Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Bloch, Robert Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Bloch, Robert. The Opener of the Way. Arkham House: Sauk City, WI (1945). 2065 copies; Signed edition

Bloch, Robert. The Scarf. The Dial Press: New York (1947).

Bloch, Robert. The Kidnaper. Lion Books: New York (1954).

Bloch, Robert. Shooting Star. Ace Books: New York (1958). Full title-Shooting Star bound with Terror in the Night: And Other Stories

Bloch, Robert. Psycho. Simon and Schuster: New York (1959). Signed edition (card signed by Robert Bloch laid in)

Bloch, Robert. Psycho. Robert Hale: London (1960). First U.K. Edition

Bloch, Robert. Pleasant Dreams: Nightmares. Arkham House: Sauk City, WI (1960). 2060 copies; Signed edition

Bloch, Robert. Blood Runs Cold. Simon and Schuster: New York (1961).

Bloch, Robert. The Eighth Stage of Fandom. Advent: Chicago (1962). 725 copies; Signed Limited Edition; Full title-The Eighth Stage of Fandom: Selections from 25 Years of Fan Writing; Edited by Earl Kemp

Bloch, Robert. Psycho II. Whispers Press: Binghampton, NY (1982). Signed Limited Edition; 26 lettered copies and 750 numbered copies

Bloch, Robert. The Selected Stories of Robert Bloch. Underwood and Miller: Los Angeles (1987). 3 volumes; 500 copies; Full title-The Selected Stories of Robert Bloch: Final Reckoning, Bitter Ends, and Last Rites;

Bloch, Robert. Psycho. Gauntlet Publications: PA (1994). 500 copies; 35th Anniversary Limited Edition; Signed by Bloch and Richard Matheson who did introduction; Afterword by Ray Bradbury

Bloch, Robert. Early Fears. Fedogan and Bremer: Minneapolis, MN (1994). Signed Limited Edition; 100 copies

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