Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Graves. Robert Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Graves. Robert. Goliath and David. Chiswick Press, London (1916). 200 copies.

Graves, Robert. Over the Brazier. Poetry Bookshop, London (1916). Twenty-six poems; Hand-coloured cover device by Claud Lovat Fraser

Graves, Robert. Fairies and Fusiliers. Alfred A. Knopf, New York (1919).

Graves, Robert. The Owl. Martin Secker, London (1919). Nos 1 and 2, with The Winter Owl; Contributors include Thomas Hardy, John Masefield, Pamela Bianco, J.C. Squire, Robert Graves, Siegfried Sassoon, William Orpen, W.H. Davies, Nancy Nicholson, W.J. Turner, Max Beerbohm, Randolph Caldecott, Eric Kennington, George Belcher, John Galsworthy, Joseph Crawhall and L. Pearsall Smith; 10 illustrations by Vincent Brooks; Cover design by William Nicholson and illustrations by Pamela Bianco.

Graves, Robert. Treasure Box. Privately printed, [London]. [1919] (1919). the title-page illustration and a further illustration in the text by Nancy Nicholson; 200 copies.

Graves, Robert. Country Sentiment. Alfred A. Knopf, New York (1920).

Graves, Robert. Over the Brazier. Poetry Bookshop, London (1920). 1,000 copies; with a new foreword by Graves

Graves, Robert. The Pier-Glass. Alfred A. Knopf, New York (1921). Tissue-guarded frontispiece portrait of Graves from a painting by Benjamin Nicholson

Graves, Robert. Fifty New Poems for Children. Basil Blackwell, London (1922). an Anthology Selected from Books Recently Published By Basil Blackwell;The collection includes Goblin Feet by J. R. R. Tolkien (misspelled Tolkein); There are 2 sets of poems by children, the first by E. Wyndham Tennant, and the second by Vivienne Dayrell; title label laid onto front with woodcut by C. T. Nightingale of a pixie throwing apples down from a tree, to accompany the first poem in the collection, The Apple Rhyme, by M. Nightingale.

Graves, Robert. On English Poetry. William Heinemann, London (1922). Being an Irregular Approach to the Psychology of This Art, from Evidence Mainly Subjective; 1560 copies; First edition, first issue in yellow cloth; Sixty-one essays and an appendix, including: The Nine Muses, The Parable of Mr. Poeta and Mr. Lector,The Dead End and the Man of One Poem, Spensers Cuffs, The Daffodils, Vers Libre, Moving Mountains, The God Called Poetry, Putty, The Bowl Marked Dog, An Awkward Fellow Called Ariphrades, Ghosts in the Sheldonian, The Laying-on of Hands, The Necessity of Arrogance etc.

Graves, Robert. Whipperginny. William Heinemann Ltd, London (1923). 1000 copies; Fifty-two poems, preceded by a two page Author's Note.

Graves, Robert. MOCKBEGGAR HALL. Hogarth Press, London (1924). Collection of 16 poems such as: Diplomatic Relations, Hemlock, Full Moon, Myrrhina, Twin Souls, Witches, Antinomies, Northward from Oxford, Knowledge of God, Mock Beggar Hall: a progression and others; Cover design by William Nicholson; The Sussex ledger shows only 299 copies sold by 18 January 1926

Graves, Robert. The Meaning of Dreams. Cecil Palmer, London (1924). With Signed Presentation Inscription from the Author

Graves, Robert. JOHN KEMPS WAGNER. Basil Blackwell, Oxford (1925). A Ballad Opera; The British Drama League Library of Modern British Drama, No. 11; 100 copies printed; A five-act play preceded by a three page Author's Note; First Trade edition; 750 copies.

Graves, Robert. My Head! My Head!. Martin Secker, London (1925). 500 copies.

Graves, Robert. Poetic Unreason and Other Studies. Cecil Palmer, London (1925). Essays on poetry, includingWhat is bad poetry?

Graves, Robert. The Marmosites Miscellany. Leonard and Virginia Woolf, London (1925). Written by Graves using the psyd. of Doyle; the Sussex ledger shows 106 copies sold by 6 January 1928

Graves, Robert. Welchmans Hose. Fleuron Press, London (1925). illustrated with seven small wood engravings by Paul Nash; 525 copies.

Graves, Robert. ANOTHER FUTURE OF POETRY. Hogarth Press, London (1926). 1000 copies.

Graves, Robert. Impenetrability. Hogarth Press, London (1926). or The Proper Habit of English.


Graves, Robert. Lawrence and the Arabs. Jonathan Cape, London (1927). Lawrence, T. E; Illustrations edited by Eric Kennington, maps by Herry Perry; 24 illustrations from drawings and photographs, 4 colour maps.

Graves, Robert. The English Ballad. Ernest Benn Limited, London (1927). A Short Critical Survey; Bronsons works include THE BALLAD AS SONG, 1969, and THE SINGING TRADITION OF CHILDS POPULAR BALLADS, 1975; he is perhaps best known in this field as editor of the monumental TRADITIONAL TUNES OF THE CHILD BALLADS: WITH THEIR TEXTS, ACCORDING TO THE EXTANT RECORDS OF GREAT BRITAIN AND AMERICA, 4 volumes

Riding, Laura. A Pamphlet Against Anthologies. Doubleday Doran, New York (1928). Robert Graves

Graves, Robert. Lawrence and the Arabs. Jonathan Cape, London (1928). 24 plates and 4 colored maps

Graves, Robert. Good-Bye to All That. Jonathan Cape, London (1929). An Autobiography; First edition, first issue, with Siegfried Sassoon poem at p. 341; Frontispiece and seven black and white illustrations, including two maps; coloured pictorial dustwrapper printed in black designed by Len Lye and with a photograph of Graves by Alfred Cracknell.

Graves, Robert. Poems. Seizin Press, London (1929). Contents: 1 Between Dark And Dark; 2 In No Direction; 3 In Broken Images; 4 To The Galleys; 5 Warning To Children; 6 A Dismissal; 7 Guessing Black Or White; 8 Hector; 9 Against Kind; 10 Midway; 11 Green Cabbage Wit; 12 Castle; 13 Railway Carriage; 14 Back Door; 15 Front Door; 16 The Tow Path; 17 Repair Shop; 18 Landscape; 19 Sandhills; 20 Pavement; 21 Quayside; 22 Return Fare; 23 Single Fare; 24 It was All Very Tidy; 25 A Sheet Of Paper; 225 copies.

Graves , Robert. The Shout. Elkin, Mathews and Marrott, London (1929). Limited to 530 numbered copies signed by Graves. Issued as Number Sixteen of the Woburn Books.

Graves, Robert. But It Still Goes On. London and Toronto, Jonathan Cape (1930). An Accumulation

Graves, Robert. Good-bye to All That. Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith, New York (1930).

Graves, Robert. Ten Poems More. Hours Press, Paris (1930). Pictorial boards by Len Lye; 200 copies.

Graves, Alfred Perceval. To Return to All That. Jonathan Cape, London (1930). contains a chapter about Robert Graves, and prints three early poems by him

Graves, Robert. POEMS. Arthur Barker, London (1931). 1000 copies printed.

Graves, Robert. To Whom Else?. Seizin Press, Majorca (1931). silver patterned boards designed by Len Lye; 200 copies printed.

Graves, Robert. Poems 1930 - 1933. Arthur Barker, London (1933).

Graves, Robert. The Real David Copperfield. Arthur Barker Ltd, London (1933).

Graves, Robert. Claudius. London, Arthur Barker (1934). The God, and his wife Messalina. Companion volume to I, Claudius, published in the same year, subtitled The troublesome reign of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Emperor of the Roman (born B.C. 10, died A.D. 54), as described by himself; also his murder at the hands of the notorious Agrippina (mother of the Emperor Nero) and his dubsequent deification, as described by others.First published 1934 on copyright page,1934 on title page.

Graves, Robert. I,CLAUDIUS. London, Arthur Baker (1934). and. CLAUDIUS THE GOD; From the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius.And his wife Messalina; full-page map and 2 folding genealogical tables ; 2 volumes.

Graves, Robert. CLAUDIUS THE GOD AND HIS WIFE MESSALINA. Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, New York (1935).

Schwarz, Georg. Almost Forgotten Germany. Seizin Press and Constable and Co, London (1936). translated by Laura Riding and Robert Graves

Graves, Robert. Antigua, Penny, Puce. Seizin Press, London (1936). First edition, first issue, withytyle instead of style (page 100, line 11)

Richards, Private Frank. Old Soldier Sahib. Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, New York (1936). With an Introduction by Robert Graves

Graves, Robert. Collected Poems. Random House, New York (1938).

Graves, Robert. Count Belisarius. Cassell and Co, London (1938).

Lawrence,T.E. T.E.Lawrence to His Biographer. Faber and Faber, London (1938). Robert Graves and Liddell Hart; Information about himself, in the form of letters, notes and answers to questions, edited with a critical commentary; Two volume set; Limited edition 1000 copies; 500 copies in Great Britain, signed by Graves and Hart.

Graves, Robert. Sergeant Lambs America. Random House, New York (1940).

Graves, Robert. The White Goddess. Creative Age Press, New York (1948). A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth

Graves, Robert. Watch the Northwind Rise. Creative Age, New York (1949).

Graves, Robert. The Isles of Unwisdom. Cassell and Co. Ltd., London (1950). Pictorial dust jacket designed by Barbosa; Including 2 maps preceding the introduction page

Graves, Robert. Poems. Cassell and Company Ltd, London (1953). Limited to 250 copies, signed by author.

Graves, Robert. The Nazarene Gospel Restored. Cassell and Co., London (1954). And Podro, Joshua.

Graves, Robert. Adams Rib. Trianon Press, London (1955). and other anomalous elements in the Hebrew Creation Myth; 26 original wood engravings printed in red and white and 36 line blocks, all in the text, by James Metcalf; Total 2026 copies; 250 copies are numbered and signed by the author and illustrator on the limitation leaf.

Graves, Robert. Goodbye to All That. CASSELL and COMPANY LTD, LONDON (1957).

Graves, Robert. The More Deserving Cases. Marlborough College Press, Marlborough (1962). Eighteen Old Poems for Reconsideration; Black and white frontispiece drawing of the author by H. Andrew Freeth. Hand-set; 750 copies signed by the author.

Graves, Robert. Love Respelt. Cassell, London (1965). illustrated by Aemilia Laracuen; First edition, limited to 250 numbered copies, signed by Robert Graves

Graves, Robert. The Big Green Book. Crowell-Collier Press, New York (1968). black and white illustrations by Maurice Sendak

Khayyam, Omar. The Original Rubaiyyat [Rubaiyat] of Omar Khayyam. Doubleday, Garden City (1968). A New Translation With Critical Commentaries; translated by Robert Graves and Omar Ali-Shah; 500 copies signed by Graves and Ali-Shah.

Graves, Robert. Love Respelt Again. Doubleday, New York (1969). 1000 copies; containing 33 poems; Title-page and several black and white decorations by Aemilia Laracuen.

Amis, Kingsley. The Poem of the Month Club Broadsides. Poem of the Month Club, London (1970). series of 48 broadsides by the major then-living English poets: Auden, Larkin, Heaney, Stevie Smith, C. Day Lewis, Graves, Spender, Gunn, Betjeman (with an autograph correction), Austin Clarke, Kingsley Amis, Kathleen Raine, Mahon, Gavin Ewart, Douglas Dunn, Roy Fuller, John Fuller, Elizabeth Jennings, etc; 750 copies.

Graves, Robert. Lars Porsena. Martin Brian and OKeefe, London (1972). Or the Future of Swearing and Improper Language; With a new (brief) foreword by the author; 100 copies.

Graves, Robert. THE MARMOSITES MISCELLANY. The Pharos Press, Victoria (1975). Total edition 750 copies numbered copies signed by Graves.

Graves, Robert. I CLAUDIUS. Paradine, London (1997). From the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius; 100 copies signed by Graves.

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