Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Kennedy, John F. Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Kennedy, John F.; Thurber, Donald. Why England Slept. Wilfred Funk, New York (1940).

Kennedy, John F. As We Remember Joe. Privately Printed, Cambridge (1945). Illustrated with photographs; Privately printed volume. 360 copies.

Kennedy, John F. Profiles In Courage. Harper and Brothers, New York (1956). Foreword by Allan Navins; Illustrated with Black and White photographs.

Kennedy, John F. The Strategy of Peace. Harper and Brothers, New York (1960).

Kennedy, John F. The Burden and the Glory. Easton Press, Norwalk (1988). The Hopes and Purposes of President Kennedy's Second and Third Years in Office as Revealed in His Public Statements and Addresses; Edited By Allan Nevins; Foreword By President Lyndon B. Johnson

Kennedy, John F. Why England Slept. Easton Press, Norwalk (1992).

Kennedy, John F.; Kennedy, Robert F. The Enemy Within; Why England Slept; Just Friends And Brave Enemies; Profiles In Courage; A Nation Of Immigrants. Easton Press, Norwalk (1992). Matching Five-Volume Set; Easton Press Leatherbound Collector'S Editions

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