Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Hogarth Press Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

For any student of Modernist literature, or the interwar period, the Hogarth Press must surely come near the top of their must-collect list! The Hogarth Press, now an imprint of The Crown Publishing Group (Random House) was once a very small, unobtrusive press based in the heart of London's artistic and intelligentsia community. It operated from 1917 through Second World War to 1946, and was run by no less than the writer Virginia Woolf and her husband, Leonard.

Virginia Woolf was already a professional writer at the time, but who struggled with constricting editorial decisions on the part of the entirely established male publishing world. As a part of the tentative Bloomsbury Group, whose members also numbered the poets T.S. Elliot and Ezra Pound, she found that she was surrounded by a rich intellectual heritage - and in fact at an epicentre of the birth of Modernist literature in the United Kingdom.

The Hogarth Press itself used a cropper platen press (exact size unknown) which was used to print Woolf's own works, as well as the pamphlets and books of her friends in the Bloomsbury Group. Although at the start it was regarded by Leonard as more of a hobby for Virginia - and a way that she could concentrate on physical, practical endeavour rather than the abstract world of writing, it soon became a way of making a living, with the Press regularly publishing over 20 to 30 titles a year (and hundreds of copies thereof. The success of the Bloomsbury Group within their respective fields (and the scandals that they provoked) only ensured the success of Hogarth Press itself.

Its founder, Virginia, however, was ever allergic to success - and never wished to expand the Press into a full publishing house, despite insistence by her many helpers, friends, and confidantes. The Hogarth Press was eventually given over entirely in 1938 to her husband Leonard and his business partner, who in turn took the press to the publishing company Chatto and Windus to secure a career and funding. Chatto and Windus was later bought by Random House, and the name of Hogarth Press used for one of its edgier, modernist fiction imprints.

When collecting Hogarth, the best period to aim for is this early interwar period (1917-1939) thanks, primarily to Virginia Woolf's direct involvement in the press. Each edition is, by its very nature limited, with covers especially designed by either Virginia Woolf or her sister, the artist Vanessa Bell. Among its publications are unique editions of T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland, or works by E.M Forster. While signed or true first editions of Viriginia's work published through the Hogarth Press can cost as much as ten or more thousand British Pounds, it is possible to get a later printing by Hogarth of the same work, such as The Waves (999 at AbeBooks) or Monday, Tuesday (1250 at AbeBooks). These would be excellent investments for the serious collector, as these editions are never going to be repeated, and their prestige is considerable.

Woolf, Virginia. Two Stories. Hogarth Press (1917). Three Jews; By L. S. Woolf And The Mark On The Wall By Virginia Woolf; 150 copies; With four woodcuts by Dora Carrington.

Woolf, Virginia. Kew Gardens. Hogarth Press (1919). Illustrated with two woodcuts by Vanessa Bell; 150 copies.

Eliot, T. S. Poems.. Hogarth Press (1919). 250 copies;First issue withcapitaux in the uncorrected state

Woolf, Virginia. The Mark On The Wall. Hogarth Press (1919). 1000 copies

Gorky, Maxim. Reminiscences Of Leo Nicolayevitch Tolstoi. Hogarth Press (1920). Authorized Translation from the Russian by S. S. Koteliansky and Leonard Woolf; 1000 copies printed

Smith, Logan. Pearsall. Stories From The Old Testament. Hogarth Press (1920). Retold By Logan Pearsall Smith

Forster, E. M. The Story Of The Siren.. Hogarth Press (1920). collection of short stories The Eternal Moment and Other Stories; 500 copies.

Woolf, Virginia. Monday Or Tuesday. Hogarth Press (1921). Illustrated with four woodcuts by Vanessa Bell; Includes A Haunted House; A Society; Monday Or Tuesday; An Unwritten Novel; The String Quartet; Kew Gardens and The Mark on the Wall; 1000 copies printed.

Bell, Clive. Poems. Hogarth Press (1921). limited to 350 copies

Fry, Roger. Twelve Original Woodcuts.. Hogarth Press (1921). 150 copies hand-printed by the Woolfs.

Woolf, Virginia. Jacob's Room. Hogarth Press (1922). 2000 copies printed; Woolfs third novel,Jacobs Room was the first full-length novel to be published by The

Dostoevsky, F.M. Stavrogin's Confession And The Plan Of The Life Of A Great Sinner.. Hogarth Press (1922). With Introductory And Explanatory Notes. Translated By S.S. Koteliansky And Virginia Woolf; 750 copies.

Tolstoi, Sophie. The Autobiography.. Hogarth Press (1922). Preface And Notes By Vasilii Spiridonov. Translated By S.S. Koteliansky And Leonard Woolf; 1,000 copies

Andreev, Leonid. The Dark. Hogarth Press (1922). Translated By L.A. Magnus And K. Walter; 628 copies

Bunin, I.A. The Gentleman From San Francisco. Hogarth Press (1922). Translated by S.S. Koteliansky and Leonard Woolf--with an uncredited translation of the title story by D H Lawrence; 1000 copies printed

Fry, Roger. A Sampler Of Castile. Hogarth Press (1923). 550 copies

Fry, Roger. Duncan Grant. Hogarth Press (1923). 1,000 copies

Wright, Harold. Letters Of Stephen Reynolds.. Hogarth Press (1923).

Grant, Duncan. Living Painters. Hogarth Press (1923). Introduction by Roger Fry

Forster, E. M. Pharos And Pharillon. Hogarth Press (1923). 900 copies printed and Published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf

Goldenvwizer, A. B. Talks With Tolstoi. Hogarth Press (1923). Translated By S. S. Koteliansky And Virginia Woolf; 1000 copies printed

Graves, Robert. The Feather Bed. Hogarth Press (1923). Edition limited to 250 copies signed by Graves; Hand printed by the Woolfs in pink and black pictorial boards designed by William Nicholson

Bell, Clive. The Legend Of Monte Della Sibilla. Hogarth Press (1923). Or Le Paradis De La Reine Sibille; 400 copies; Illustrated with a full page frontispiece by Duncan Grant and 2 small drawings by Bell and Grant;

Eliot, T. S. The Waste Land.. Hogarth Press (1923). printed by Virginia and Leonard Woolf; 460 copies

Limebeer, Ena. To A Proud Phantom.. Hogarth Press (1923). 250 copies printed

Biryukov, Paul. Tolstois Love Letters. Hogarth Press (1923). Translated By S S Koteliansky and Virginia Woolf; With A Study On The Autobiographical Elements In Tolstois Work; 1000 copies printed.

Lowther, Alice. When It Was June. Hogarth Press (1923). 750 copies

Freud, Sigmund. Collected Papers. Hogarth Press (1924). Volumes 1-5

Ransom, John Crowe. Grace After Meat. Hogarth Press (1924). With An Introduction By Robert Graves; 400 printed

Bosanquet, Theodora. Henry James At Work. Hogarth Press (1924).

Eliot, T. S. Homage To John Dyrden. Hogarth Press (1924). Three Essays On Poetry Of The Seventeenth Century; 2,000 copies printed; cover design by Vanessa Bell

Hobson, Coralie. In Our Town. Hogarth Press (1924). 1,000 copies

Nicolson, Harold. Jeanne De Henaut.. Hogarth Press (1924). 55 copies printed

Graves, Robert. Mock Beggar Hall.. Hogarth Press (1924). With A Cover Design By William Nicholson.; Collection of 16 poems such as: Diplomatic Relations, Hemlock, Full Moon, Myrrhina, Twin Souls, Witches, Antinomies, Northward from Oxford, KNowledge of God, Mock Beggar Hall : a progression and others.; 299 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Mr Bennet And Mrs Brown. Hogarth Press (1924). The Hogarth Essays; 1,000 copies; design by Vanessa Bell

Sackville-West, V. Seducaers In Ecuador. Hogarth Press (1924). 1,500 copies; Signed by the author on the title page

Stephen, Leslie. Some Early Impressions. Hogarth Press (1924).

Awakum. The Life Of Archbishop Avvakum. Hogarth Press (1924). Translated From The Seventeenth Century Russian By Jane Harrison And Hope Mirrlees, With A Preface By Prince D.S. Mirsky; 1,000 copies.

Keynes, John Maynard. A Short View Of Russia.. Hogarth Press (1925).

Forster, E.M. Anonymith. Hogarth Press (1925). An Enquiry; illustration designed by Vanessa Bell

Graves, Robert. Contemporary Techniques Of Poetry. Hogarth Press (1925). A Political Analogy; illustrated with a Vanessa Bell design

Muir, Edwin. First Poems. Hogarth Press (1925). 128 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway. Hogarth Press (1925). 2000 copies printed

Fay, Mrs. Eliza. Original Letters From India. Hogarth Press (1925). With introductory and terminal notes by E.M. Forster. Containing a Narrative of a Journey Through Egypt and the Authors Imprisonment at Calicut by Hyder Ally; 1050 copies printed

Cunard, Nancy. Parallax. Hogarth Press (1925). 420 copies printed; covers reproduce original drawings by Eugene McCown done for this edition

Trevelyan, R. C. Poems And Fables. Hogarth Press (1925). 300 copies printed

Harrison, Jane Ellen. Reminiscences Of A Students Life. Hogarth Press (1925).

Kitchin, C.H.B. Streamers Waving.. Hogarth Press (1925). 1000 copies printed

Lubbock, Alan. The Character Of John Dryden.. Hogarth Press (1925). The Hogarth Essays

Woolf, Virginia. The Common Reader.. Hogarth Press (1925). 1250 copies printed; green and brown decorations by Vanessa Bell

Graves, Robert. The Marmosites Miscellany. Hogarth Press (1925). 300 copies printed

Plomer, William. Turbott Wolfe. Hogarth Press (1925). 1000 copies

Graves, Robert:. Another Future Of Poetry.. Hogarth Press (1926). 1000 copies

Fry, Roger. Art And Commerce. Hogarth Press (1926). The Hogarth Essays; pictorial design by Vanessa Bell

Macaulay, Rose. Catchwords And Claptrap.. Hogarth Press (1926). Hogarth Essays Second Series

Muir, Edwin. Chorus Of The Newly Dead. Hogarth Press (1926). 315 copies

Ainslie, Douglas. Chosen Poems. Hogarth Press (1926). Preface By G.K. Chesterton; 100 numbered copies

Stein, Gertrude. Composition As Explanation. Hogarth Press (1926). An essay by Gertrude Stein on the art of writing, with five other short pieces: Preciosilla, A Saint in Seven, Sitwell Edith Sitwell, Jean Cocteau, G. Stein.

Ferenczi, Sandor. Further Contributions To The Theory And Technique Of Psycho-Analysis. Hogarth Press (1926).

Sackville-West, V. Passenger To Teheran. Hogarth Press (1926).

Riding Gottschalk, Laura. The Close Chaplet.. Hogarth Press (1926).

Keynes, John Maynard. The End Of Laissez-Faire.. Hogarth Press (1926).

Cameron, Julia Margaret. Victorian Photographs Of Famous Men and Fair Women. Hogarth Press (1926). With Introductions By Virginia Woolf And Roger Fry; limited to 450 copies

Wells, H.G. Democracy Under Revision.. Hogarth Press (1927). A Lecture Delivered At The Sorbonne On March 25Th, 1927; 3200 copies printed

Woolf, Leonard. Essays On Literature, History, Politics. Hogarth Press (1927). 1000 copies

Plomer, William. I Speak Of Africa.. Hogarth Press (1927). Three short novels and seven short stories; 1,330 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Kew Gardens. Hogarth Press (1927). Decorations By Vanessa Bell, Signed by Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell; 500 Copies.

Plomer, William. Notes For Poems. Hogarth Press (1927). 450 copies

Abraham, Karl. Selected Papers Of Karl Abraham. Hogarth Press (1927). With An Introductory Memoir By Ernest Jones. Translated By Douglas Bryan And Alix Strachey

Olivier, Lord. The Anatomy Of African Misery.. Hogarth Press (1927). 1500 copies

Sackville West, Edward. The Apology Of Arthur Rimbaud. Hogarth Press (1927).

Palmer, Herbert Edward. The Judgement Of Francois Villon.. Hogarth Press (1927). 400 numbered copies, signed by Palmer

Woolf, Virginia. To The Lighthouse. Hogarth Press (1927). 3000 copies; First Edition with title page date of 1927 and the slugPrinted in Great Britain by R.andR. Clarke, Limited, Edinburgh at the bottom of the copyright page. jacket designed by Vanessa Bell.

Snaith, Stanley. A Flying Scroll.. Hogarth Press (1928). 275 copies

Woolf, Virginia. A Room Of One's Own. Hogarth Press (1928).

Woolf, Virginia. Orlando. Hogarth Press (1928). A Biography; 5080 copies

Freud, Sigmund. The Future Of An Illusion.. Hogarth Press (1928). 1,560 copies printed

Sackville-West, V. Twelve Days. Hogarth Press (1928). An Account Of A Journey Across The Bakhtiari Mountains In South-Western Persia;

Woolf, Virginia. A Room Of Ones Own. Hogarth Press (1929). Limited to 492 numbered copies signed by Virginia Woolf

Saltmarshe, Christopher. Cambridge Poetry 1929.. Hogarth Press (1929). 600 copies printed

Jeffers, Robinson. Cawdor. Hogarth Press (1929).

Woolf, Virginia. Jacobs Room. Hogarth Press (1929). Woolfs third novel

Sackville-West, Vita. Kings Daughter.. Hogarth Press (1929). 1000 copies printed

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs Dalloway. Hogarth Press (1929).

Plomer, William. Paper Houses.. Hogarth Press (1929).

Plomer, William. The Family Tree.. Hogarth Press (1929). Forty-two poems; 400 copies were printed;

Svevo, Italo. The Hoax. Hogarth Press (1929). Translated From The Italian, With An Introduction By Beryl De Zoete; 1,000 copies

Kellett, E. E. The Northern Saga.. Hogarth Press (1929). 1000 copies printed

Woolf, Virginia. The Voyage Out.. Hogarth Press (1929). 3200 copies printed; originally published in London by Duckworth in 1915

Woolf, Virginia. A Room Of Ones Own.. Hogarth Press (1930). 5th impression

Hoyland, John S. History As Direction. Hogarth Press (1930). 1008 copies printed

Jeffers, Robinson. Hogarth Living Poets. Hogarth Press (1930). 300 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Night And Day. Hogarth Press (1930). 3000 copies printed

Woolf, Virginia. On Being Ill.. Hogarth Press (1930). 250 numbered copies signed by Woolf

Sackville-West, V. The Edwardians.. Hogarth Press (1930). signed limited edition of 125 copies. Trade edition of 18,000

Svevo, Italo. The Nice Old Man And The Pretty Girl. Hogarth Press (1930). Translated from the Italian by L. Collison-Morley; 1,012 copies printed

Woolf, Leonard. After The Deluge. Hogarth Press (1931). A Study Of Communal Psychology; 3 volumes.

Woolf, Virginia. Life As We Have Known It.. Hogarth Press (1931). Co-Operative Working Women; Introductory Letter by Virginia Woolf; 2000 copies printed

Rylands, George. Poems. Hogarth Press (1931). 350 signed by Rylands; The first issue with a comma after L in theimprint line

Lewis, Sinclair. Sado.. Hogarth Press (1931).

Hampson, John. Saturday Night At The Greyhound.. Hogarth Press (1931). 1000 copies printed

Sackville-West, V. Sissinghurst. Hogarth Press (1931). 500 numbered copies signed and numbered by the author

Woolf, Virginia. The Waves.. Hogarth Press (1931). 7,113 copies printed

Woolf, Virginia. A Letter To A Young Poet. Hogarth Press (1932). The Hogarth Letters No. 8.

Strachey, Julia. Cheerful Weather For The Wedding. Hogarth Press (1932). three colour printed design by Duncan Grant.

Sackville-West, Vita. Family History.. Hogarth Press (1932).

Wellesley, Dorothy. Jupiter And The Nun. Hogarth Press (1932). 250 numbered copies signed by the author

Hampson, John. O Providence. Hogarth Press (1932). 2,500 copies printed

Trevelyan, R.C. Rimeless Numbers. Hogarth Press (1932). 400 copies printed

Plomer, William. The Case Is Altered. Hogarth Press (1932).

Woolf, Virginia. The Common Reader. Hogarth Press (1932). 3200 copies

Woolf, Virginia. The Common Reader: Second Series. Hogarth Press (1932). 3200 copies

Isherwood, Christopher. The Memorial. Hogarth Press (1932). Portrait Of A Family; 1224 copies

Barnes, Leonard. The New Boer War. Hogarth Press (1932). Illustrated By Eric Gibb

Pertonius. The Satyricon Of Petronius Arbiter. Hogarth Press (1932). Translated By Oscar Wilde Arbiter; 2500 copies

Woolf, Virginia. To The Lighthouse. Hogarth Press (1932).

Sackville-West, Vita. Collected Poems. Hogarth Press (1933). 150 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Flush. Hogarth Press (1933). A Biography; Illustrated with four drawings by Vanessa Bell and six other illustrations; 12,680 copies printed

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway. Hogarth Press (1933).

Woolf, Virginia. The Hogarth Letters.. Hogarth Press (1933). 500 copies

Day Lewis, C. The Magnetic Mountain.. Hogarth Press (1933). 100 signed copies

Van Der Post, Laurens. In A Province.. Hogarth Press (1934). 1250 copies

Gorky, Maxim. Reminiscences Of Tolstoy. Hogarth Press (1934). Chekhov And Andreev; Translated by Katherine Mansfield, S.S. Kotellansky and Leonard Woolf; 1250 copies printed.

Sackville-West, V. The Dark Island. Hogarth Press (1934). 10,590 copies

Lehmann, John. The Noise Of History. Hogarth Press (1934). 75 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Walter Sickert. Hogarth Press (1934). A Conversation By Virginia Woolf ; 3800 copies

Lewis, C. Day. A Time To Dance.. Hogarth Press (1935). 750 copies

Origo, Iris. Allegra.. Hogarth Press (1935).

Isherwood, Christopher. Mr. Norris Changes Trains.. Hogarth Press (1935). 1,730 copies

Delafield, E. M. The Brontes. Hogarth Press (1935). Their Lives Recorded By Their Contemporaries

Buchan, Susan. The Funeral March Of A Marionette. Hogarth Press (1935). Charlotte Of Albany; 1,500 copies;

Olyesha, Yuri. Envy.. Hogarth Press (1936). Translated from the Russian by Anthony Wolfe; 600 copies

Day Lewis, C. Noah And The Waters.. Hogarth Press (1936). Limited Edition of 100 numbered copies; 2000 copies in trade edition.

Rilke, Rainer Maria. Sonnets To Orpheus. Hogarth Press (1936). Written As A Monument For Wera Ouckama Knoop; English Translation, Introduction and Notes By J.B. Leishman.

Stephen, Adrian. The Dreadnought Hoax.. Hogarth Press (1936).

Faulkner, Fritz. Windless Sky. Hogarth Press (1936). 1080 copies

Sackville-West, V. Pepita. Hogarth Press (1937).

Isherwood, Christopher. Sally Bowles.. Hogarth Press (1937). 2040 copies

Russell, Bertrand. The Amberley Papers. Hogarth Press (1937). Complete In Two Volumes; The Letters And Diaries Of Lord And Lady Amberley

Freud, Anna. The Ego And The Mechanisms Of Defence. Hogarth Press (1937). Translated From The German By Cecil Baines

Woolf, Virginia. The Years. Hogarth Press (1937). 18,142 copies printed

Upward, Edward. Journey To The Border. Hogarth Press (1938). 1200 copies

Isherwood, Christopher. Lions And Shadows. Hogarth Press (1938). An Education In The Twenties; 3580 copies

Sackville-West, V. Solitude. Hogarth Press (1938). signed limited edition of 100 copies

Benedict, Libby. The Refugees. Hogarth Press (1938).

Woolf, Virginia. Three Guineas.. Hogarth Press (1938). 8000 copies

Betjeman, John. Antiquarian Prejudice. Hogarth Press (1939).

Auden, W.H. Education Today - And Tomorrow. Hogarth Press (1939). 1520 copies

Isherwood, Christopher. Goodbye To Berlin.. Hogarth Press (1939). Includes the storySally Bowles, basis for the film Caberet; 3,550 copies printed

Freud, Sigmund. Moses And Monotheism. Hogarth Press (1939). Translated From the German By Katherine Jones

Green, Henry. Party Going. Hogarth Press (1939).

Spender, Stephen. Poems For Spain. Hogarth Press (1939). 1200 copies printed; Poems, grouped into six sections: Action, Death, The Map, Satire, Romances and Lorca; contributions from John Cornford, T.R. Wintringham, John Lepper, Herbert Read, Manuel Altolaguirre, R.B. Fuller, Rex Warner, Charles Donnelly, W.H. Auden, Jack Lindsay, Pablo Neruda, C.Day Lewis, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Pedro Garfias, Louis MacNeice, Leopoldo Urrutia

Woolf, Virginia. Reviewing. Hogarth Press (1939). With a Note By Leonard Woolf; Hogarth Sixpenny Pamphlets Number Four

Woolf, Leonard. The Hotel.. Hogarth Press (1939). 1000 copies

Sackville-West, Vita. Country Notes In Wartime. Hogarth Press (1940).

Forster, E. M. Englands Pleasant Land.. Hogarth Press (1940). A Pageant Play

Green, Henry. Pack My Bag. Hogarth Press (1940). A Self Portrait; 1500 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Roger Fry. Hogarth Press (1940). A Biography; 2,530 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Between The Acts. Hogarth Press (1941). 6358 copies of the UK edition

Woolf, Virginia. The Death Of The Moth. Hogarth Press (1942). 4500 copies

Graves, Robert. Work In Hand. Hogarth Press (1942). 18 poems by Graves, 17 by Hodge, and 11 by Cameron; 1250 copies

Woolf, Virginia. A Haunted House. Hogarth Press (1943). Contains 18 short stories by Woolf includingMonday or Tuesday,Kew Gardens, andThe Shooting Party.

Green, Henry. Caught. Hogarth Press (1943).

Kirstein, Lincoln. For My Brother. Hogarth Press (1943). A True Story By Jose Martinez Berlanga As Told To Lincoln Kirstein

Wol, Virginia. Haunted House. Hogarth Press (1943).

Sansom, William. Fireman Flower. Hogarth Press (1944). 2000 copies

Leishman, J B. Selected Poems Of Friedrich Holderlin. Hogarth Press (1944). Twenty-nine poems.

Lee, Laurie. The Sun My Monument. Hogarth Press (1944).

Green, Henry. Loving. Hogarth Press (1945).

Green, Henry. Back. Hogarth Press (1946). 5,000 copies

Freud, Sigmund. Collected Papers. Hogarth Press (1946). 4 vols

Barker, A.L. Innocents.. Hogarth Press (1947). Includes eight short stories for which Barker won the 1947 Somerset Maugham Award

Woolf, Virginia. The Moment. Hogarth Press (1947). Editorial note by Leonard Woolf ; Includes, The Moment: Summers Night, On Being Ill, Roger Fry, Notes On D.H. Lawrence, The Art Of Fiction and The Leaning Tower; 10,000 copies printed; 30 essays are pieces on D.H. Lawrence, The Faery Queen, Lewis Carroll, Lawrence Stern, Ellen Terry, and American fiction

Woolf, Virginia. Three Guineas.. Hogarth Press (1947). 7250 copies

Green, Henry. Concluding.. Hogarth Press (1948).

Freud, Sigmund. Collected Papers. Hogarth Press (1949). 4 volumes

Woolf, Virginia. Captains Death Bed. Hogarth Press (1950).

Green, Henry. Caught. Hogarth Press (1950).

Freud, Sigmund. Collected Papers. Hogarth Press (1950). Translated By Joan Riviere; Edited by Ernest Jones; 5 Volumes

Marotta, Giuseppe. Neopolitan Gold. Hogarth Press (1950). Basis for the 1954 film,Loro di Napoli, directed by Vittorio De Sica and starring Silvana Mangano, Sophia Loren, Toto, Paolo Stoppa, and De Sica

Woolf, Virginia. Night And Day.. Hogarth Press (1950).

Green, Henry. Nothing. Hogarth Press (1950).

Woolf, Virginia. The Captains Death Bed. Hogarth Press (1950). Edited And Introduction By Leonard Woolf ; A collection of essays including literary criticisms of Thomas Hardy, Turgenev and Joseph Conrad. Kirkpatrick; Jacket design by Vanessa Bell.

Jones, Ernest. Essays In Applied Psychoanalysis. Hogarth Press (1951). Volume 1. Miscellaneous Essays. Volume 2. Essays In Folklore And Religion; Two volumes; Twenty-two essays, includingMental Heredity,Psycho-Analysis and Biology,The Influence of Andrea del Sartos Wife on his Art, andThe Death of Hamlets Father.

Kretschmer, M.D., Ernst. A Text-Book Of Medical Psychology. Hogarth Press (1952). Translated with an introduction by E. B. Strauss

Green, Henry. Doting. Hogarth Press (1952). dust jacket designed by Lynton Lamb

Day Lewis, C. The Aeneid Of Virgil. Hogarth Press (1952). Translated By C. Day Lewis; Limited edition of 155 signed copies.

Van Der Post, Laurens. Venture To The Interior.. Hogarth Press (1952).

Woolf, Virginia. A Writers Diary. Hogarth Press (1953). Being Extracts From The Diary Of Virginia Woolf; Edited By Leonard Woolf; 9,000 copies

Woolf, Leonard. After The Deluge. Hogarth Press (1953). A Study Of Communal Psychology

Freud, Sigmund. Collected Papers. Hogarth Press (1953). Collected Papers. Five Volumes. Authorized Translation Under The Supervision Of Joan Riviere (Vols. I, II, IV). Translation Of Volume III By Alix And James Strachey. Volume V Edited By James Strachey.

Van Der Post, Laurens. The Face Before The Fire.. Hogarth Press (1953).

Wisdom, John Oulton. The Unconscious. Hogarth Press (1953). Origin Of Berkeleys Philosophy; edited by Ernest Jones

Woolf, Virginia. A Writers Diary. Hogarth Press (1954). Being Extracts from the Diary of Virginia Woolf Edited by Leonard Woolf; 5250 copies issued

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway. Hogarth Press (1954).

Jones, Ernest. Sigmund Freud. Hogarth Press (1954). Life And Work; Volume one: The young Freud 1856-1900. Volume two: Years of maturity 1901-1919. Volume three: The last phase 1919-1939

Lee, Laurie. A Rose For Winter. Hogarth Press (1955). Travelers In Andalusia (Algeciras, Seville, Ecija, Granada); illustrated dust jacket by Lynton Lamb

Woolf, Leonard. Letters. Hogarth Press (1956). Edited By Leonard Woolf and James Strachey; 4000 copies

Sansom, William. A Contest Of Ladies. Hogarth Press (1956). Fifteen short stories

Woolf, Virginia. Letters. Hogarth Press (1956). Edited By Leonard Woolf And James Strachey; jacket design by Vanessa Bell featuring silhouettes of the authors; Contains almost all the correspondence from 1906 to 1931.

Sansom, William. The Loving Eye.. Hogarth Press (1956).

Woolf, Virginia. Granite And Rainbow. Hogarth Press (1958). Two sections. The Art of Fiction section features essays on: The Narrow Bridge of Art, Hours in a Library, Impassioned Prose, Life and the Novelist, On Rereading Meredith, The Anatomy of Fiction, Gothic Romance, The Supernatiral in Fiction, Henry Jamess Ghost Stories, A Terribly Sensitive Mind, Women and Fictiop, An Essay in Criticism, and Phases of Fiction. The Art of Biography section features essays on: The New Biography, A Talk About Memoirs, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sterne, Eliza and Sterne, Horace Walpole, A Friend of Johnson, Ganny Burneys Half-Sister, Money and Love, The Dream, Waxworks at the Abbey, The Royal Academy, Poes Helen, Visits to Walt Whitman, and Oliver Wendell Holmes; 6,000 copies; dust jacket designed by Vanessa Bell

Lee, Laurie. Cider With Rosie. Hogarth Press (1959). Illustrations by John Ward.

Sharpe, Ella Freeman. Dream Analysis. Hogarth Press (1959). A Practical Handbook For Psycho-Analysts; Edited by Ernest Jones

Woolf, Leonard. Autobiography. Hogarth Press (1960). Sowing, Growing, Beginning Again, Downhill All The Way, The Journey Not The Arrival That Matters; 5 vols.

Woolf, Leonard. Sowing.. Hogarth Press (1960). An Autobiography Of The Years 1880 To 1904

Merrill, James. Selected Poems. Hogarth Press (1961).

Woolf, Leonard. Diaries In Ceylon. Hogarth Press (1962). Records Of A Colonial Administrator, Being The Official Diaries Maintained By Leonard Woolf While Assistant Government Agent Of The Hambantota District, Ceylon, During The Period August 1908 To May 1911 and Stories From The East Three Short Stories On Ceylon

Van Der Post, Laurens. Journey Into Russia.. Hogarth Press (1964).

Lee, Laurie. The Firstborn. Hogarth Press (1964).

Woolf, Virginia. Contemporary Writers. Hogarth Press (1965). With A Preface By Jean Guiguet

Merrill, James. Nights And Days. Hogarth Press (1966).

Woolf, Virginia. Nurse Lugtons Golden Thimble.. Hogarth Press (1966). 4,000 copies printed; Frontispiece and 5 illustrations by Duncan Grant

Freud, Sigmund. The Complete Psychological Works.. Hogarth Press (1966). Translated from the German under the General Editorship of James Strachey; In Collaboration with Anna Freud; 24 volumes

Brown, George Mackay. A Calendar Of Love And Other Stories. Hogarth Press (1967).

Rich, Adrienne. Selected Poems. Hogarth Press (1967). contains 23 poems from Necessities of Life (1966) together with a selection from her three earlier volumes

Brown, George Mackay. A Time To Keep And Other Stories .. Hogarth Press (1969). SIGNED and dated 29 April 1969 by the author on the title page

Milner, Marion. The Hands Of The Living God. Hogarth Press (1969). An Account Of A Psycho-Analytic Treatment

Bell, Quentin. Virginia Woolf. Hogarth Press (1972). A Biography. Two Vols; Volume One: Virginia Stephen 1882-1912. Volume Two: Mrs Woolf 1912-1941

Brown, George Mackay. Magnus. Hogarth Press (1973).

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs Dalloways Party. Hogarth Press (1973).

Cameron, Julia Margaret. Victorian Photographs Of Famous Men and Fair Women.. Hogarth Press (1973). Introductions by Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry. Edited by Tristram Powell; Includes portraits of figures such as Carlyle, Tennyson, Browning, Longfellow, Darwin, and botanist Joseph Hooker Quarto

Freud, Sigmund. Indexes And Bibliographies. Hogarth Press (1974).

Freud, Sigmund; Ed. James Strachey. Indexes And Bibliography. Hogarth Press (1974).

Woolf, Virginia. The Letters Of Virginia Woolf. Hogarth Press (1975). 6 Volumes Comprising: The Flight Of The Mind 1888-1912; The Question Of Things Happening 1912-1922;; A Change Of Perspective 1923-1928; A Reflection Of The Other Person 1929-1931; The Sickle Side Of The Moon 1932-1935; Editor: Nigel Nicolson, Assistant Editor: Joanne Trautman

Freud, Sigmund. The Standard Edition Of The Complete Psychological Works Of Sigmund Freud. . .. Hogarth Press (1975). 24 volumes

Woolf, Virginia. The Diary of Virginia Woolf. Hogarth Press (1977). Volume I - 1915-1919 / Volume II - 1920-1924 / Volume III - 1925-1930 / Volume IV - 1931-1935: First Volume Introduced By Quentin Bell. All Volumes Edited By Anne Olivier Bell / Assisted By Andrew Mcneillie.

Partridge, Frances. A Pacifist's War. Hogarth Press (1978). Eight volumes: Memories. Everything To Lose. Hanging On. Other People. Good Company. Life Regained. Ups And Downs. Diaries 1945-75

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