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The Little Man; the Great Dictator; the Monster of Europe - this man had a lot of names, not the least of which were General and in later years, Emperor. It is perhaps unsurprising that any collector might be fascinated with this diminutive yet gigantically influential man. He was revered by his followers and even his foes respected his dedication and prowess (if not his tactics). He was one of the few figures in the modern period to almost succeed in creating and holding an empire in mainland Europe - made more remarkable due to the fact that he did so without the wealth of such old powers as the British Empire behind him. We are talking, of course, of Napolean Bonaparte - the man who is said to have delivered France from a tyranny of monarchists, only to institute himself as its supreme Emperor.

What is fascinating for the student of the written record of those times is quite how much material there is still available about him; and not just from his followers! Consider W. Barre's History of the French Consulate; Under Napolean Bonaparte published in 1804 by Thomas Hurst of London. This work is a first-hand account (although not entirely respectful at all times) of political life and work under the reign of the little man of Europe. A true first edition of this rare volume can still be found, and is available for no more than eight hundred US dollars! Remarkable!

For those of you who might prefer the truly unique (and slightly bizarre, we have to admit) work then there can be found Napoleon in the Other World, first published in 1827 by Henry Colburn publishers of London. What makes this slim volume strange and unique is the fact that it is an early speculative, fantastical parable that posits Napoleon as being led by an angel, Dante-like, through creation until he finally rests in the center of a celestial heavenly city called Politicopolis! It is officially an anonymous work, but is said to have been written by Napoleon Bonaparte himself, as revealed to a 'Xongo-Tee-Foh-Tchi', which is thought to be a pseudonym of one of his own French Generals, who penned this parable after the little man had died! A fine condition first of this volume is currently available at auction for less than seven hundred US dollars, which, considering its age and uniqueness would make an excellent edition to any study of the Great Tyrant.

Barre, W. History of the French Consulate. Thomas Hurst, London (1804). Under Napoleon Buonaparte being an authentic narrative of his administration which is so little know in foreign countries; Frontispiece portrait of Napoleon Buonaparte, etched by J Chapman.

Percier, Charles; Fontaine, Pierre Francois Leonard; Napoleon I. Description des ceremonies et des fetes qui ont eu lieu pour le couronnement de leurs Majestes Josephine.. Leblanc, Paris (1807).

Combe, William. The Life of Napoleon. T. Tegg, London (1815). A Hudibrastic Poem in fifteen cantos by Doctor Syntax [pseudonym]; Thirty engravings by George Cruikshank.

Heweston, W B. History of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Wars of Europe. Richard Evans, London (1815). From the Revolution in France, to the Termination of the Late Wars; Including Anecdotes of the Most Celebrated Characters. Three volumes. Extra-illustrated edition with over 170 choice engravings. 1 color plate; 12 folding plates of historical scenes and battles; 1 large folding map.

O'Meara, Barry E. Napoleon in exile. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, London (1822). Or, a voice from St. Helena. The opinions and reflections of Napoleon on the most important events of his life and government; Two volumes; 4 copperplates. Portrait frontispiece included in both the volumes.

Las Cases, Count. Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at St Helena.. Henry Colburn and Company, London (1824). Eight parts in four volumes.

Xongo-Tee-Foh-Tchi ; Napoleon I. Napoleon In the Other World. Henry Colburn and Company, London (1827). A Narrative Written by Himself and Found Near his Tomb in the Island of St. Helena; Attributed to Henry Atoine de Jomini.

Scott, Sir Walter. The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, London (1827). With a Preliminary View of the French Revolution; Nine volumes.

Bourrienne, Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de. Memoires sur Napoleon, le Directoire, le Consulat, l'Empire et la Restauration. Ladvocat, Paris (1829).

Alcaide Ibieca, Agustin. Historia de los Dos Sitios que pusieron a Zaragoza en los anos de 1808 y 1809 las Tropas de Napoleon.. D. M. de Burgos, Madrid (1830).

Wairy, Louis Constant. Memoires de Constant, premier valet de chambre de l?Empereur, sur la vie privee de Napoleon, sa famille et sa cour. Ladvocat, Paris (1830). Six volumes

Bourrienne, Louis-Antoine Fauvelet de. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte.. Richard Bentley, London (1836). 4 volume set. Frontispiece in each volume, a folding plan, one facsimile and 22 portraits/plates. ; Engraved frontis plate of Bonaparte, Murat, Eugene and Ney.

Junot, Laure. Memoirs of Napoleon, His Court and Family. Richard Bentley, London (1836). First English edition. Two volumes; Sixteen plates.

L'Ardeche, P.; M. Laurent de. Histoire de L'Empereur Napoleon. J.J. Dubochet et Cie, Paris (1839). Illustrations by Horace Vernet.

de Norvins, M. Histoire de Napoleon. Vignettes par Raffet.. Furne et Cie, Paris (1839).

Thackeray, William Makepeace. The Second Funeral of Napoleon in Three Letters to Miss Smith of London. Hugh Cunningham, London (1841). And The Chronicle of the Drum. By Mr. M.A. Titmarsh; Cover illustration and three plates after Thackeray.

Geoffroy, Louis. Napoleon apocryphe. Chez Paulin, Paris (1841). Histoire de la conquete du monde et de la monarchie universelle, 1812-1832.

Las Cases, Count. Memorial de Sainte-Helene. Ernest Bourdin, Paris (1842). Suivi de Napoleon dans l'exil par O'Meara et Antomarchi, et de l'Historique de la translation des restes mortales de l'empereur Napoleon aux Invalides

Thiers, Louis Adolphe. History of the Consulate and the Empire of France Under Napoleon. Henry Colburn; Chapman and Hall; Willis and Sotheran, London (1845). Translated by Campbell, D. Forbes ;20 volumes bound into 10.

Montholon. Recits de la Captivite de L Empereur Napoleon a Sainte-Helene. Paulin (1847).

Forsyth, William. History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena. John Murray, London (1853). From the Letters and Journals of the Late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, and Official Documents not Before Made Public; Illustrated with copperplates and steel engravings. Frontispiece in each volume, large folding map. Three volumes.

Goodrich, Frank B. The Court of Napoleon. Derby and Jackson, New York (1857). or Society Under the First Empire with Portraits of its Beauties Wits and Heroines from Authentic Originals; Contains 16 color plates of notable females of the revolution. Illustrated by Jules Champagne.

Napoleon Le Prince. Rapport sur l'Exposition Universelle de 1855 presente a l'Empereur par S.A.I. Le Prince Napoleon.. Imprimerie Imperiale, Paris (1857).

Wilson, General Sir Robert. A Narrative of Events During the Invasion of Russia by Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Retreat of the French Army, 1812. John Murray, London (1860).

Lenormant, Amelie. Madame de Stael and the Grand-Duchess Louise. Saunders, Otley and Company, London (1862). A Selection from the Unpublished Correspondence of Madame de Stael and the Grand-Duchess Louise of Saxe-Weimar, from 1800 to 1817; Together with a Letter to Bonaparte, First Consul and Another to Napoleon, Emperor, by the author ofSouvenirs of Madame Recamier

Thiers, Louis Adolphe. History of the consulate and the empire of France under Napoleon.. JB Lippincott, Philadelphia (1863). Five volumes. Translated by D Forbes Campbell and H W Herbert with notes and additions.

Jomini, Antoine; de Henri, Baron. Life of Napoleon By Baron Jomini, General-in-Chief and Aid-de-Camp to the Emperor of Russia.. D. Van Nostrand, New York (1864). Atlas Volume Only- 60 Maps / Plans; Military History, Napoleonic Campaigns; Translated By Major General Henry Wager Halleck.

Thiers, Louis Adolphe. History of the Consulate and the Empire of France Under Napoleon. J.B.Lippincott, Philadelphia; Chatto and Windus, London (1893). Twelve volumes; Illustrated with 36 steel engraved plates,

Masson, Frederic. Cavaliers De Napoleon. Boussod, Valadon and Cie, Paris (1895). Colored lithographic frontispiece, with 21 full page lithographs, and ten smaller ones.

Sloane, William Milligan. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Century Company, New York (1896). Four volumes; Colour frontispiece in each volume.

Gould-Baring, Sabine. The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Methuen and Company, London (1897). 12 fine photogravures, 150 engravings of portraits, battle scene etc. Two volumes.

Chesterton, G.K. The Napoleon of Notting Hill.. Bodley Head, London (1904). With seven illustrations by William Grahame Robertson and a map of the seat of war.

Evans, Henry Ridgely. The Napoleon Myth. Open Court Publishing, Chicago (1905). Introduction by Dr. Paul Carus; Includes frontispiece and black and white illustrations.

Masson, Frederic. Napoleon et Les Femmes.. Goupil, Paris (1906). Limited edition of 300 copies; Frontispiece portrait of Napoleon and 9 colour portraits, 10 facsimiles and gilt vignettes within text.

Sloane, William Milligan. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Century Company, New York (1906). Four volumes; Includes colour frontispieces, 276 plates and 15 maps

A.M. Broadley, J. Holland Rose. Napoleon in Caricature. Bodley Head, London (1911). A two volume set. Limited edition of 50 copies.

Montorgueil, Georges. Napoleon. Boivin and Cie, Paris (1921). 32 full page full color chromolithographs of Napoleon with his men.

Weston Phipps, Col Ramsey. The Armies of the First French Republic and the Rise of the Marshals of Napoleon I. Oxford University Press; Humphrey Milford, London (1926). Four volumes; Volume I The Armee du Nord; Volume II The Armees de la Moselle, du Rhim, De Sambre-Et-Meuse, de Rhin-Et-Moselle; Volume III The Armies in the West 1793 to 1797.

Hardy, Thomas. The Dynasts. Macmillan and Company, London (1927). An Epic-Drama of the War with Napoleon, in Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, and One Hundred and Thirty Scenes, the Time Covered by the Action Being about Ten Years. Three volumes. Etched portrait frontispiece by Francis Dodd. Limited signed edition of 525 copies.

Napoleon; De Chair, Somerset. Napoleon's Memoirs. Golden Cockerel Press, London (1945). Two volume set; Translated, edited and introduced by Somerset de Chair. 500 copies.

Phipps, Colonel Ramsay Weston. The Armies of the First French Republic and the Rise of the Marshalls of Napoleon I. Greenwood Press, Connecticut (1980). Five volume set; Illustrated with fold-out maps.

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