Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Brautigan, Richard Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Brautigan, Richard. FOUR NEW POETS. INFERNO PRESS (1957). Edited By Leslie Hedley; This Includes Works By Martin Hoberman, Carl Larsen And James M. Singer.

Brautigan, Richard. Octopus Frontier. Carp Press (1960). First Printing

Brautigan, Richard. A Confederate General From Big Sur. Grove Press (1964). Illustrated By Larry Rivers. First State ($3.95 Jacket Price)

Brautigan, Richard. The Galilee Hitch-Hiker. White Rabbit Press (1966). Second Edition Of 700 Copies Published By David Sandberg; Illustrated By Kenn Davis.

Brautigan, Richard. All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace. Communication Co. (1967). 1500 Copies.

Brautigan, Richard. In Watermelon Sugar. Four Seasons Foundation (1968). 50 Signed Copies.

Brautigan, Richard. Rommel Drives On Deep Into Egypt. Delacorte Press (1970). Cover Photography By Edmund Shea; First Printing Stated, 4.95 Price; Author'S Eighth Collection Of Poems.

Brautigan, Richard. REVENGE OF THE LAWN. Simon and Schuster (1971).

Brautigan, Richard. The Abortion. Simon and Schuster (1971). An Historical Romance, Dreaming Of Babylon, So The Wind Wont Blow It All Away And June 30Th.

Brautigan, Richard. The Hawkline Monster. Simon and Schuster (1974). A Gothic Western; First Edition, First Printing,

Brautigan, Richard. Willard and His Bowling Trophies. Simon and Schuster (1975). $5.95 Price.

Brautigan, Richard. Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork. Simon and Schuster (1976). First Printing

Brautigan, Richard. Sombrero Fallout. Simon and Schuster (1976). A Japanese Novel; First Printing.

Brautigan, Richard. Dreaming of Babylon. Delacorte Press (1977). A Private Eye Novel;

Brautigan, Richard. June 30th, June 30th. Delacorte Press (1978). This Is Brautigans Last Published Collection Of Poems.

Brautigan, Richard. The Tokyo-Montana Express. Delacorte Press (1981). 350 Copies; Book Designed And Handprinted By Leonard Seastone At Tideline Press.

Brautigan, Richard. So the Wind Wont Blow It All Away. Delacorte Press (1982).

Brautigan, Richard. Downstream From Trout Fishing in America. Capra Press, Santa Barbara (1989). Keith Abbott; A Memoir.

Brautigan, Richard. Would You Like To Saddle Up A Couple Of Goldfish And Swim To Alaska?. The Bancroft Library Press, Berkeley (1995). Illustration By Philip Kuznicki; Introductory Note By Burton Weiss; Printed By Hand Under The Direction Of Peter Koch; 50 Copies.

Brautigan, Richard. I Watched the World Glide Effortlessly Bye and Other Pieces. Berkeley and Forest Knolls, California (1996). Introduction By Burton Weiss; Printed On Rives By Marie C. Dern At The Jungle Garden Press; Bound By John Demerritt;The Drawing Of Brautigans Eyeglasses Is By The Late Carl Dern; Total 100 Copies; 26 Press-Lettered Copies; 32 Copies With A Bumper Sticker Were Produced.

Brautigan, Richard. X-Ray. X-Ray Book Company, San Francisco (1996). Number 6; Each Issue Handmade By Johnny Brewton; Other Contributors Include, Jack Micheline, David Gregor, Neeli Cherkovski, And Charles Bukowski; 226 Copies.

Brautigan, Richard. The Edna Webster Collection of Undiscovered Writings. Burton Weiss and James Musser, Berkeley (1999). Introduction By Keith Abbott; 65 Signed And Numbered Copies.

Brautigan, Richard. Trout Fishing in America. Arion Press (2003). Preface By Ron Loewinsohn; Photographic Portrait Of The Author By Edmund Shea; An Original Signed Lithograph By Wayne Thiebaud; 400 Copies.

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