Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Mathematics Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Barrow, Isaac. Lectiones opticae and geometricae. William Godbid: London (1674). 2 volumes; Full title-Lectiones opticae and geometricae: in quibus phaenomenon opticorum genuinae rationes investigantur, ac exponuntur: et generalia curvarum linearum symptomata declarantur

Moore, Sir Jonas. A mathematical compendium. Printed for J. Philips H. Rhodes and J. Tay: London (1705). Fouth Edition; Full title-A mathematical compendium; or, useful practices in arithmetick, geometry, and astronomy, geography and navigation, embarrelling and quartering of armies, fortification and gunnery, gauging and dyalling. Explaining the logarithms, with new indices; Nepair's [sic] Rods or Bones; making of movements, and the application of pendulums; with the projection of the sphere for an universal dyal

Wilkins, John. The Mathematical and Philosophical Works of the Right Reverend John Wilkins, Late Lord Bishop of Chester. J. Nicholson; A. Bell; B. Tooke; R. Smith: London (1708). Edited by John Nicholson, Andrew Bell, and Benjamin Tooke

De Fontenelle, Bernardle Bovier. Elements de la Geometrie de l'Infini suite des memoires de l'Academie Royale des Sciences. De L'Imprimerie Royale: Paris (1727).

Maclaurin, Colin. A Treatise of Fluxions. T.W. and T. Ruddimans: Edinburgh (1742). 2 volumes

Robertson, J. The Elements of Navigation. C. Nourse: London (1786). 2 volumes; Fifth Edition; Revised and corrected by William Wales

Adams, George. Geometrical and graphical essays. R. Hindmarsh: London (1791). Full title-Geometrical and graphical essays, containing a description of the mathematical instruments used in geometry, civil and military surveying, levelling and perspective

Price, Richard. Observations on Reversionary Payments. T. Cadell: London (1792). 2 volumes; Fifth Edition; Full title-Observations on Reversionary Payments; on Schemes for Providing Annuities for Widows, and for Persons in Old Age; on the Method of Calculating the Values of Assurance on Lives; and on the National Debt; Other author-William Morgan

Monge, Gaspard. Description de L'Art de Fabriquer les Canons. Comite de Salut Public: Paris (1794). 2 volumes

Beddoes, Thomas. Observations on the Nature and Cure of Calculus. T. Dobson: Philadelphia (1797). First U.S. Edition; Full title-Observations on the Nature and Cure of Calculus, Sea Scurvy, Consumption, Catarrh, and Fever: together with conjectures upon several other subjects of physiology and pathology

Monge, Gaspard. Geometrie descriptive. Lecons donnees aux ecoles normales, l'An 3 de la republique. Baudouin: Paris (1799).

Simpson, Thomas. Elements of Geometry. Wingrave: London (1800). Full title-Elements of Geometry; with their application to the Mensuration of superficies and solids, to the determination of the maxima and minima of Geometrical Quantities, and to the Construction of a great Variety of geometrical problems

Smith, George. The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide. Jones and Co.: London (1826). Full title-The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Guide: Being a Complete Drawing Book in which will be comprised treatises on Geometry and Perspective

Duke Of Somerset. A Treatise In Which The Elementary Properties Of The Ellipse Are Deduced From The Properties Of The Circle And Geometrically Demonstrated. John Murray: London (1843).

Palmer, Aaron. A Key to the Endless, Self-Computing Scale, Showing Its Application to the Different Rules of Arithmetic. Smith and Palmer: Boston, MA (1844).

Loudan, J. C. Self Instruction for Young Gardeners, Foresters, Bailiffs, Land Stewards, and Farmers. Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans: London (1845).

De Morgan, Augustus. Arithmetical Books. Taylor and Walton: London (1847). Full title-Arithmetical Books from the Invention of Printing to the Present Time being Brief Notices of a Large Number of Works Drawn Up from Actual Inspection

Bradbury, William F. The elements of plane trigonometry and their application to the measurement. Thompson, Brown and Co (1864).

Poncelet, J.V. Traite des proprietes projectives des figures. P. Gauthier-Villars (1865). Full title-Traite des proprietes projectives des figures. Ouvrage utile a ceux qui s'occupent de la geometrie descriptive et d'operations geometriques sur le terrain

Frost, Percival. Solid Geometry. Macmillan and Co: London (1886). Third Edition

Russell, Bertrand. An Essay on the Foundations of Geometry. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge (1897).

Loney, S.L. The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry. Macmillan and Co: London (1899). Reprint edition

Millar, J.R. The Elements Of Descriptive Geometry. Macmillan and Co: London (1899). Third edition

Smith, David Eugene. Rara Arithmetica A Catalogue Of The Arithmetics. Ginn And Company: Boston, MA (1908).

Barnard, Francis P. The Casting-Counter and the Counting-Board. Clarendon Press: Oxford (1916). Full title-The Casting-Counter and the Counting-Board: A Chapter in the History of Numismatics and Early Arithmetic

Einstein, Albert. Geometrie und Erfahrung. Julius Springer: Berlin (1921).

Robb, Alfred A. Geometry of Time and Space. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge (1936).

Nicomachus of Gerasa. Nicomachus of Gerasa: Introduction to Arithmetic. University of Michigan Press: Ann Arbor, MI (1938). Translated by Martin Luther D'Ooge; Other authors-Frank Egleston Robbins and Louis Charles Karpinksi

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