Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Matisse, Henri Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Matisse, Henri Joyce. Ulysses. Limited Editions Club (1935). twenty drawings and six original etching printed by hand; book signed by Matisse

Matisse, Henri. Verve 4. Paris: Verve (1938). lithographs by Matisse and Derain, and a cover by Rouault.

Matisse, Henri. Verve 21/22. Paris: Verve (1948). 2 Matisse lithographs

Matisse, Henri Barr. Matisse: His Art and His Public. Museum of Modern Art (1951).

Matisse, Henri. Derriere Le Miroir 46-47 Matisse. Maeght Editeur (1952). 9 lithographs

Matisse, Henri. Verve 27/28. Paris: Verve (1952). 29 lithographs, including Chagall (3), Miro (3), Matisse (2), Braque (2), Leger (3), Giacometti (2) and others.

Matisse, Henri. Retrospective Henri Matisse, 28 Juillet-18 Novembre 1956. Musee National D'Art Modern (1956).

Matisse, Henri. Verve 35/36. Paris: Verve (1958). Lithographs from cutouts by Matisse.

Matisse, Henri. XXe Siecle 13. Revue Xxe Siecle (1959). with six woodcuts by Kandinsky, Ernst, Magnetti, Arp and others, two li linocuts by Miro and Matisse, one lithograph, and one pochoir

Matisse, Henri San Lazzaro. Homage to Henri Matisse, Special Issue of XXe Siecle. Tudor Publishing (1970). Linocut specially executed in 1938 for XX Siecle

Matisse, Henri San Lazzaro. Hommage a Henri Matisse, Numero Special Hors Abonnement de la Revue XXe Siecle. Xxe Siecle (1970). Linocut specially executed in 1938 for XX Siecle

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