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Nonesuch Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Nonesuch Press exhibits many of the charmingly classic qualities of a Fine Press, albeit they might not be the qualities that you would immediately think of! Of course, the classic qualities of any fine press is a very good production detail, as well as creative direction from its owner/publishers, as well as the injection of hard work, determination, and patience. Nonesuch has all of these in bucket loads, operating as a private press from 1923 all the way through to the mid-1960s, under the helm of Francis Meynell, Vera Mendel, and David Garnett. Add to this, a flair for independent, even unconventional relationship to mainstream publishing - which is exactly what Nonesuch delivered.

Starting in Soho's Gerrard Street (China Town, London), Nonesuch operated out of a basement, and over the years shared the neighbourhood with none other than the 43 Club, as well as (much later) Ronnie Scott's Jazz and Blues Club. Nonesuch took the strange direction of using a hand press Albion to design and produce the Master copies of books, but then sending their masters to conventional printers, for, as Meynell himself put it 'mechanical means could be used to serve fine ends'. Although this brought him some infamy amongst other fine presses, it meant that Nonesuch could offer finely-designed books at much cheaper prices than their competitors.

As a publisher, Nonesuch concentrated on classic works: Dickens, books of the Bible, the Iliad, Don Quixote, Virginia Woolf. Currently, there are happily available a large variety of collections of Nonesuch books - so, for example the entire Nonesuch Dicken's 'set' can be purchased, in very fine limited editions (of 877) for between 4-5000. If something a little less elaborate is sought, then consider the Nonesuch collected Shakespeare 'set' for as little as 1500, bound with full tan morocco covers, raised bands and gilt lettering.

Hudson, W. H. 153 Letters From W. H. Hudson. Nonesuch (1923). Edited And With An Introduction And Explanatory Notes By Edward Garnett; 1000 NUMBERED COPIES.

Cowley, Abraham. Anacreon Done Into English Out Of The Original Greek. Nonesuch (1923). Engraved By Stephen Gooden ;Anacreon Done Into English Out Of The Original Greek By Abraham Cowley And S B 1683. Newly Embellished With Copper Plate Engravings By Stephen Gooden; 725 copies

Meredith, Geroge. Letters Of Geroge Meredith To Alice Meynell. Nonesuch (1923). Limited to 850 copies

Donne, John. Love Poems. Nonesuch (1923). With Some Account Of His Life Taken From The Writings In 1639 Of Izaak Walton; 1250 COPIES; edited by Vera Meynell.

Toller, Ernst. Masses And Man. Nonesuch (1923). A Fragment Of The Social Revoltion Of The Twentieth Century; Translated. by Vera Mendel.

Marvell, Andrew. Miscellaneous Poems. Nonesuch (1923). 850 copies

Donne, John. Paradoxes And Problemes. Nonesuch (1923). With Two Characters And An Essay Of Valour. Now For The First Time Reprinted From The Editions Of 1633 And 1652 With One Additional Probleme; 645 copies printed.

Donne, John. Ten Sermons. Nonesuch (1923). Preached By That Late Learned And Rev.Divine John Donne; 725 copies

The Book Of Ruth.. Nonesuch (1923). Translated Out Of The Original Tongues; And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And Revised By His Majestys Special Command; 250 copies

Summers, Montague. The Complete Works Of William Congreve. Nonesuch (1923). 4 Volumes; limited to 900 sets.

Meredith, George. The Letters. Nonesuch (1923). George Meredith To Alice Menell With Annotations Thereto 1896-1907; 850 Copies

Donne, John. The Love Poems Of John Donne. Nonesuch (1923). 1250 copies

Donne, John. X Sermons. Nonesuch (1923). Preached By The Late Learned And Rev. Divine John Donne Doctor In Divinity Once Dean Of The Cathedral Church Of Saint Pauls, Chosen From The Whole Body Of Donnes Sermons By Geoffrey Keynes; 725 copies.

The Apocrypha. Nonesuch (1924). Reprinted According To The Authorised Version 1611; 1250 copies printed by Frederick Hall with copper plates designed and engraved by Stephen Gooden, and typography arranged by Sir Francis Meynell

Wycherley, William. The Complete Works. Nonesuch (1924). Edited By Montague Summers; 900 sets on mould-made paper out of a total edition of 1,000 sets; 4 volumes complete; 75 copies on english hand-made paper

The Holy Bible. Nonesuch (1924). FIVE VOLUMES; Reprinted According To The Authorised Version 1611; 1250 numbered copies

Raper, Elizabeth. The Recipe Book Of Elizabeth Raper. Nonesuch (1924). Edited By The Authors Great-Grandson, Bartle Grant; And A Portion Of Her Cipher Journal; limited to 850 copies; Portrait and decorations by Duncan Grant.

Perrault, M. Histories Or Tales Of Past Times. Nonesuch (1925). Englished By G M Gent. Newly Edited By J Saxon Childers; Told By Mother Goose With Morals; 1250 copies

Nonesuch Books For Christmas 1925. Nonesuch (1925). For The Spring 1926 With A Hand-List Of Books Hitherto

Warlock, Peter. Songs Of The Gardens.. Nonesuch (1925). 875 copies; title-page designed and engraved by Stephen Gooden, ornaments wood-engraved by W.M.R. Quick, music and accompanying text engraved by Lowe and Brydone

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy Of Melancholy. Nonesuch (1925). What It Is, With All The Kinds, Causes, Symptomes, Prognosticks, and Several Cures Of It. In Three Partitions Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically, Opened And Cut Up; Two volumes; Frontispiece, title-page and numerous black and white drawings by E. McKnight Kauffer; Typography by Francis Meynell; 750 numbered copies

Hotson, J. Leslie. The Death Of Christopher Marlowe. Nonesuch (1925).

The Holy Bible. Nonesuch (1925). Illustrations Engraved By Stephen Gooden And Typography Set By Francis Meynell; Reprinted According To Authorised Version 1611; 5 volumes; 1000 copies on japon vellum

Darwin, Bernard. The Tale Of Mr Tootleoo. Nonesuch (1925). illustrated with 22 color drawings by Elinor Darwin

Blake, William. The Writings. Nonesuch (1925). Edited In Three Volumes By Geoffrey Keynes. Together With: Wilson, Mona. The Life Of William Blake; Three Volumes; 1500 copies; illustrations printed by Emery Walker

Melville, Herman. Benito Cereno.. Nonesuch (1926). Illustrated By E. Mcknight Kauffer; Title-page design, one headpiece, one tailpiece and seven full-page illustrations, all hand-coloured through stencils, by E. McKnight Kauffer; 1650 numbered copies

Toller, Ernst. Brokenbrow. Nonesuch (1926). A Tragedy. Translated By Vera Mendel. Six full-page tissue-guarded drawings by George Grosz.

Wilmot, John. Collected Works Of John Wilmot. Nonesuch (1926). Earl Of Rochester ; 1050 Limited Edition.; Limited to 975 copies on antique paper; Edited by John Hayward

Otway, Thomas. Complete Works.. Nonesuch (1926). 3 Volumes; limited to 1340 sets

Evelyn, John. Memories For My Grand-Son. Nonesuch (1926). Transcribed And Furnished With A Preface And Notes By Geoffrey Keynes; 1250 copies, printed on Auvergne handmade paper.

Milton, John. Poems In English. Nonesuch (1926). Illustrations By William Blake - In Two Volumes: Paradise Lost; Miscellaneous Poems, Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes; 1450 copies.

Otway, Thomas. The Complete Works. Nonesuch (1926). Edited By Montague Summers; 3 Vols; 1250 copies.

Cowley, Abraham. The Mistress. Nonesuch (1926). Edited By John Sparrow; 1050 copies

Moore, George. Ulich And Soracha.. Nonesuch (1926). frontispiece copper engraving by Stephen Gooden; 1250 copies numbered and signed by the author

A Stitch In Time. Nonesuch (1927). Or Pride Prevents A Fall; 1,525 copies.; Illustration and Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Vanbrugh, Sir John. Complete Works. Nonesuch (1927). Plays edited by B. Dorbres; letters edited by G. Webb.; 4 vol. set; 1300 copies

Sarda, Daniel. Conte De Maitre Espapidour. Nonesuch (1927). 500 copies

Wilson, Romer. Latterday Symphony.. Nonesuch (1927).

Cobbett, William. Life And Adventures. Nonesuch (1927). Edited By G.D.H. Cole ; 1800 copies printed on Arches paper; Frontispiece cartoon after Gillray is colored through stencils by the Curwen Press

Blake, William. Pencil Drawings. Nonesuch (1927). Edited By Geoffrey Keynes; 1550 numbered copies

Blake, William. Poetry And Prose. Nonesuch (1927). Edited By Geoffrey Keynes

Vanbrugh, John. The Complete Works. Nonesuch (1927). The Plays Edited By Bonamy Dobree; The Letters Edited By Geoffrey Webb; 4 vols; 1,300 copies

The Holy Bible. Nonesuch (1927). Reprinted According To The Authorized Version 1611; engraved title page, headpiece and colophon by Stephen Gooden; 5 volumes; 1000 copies; Volume I: Apocrypha. Volume II: Genesis to Ruth. Volume III: Samuel to Psalms. Volume IV: Proverbs to Malachi. Volume V: The New Testament

Wilson, Mona:. The Life Of William Blake. Nonesuch (1927). 1,480 numbered copies

Anonymous. The New Testament. Nonesuch (1927). Reprinted According To The Authorised Version 1611; 1000 unnumbered copies on Japon Vellum

Voltaire, M. De. The Princess Of Babylon. Nonesuch (1927). 1500 copies printed on Batchelors Kelmscott hand-made uncut paper; illustrations by Thomas Lowinsky

Thomson, James. The Seasons. Nonesuch (1927). Introduction By John Beresford ; Illustrated by Jacquier [Mrs Ivy Skinner] with five copper plate engravings, hand-coloured through stencils by The Curwen Press. D431500 copies

Herbert, George. The Temple. Nonesuch (1927). Sacred Poems And Private Ejaculations. Edited By Francis Meynell ; 1500 copies

Darwin, Bernard. Tootleoo Two. Nonesuch (1927). 20 full page colour illustrations by Elinor Darwin

Alighieri, Dante. La Divina Commedia Or The Divine Vision Of Dante Alighieri. Nonesuch (1928). 1475 copies translated by H.F. Cary; drawings by Botticelli. Vellum.

Conrad, Joseph. Letters From Conrad. Nonesuch (1928). Edited With Introduction And Notes By Edward Garnett. With Two Portraits; 925 copies

Bunyan, John. Pilgrims Progress And The Life and Death. Nonesuch (1928). 8 woodcuts by karl Michel;1600 copies

Pindar. Pythian Odes. Nonesuch (1928). Translated by H. T. Wade-Gery and B.C.M. Bowra; 1550 numbered copies.

Beedome, Thomas. Select Poems. Nonesuch (1928). Divine And Humane; Edited By Francis Meynell;1250 copies

Harvey, William. The Anatomical Exercises. Nonesuch (1928). De Motu Cordis 1628 : De Circulatione Sanguinis 1649 : The First English Text Of 1653 Now Newly Edited By Geoffrey Keynes; 1450 copies; Engraved folding plate by Charles Sigrist after a drawing by Stephen Gooden; printed by Joh. Enschede en Zonen on Dutch paper.

Bunyan, John. The Pilgrims Progress And The Life and Death Of Mr. Badman. Nonesuch (1928). 1600 copies printed

Fontenelle, Bernard De. A Plurality Of Worlds. Nonesuch (1929). John Glanvills Translation With A Prologue By David Garnett; 1600 copies; 8 designs by T.L. Poulton

Donne, John. Complete Poetry And Selected Prose. Nonesuch (1929). Edited By John Hayward; deluxe edition of 675 copies.

De Lamartine, A. Graziella. Nonesuch (1929). Translated by Ralph Wright with 30 illustrations by Jacquier; 1,600 copies; illustrations in colour have been stencilled by The Curwen Press

Keynes, Geoffrey:. Jane Austen. Nonesuch (1929). A Bibliography, With Four Illustrations From Original Engravings; 875 numbered copies

Plutarch. Norths Plutarch. Nonesuch (1929). Amyot, James (Trans) ; North, Thomas (Trans);The Lives Of The Noble Grecians and Romanes Compared Together By That Grave Learned Philosopher And Historiographer, Plutarke Of Chaeronea; 5 Volumes; Limited edition of 1550; illustrated by TL Poulton.

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler. Nonesuch (1929). The Lives Of Donne Wooton Hooker Herbert and Sanderson; Edited By Geoffrey Keynes; Illsutrations By Thomas Poulton And Charles Sigrist; edition of 1100 copies

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Walton. Nonesuch (1929). illustrations by Thomas Poulton and Charles Sigrist; 1600 copies

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. Nonesuch (1929). The Lives Of Donne, Wotton, Herbert and Sanderson; Edited by Geoffrey Keynes;Illustrated by Thomas Poultron and Charles Sigrist; 1100 copies

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Walton. Nonesuch (1929). 1100 copies

Plutarch. The Lives Of The Noble Grecians And Romans. Nonesuch (1929). Compared Together By That Grave Learned Philosopher And Historiographer Plutarke [Plutarch] Of Chaeronea. Translated Out Of The Greek Into French By James Amyot; And Out Of French Into English By Thomas North; total of 1550 copies; 5 volumes

Shakespeare, William. The Works Of Shakspeare. Nonesuch (1929). The Text Of The First Folio With Quatro Varients And A Selection Of Modern Readings;Edited By Herbert Farjeon; 7 Volumes; 1,600 copies

Beckford, William. Vathek. Nonesuch (1929). new translation by Herbert B. Grimsditch. Illustrated by Marion V. Dorn with ten colour plates printed by the Curwen Press. 1550 copies;

Meynell, Alice. A Keepsake For The A.I.G.A.. Nonesuch (1930). A Keepsake For The A.I.G.A. [American Institute Of Graphic Arts] From Francis Meynell; 250 copies

Farquhar, George. Complete Works Of George Farquhar. Nonesuch (1930). Two Volumes; 1000 copies

Plutarch. Lives Of The Noble Grecians and Romanes. Nonesuch (1930). Translated Out Of Greek Into French By James Amyot And Out Of The French Into Englishe By Thomas North - The Illustrations By T L Poulton With Fifteen Supplementary Lives Of 1603; Compared Together By That Grave Learned Philosopher And Historiographer Plutarke Of Chaeronea; 1,050 copies

Lawrence, D.H. Love Among The Haystacks. Nonesuch (1930). A Reminiscence By David Garnett; 1600 Copies

Lawrence, D.H. Love In The Haystacks. Nonesuch (1930). 500 numbered copies

Farquhar, George. The Complete Works. Nonesuch (1930). Edited By Charles Stonehill; 1000 copies; 2 vols;

Kauffer, E. Mcknight. The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha. Nonesuch (1930). 1,475 numbered copies; 2 volumes; 21 illustrations by E. McKnight Kauffer

Keynes, G.L. Bibliography Of William Hazlitt.. Nonesuch (1931). 750 copies

Dryden, John. Dryden. Nonesuch (1931). The Dramatic Works; 6 Vol Set; 800 numbered sets

Montaigne, Michel De. Montaignes Essays. Nonesuch (1931). John Florios Translation, Edited By J. I. M. Stewart; 2 Vols; 1,375 numbered copies printed on Pannekoek paper and bound by Leighton-Straker; 900 Copies for sale in UK and 475 in USA

Dryden, John. The Dramatic Works. Nonesuch (1931). Edited By Montague Summers; 6 Volumes; 750 copies

Homer. The Iliad And The Odyssey. Nonesuch (1931). Translated By Alexander Pope; Two volumes; Iliad edition limited to 950 copies for the UK and 525 for the US; Odyssey limited 835 copies for the UK and 465 for the US.

Butler, Samuel. Butleriana. Nonesuch (1932). Edited By A.T. Bartholomew; 800 copies

Evelyn, John. Directions For The Gardiner At Says-Court. Nonesuch (1932). But Which May Be Of Use To Other Gardens. Edited By Geoffrey Keynes; 800 copies designed by Francis Meynell and printed on Van Gelder paper.

Donne, John. Donnes Sermon Of Valediction At His Going Into Germany. Nonesuch (1932). Preached At Lincolns Inn April 18, 1619. Printed From The Original Version In The Lothian And Ashmole Manuscripts And From XXVI Sermons; Eleven-page Introduction by the editor. Designed by Francis Meynell; 750 copies printed by John Johnson of the Oxford University Press on Auvergne hand-made paper in the Fell types

Evelyn, John. John Directions For The Gardiner At Says-Court. Nonesuch (1932). But Which May Be Of Use For Other Gardens; Edited by Geoffrey Keynes; 625 copies; designed by Francis Meynell and printed in the types of Fanson on Van Gelder paper by Ernest Ingham at the Fanfare Press.

Darwin, Bernard. Mister Tootleoo One and Two. Nonesuch (1932). 9 illustrations in line by Elinor Darwin

Ricketts, Charles. Recollections Of Oscar Wilde. Nonesuch (1932). Recollections; By Jean Paul Raymond And Charles Ricketts; Limited Edition Of 800 Copies; Titlepage Illustration In Red By Stephen Gooden; printed at the Dolphin Press by Geo. W. Jones, the typography by Francis Meynell.

Donne, John. Sermon Of Valediction At His Going Into Germany. Nonesuch (1932). Preched At Lincolns Inn April 18, 1619; Edited By Evelyn Mary Simpson; 750 numbered copies.

Moore, George. A Communication To My Friends.. Nonesuch (1933). 800 copies

Tennyson, Alfred. In Memoriam. Nonesuch (1933). Introduction By John Sparrow; 2,000 numbered copies

Laver, James. Ladies Mistakes. Nonesuch (1933). Nine Illustrations By Thomas Lowinsky; 300 numbered copies

Tennyson, Lord. Tennysons In Memoriam. Nonesuch (1933). Introduction By John Sparrow

Plutarke. The Lives Of The Noble Grecians and Romanes Compared. Nonesuch (1933). Compared Together By That Grave Learned Philosopher And Histographer. Translated Out Of The Greeke Into French By James Amyot And Out Of French Into Englishe By Thomas North: The Illustrations By T. L. Poulton; 5 volumes;1550 sets

Shakespeare, William. The Works Of Shakespeare. Nonesuch (1933). 7 Volume Set; Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, King Lear, Othello, Anthonie And Cleopathra, Cymbeline; 1600 copies

Ellis, Havelock. Chapman. Nonesuch (1934). George Chapman With Illustrative Passages; 700 copies.

Coleridge, Sara. Minnow Among Tritons. Nonesuch (1934). Mrs S.T. Coleridges Letters To Thomas Poole, 1739-1834; Edited By Stephen Potter; 675 copies.

Collier, John. The Devil And All. Nonesuch (1934). Six Short Stories; 1000 copies signed by Collier

Meynell, Francis. The Greek Portrait. Nonesuch (1934). An Anthology Of English Verse Translations From The Greek Poets; Illustrated By Mariette Lydis; 425 copies

Herodotus. History Of Herodotus. Nonesuch (1935). The Translation Of G. Rawlinson Revised and Annotated By A.W. Lawrence; With Nine Wood Engravings By V. Le Campion And A Series Of New Maps By T. Poulton;f 675 copies

Pope, Alexander. Popes Own Miscellany. Nonesuch (1935). Edited By Norman Ault; Being A Reprint OfPoems On Several Occasions 1717 By Alexander Pope And Others; 750 copies;

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. Selected Poems. Nonesuch (1935). Edited By Stephen Potter; 500 copies; 3 wood-engravings by Stefan Mrozewski, title-page design and vignette by Berthold Wolpe.

Herodotus. The History Herodotus Of Halicarnassus. Nonesuch (1935). The Translation Of G. Rawlinson Revised and Annotated By A. W. Lawrence. With Nine Wood Engravings By V. Le Campion. 675 copies

Blake, William. The Note-Book Of William Blake. Nonesuch (1935). Geoffrey Keynes; Called The Rossetti Manuscript; 650 copies

Melville, Herman. Benito Cereno.. Nonesuch (1936). 1,650 copies printed; dynamic hand colored illustrations by E. McKnight Kauffer

Meynell, Francis. The Nonesuch Century. Nonesuch (1936). An Appraisal, A Personal Note And A Bibliography Of The First Hundred Books Issued By The Press 1923-1934; 750 copies

Waugh, Arthur. Nonesuch Dickensiana.. Nonesuch (1937).

Blake, William. The Illustrations Of William Blake For Thorton's Virgil. Nonesuch (1937). With The First Eclogue And The Imitation By Ambrose Philips; 1000 copies published; Introduction by Geoffrey Keynes

Milton, John. The Mask Of Comus. Nonesuch (1937). The Poem Edited By E.H. Visiak; The Airs Of The Five Songs Reprinted From The Composers Autograph Manuscript; Edited By Hubert J. Foss; Ornamented By M.R.H. Farrar; 950 copies

Dickens, Charles. The Nonesuch Dickens. Nonesuch (1937). Published Under The Editorial Direction Of Arthur Waugh, Hugh Walpole, Walter Dexter And Thomas Hatton; 877 copies; 24 volumes; The 24th volume contains the original steel plate entitledMr. Merdle a borrower, engraved by K. Browne (Phiz)

Whitman, Walt. Complete Poetry and Selected Prose And Letters. Nonesuch (1938). Edited By Emory Holloway; Bound In Full Calf By Kotheran

Dickens, Charles. Sketches By Boz And Early Minor Works.. Nonesuch (1938). 877 Copies

Rousseau, J.J. The Confessions. Nonesuch (1938). In An Anonymous English Version First Published In Two Parts In 1783 and 1790 Now Revised And Completed By A.S.B. Glover With An Introduction By Havelock Ellis Ornamented With Wood-Engravings By Reynolds Stone; Two volumes; 800 Copies

White, Gilbert. The Writings Of Gilbert White Of Selborne. Nonesuch (1938). Selected And Edited With An Introduction By H. J. Massingham; 2 Vols; Illustrated with wood engravings by Eric Ravilious; 850 sets

Holloway, Emory. Walt Whitman. Nonesuch (1938). Complete Poetry And Selected Prose And Letters

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet De. Candide Or Optimism. Nonesuch (1939). Translated By Richard Aldington With Illustrations By Sylvain Sauvage And An Introduction By Paul Morand

Carroll, Lewis. The Complete Works. Nonesuch (1939). Introduction By Alexander Woollcott; Illustrations By John Tenniel

Howitt, Mary. The Spider And The Fly. Nonesuch (1939). 250 copies

Laclos, Choderlos De. Dangerous Acquaintances; Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Nonesuch (1940). Translated by Ernest Dowson. Preface by Andre Gide. Illustrated by Chas Laborde.

Shakespeare, William. The Complete Works Of Shakespeare. Nonesuch (1953). 4 Volumes: Comedies; Histories; Tragedies; Poems

Hopkins, Gerard Manley. Selected Poems. Nonesuch (1954). 1100 numbered copies

Blake, William. Blake's Pencil Drawings. Nonesuch (1956). Second Series. 1440 numbered copies; Edited by Geoffrey Keynes

Morris, John. From The Third Programme. Nonesuch (1956). A Ten Years Anthology Edited By John Morris; 1500 copies on Barcham Green mould-made paper, designed by Meynell

Meynell, Francis. Poems and Pieces 1911 To 1961.. Nonesuch (1961). 750 numbered copies

The Holy Bible. Nonesuch (1963). The Authorized Or King James Version Of 1611 Now Reprinted With The Apocrypha. In Three Volumes With Reproductions Of 105 Of The Sixteenth-Century Woodcuts Of Bernard Salomon; Three volume set designed by Francis Meynell. Printed by Vivian Ridler; Volume 1: The Old Testament, Genesis to Kings; Volume 2: The Old Testament, Chronicles to Malachi; Volume 3: The New Testament, Followed by the Apocrypha of the Old Testament; 10,000 sets.

Dreyfus, John. A History Of The Nonesuch Press. Nonesuch (1981). Introduction By Geoffrey Keynes and A Descriptive Catalogue By David Mckitterick, Simon Rendal and John Dreyfus; 950 copies

Mee, Margaret. In Search Of Flowers Of The Amazon Forests. Nonesuch (1988). Edited by tony Morrison; Diaries Of An English Artist Reveal The Beauty Of The Vanishing Rainforest; illustrated by Margaret Mee

Greene, Graham. Why The Epigraph?. Nonesuch (1989). 950 copies signed by the Author

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