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Grenfell Press Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Modern Design: The Grenfell Press

One of the relatively youngest of the established private press, Grenfell Press was born as late as 1979, when many other private presses were fully turning digital. Founded by Leslie Miller, the Grenfell instead boast a clean and minimal art house design that promotes excellence and professionalism in their work.

One of the intriguing things for the collector of private press materials, is that we are not so restrained by prestige and time as with other book collectors. While many other collectors strive to develop a sort of archaeological sixth sense to detect which contemporary writers will become collectible legends in the future, for those interested in private presses and letter-press construction we need only look at the skill and professionalism of those involved.

Grenfell is one of the fairly young companies that I would urge people to start paying more attention to, as they have already had their work exhibited in such places as The Getty Centre, the Library of Congress, The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as the Museum of Modern Art. But not only these facts, but their choice to turn away from digital printing and instead work on hand-printed books with such literary giants as William S. Burroughs, Robert Creely, Guy Davenport and Susan Howe speaks of their commitment to excellence.

Currently, they work very closely with museums and library collections to provide type catalogs and inventories and monographs for archives, which themselves are highly collectible. If your personal collection features the history of the private press, then you may do well to purchase a few of the type-face catalogs from Grenfell, which go to showcase their skills and fonts available. In the future these items could well form intriguing elements in the development of the private press in America.


Brooke, S W. Stately Progress. Grenfell Press (1980). A Tale of Ducal Profligacy and Providence; 15 drawings photo-engraved by master-engraver Leo Bazikian; 111 copies

Miller, Leslie. The Grenfell Press Typefaces. Grenfell Press (1980). 85 copies; one etching and two linocuts

Bukowski, Charles. Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip. Grenfell Press (1983). 150 numbered copies

Sobin, Gustaf. Ten Sham Haikus for my friend, Brad Morrow.. Grenfell Press (1983). First edition. One of only 29 copies printed in celebration of Gustaf's vis it to New York, April 1983, signed by Sobin Small 8vo, original wrappers. As new.

Davenport, Guy. The Bowmen of Shu. Grenfell Press (1983). 125 copies; 12 illustrations by the author and five reproductions of drawings by Gaudier-Brzeska

Frasconi, Antonio. The First Editor: Aldus Pius Manutius. Grenfell Press (1983). 250 numered copies; woodcuts by Frasconi

Dowell, Coleman. The Silver Swanne. Grenfell Press (1983). 115 copies signed

Lauterbach, Ann. Sacred Weather. Grenfell Press (1984). 115 signed and numbered copies; drawing by Louisa Chase

Gass, William H. Culp. Grenfell Press (1985). Frontispiece by Malcolm Morley; 100 copies

Hawkes, John. Innocence in Extremis. Grenfell Press (1985). frontis by T L Solien; 118 copies

Riddelsdell, Rev. H J. Flora Of Gloucestershire. Grenfell Press (1986). 2 volumes; 40 black and white plates; colour plate frontispiece; folding maps

Cole, Peter. Rift. Grenfell Press (1986). woodcut by Joel Shapiro; 150 copies

Burroughs, William S. The Cat Inside. Grenfell Press (1986). 115 numbered copies; total edition of 133 copies; 7 drawings by Brion Gysin

Laughlin, James. The House of Light. Grenfell Press (1986). 200 signed and numbered copies;12 woodcuts by Vanessa Jackson

Mathews, Henry. Singular Pleasures. Grenfell Press (1988). 325 numbered copies; lithographs by Francesco Clemente

Cima, Annalisa. Hypotheses on Love. Grenfell Press (1989).

Morrow, Bradford. A Bestiary. Grenfell Press (1990). 100 copies, 50 were for sale; artists include Gregory Amenoff, Joe Andoe, James Brown, Vija Celmins, Louisa Chase, Eric Fischl, Jan Hashey, Michael Hurson, Mel Kendrick, James Nares, Ellen Phelan, Joel Shapiro, Kiki Smith, David Storey, Michelle Stuart, Richard Tuttle, Trevor Winkfield, and Robin Winters; woodcut, linoleum cut and pochoir included

Howe, Susan. The Nonconformist's Memorial. Grenfell Press (1992). 65 copies; original woodcuts by Robert Mangold

Laughlin, James. Angelica. Fragment From An Autobiography. Grenfell Press (1993). 200 copies

Creeley, Robert. Life and Death. Grenfell Press (1993). 70 copies

Peter, Sarah. 36 Drawings. Grenfell Press (1994). 500 copies numbered and signed

Tarn, Natasha. Multitude of One. Grenfell Press (1994). 11 original prints by Gregory Amenoff; 45 copies

Peter, Sarah. Thirty-Six Drawings. Grenfell Press (1994). sketches by Peter; 500 copies

Winters, Terry. Ocular Proofs. Grenfell Press (1995). 170 copies and a deluxe edition of 20 with original frontispiece; 47 black and white illustrations

Ashbery, John. Novel. Grenfell Press (1998). 100 copies; ten drawings by Trevor Winkfield

Guest, Barbara. Outside of This, That is. Grenfell Press (1999). 26 copies; original colored print by Trevor Winkfield

Plimpton, Sarah. Steps to Answer. Grenfell Press (2000). 20 copies; original woodcuts by Sarah Plimpton

Resnick, Donald. Donald Resnick: Drawings. Grenfell Press (2002). 500 copies

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