Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Phaidon Press Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Berenson, Bernard. Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. Phaidon Press, London (1957). A List of the Principle Artists and their Works with an Index of Places.

Tiepolo, G.B.; Antonio Morassi. A Complete Catalogue of the Painting of G.B. Tiepolo.. Phaidon Press, London (1962). Including pictures by his pupils and followers wrongly attributed to him. 429 illustrations. It comprises a catalogue of over 1000 paintings.

Berenson, Bernard. Italian Pictures of the Renaissance. Florentine School.. Phaidon Press, London (1963). A List of the Principle Artists and their Works with an Index of Places. 1478 b and w plates. Two volume set.

Richter, Gisela Marie Augusta. The Portraits of the Greeks.. Phaidon Press, London (1965). First edition. 3 volume set. Includes 2059 plates.

Hill, G.F.; Pollard Graham. Renaissance medals from the Samuel H. Kress Collection at the National Gallery of Art. Phaidon Press, London (1967). Based on the catalogue of Renaissance Medals in the Gustave Dreyfus Collection by G.F. Hill, revised and enlarged by Graham Pollard

Richter, Gisela Marie Augusta. The Engraved Gems of the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans. Phaidon Press, London (1968). Part One. Engraved Gems of the Greeks and the Etruscans, A History of Greek Art in Miniature ; Part Two. Engraved Gems of the Romans, A Supplement to the History of Roman Art. Includes photos of 876 items, 3,060 illustrations and 2 mounted coloured plates.

Berenson, Bernard. Italian Pictures of the Renaissance.. Phaidon Press, London, New York (1968). A List of the Principal Artists and their Works. With an Index of Places. Central Italian and North Italian Schools in three volumes. Volume two consists of 994 illustrations.

Wethey, Harold E. The Paintings of Titian. Phaidon Press, London (1969). Completed edition. 242 black and white illustrations and a color frontispiece.

Seymour Slive. Frans Hals. Phaidon Press, London (1970). Three volume set.

Leonardo da Vinci. Literary Works. Phaidon Press, London (1970). Edited by Jean Paul Richter. Two volume hardcover set.

Bernt, Walther. Netherlandish Painters of the Seventeenth Century. Phaidon Press, London (1970). Translated from the third German edition. 1460 black and white reproductions. 3 Volumes. Dutch and Flemish paintings that have survived from the 'Golden Age.'

Wethey, Harold E. The paintings of Titian. Vol.II. The Portraits. Phaidon Press, London (1971).

Lejeune,Rita; Stiennon, Jacques. The Legend of Roland in the Middle Ages. Phaidon Press, London (1971). First edition, two volume set. Translated from the French by Dr Christine Trollope. Illustrated with 63 Colour Plates and 510 Black-and-White. First Detailed Study of the Iconography of Roland as he is depicted in Sculpture,Wall Painting,The Minor Arts and Manuscript Illumination.

Posner, Donald. Annibale Carracci. Phaidon Press, London (1971). A Study in the reform of Italian painting around 1590 from the Kress Foundation Studies in the History of European Art. Two volumes. 467 illustrations and 10 colour plates.

Vervliet, Hendrik D.L.; Baudin, Fernand. The Book Through Five Thousand Years. Phaidon Press, London (1972). A survey. Includes 254 illustrations,of which 112 are in color. illustrated history covering four continents and tracing the development of the written and printed word from clay tablets of Mesopotamia to books of our time.

Gombrich, Ernst H. Symbolic Images. Phaidon Press, London (1972). Studies in the Art of the Renaissance

Schiele, Egon; Leopold, Rudolf. Egon Schiele. Phaidon Press, London (1973). Paintings, Watercolours, Drawings. Translated By Alexander Lieven

Rembrandt, Benesch Otto. Drawings of Rembrandt. Phaidon Press, London (1973). Complete Edition in Six Volumes. Enlarged and edited by Eva Benetsch. With over 1,700 illustrations. Deluxe edition. 100 copies.

Scott, Sir Peter. Observations of Wildlife. Phaidon Press; Oxford, London (1980). Limited signed edition of 200 copies with coloured and other illustrations from original artwork by Peter Scott.

Causey, Andrew. Edward Burra. Phaidon Press; Oxford, London (1985). Complete Catalogue. 32 colour and 482 black and white illustrations.

Waldman, Diane. Collage Assemblage and the Found Object. Phaidon Press, London (1992). Includes 404 illustrations and 100 colour plates.

Spencer, Stanley; Bell, Keith. Stanley Spencer. Phaidon Press, London in association with Christie's and The Henry Moore Foundation (1992). A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings. 474 illustrations including 314 in colour.

Heron, Patrick; Gooding, Mel. Patrick Heron. Phaidon Press, London (1994).

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