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Cezanne, Paul Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The Father of Us All: Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne is regarded today as one of the most influential artists of all time, and a pivotal figure in the transition from Impressionism to Modernism, including Cubism or Post-Impressionistic tendencies. His career was one that knew fame in his own life, but also came with its degree of suffering and hardship. During the reign of Napoleon, a number of his works were regarded as revolutionary, and he was refused exhibition space in the Parisian galleries.

Political and national upheavals refused to diminish his skill however, as Cezanne moved away from a more literal presentation of painting style, and instead started to play with perspective, impression, and form. His later paintings have been described as emulating the human impression, often with the subjects off-center, or with subtly skewed proportions.

For the collector of Cezanne prints, however, it can perhaps seem like an uphill struggle! What the collector faces, on many occasions, is the sheer import and fame of the artist, and the high esteem in which that they are already held by the professional art world. The same could not be more true for a painter's artist such as Paul Cezanne (especially given his transformative legacy for modern art).

There are some clues for the dedicated collector - one is the availability of French Parisian fine art presses which can still be found. An archival reprint of any of Cezanne's works can cost as little as under fifty dollars from an online retailer, meaning that it is possible to engage with the artist's work on almost any level of interest: amateur or professional. For those who seek the more rarified Cezanne work, then the publishers Bernheim-Jeune or Vollard Editeur limited editions can still be found, some even numbered. These will cost a few thousand dollars, however.

Cezanne, Paul Duret. Histoire Des Peintres Impressionistes.. Floury (1906).

Cezanne, Paul Vollard. Cezanne. Vollard (1914). illustrated with an original hors-texte etching and roulette

Cezanne, Paul Mirbeau. Cezanne. Bernheim-Jeune Paris (1914). frontispiece is an original etching by Paul Cezanne

Cezanne, Paul Meier-Graefe. Cezanne Und Sein Kreis. Munchen, Piper Und Co. (). 127 black and white plates and 15 heliogravures

Cezanne, Paul Gasquet. Cezanne. Les Editions Bernheim-Jeune (1921). 47 plates, 6 in color,

Cezanne, Paul Riviere. La Maitre Paul Cezanne. Floury (1923). original etching by Cezanne

Cezanne, Paul Klingsor. Klingsor, Cezanne. Dodd, Mead and Company New York (1924).

Cezanne, Paul. Cahiers D'Art 10. Ed. Cahiers D'Art (1926).

Cezanne, Paul Gasquet. Gasquet, Cezanne - Nouvelle Edition. Les Editions Bernheim-Jeune (1926).

Cezanne, Paul Bernard. Souvenirs Sur Paul Cezanne. R.G. Michel (1926). 100 copies

Cezanne, Paul Meier-Graefe,. Cezanne. Ernest Benn, Ltd. (1927). 650 copies

Cezanne, Paul Bignou Gallery. Cezanne And The Impressionists. Bignou Gallery (1935).

Cezanne, Paul Venturi. Cezanne Son Art - Son Oeuvre. Paul Rosenberg (1936). 1000 copies; 1600 illustrations

Cezanne, Paul Chappuis. Dessins De Paul Cezanne. Editions Des Chroniques Du Jour (1938). 4 watercolor reproductions

Cezanne, Paul Auzas. Cezanne Peintures. Eidtions Du Chene Paris (1946).

Cezanne, Paul Jewell. Paul Cezanne. Hyperion Press (1946).

Cezanne, Paul Vaudoyer. Les Impressionistes De Manet A Cezanne. Nouvelles Editiones Francaises (1948). 68 plates

Cezanne, Paul. De Watteau A Cezanne - Ville De Geneve / Musee D'Art Et D'Histoire. Musee D'Art Et D'Histoire, Geneva (1951).

Cezanne, Paul. Paul Cezanne Sketch Book. Curt Valentin (1951). 2 volumes; 1500 copies

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Carnets De Dessins. Quatre Chemins-Editart (1951). 2 volumes

Cezanne, Paul Sherman. Cezanne And Visual Form With A Criticism Of Criticism. The Institute For Research In Vision At The Ohio State University (1952).

Cezanne, Paul. Cezanne: Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings - A Loan Exhibition. Art Institute Of Chicago (1952).

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Cezanne Geffroy Et Gasquet Suivi De Souvenirs Sur Cezanne De Louis Aurenche Et De Lettres Inedites. Quatre Chemins-Editart (1959). 15 illustrations hors texte

Cezanne, Paul Chappuis. Les Dessins De Paul Cezanne Au Cabinet Des Estampes Du Musee Des Beaux-Arts De Bale. Editions Urs Graf, Olten Et Lausanne (1962). 211 illustrations

Cezanne, Paul Chappuis. Album De Paul Cezanne. Berggruen (1966).

Cezanne, Paul Leymarie. Les Gravures Des Impressionnistes. Arts Et Metiers Graphiques (1971).

Cezanne, Paul Adrien. The Drawings Of Paul Cezanne. New York Graphic Society, Greenwich (1973). 1223 works catalogued

Cezanne, Paul Adhemar. Adhemar, Cezanne : Les Dernieres Annees. Editions De La Reunion Des Musees Nationaux, France (1978). 100+ works catalogued

Cezanne, Paul Venturi. Cezanne. Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. (1978). 151 reproductions

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Paul Cezanne Sketchbook 1875-1885. Johnson Reprint/Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1982). 500 copies; 2 volumes

Cezanne, Paul Adriani. Cezanne Watercolors. Abrams (1983).

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Paul Cezanne : The Watercolors. Boston: Little, Brown (1983). 645 works catalogued

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Les Aquarelles De Cezanne. (1984). Catalogue raisonne

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Paul Cezanne, Museo Espanol De Arte Contemporaneo. Madrid : Ministerio De Cultura (1984).

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. Cezanne: A Biography. Harry N Abrams (1986). 270 illustrations, 118 in color

Cezanne, Paul Gowing. Cezanne: The Early Years, 1859-1872. Harry N Abrams (1988). 137 illustrations

Cezanne, Paul Venturi. Cezanne. Alan Wofsy (1989). 2 volume catalogue raisonne; reprint of 1936 catalogue

Cezanne, Paul Krumrine. Paul Cezanne: The Bathers. Harry N Abrams (1990). 126 color plates, 113 black and white

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. The Paintings Of Paul Cezanne. Harry N Abrams (1996). Catalogue raisonne

Cezanne, Paul Rewald. The Paintings Of Paul Cezanne. Thames and Hudson (1996). Catalogue raisonne

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