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Gay, John Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Gay, John. The Wife of Bath. London (1713). A Comedy; As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majestys Servants.

Gay, John. Fan. London (1714). A poem; In three books

Gay, John. The shepherds week. London (1714). In six pastorals; including an engraved frontispiece and six other plates

Gay, John. Trivia. Bernard Lintott, London (1716). or, The Art of Walking the Streets of London. By Mr. Gay; First edition 250 copies; with a vignette title and 3 engraved vignette head-pieces; with the engraved head-piece on p. 1 (theStreet Scene) and elaborate engraved ornaments at the beginning of Book II (p. 21) and Book III (p. 53)

Gay, John. Two epistles. Bernard Lintott, London (1717). One, to the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Burlington; The Other, to a Lady. Poetic letters to Richard Boyle, the third Earl of Burlington and Princess Caroline.

Gay, John. Poems on Several Occasions. Jacob Tonson, London (1720). 2 vols; titles printed in red and black; engraved frontispiece by William Kent and full-page plates to The Shepherd's Week and Dione (offset); The first collected edition of Gays poetry, published by subscription to clear his debts.

Gay, John. A panegyrical epistle to Mr. Thomas Snow, goldsmith, near Temple-Barr. London (1721).

Gay, John. Fables. London (1727). Invented for the Amusement of His Highness William, Duke of Cumberland; Engraving to title page by P. Simms .

Gay, John. Fables. Tonson and Watts., London (1728). illustrated with 50 fine copper engraved plates by I. Wootton and W. Kent

Gay, John. The Beggar's Opera. Printed for John Watts, London (1728). As Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields; The Second Edition: To Which is Added The Ouverture in Score; And the Musick prefixd to each Song.

Gay, John. Polly. Printed for Jeffrey Walker, London (1729). An Opera; Being the Second Part of the Beggars Opera; 4 page preface dated March 25, 1729; Prologue by Mr. Fielding

Gay, John. The Beggars Opera. John Watts, London (1729). As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn Fields; The Third edition: with the Ouverture in Score, the Songs, and the Basses, (The Ouverture and Basses composd by Dr. Pepusch) curiously engravd on Copper Plates / Polly An Opera Being the Second Part of The Beggars Opera 2nd edition London 1742

Gay, John. Poems on several occasions. London (1732). Includes 2 plates by William Kent; 2 volumes.

Gay, John. ACHILLES. Printed for J. Watts, London (1733). AN OPERA; As it is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden.

Gay, John. Fables. J. Tonson and J. Watts, London (1733). By the Late Mr. Gay; engraved title and engraved illustrations throughout within the text; The second volume with engraved frontispiece, engraved title-page portrait vignette and 16 engraved plates; 50 short poems (another 17 were added in later editions); Two volumes

Gay, John. The Beggars Opera. John Watts., London (1735). As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-inn-fields; The Third Edition: To Which is Added The Ouverture in Score; and the Musick Prefixd to Each Song

Gay, John. Poems on Several Occasions. H. Lintot and J. and R. Tonson, London (1737). 2 volumes; Engraved frontispiece withM. Gays Poems 1731 pictured on shield, by P. Fourdrinier; engraved chapter and tail pieces.

Gay, John. The Distress'd Wife. Printed for Thomas Astley, London (1743). A Comedy; By the Late Mr. Gay; Bookplate of Robert Hoe, Helen Hay Whitney and Joan Whitney. Gay's final play.

Gay, John. Poems on Several Occasions. H Lintot. J and R Tonson and S Draper, London (1745). 2 volumes; Illustrated with a series of engraved plates after P. Fourdrinier and complete with head and tail-piece vignettes to each section.

Gay, John. Fables. Tonson and Watts, London (1753). 2 volumes

Gay, John. Fables. C. Hitch and L. Hawes, London (1757). two volumes; Frontispiece and title page engraved by G. Scotin and 66 engravings by Van der Gucht after William Kent, I. Wootten and Gravelot as well as numerous woodcut tailpieces

Gay, John. Plays. J. and R. Tonson, London (1760). Written by Mr John Gay viz; The Captives, a Tragedy, The Beggars Opera, Polly, or, the Second Part of the Beggars Opera, Achilles, an Opera, The Distressd Wife, a Comedy, The Rehearsal at Goatham, a Farce to which is added an Account of the Life

Gay, John. Poems on Several Occasions. Printed For J. Tonson And B. Linton, London (1762). 2 volumes; 8 engraved plates, 3 by F.Foudriniere (incl. 2 fronti.) and 5 by Isaac Taylor after drawings by L. du Guernier.

Gay, John. The Beggars Opera. Strahan,Lowndes,Caslon,Griffin., London (1771). The engraved device of theatrical masks and musical instruments on the title page is by George Romney

Gay, John. FABLES. London (1775).

Gay, John. Fables. W. Osborne and T. Griffin, London (1782). PART 1. contains 50 fables with 50 accompanying wood cuts and a frontispiece; PART 2 contains a further 16 fables with 16 accompanying wood cuts

Gay, John. FABLES. Privately printed, London (1792). wood-engraved frontispiece and a profusion of wood-engraved illustrations to each chapter heading

GAY, JOHN. Fables by John Gay. John Stockdale, London (1793). With a Life of the Author and embellished with Seventy Plates. Together with: The Fables of Aesop. With a Life of the Author and Embellished with one Hundred and Twelve Plates; illustrated with an engraved title-page and engravings by various artists, including William Blake, who freely adapted his twelve illustrations from earlier editions.

Gay, John. Fables. Sammer, Vienna (1799).

Gay, John. Fables. Printed for Ant. Aug. Renouard, Paris (1802). by John Gay amd by Edward Moore, to which is added Grays Elegy written in a country church-yard; 3 volumes; also contains Fables for the Female Sex, by Edward Moore, and Tome Deuxieme of Le Magasin Des Adolsescents ou Dialogues Entre Une Sage Gouvernantz Et Ses Eleves.

Gay, John. Beggar's Opera. William Heinemann, London (1921). To which is Prefixed the Musick to each Song; 430 copies on hand-made paper; 8 costume designs in full color, tipped onto blue paper, other decorations and textual art

Wright, W.H. Kearley. Biography and the Fables. Frederick Warne and Co, London (1923). Biography Edited by the late W.H. Kearley Wright; Illustrated with 68 Wood Engravings from drawings by William Harvey; 250 numbered copies; Concludes with ‘Prefatory Note to the Bibliography' and ‘Chronological List of the Editions of the Fables, and of the Works Containing the Fables'.

Gay, John. Polly. William Heinemann, London (1923). an Opera; Being the Second Part of the Beggars Opera; 350 copies; 9 full page color drawings by William Nicholson.

Gay, John. Rural Sports. William Edwin Rudge, New York (1930). together with the Birth of the Squire and the Hound and the Huntsman; 225 copies; Signed frontis by Gordon Ross; Five Illustrations colored by Gordon Ross

Gay, John. The poetical, dramatic, and miscellaneous works. Ams Press, New York (1970). With Dr.Johnson's biographical and critical Preface; 6 vols.

Dearing ,Vinton A. John Gay. Clarendon Press, Oxford (1974). 2 volumes; Poetry and Prose; Edited by Vinton A Dearing with the Assistance of Charles E. Beckwith.

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