In Edition)

Duncan, Robert. Selected Poems. City Lights (1959).

Duncan, Robert. Roots and Branches. Scribner's; New York (1964). First Printing; 1500 Copies

Duncan, Robert. A Book of Resemblances. Henry Wenning, New Haven (1966). Poems 1950-1953; Jess Collins (Illustrator); Limited Edition; 200 Numbered Copies Signed By Author And Illustrator; Contains 33 Poems

Duncan, Robert. Fragments of a Disordered Devotion. Gnomon, and Toronto (1966). First Issue Has Original Cover Art (Later Redrawn By Duncan)

Duncan, Robert. Of the War. Passages 22 - 27.. Oyez, Berkeley (1966). Limited Edition Of 100 Copies Signed By Author

Duncan, Robert. Six Prose Pieces. Perishable Press, Wisconsin (1966). Edition Of 70 Copies (50 For Sale); Printed On Handmade Paper From Linen And Cotton Rags

DUNCAN, Robert. The Years As Catches. Oyez, Berkeley (1966). First Poems (1939-1946); Illustrated By Author; 200 Hardcover Copies; 30 Copies Numbered And Signed By Author (Not For Sale); 170 Trade Copies

Duncan, Robert. Epilogos. Black Sparrow Press (1967). Illustrated By Duncan; 15 Lettered Hardbound Copies Signed By Author; 100 Numbered Softbound Copies Signed By Author (115 Total In Edition)

Duncan, Robert. Derivations. Fulcrum Press (1968). Selected Poems 1950-1956; Limited Edition Of 150 Numbered Copies Signed By Author

Duncan, Robert. Names of People.. Black Sparrow Press (1968). Jess Collins (Illustrator); 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Duncan And Collins

Duncan, Robert. Achilles Song. The Phoenix Bookshop (1969). Limited Edition Of 26 Lettered Copies With An Original Multi-Colored Ink, Pencil And Crayon Decoration By The Author Opposite The Title; Signed By Author (Total Edition: 126 Signed Copies, 24 Unsigned)

Duncan, Robert:. A Selection of 65 Drawings from One Drawing-Book 1952-1956.. Black Sparrow Press (1970). Limited Edition Of 300 Numbered Copies Signed By Author; Deluxe Issue; 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Duncan, Specially Bound With An Original Drawing By Duncan; Loose Sheets In Folding Box

Duncan, Robert. Poetic Disturbances. Clifford Burke (1970). First Edition; Regular Issue Of 250 Copies; Special Issue Of 50 Copies Signed By Author (300 Total In Edition)

Duncan, Robert. TRIBUNALS: Passages 31-35. Black Sparrow Press (1970). Special Issue Of 26 Lettered Copies; Special Publisher'S Copy With Original Drawing By Duncan; Specially Bound In Full Leather; Signed By Author (Total Edition 1297 Copies)

Duncan, Robert. A Paris Visit. The Grenfell Press (1985). Five Poems By Robert Duncan. Drawings and Afterword By R. B. Kitaj; Deluxe Limited Edition; 15 Copies On Handmade Dewint Paper, Specially Bound, Numbered In Roman, And Includes Two Extra Illustrations; Signed By Author And Artist; Limited Edition Of 115 Numbered Copies Signed By Author And Artist; Printed On Handmade Indian Paper (130 Total In Edition)

Duncan, Robert. Notebook Poems: 1953. The Press in Tuscany Alley (1991). Jess Collins (Illustrator); Deluxe Limited Issue; 10 Lettered Copies Signed By Illustrator With Additional Original Drawing; Limited Edition Of 90 Numbered Copies; Signed By Illustrator (100 Total Copies In Edition)

Duncan, Robert. Upon Hearing Leonard Wolfs Poem On A Madhouse, January 13, 1947. The Bancroft Library Press, Berkeley (1991). Illustrated By Duncan; 41 Copies In Edition; 4 Drawings

Duncan, Robert. The Structure of Rime. Arion Press (2008). Illustrated By Frank Lobdell With Two Photographs, Two Etchings By Frank Lobdell, And An Etching With Aquatint By Lobdell In A Separate Folder That Accompanies The Book; 275 Numbered Copies; Essay By Michael Palmer; First Time The 31 Poems Of Duncan'S Serial Poem Were Published Together; Also Includes Duncan'SNotes On The Structure Of Rime