Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Fowles, John Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Fowles, John. The Collector. Johnathan Cape, London (1963). First British edition. with original price18s net first issue without the blurbs on the rear cover.

Fowles, John. The Collector. Little, Brown, Boston (1963). First American Edition

Fowles, John. Aristos. Little Brown, Boston (1964). A Self Portrait in Ideas; 1st US edition

Fowles, John. Caption title. The Texas Quarterly, Austin (1964). On Being English but Not British; 50 copies.

Fowles, John. The Aristos. Jonathan Cape, London (1965).

Fowles , John. The Magus. Little, Brown, Boston (1965). color pastel illustrations by Tom Adams, and a bio/photo of the author on flap

Fowles, John. the French Lieutenants Woman. Little, Brown, and Co, Boston (1969). First American Edition

Fowles, John. The French Lieutenants Woman. Jonathan Cape, London (1969).

Fowles, John. My Recollections of Kafka. University of Manitoba Press, Manitoba (1970). 25 copies.

Fowles, John. Introduction: Remembering Cruikshank. Princeton University Press, New Jercy (1974). 50 copies.

FOWLES, John. The Ebony Tower.. Jonathan Cape, London. (1974).

Fowles, John. The Ebony Tower. Little, Brown, Boston (1974). 200 Copies with an Additional Leaf Bound in Signed By the Author

FOWLES, John. DANIEL MARTIN. Jonathan Cape, London (1977).

Fowles, John. Daniel Martin. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1977).

de DURFORT, Claire. Ourika. W. Thomas Taylor, Austin (1977). Translated with an introduction and epilogue by John Fowles; 500 copies.

Fowles, John. The Magus. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1978). A Revised Edition; with a forward by author

Fowles, John. Conditional. Lord John Press, Northridge (1979). 150 copies; Calligraphy by M. Carey; Designed and printed by William Everson and Richard Bigus.

Fowles, John. The French Lieutenants Woman. Franklin Library, Pennsylvania (1979). Illustrated by Elaine Raphael and Don Bolognese; Signed Franklin Leather with booklet Notes From the Editors.

Fowles, John. The Aristos. Jonathan Cape, London (1980).

Fowles, John. The Enigma of Stonehenge. Jonathan Cape, London (1980). 16 color plates and over 50 b/w photographs by Barry Brukoff; approximately 10 other b/w illustrations; 100 specially bound copies signed by Brukoff and Fowles with an additional signed, numbered, and dated original dye transfer color photograph by Brukoff laid in loose.

Pinter, Harold. The French Lieutenants Woman. Little Brown, Boston (1981). Foreward By John Fowles; 350 numbered copies; 25 Copies Bound in Full Leather and Raised Headbands; signed by Harold Pinter and John Fowles.

Fowles, John. The Screenplay of The French Lieutenants Woman. Jonathan Cape, London (1981).

FOWLES, JOHN. MANTISSA. JOHNATHAN CAPE, LONDON (1982). DJ reproduces Picasso artwork.

Fowles, John. Mantissa. Little Brown and Co., Boston (1982). Total 510 copies signed by author.

AUBREY, JOHN. Monumenta Britannica. Little, Brown, Boston (1982). EDITED BY JOHN FOWLES; ANNOTATED BY RODNEY LEGG

Fowles, John. Nature Written and Nature Real. Twinrocker Press, Brookston (1982). A twenty-eight line text illustrated in colour by Kathryn Clarke; 50 copies.

Fowles, John. The Collector. Franklin Library, Pennsylvania (1982). Privately printed, and individually signed by the author

Fowles, John. Of Memoirs and Magpies. W. Thomas Taylor, Austin (1983). 47 copies printed in blue wrappers; Total 200 copies;This essay was printed on Five Fine Spring Evenings by Connie Brooks, John Chalmers, Carig Jensen, Elaine Smyth, Tom Taylor, and Claire Van Vliet from Baskerville and Californian types in an edition of 200 copies. Copies I-XXVI are case bound and signed by the author. Copies 1-174 are sewn into paper covers.


Fowles, John. A Maggot. Little Brown, Boston (1985). 500 copies signed by author.

Fowles, John. Land. Little, Brown, Boston (1985). Fay Godwin (photographer). With an essay by John Fowles and with an introduction by Ian Jeffrey; 150 numbered copies and 10 roman numeraled copies signed by Godwin and Fowles;

Fowles, John. Poor Koko. Eurographica, Helsinki (1987). 350 copies and 12 authors copies signed by Fowles

Fowles John. The Enigma. Eurographica, Helsinki (1987). 350 copies and 12 authors copies signed by Fowles

Fowles, John. Behind the Magus. Colophon Press, London (1994). 200 copies; 26 copies bound in goatskin and 6 copies for private distribution, signed by Fowles

Fowles, John. The Nature of Nature. Yolla Bolly Press, Covelo (1995). eight original woodcuts by Aaron Johnson, along with a new preface by Fowles; Total 275 copies signed by Fowles; 250 copies for sale.

Fowles, John. Wormholes.. Henry Holt, New York (1998). First American Edition, Preceding the English Edition. 150 Signed By John Fowles.

Fowles, John. Wormholes. Colophon Press, London (1998). 15 copies bound in black cloth and signed by the author, designated for presentation, from an edition of 100.

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