Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Hiroshima is best known as the first city to be targeted and hit with an atomic bomb by the United States during World War II. Therefore, documents and books about this city and the events are a must have for any military history collector.

One document that a collector should have is General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy by Henry DeWolf Smyth, written reporting the creation of the atom bomb and the first mention of the "Manhattan Project." This book is a sure staple for any military history collector. An early publication of the book can be worth over $8,000 at auction!

Books regarding witness accounts during the bombings of Hiroshima are also of value to collectors. One book in particular, Hiroshima by John Hersey gives a detailed account of six survivors immediately before and after the bombing at Hiroshima. This book is one of the first ever published to use a story-like quality in non-fiction setting.

Smyth, Henry Dewolf. A General Account Of The Development Of Methods Of Using Atomic Energy For Military Purposes. Government Printing Office: Washington (1945). Full title-A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the United States Giovernment 1940-1945

Hersey, John. Hiroshima. Alfred A. Knopf: New York (1946).

Domon, Ken. Hiroshima. Kenko-Sha: Tokyo (1958).

Gollancz, Victor. The Devil's repertoire. 14 Henrietta St. [V. Gollancz Ltd.]: London (1958). Full title-The Devil's repertoire: or, Nuclear bombing and the life of man

Tomatsu, Shomei. 11:02 Nagasaki. Shashindojin-sha: Tokyo (1966). Text by Tamaki Motoi

Ishiguro, Kenji. Hiroshima Now. Shinya Soshosha: Tokyo (1970). Essay in English by Tadanori Yokoo;Comment by Hideo Nakai

Purdy, Al. Hiroshima Poems. The Crossing Press: Trumansburg (1972).

Hersey, John. Hiroshima. Limited Editions Club: New York (1983). 1500 copies; Signed Limited Edition; Illustrated by Jacob Lawrence; Introduction by Robert Penn Warren

Tibbets, Paul W. Flight of the Enola Gay. Buckeye Aviation Book Company: Reynoldsburg, OH (1989). Other authors Clair Stebbins and Harry Franken

Tibbets, Paul W. Return of The Enola Gay. Mid Coast Marketing: Columbus, OH (1998). Signed Limited Edition; 1500 copies

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