Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Niven, Larry Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Ellison, Harlan. Dangerous Visions. DoubleDay, New York (1967). (Lester del Rey; Robert Silverberg; Frederik Pohl; Philip Jose Farmer; Miriam Allen deFord; Robert Bloch; Brian W. Aldiss; Howard Rodman; Philip K. Dick; Larry Niven; Fritz Leiber; Joe L. Hensley; Poul Anderson; David R. Bunch); 33 Original Stories Edited by Harlan Ellison

Niven, Larry. World of Ptavvs. MacDonald and Co., London (1968).

Niven, Larry. A Gift From Earth. Walker and Company, New York (1969). Dust jacket art by Jack Gaughan

Niven, Larry. A Gift from Earth. Macdonald, London (1969).

Niven, Larry. Neutron Star. Macdonald, London (1969). A collection of eight stories; won the 1967 Hugo Award

Niven, Larry. The Mote in God's Eye. Simon and Schuster, New York (1974). Jerry Pournelle.

Niven, Larry. Lucifer's Hammer. Playboy Press, Chicago (1977). Jerry Pournelle.

Niven, Larry. Ringworld. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, New York (1977).

Niven, Larry. Ringworld Engineers. Phantasia Press., Huntington Woods (1979). 26 lettered copies.

Niven, Larry. Oath of Fealty. Timescape Books, New York (1981). Jerry Pournelle.

Niven, Larry. Oath of Fealty. Phantasia Press, Huntington Woods (1981). Jerry Pournelle; 15 copies.

Ellison, Harlan. Medea. Michigan, Phantasia Press (1985). Jack Williamson, Larry Niven, Frederik Pohl, Hal Clement, Tom Disch, Frank Herbert, Poul Anderson, Kate Wilhelm, Theodore Sturgeon, Robert Silverberg, Kelly Freas; Harlan's World / by Jack Williamson; Illustrations by Kelly Freas ; Cartography by Diane Duane ; Edited by Harlan Ellison; 475 copies printed.

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