Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Marini, Marino Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Marini, Marino Cesetti. Disegni Di Marino. Edizione Del Cavallo Venezi (1943). 990 copies with 16 full page reproductions of drawings by Marini

Marini, Marino. La Matiere Et Le Temps Dans L'Arts Plastiques. Xxe Siecle (1955). Three original lithographs by Marini (double-page), Tobey (single-page) and Singier (single-page)

Marini, Marino Cooper. Marino Marini. Berggruen (1955).

Marini, Marino Apollonio. Marino Marini Scultore. Il Milione, Milano (1956).

Marini, Marino Egle. Gedichte. S. Fisher, Frankfurt (1958). 370 copies

Marini, Marino Bardi. Graphic Work And Paintings. Harry N. Abrams (1960). 85 full page illustrations

Marini, Marino Hofmann. L'Opera Grafica E Le Pitture. Edito Da Il Saggiatore Milano (1960).

Marini, Marino Trier. The Sculpture Of Marino Marini. Frederick A. Praeger (1961). 152 plates

Marini, Marino Russoli. Paintings And Drawings. Abrams (1963). 219 illustrations

Marini, Marino Russoli. Pittura E Disegni. Toninelli Editore, Milano (1963).

Marini, Marino. XXe Siecle 21. Revue Xxe Siecle (1963). with lithographs by Lam and Marini

Marini, Marino Toninelli. Le Litografie Di Marino Marini 1942 - 1965. Romeo Toninelli Editore, Milan (1966).

Marini, Marino Toninelli. Marino Marini Lithographs 1942-1965. Harry N. Abrams (1967). 108 illustrations

Marini, Marino. XXe Siecle 28. Revue Xxe Siecle (1967). with lithographs by Marini and Miro

Marini, Marino Busignani. Marino Marini. Sadea Sansoni (1968).

Marini, Marino Haftmann. Marino Marini, A Suite Of Sixty-Three Re-Creations Of Drawings In Many Mediums. New York Abrams (1968).

Marini, Marino. XXe Siecle 30. Revue Xxe Siecle (1968). with lithographs by Esteve and Marini

Marini, Marino Hammacher. Marino Marini Sculpture Painting Drawing. Harry N. Abrams (1969). 315 illustrations

Marini, Marino Waldberg. L'Oeuvre Complet De Marino Marini. Xxe Siecle (1970).

Marini, Marino Waldberg. Marino Marini Opera Completa. Silvana, Milano (1970).

Marini, Marino Hammacher. Marino Marini, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing. Thames and Hudson (1970). 315 illustrations

Marini, Marino Waldberg. Marino Marini: Complete Works. Tudor Publishing (1970). 1000 illustrations. 50 copies with a lithograph.

Marini, Marino. XXe Siecle 35. Revue Xxe Siecle (1970). with lithographs by Marini and Bergman

Marini, Marino Busignani. Marino Marini. Crown Publishers (1971).

Marini, Marino Waldberg. Marino Marini Leben Und Werk. Frankfurt, Propylae (1971).

Marini, Marino Marini. Diario Fotografico Raccontato. Turin, Albra Editrice (1972).

Marini, Marino. XXe Siecle 40. Revue Xxe Siecle (1973). with four lithographs, including one each by Johns and Marini

Marini, Marino San Lazzaro. Homage to Marino Marini. Tudor Publishing Company (1974). With an original color lithograph

Marini, Marino. Hommage a Marino Marini. Xxe Siecle (1974). With an original color lithograph

Marini, Marino. Druckgraphik. Werkkatalog. Munchen, F. Bruckmann Verlag (1976).

Marini, Marino. Marino Marini Etchings 1914-1970. Livorno: Graphis Arte and Milan, Toninelli Arte Moderna (1976). 500 copies

Marini, Marino Cruwell-Doertenbach. Marino Marini Werkverzeichnis Der Malerei. Bad Homburg (1987).

Marini, Marino Papi. Marino Marini Paintings. Johannesburg (1989). over 500 illustrations

Marini, Marino Coen. Etchings And Lithographs. Tokyo: Shorewood Japan (1991). 5000 copies; catalogue raisonne

Marini, Marino Guastalla. Catalogue Raisonne Of The Graphic Works (Engravings And Lithographs). Livorno: Graphis Arte Editions (1993). 1000 copies

Marini, Marino Meneguzzo. Cavalli E Cavalieri. Skyra, Milano (1997).

Marini, Marino ,. Catalogue Raisonne Of The Sculptures. Skira, Italy (1999).

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