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Nevada Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

When one thinks about Nevada, many think about Las Vegas. Even though three-quarters of the state's population reside in the Las Vegas metropolitan area, it only takes up a small percentage of the state's area. Indeed, more than 85% of the state's land mass belongs to the federal government.

With much of the land unused before the federal government acquired the land, maps of the area are great for collectors. The state joined the union in 1864, but there were many explorations and trails documented before this time. Many photographs were taken in the area in the mid-19th century, original prints now commanding thousands of dollars. Original photographic prints from Nevada during its exploration are sometimes worth of $10,000!

Marsh, Andrew J. Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings. Frank Eastman: San Francisco (1866). 600 copies; Full title-Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings to the Constitutional Convention of the State of Nevada Assembled at Carson City, July 4th, 1864 to Form a Constitution and State Government

Wheeler, George M. Preliminary Report Concerning Explorations and Surveys in Nevada and Arizona. Government Printing Office: Washington (1872). Other author Brig. Gen. A.A. Humphreys

de Quille, Dan. History of The Big Bonanza. American Publishing Company: Hartford, CT (1876). Full title-History of The Big Bonanza: an Authentic Account of the Discovery, History, and Working of the World Renowned Comstock Silver Lode of Nevada; Author pseudonym of William Wright

Minturn, William. Travels West. Samuel Tinsley: London (1877). Second Edition

Mathews, Mary McNair. Ten Years in Nevada: Or, Life on the Pacific Coast. Baker, Jones and Co.: Buffalo, NY (1880).

de Quille, Dan. A History of the Comstock Silver Lode and Mines. Published by F. Boegle, Bookseller and Stationer: Virginia (1889). Full title-A History of the Comstock Silver Lode and Mines. Nevada and the Great Basin Region: Lake Tahoe and the High Sierras; Author pseudonym of William Wright

Wren, Thomas. A History Of The State Of Nevada. The Lewis Publishing Company: New York and Chicago (1904). Full title-A History Of The State Of Nevada: Its Resources and People

Strobridge, Idah Meacham. The Land of Purple Shadows. The Artemisia Bindery: Los Angeles (1909). Signed edition; 1000 copies; Illustrated by Maynard Dixon

Mack, Effie Mona. Nevada. The Arthur H, Clark Co.: Glendale, CA (1936). 267 copies; Signed Limited Edition; Full title-Nevada: A History Of The State From Earliest Times Through The Civil War

Truett, Valma Stevens. On the Hoof in Nevada. Gehrett-Truett-Hall: Los Angeles (1950). Full title-On the Hoof in Nevada: An Ownership History of Nevada Cattle and Horse Brands 1854 - 1950

Mack, Effie Mona. The Indian Massacre of 1911. Western Printing and Publishing.: Sparks (1967). Signed Limited edition; 1000 copies; Full title-The Indian Massacre of 1911 at Little High Rock Canyon Nevada

Baltz, Lewis. Nevada. Castelli Graphics: NY (1978). 2000 copies; Signed Limited Edition; Designed by David Smoak

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