Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Picasso, Pablo Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The Prodigious Output of Pablo Picasso

When searching for Fine Art prints, or any original artworks in collectible form, it is almost impossible to ignore the giant in the room that is Pablo Picasso. The Spanish painter, sculptor and printer were the father of an art movement (Cubism) as well as one of the most well-respected developers of Surrealism and postmodernist painting. His artistic output not only reflected the social and intellectual changes of the century in which he lived, but also acted as a catalyst in allowing new ways of thinking about art, the artist, and form. It is no wonder why every serious collector would want to own their own Picasso!

The good news for the serious collector, is that Picasso was so prolific during his life (both on and off the canvas, it would appear!) that it is almost within the reach of even the amateur collector to own their own original Picasso print. This is due to the fact that Picasso was also intensely interested in printing as an art form and as a method to distribute his art.

Primarily working in etchings, Picasso also progressed to using an early lithograph method as well as the more ubiquitous screen printing techniques. As well as his canvas paintings, Picasso was phenomenal in the fact that he produced no less than a total of 163 art books during his life, most often at the request of printers, publishers and curators. One of his enduring collaborations was with publisher Ambrose Voullard, as well as such note-worthy private institutions as the New York Limited Editions Club.

Currently, it is still possible, if not indeed easy to acquire a Picasso original artwork from one of the printed edition books. Unfortunately, perhaps, as most of these books were printed in a series as low as 75, to as large as 500 (with a few editions going over even this) then their price can be prohibitive for the amateur collector.

For example; the New York Limited Editions Club is still selling, at its top-end range of Picasso products, the text of the 'Lysistrata' (a Greek play by Aristophanes) with original etchings by Picasso to accompany the text, printed in 1934. Copies of Lysistrata signed by Picasso himself are on sale for between $4,000 to $10,000, dependent on each individual items quality and preservation.

Picasso, Pablo Cocteau. Le Coq et L'Arlequin. Editions De La Sirene (1918). Picasso line drawings

Picasso, Pablo Salmon. Le Manuscrit Trouve Dans Un Chapeau. Societe Litteraire De France (1919). 750 copies with 38 drawings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Henry. Der Weg Zum Kubismus. Delphin (1920). illustrations by Picasso, Braque and others

Picasso, Pablo Louis. Feu De Joie. Au Sans Parei (1920). 1050 copies with a drawings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Beaumont. The Art Of Lydia Lopokova. C W Beaumont (1920).

Picasso, Pablo Valery. La Jeune Parque. Editions de la Nouvelle Revue Francaise (1921). 500 copies

Picasso, Pablo Propert. The Russian Ballet In Western Europe 1909-1920. New York And John Lane (1921). 450 copies

Picasso, Pablo. Les Feuilles Libres No 26. Marcel Raval (1922). 12 drawings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Les Feuilles Libres No 29. Marcel Raval (1922). portrait by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Les Feuilles Libres No 34. Marcel Raval (1923). 7 black and white plates of nudes by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Balzac. Le Chef-D'Oeuvre Inconnu. Ambroise Vollard Editeur (1931). 13 etched plates by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Ovide. Les Metamorphoses. Albert Skira (1931). 39 etching by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Cocteau. Orphee. Oxford University Press (1933). 100 copies with a frontispiece by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Aristophanes. Lysistrata. Limited Editions Club (1934). 6 original full- page etchings, and 30 tinted lithographs after drawings in the text

Picasso, Pablo. Cahiers D'Art, Picasso 1930-1935. Cahiers D'Art Paris (1935).

Picasso, Pablo. Contemporary Poetry And Prose 4-5. Roger Roughton (1936). Poems by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Eluard. Les Yeux Fertiles. GLM (1936). 3 original etchings

Picasso, Pablo. Sueno y Mentira De Franco. Paris (1937). Picasso's calligraphy

Picasso, Pablo Breton. Anthologie De L'Humour Noir. Editions Du Sagittaire,, (1940). contributions by Edgar Allan Poe, Hans Arp, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, J. M. Synge, Jonathan Swift

Picasso, Pablo Picasso. Lithographe I-IV. Andre Sauret, Monte Carlo (1941). Four volumes. Volume I 1919-1947 (1949), Volume II 1947-1949 (1950), Volume III 1949-1956 (1956), and Volume IV 1956-1963 (1964), each volume with two original lithographs.

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre Volume II 1912-1917. Cahiers D'Arts (1942). 604 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Hugnet. La Chevre-Feuille. Robert-J Godet Editeur (1943). 500 copies with six etchings (in black-and-white, from Zinc plates) by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Eluard. Au Rendez-Vous Allemand. Aux Editions De Minuit,, (1944). Frontispiece by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Messages II [Le Desir Attrape Par La Queue]. Risques, Travaux and Modes (1944). first appearance of Picasso's playLe Desir attrapes par la queue

Picasso, Pablo Picasso. Poemas y Declaraciones. Darro y Genil (1944). collections of poetry, aphorisms, and articles written by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. 21 Peintures 1940 - 1945. Galerie Louis Carre, (1945). 700 copies

Picasso, Pablo Valery. Jours de Gloire. Lambusier (1945). engraving by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Le Desir Attrape Par La Queue. Paris (Gallimard) (1945). play by Picasso; 2240 copies

Picasso, Pablo Artaud. Autre Chose Que De L'Enfant Beau. Louis Broder (1946). with a coloured drypoint by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Reventos. Dos Contes. Editorial Albor (1947). 4 engravings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Du Cubisme. Compagnie Francaise Des Arts Graphiques (1947). 7 original etchings by Duchamp, Gleizes, Laurencin, Metzinger, Picabia, Picasso and Villon and 4 etchings after Braque, Derain, J. Gris and Leger.

Picasso, Pablo Janis. Picasso The Recent Years 1939-1946. Doubleday, (1947). 350 copies illustrated by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Cahiers D'Art 1948. Editions Cahiers D'Art (1948). Picasso's ceramics

Picasso, Pablo Ramie. Ceramiques De Picasso. Albert Skira, Geneva (1948).

Picasso, Pablo Reverdy. Le Chant Des Morts. Teriade. Paris. (1948). 125 original lithographs by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Picasso a Antibes. Rene Drouin (1948). more than 90 half-tone photographs of Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Picasso Peintures Epoques Bleue et Rose. Les Editions Du Chene (1948).

Picasso, Pablo Torre. Trayectoria de Picasso. Montevideo, Alfar (1948).

Picasso, Pablo. Verve 19/20 (1948), Picasso and the Human Comedy. Paris: Verve (1948). 2 Picasso lithographs

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Dessins De Picasso 1892-1948. Editions Cahiers d'Art (1949).

Picasso, Pablo Kahnweiler. Les Sculptures De Picasso. Les Editions Du Chene, (1949). With 216 b/w photographs by Brassai

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Picasso Lithographe 1919 - 1947. Monte-Carlo: Editions Andre Sauret (1949). 2 original lithographs by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Corle. Stravinsky. Duell, Sloan And Pearce (1949). photographs of Stravinsky by Edward Weston, Arnold Newman and John Vachon in addition to art work by Marc Chagall, Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Elegie D'Ihpetonga. Suivie De Masques De Cendre. (1949). 4 original lithographs by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Ramie. Ceramics By Picasso. Albert Skira/Transbook Co. Book Condition: Used-Good. (1950).

Picasso, Pablo Tzara. De Memoire D'Homme. Bordas Editeur (1950). 9 original lithographs hors-text by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Hommage To Picasso On His 70th Birthday. Lund Humphries (1951).

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Pablo Picasso Oeuvres De 1920 a 1922. France: Cahiers d`Art, (1951).

Picasso, Pablo. Verve 25/26. Paris: Verve (1951). Original lithograph and lithographic cover by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Balzac. Le Pere Goriot. Andre Sauret / Imprimerie Nationale (1952). Original lithograph by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Eluard. Picasso, Dessins. Les Editions Braun and Cie / Paris (1952). 16 drawings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Goll. Elegy Of Ihpetonga and Masks Of Ashes. Noonday Press (1954). 4 original lithographs by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Femmes Et Faunes. Au Vent D'Arles (1954).

Picasso, Pablo. La Guerre Et La Paix. Editions Cercle D'Art (1954). 6 color lithographs after Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Diderot. Mystification: Ou Histoire Des Portraits. Les Editeurs Francais Reunis (1954). 4 lithographs by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Picasso. Oeuvre Grave, Livres Illustres. Presses Artistiques, Lausann (1954).

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Pablo Picasso: Catalogue De L'Oeuvre 6. Cahiers D'Arts (1954). 1481 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo. Pablo Picasso: Wort Und Bekenntnis. Die Gesammelten Zeugnisse Und Dichtungen. Zurich Verlag Der Arche (1954).

Picasso, Pablo Watts. The Metamorphoses Of Ovid. University Of California Press, Berkeley (1954).

Picasso, Pablo. Verve 29/30. Paris: Verve (1954). 180 plates; 16 original Picasso lithographs

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Pablo Picasso. Flammarion, France (1955). 606 reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Pablo Picasso Volume 7: Oeuvres De 1926 a 1932. (1955). 424 reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Boudaille. Picasso's Sketchbook November 1955. Thames And Hudson (1955). exact facsimile of a sketchbook in which Picasso worked from 1st november 1955, until 14th january, 1956

Picasso, Pablo Verdet. Provence Noire. Editions Cercle D'Art (1955).

Picasso, Pablo Jacob. Chronique Des Temps Heroiques. Louis Broder (1956). With 3 lithographs and 3 drypoints by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Tolstoy. La Guerre et la Paix. Andre Sauret (1956). original Picasso lithograph

Picasso, Pablo Jardot. Picasso Dessins d'Un Demi-Siecle. Berggruen and Cie (1956). with an original Picasso lithograph

Picasso, Pablo Bolliger. Suite Vollard. Buchergilde Gutenberg, Frankfurt (1956).

Picasso, Pablo. 40 Dessins De Picasso En Marge Du Buffon. Jonquieres (1957). 226 copies with an original linocut; 2226 total copies

Picasso, Pablo Eluard. Corps Memorable. Pierre Seghers (1957). front dust jacket design by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Dans L'Atelier De Picasso. Mourlot (1957). original lithograph printed on arches wove paper

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Pablo Picasso, Volume 8, Oeuvres de 1932 a 1937. (1957). 377 reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Kahnweiler. Picasso Peintures 1955-1956. Galerie Louise Leiris (1957). original 4-colour lithograph by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Foster. Posters Of Picasso. Crown (1957). 24 color plates

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre Volume 9 (1937-1939). Cahiers d'Arts (1958). 184 plates

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Les Menines Et La Vie. Editions Cercle D'Art (1958).

Picasso, Pablo Char. L'Escalier De Flore. (1958).

Picasso, Pablo Salles. Mes Dessins d'Antibes. Paris/ Au Pont Des Arts/Galerie Chalette (1958). Complete portfolio with 2 title leaves (one of them a lithographic facsimile of Picasso's manuscript in red), 2 leaves with text in English and French, the justification leaf and 16 lithographic facsimiles (2 in colors) by Daniel Jacomet after drawings by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. XXe Siecle 10. Revue Xxe Siecle (1958). with four original lithographs, including one by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Boudaille. Carnet De La Californie. Paris / Koln: Cercle D'Art / Dumont (1959). 1000 copies of a sketchbook of 25 lithographic leaves with 39 full-page facsimiles of Pablo Picasso drawings

Picasso, Pablo. Dessins. Calmann-Levy (1959).

Picasso, Pablo. Pablo Picasso L'Opera Grafica. Il Saggiatore, Milano (1959).

Picasso, Pablo. Picasso At Vallauris. Reynal and Co. (1959). ceramics produced by Picasso at Vallauris in Provence

Picasso, Pablo. Picasso Lithographs Since 1945. Cincinnati: Cincinnati Art Museum (1959).

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Variations On Velasquez' Painting `The Maids Of Honour' And Other Recent Works. Abrams (1959).

Picasso, Pablo. Faunes et Flore d' Antibes. Au Pont Des Arts/NYGS/Greenwich (1960). 12 prints after Pablo Picasso's paintings; a lithograph in colors signed by Picasso in the plate and 11 prints heavily painted with pochoir gouaches by Daniel Jacomet under Picasso's supervision

Picasso, Pablo Benoit. Meurs. Ales PAB (1960). with a drypoint etching

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Picasso 30 Cuardos Ineditos 1917-1960. Sala Gaspar (1960). original black and white lithographic cover

Picasso, Pablo De La Souchere. Picasso In Antibes. Lund Humphries (1960). 82 plates and photographs and 16 line drawings

Picasso, Pablo. Sketchbook. N.Y., Abrams (1960). 50 page facsimile of Picasso's sketchbook

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. A Los Toros Avec Picasso. Andre Sauret, Monte-Carlo (1961). 4 original lithographs by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Bergamin. Dibujos - Gouaches - Acuarelas. Sala Gaspar, Barcelona, Spain (1961). lithographic cover

Picasso, Pablo. Il Desiderio Preso Per La Coda. Colombo, Roma (1961).

Picasso, Pablo Duncan. Los Picasso De Picasso. Lausanne and Paris : Edita ; La Bibliotheque Des Arts (1961).

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Oeuvres 1942 et 1943. Cahiers d'Art. Paris., (1961). 159 plates

Picasso, Pablo Duncan. Picasso's Picassos. Harper (1961).

Picasso, Pablo Sabartes. Toreros. George Braziller (1961). four original lithographs by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Picasso. Toros y Toreros. Pablo Picasso: Toros y Toreros, Abrams (1961).

Picasso, Pablo Dominguin. Toros y Toreros. Thames and Hudson (1961). reproducing 3 Picasso sketchbooks; deluxe edition contains a full-page original lithograph hand-signed by Pablo Picasso in pencil and 16 loose color lithographs by Mourlot after Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre 1942-1943 Volume 12. Cahiers d'Art. Paris., (1962). 318 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre 1943-1944 Volume 13. Cahiers d'Art. Paris., (1962). 328 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Villers. Diurnes, Decoupages et Photographies. Berggruen (1962). 100 deluxe copies with a color linocut

Picasso, Pablo Cela. Gavilla De Fabulas Sin Amor. Barcelona,Palma De Mallorca (1962). 32 drawings in colour pastels by Picasso for the deluxe edition

Picasso, Pablo Cooper. Les Dejeuners. Editions Cercle D'Art (1962). 125 deluxe copies with a lithograph

Picasso, Pablo. Linoleum Cuts. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York (1962). plates are linocuts after Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Boeck. Linolschnitte. Stuttgart, Gerd Hatje (1962). With 45 linocuts in facsimile

Picasso, Pablo Horodisch. Picasso As A Book Artist. Cleveland And New York (1962). 34 plates

Picasso, Pablo Cocteau. Picasso de 1916 a 1961. Editions Du Rocher, (1962). 255 copies with 24 original lithographs (11 of them hors-texte, including the front wrapper, while 2 are double page) by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre 1944-1946. Cahiers D'Arts, (1963).

Picasso, Pablo Parmelin. Les Dames De Mougins. Editions Cercle D'Art (1964). two Picasso lithographs

Picasso, Pablo Mourlot. Picasso Lithographe. Sauret, Monte Carlo (1964). two original Picasso lithographs

Picasso, Pablo. Piccaso 60 Ans De Gravures. Berggruen and Cie (1964).

Picasso, Pablo. Prints from the Mourlot Press. Mourlot (1964). 18 lithograph plates by Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Braque, Matisse, Cocteau, Calder, Giacometti, Beaudin, Villon, Minaux, Jenkins, Kito, Glarner and others,

Picasso, Pablo Foster. The Posters Of Picasso. Grosset and Dunlap (1964). 48 plates

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre 1946-1953. Cahiers d'Arts (1965). 292 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Parmelin. Le Peintre Et Son Modele. Edition Cercle D'Art (1965). with two Picasso lithographs

Picasso, Pablo Adhemar. Lithographies de L'Atelier Mourlot. Redfern Gallery (1965). original colour and monochrome lithographs by Chagall, Picasso(2), Miro, Giacometti, Minaux, Jenkins, Matisse, Masson, Calder and Buffet

Picasso, Pablo Quinn. Picasso a l'Oeuvre. Manesse, Zurich (1965).

Picasso, Pablo. Pour Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler. Verlag Gerd Hatje, Stuttgart (1965). two Picasso lithographs

Picasso, Pablo Aragon. Shakespeare. Harry N. Abrams (1965). Illustrated with 12 full- page illustrations of the sketches made by Picasso in honor of Shakespeare's 400th birthday

Picasso, Pablo Parmelin. Pablo Picasso: Intimate Secrets Of A Studio At Notre Dame De Vie. Abrams (1966). 131 hand-mounted color plates

Picasso, Pablo Parmelin. Picasso Says. A.S. Barnes, South Brunswick (1966). selection of quotations by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Reverdy. Sable Mouvant. Louis Broder (1966). ten original aquatints by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Char. Les Transparents. Ales, PAB (1967). With 5 cardboard-cuts by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Geiser. Picasso: Peintre-Graveur. Tome II. Catalogue Raisonne de l'Oeuvre Grave et des Monotypes 1932-1934.. Berne, Kornfeld et Klipstein (1967).

Picasso, Pablo Cooper. Picasso: Theatre. Edition Cercle D'Art (1967). 491 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Daix. The Blue And Rose Periods, A Catalogue Raisonne of the Painting 1900-1906. New York City: New York Graphic Society (1967). 61 tipped-in color plates and 770 black and white illustrations

Picasso, Pablo. XXe Siecle 28. Revue Xxe Siecle (1967). with lithographs by Marini and Miro

Picasso, Pablo Czwiklitzer. 290 Affiches De Picasso. Chez L'Auteur Art (1968). catalogue raisonne of Picasso's posters

Picasso, Pablo Bloch. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre Grave Et Lithographie. Kornfeld et Klipstein, Berne (1968). 1399 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Crommelynck. Le Cocu Magnifique. Editions De L'Atelier Crommelynck (1968). 7 etchings, 4 aquatints with etching, and 1 aquatint with drypoint and etching, by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo. Les Quatre Petites Filles. Gallimard (1968).

Picasso, Pablo Alberti. El Entierro Del Conde De Orgaz. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili / Ediciones De La Cometa (1969). one signed engraving and 12 etchings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Jaime. Las Meninas y la Vida. Ediciones Poligrafa (1969). 1600 copies

Picasso, Pablo. Pablo Picasso Drawings. International Galleries (1969). poems by Picasso illustrated with 12 original unsigned etchings

Picasso, Pablo Char. Picasso, His Recent Drawings, 1966-1968. Harry N. Abrams (1969). 405 plates

Picasso, Pablo. Le Gout De Bonheur. Bremen, Carl Schunemann (1970). 71 facsimile lithographic prints after drawings by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Ovide. Les Metamorphoses. Edito Service (1970). 32 etchings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Kobayashi. Pablo Picasso. Musee National D'Art Moderne, Tokyo (1970). exhibition of engravings

Picasso, Pablo Bloch. Picasso 347. Random House / Maecenas Press (1970). reproduction of 347 prints created by Picasso, using various printmaking processes, during the year 1968

Picasso, Pablo Mourlot. Picasso Lithographs. Boston: Boston Book And Art (1970). 407 reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Czwiklitzer. Picasso Plakate. Art-C.C. (1970). Catalogue raissone of the posters

Picasso, Pablo Czwiklitzer. Picasso's Posters. Random House (1970). Catalogue raissone of the posters

Picasso, Pablo Czwiklitzer. Werkverzeichnis Der Picasso-Plakate. Art-C.C. (1970). Catalogue raissone of the posters

Picasso, Pablo Bloch. Catalogue De l'Oeuvre Grave et Lithographie. Berne, Editions Kornfeld Et Klipstein (1971).

Picasso, Pablo Sutton. Complete Paintings: Blue And Rose Periods. Weidenfeld (1971).

Picasso, Pablo San Lazzaro. Homage To Pablo Picasso. Ebeling Publishing (1971). one original lithograph

Picasso, Pablo Rojas. La Celestine. Crommelynck (1971). 66 Picasso's original etchings with aquatint

Picasso, Pablo. L'Hospital De Santa Creu I De Sant Pau. Barcelona, Editorial Gustau Gili (1971). 1 aquatint on Arches wove by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Bloch. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre Grave Ceramique 1949-1971 Volume III. Kornfeld and Klipstein. Berne (1972). Over 230 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Mourlot. Souvenirs et Portraits d'Artistes. Alain Mazo and Leon Amiel (1972). With 25 original lithographs of the following artists: Brianchon, Masson, Baudin, Fenosa, Esteve, Matisse, Guiramand, Terechkovitch, Braque, Derain, Picasso, Jenkins,Miro,Cocteau,Minaux, Villon, Chagall, Giacometti, Buffet, Wunderlich, Delvaux, Vasarely, Manessier, Lapcque, Sutherland

Picasso, Pablo Ovide. Les Metamorphoses. Geneve, Edito-Service, (1973).

Picasso, Pablo Ramie. Ceramique De Picasso. Editions Cercle D'Art (1974). 340 colour and 419 monochrome illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Duncan. Goodbye Picasso. Grosset and Dunlap (1974).

Picasso, Pablo. Hommage a Pablo Picasso. Wiesbaden. Ebeling Verlag (1976).

Picasso, Pablo Czwiklitzer. Werkverzeichnis Der Picasso-Plakate. Spadem (1976).

Picasso, Pablo Daix. Pablo Picasso - The Cubist Years 1907-1916. Thames And Hudson, (1979). catalogue raisonne of the paintings and related works. 52 color plates and over 1000 black and white illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Palau I Fabre. Picasso En Catalogne. Societe Francaise Du Livre. Paris (1979).

Picasso, Pablo. Viatge A Paris. Barcelona, Editorial Gustavo Gili (1979). 375 copies

Picasso, Pablo. Toros y Toreros. Alpine Fine Arts Collection Ltd. (1980). facsimile of sketchbooks from the year 1959

Picasso, Pablo. Picasso 1881-1973 - Exposicion Antologica. Madrid, Ministerio De Cultura (1981).

Picasso, Pablo Palau I Fabre. The Early Years, 1881-1907. Rizzoli, Italy (1981). 1587 reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Oeuvres de 1912 a 1917. Cahiers d'Art (1982).

Picasso, Pablo Goeppert. Catalogue Raisonne Des Livres Illustres. P.Cramer, Geneve (1983).

Picasso, Pablo Goeppert. The Illustrated Books: Catalogue Raisonne. P.Cramer, Geneve (1983). 156 works catalogued

Picasso, Pablo. Das Plastische Werk. Stuttgart, G. Hatje (1984).

Picasso, Pablo. Gongora. New York : G. Braziller (1985). 275 copies

Picasso, Pablo Leymarie. Metamorphoses Et Unite. Editions D'Art Albert Skira Geneva (1985). 610 reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Zervos. Catalogue De L'Oeuvre 1906-1912. Cahiers d'Arts (1986). 360 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Picasso. Je Suis Le Cahier The Sketchbooks Of Picasso. Atlantic Monthly Press, Boston, (1986). Part 1. Six complete sketch books. Part 2. Selections from other sketch books. Part 3. Catalogue Raisonne

Picasso, Pablo Baer. Picasso Drawings 1906 - 1920. Stephen Mazoh and Co., Inc., (1986). 46 early drawings

Picasso, Pablo Geiser. Picasso: Peintre-Graveur. Bern: Kornfeld (1986). 8 volumes, 2000 black and white and color illustrations; text in French. Catalogue raisonne of the prints of Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Goeppert. Die Minotauromachie Von Pablo Picasso. Patrick Cramer Editeur (1987).

Picasso, Pablo Edward. The Private Picasso: A Photographic Study. Bulfinch Press (1987). 330 plates

Picasso, Pablo. Late Picasso Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Prints 1953-1972. The Tate Gallery (1988). Over 100 works illustrated in color

Picasso, Pablo Ruiz. Les Demoiselles D Avignon. Barcelona. Ediciones Poligrafa (1988).

Picasso, Pablo. Picasso - The Late Drawings. Hirschl and Adler Galleries (1988). 31 illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Ramie. Catalogue Of The Edited Ceramic Works 1947-1971. Galerie Madoura (1989). 570 color plates and 75 black and white illustrations

Picasso, Pablo Leiris. Picasso Ecrits. Reunion Des Musees Nationaux Et Editions Gallimard (1989).

Picasso, Pablo Bernadac. Guernica. New York; Harry Abrams (1990). 1000 copies with 42 lithographic plates after drawings by Picasso

Picasso, Pablo Palau I Fabre. Picasso Cubism, 1907-1917. Rizzoli (1990). 1584 illustrations, including 378 in colour

Picasso, Pablo Rodrigo. Picasso In His Posters, Image and Work. Arte Ediciones, Spain (1992). four volumes with 630 colour reproductions

Picasso, Pablo Ocana. Picasso Landscapes, 1890-1912. Bulfinch, Boston (1994).

Picasso, Pablo Palau I Fabre. Picasso Cubisme. Konemann Cologne (1998). Catalogue raisonne

Picasso, Pablo. Le Carnet De La Californie. Editions Cercle D'Art (1999).

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