Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Guns Rifles Firearms Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Scott, William Henry. British Field Sports. Sherwood, Neely and Jones: London (1820). 2nd Edition; Full title-British Field Sports; Embracing Practical Instructions in Shooting - Hunting - Coursing - Racing - Cocking - Fishing andc. With Observations on the Breaking and Training of Dogs and Horses; also The Management of Fowling Pieces, and all other Sporting Implements

Baker, Ezekiel. Remarks on Rifle Guns Being the Result of Forty Years' Practice and Observations. E. Baker: London (1821). 8th Edition; Full title-Remarks on Rifle Guns Being the Result of Forty Years' Practice and Observations: with Specific Remarks on Fowling Pieces. Eighth Edition, with Considerable Additions and Improvements

Hawker, Peter. Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that Relates to Guns and Shooting. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green: London (1824). 3rd Edition

Kester, Jesse Y. The American shooter's manual. Carey, Lea and Carey: Philadelphia, PA (1827). Full title-The American shooter's manual, comprising such plain and simple rules, as are necessary to introduce the inexperienced into a full knowledge of all that relates to the dog, and the correct use of a gun; also a description of the game of this country

Baker, Ezekiel. Remarks on Rifle Guns. Joseph Mallett: London (1829). 10th Edition; Full title-Remarks on Rifle Guns; Being the Result of Upwards of Fifty Years' Practice and Observation: With Specific Remarks on Fowling Pieces, the Percussion Lock, and Fire Arms in General

Lacy, Captain. The Modern Shooter. Whittaker and Co: London (1842). Full title-The Modern Shooter Containing Practical Instructions and Directions for Every Description of Inland and Coast Shooting

Barnard, Henry. Armsmear: The Home, the Arm, and the Armory of Samuel Colt. Alvord: New York (1866).

Verne, Jules. The American Gun Club. Scribner, Armstrong and Company: New York (1874). First U.S. Edition; Translated from the French by Louis Mercier and Eleanor E. King

Beers, Geo. A. Vasquez. Robert M. De Witt: New York (1875). Vasquez; or The Hunted Bandits of the San Joaquin Containing Thrilling Scenes and Incidents Among the Outlaws and Desperadoes of Southern California With Full and Accurate Account of the Capture, Trial, and Execution of the Noted Bandit

Langford, N. P. Vigilante Days and Ways. J.G. Cupples Co. Publishers: Boston (1890). 2 volumes; Full title-Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies -- The Makers and Making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming

Chapman, Abel. Wild Spain Records Of Sport With Rifle, Rod, And Gun, Natural History And Exploration. Gurney and Jackson: London (1893). Other author-Walter J. Buck

Jennings, N.A. A Texas Ranger. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1899).

The Gun at Home and Abroad. London and Countries Press Assn: London (1912). 4 volumes; 550 copies

Millais, J.G. et al. The Gun at Home and Abroad; British Deer and Ground Game, Dogs, Guns and Rifles. London and Countries Press Assn: London (1913). 950 copies; Illustrated by George Lodge, Archibald Thorburn, Maud Earl, and Balfour Browne

Text Book Of Gun Carriages and Gun Mountings. His Majesty's Stationery Office: London (1924).

Stuart, Granville. Forty Years on the Frontier as Seen in the Journals and Reminiscences of Granville Stuart. The Arthur H. Clark Company: Cleveland (1925). 2 volumes; Edited by Paul C. Phillips

Tittsworth, W.G. Outskirt Episodes. Success Composition and Printing Co.: Des Moines, IA (1927).

Haley, Evetts J. The XIT Ranch of Texas and the Early Days of the llano Estacado. Lakeside Press: Chicago (1929). Introduction by John V. Farwell

Pollard, Hugh B.C. The Gun Room Guide. Eyre and Spottiswoode: London (1930). Signed Edition; 225 copies; Illustrated by Phillip Rickman And H Frank Wallace

Cunninngham, Eugene. Triggernometry: A Gallery Of Gunfighters. The Press Of The Pioneers: New York (1934).

Webb, Walter Prescott. The Texas Rangers: A Century of Frontier Defense. Houghton Mifflin: Boston (1935). Signed Limited Edition; 205 copies; Illustrated by Lonnie Rees

Greene, Graham. A Gun for Sale. William Heinemann Ltd.: London (1936).

Babcock, Philip H. Falling Leaves Tales from a Gun Room. The Derrydale Press: New York (1937). 950 copies; Illustrated by Aiden L. Ripley

Kelly, Charles. Outlaw Trail. Published by Author: Salt Lake City (1938). 1000 copies

Trumbo, Dalton. Johnny Got His Gun. Lippincott: New York (1939).

Browne, Charles. The Gun Club Drink Book. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1939). Illustrated by Leonard Holton

Driggs, Howard R. Westward America. American Pioneer Trails Association: New York (1942). 500 copies; Illustrated by William H. Jackson

Ricketts, W. P. 50 Years in the Saddle. Starr Publishing Company: Sheridan Wyoming (1942). Signed Edition

Keith, Elmer. Keith's Rifles for Large Game. Standard Publications, Inc (1946).

Chase, Borden. Blazing Guns on the Chisholm Trail. Random House: New York (1948). Author pseudonym of Frank Fowler

Chase, Borden. Red River (Blazing Guns on the Chisolm Trail). Sampson Low: London (1949). First U.K. Edition

Stanley, Frank. The Grant That Maxwell Bought. The World Press: Denver (1952). 250 copies

Bartholomew, Ed. The Biographical Album Of Western Gunfighters. Frontier Press: Houston (1958).

Sutherland, R.Q. The Book Of Colt Firearms. Robert Q. Sutherland: Kansas City, MO (1971). Signed Limited Edition; 500 copies; Other author-R.L. Wilson

Snyder, Walter Claude. The Ithaca Gun Company From The Beginning. Cook and Uline Publishing: Spencerport, NY (1991).

Wilson, R.L. The Book of Colt Firearms. Blue Book Publications: Minneapolis, MN (1993). Signed Limited Edition; 500 copies

Dallas, Donald. Purdey Gun and Rifle Makers : The Definitive History. Quiller Press (2001). Signed Limited Edition; 3000 copies

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