Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Grabhorn Press Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Allusive Typography: The Grabhorn Press

The prestigious and well-known Grabhorn Press was founded in 1919 when two young men, Edwin and Robert Grabhorn, moved to San Francisco to start a small printing concern. Here they connected with the San Franciscan local community of bibliophiles and artists, becoming well liked and well-connected with the other movers and shakers of the American design world: the Nash brothers. What few people knew about the Grabhorn brothers was that they were also the students of arguably America's finest book designer, Bruce Rogers.

Over the following years, their unique eye for book design as well as their community spirit in pairing up contemporary illustrators with woodcut sculptors, book designers and type-makers served them well, they are currently regarded as one of the finest of the private presses produced by America, and an equal in excellence and style to any of the fine art English private presses. Over their years they succeeded in printing a large amount of materials, with volumes commissioned by no less than British and American politicians and museums.

In later years the Grabhorn Press dwindled, as the Grabhorn Brothers reached their later years. Instead of giving up the gauntlet, the Grabhorn Press naturally shifted its focus to become the Grabhorn Institute, the parent-protector of the Arion private press, as well as one of America's chief educators in the typographic arts.

A Grabhorn title will always be collectible, but their output was so vast that it is perhaps best to narrow your collections to particular subjects, personages or themes, such as Winston Churchill, rare church volumes, or pre-war poets. If your copy also has the distinctive bookplates of ownership, or any personal providence such as letters, dedications or signatures, than its auction value will easily run into the hundreds of dollars, with good-quality, similarly provided volumes from the early to pre 1930's sometimes reaching into the thousands.


Stevenson, Robert Louis. Diogenes in London. Grabhorn Press (1920). 150 copies on hand-made paper

Dixon, Maynard. Poems and Seven Drawings. Grabhorn Press (1923). 7 full page illustrations; 250 copies

Powys, John Cowper. Psychoanalysis and Morality. Grabhorn Press (1923).

Everts, Truman C. Thirty-Seven Days of Peril. Grabhorn Press (1923). 375 copies on handmade paper and an edition of 500 copies on machine made paper

Flanner, Hildegarde. A Tree in Bloom. Grabhorn Press (1924). 500 copies

De Vinne, Theodore Low. Aldus Pius Manutius [Aldvs Pivs Manvtivs]. Grabhorn Press (1924). 250 numbered copies

Lang, Andrew. Old French Title Pages. Grabhorn Press (1924).

Duncan, Stafford. The Sermon On The Mount. Grabhorn Press (1924). 190 copies

Harte, Bret. The Story of Enriquez: Chu Chu, The Devotion of Enriquez, The Passing of Enriquez. Grabhorn Press (1924). 100 copies; printed in December, 1924 by San Francisco's

Stevenson, Robert Louis. To His Good Friend M. Donat. Grabhorn Press (1925). illustrated with vignette on title page; 50 copies

Amerigo, Vespucci. Letters of Amerigo Vespucci. Grabhorn Press (1926).

,. The Book of Job. Grabhorn Press (1926). 210 copies; color frontispiece by Valenti Angelo

,. A Contemplation upon the Mystery of Man's Regeneration in Allusion to the Mystery of Printing. Grabhorn Press (1927). 125 copies

Jastrow Jr., Morris. A Gentle Cynic. Grabhorn Press (1927).

Robertson, J W. Francis Drake and Other Early Explorers Along the Pacific Coast. Grabhorn Press (1927). 1000 copies; facsimiles of several historical maps of San Francisco Bay, California as an island and the Pacific

,. Hymns to Aphrodite. Grabhorn Press (1927). 2 illustrations by Valenti Angelo; 200 copies

Arnstein, Flora J. Legacy of Hours. Grabhorn Press (1927).

Wilde, Oscar. Salome. Grabhorn Press (1927). 195 copies; colored frontispiece and woodblocks by Valenti Angelo

,. The Book of Ruth. Grabhorn Press (1927). Color illustration on first page of text, first word of text, and forty-five colored initials designed and illuminated by Valenti Angelo; 250 copies

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Golden Touch. Grabhorn Press (1927). 240 copies; drawings by Valenti Angelo

,. A Medieval Letter from Italy. Grabhorn Press (1928). From Fra Giovanni to the Most Illustrious, the Contessina Allagia Degli Aldobrandeschi, Christmas, 1603; 250 copies

Niesenwurzel, Paul Arthur Amadeus. Doomsday Books. Grabhorn Press (1928). 150 copies for members of Roxburghe Club

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. Grabhorn Press (1928). 980 copies; woodcut illustrations

Mandeville, Sir John. Voyages and Travels. Grabhorn Press (1928). Illustrated by Valenti Angelo

Jefferson, Thomas. Facsimile of Handwritten Letter to His Daughter Patsy. Grabhorn Press (1929). 100 copies printed by Grabhorn for Alfred Sutro

Ellis, Havelock. Marriage Today and Tomorrow. Grabhorn Press (1929). 500 numbered copies

Wood, Charles Erskine Scott. Poems from the Range. Grabhorn Press (1929). 50 copies

Johnson, John Everett. Regulations for Governing the Province of the Californias. Grabhorn Press (1929). 2 volumes; 300 sets

Cabeca De Vaca, Alvar Nunez. Relation That Alvar Nunez Cabeca De Vaca Gave. Grabhorn Press (1929). 300 copies; decorations handcolored by Valenti Angelo

Cabell, James Branch. Sonnets from Antan. Grabhorn Press (1929). 718 numbered copies, signed by Cabell

De Vinne, Theodore. The Plantin-Moretus Museum. A Printer's Paradise. Grabhorn Press (1929). 425 copies; engraved colored portrait of Christopher Plantin and colored initial capital by Valenti Angelo

Read, J Marion. A History of the California Academy of Medicine. Grabhorn Press (1930). 2 vols; 957 copies

Hearn, Lafcadio. Hearn and his Biographers. Grabhorn Press (1930). The Record of a Literary Controversy. Together with a Group of Letters from Lafcadio Hearn to Joseph Tunison now first published.

Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass. Grabhorn Press (1930). Woodcuts by Valenti Angelo

Holmes, Roberta Evelyn. Southern Mines of California; Early Development of the Sonora Mining Region. Grabhorn Press (1930). 250 copies

Woolf, Virginia. Street Haunting. Grabhorn Press (1930).

Aesop,. Subtyl Historyes and Fables of Esope. Grabhorn Press (1930). 200 copies signed by Edwin Grabhorn

Austin, Mary. Taos Pueblo. Grabhorn Press (1930). Photographs by Ansel Adams

Defoe, Daniel. The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York. Grabhorn Press (1930). 1500 copies

Holmes, Robert Evelyn. The Southern Mines of California. Early Development of the Sonora Mining Region.. Grabhorn Press (1930). frontispiece folded map, folded lithographic reproductions and reproductions of early photographs; 250 copies

Caxton, William. The Subtyl Historyes and Fables of Esope. Grabhorn Press (1930). 175 copies; illustrations by Valenti Angelo

Newton, A Edward. Catalogue LXXX Rare Books Old and Modern. Grabhorn Press (1931). Catalogue from Dawson's Book Shop in Los Angeles compiled by Frances Dallam Moss

Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage. Grabhorn Press (1931). 24 chapter-head decorations in silhouette by Valenti Angelo; 980 copies

Van Antwerp, William C. A Collector's Comment on His First Editions of the Works of Sir Walter Scott. Grabhorn Press (1932). 400 copies

,. A Lytell Geste of Robyn Hode and His Meiny. Grabhorn Press (1932). 280 copies; hand-colored woodcuts by Valenti Angelo

Harris, Henry. California's Medical Story. Grabhorn Press (1932).

Ridge, John Rollin. Joaquin Murieta, The Brigand Chief Of California. Grabhorn Press (1932). A Complete History of His Life from the Age of Sixteen to the Time of His Capture and Death in 1853. 8 color illustrations after drawings by Carl Nahl, silhouettes by Valenti Angelo; 400 copies

Bradford, John. John Bradford's Historical Notes on Kentucky from the Western Miscellany. Grabhorn Press (1932). 500 copies; colored folding map frontispiece by J. Russell, headpieces by Arvilla Parker

,. The Corn Maidens' Dance and Its Greek Analogies. Grabhorn Press (1932).

Sutter, Johann August. The Diary of Johann August Sutter. Grabhorn Press (1932). 500 copies

Edwards, Philip Leget. The Diary of Philip Leget Edwards. Grabhorn Press (1932). The Great Cattle Drive from California to Oregon in 1873; color frontispiece (San Francisco in 1837, after a watercolor by Vioget); 400 copies

Sutro, Alfred. Which: Lord Byron or Lord Byron. A Bet. Grabhorn Press (1932). 150 copies

Harding, George. A Brief History of the Spanish California Press. Grabhorn Press (1933). 100 copies

Wierzbicki, F P. California As It Is and As It May Be or a Guide to the Gold Regions. Grabhorn Press (1933). 500 copies; Illustrated by Valenti Angelo

Shirley, Dame. California in 1851: The Letters of Dame Shirley. Grabhorn Press (1933). 500 copies

Shirley, Dame. California in 1852: The Letters of Dame Shirley. Grabhorn Press (1933). 500 copies

Stoddard, Charles Warren. Diary of a Visit to Molokia in 1884. Grabhorn Press (1933). 250 copies

Watson, Douglas S. In Defense of Santa Claus. Grabhorn Press (1933). 70 copies

Brown, John Henry. John Henry Brown. Grabhorn Press (1933).

Dawson, Nicholas. Narrative of NicholasCheyenne Dawson. Grabhorn Press (1933). Overland to California in 41 and 49, and Texas in 51; illustrations by Arvilla Parker; 500 copies

Brown, John Henry. Reminiscences And Incidents Of The Early Days of San Francisco. Grabhorn Press (1933). 500 copies

Sutro, Oscar. Some Remarks on Shakespeare. Grabhorn Press (1933). 50 copies for the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco

Grabhorn, Edwin. The Fine Art of Printing. Grabhorn Press (1933). 50 copies printed for members of the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco at their meeting in the Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park, California.

Coronado, Francisco Vazquez. The Journey of Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, 1540 - 1542. Grabhorn Press (1933). 550 copies

Shirley, Dame. The Shirley Letters. Grabhorn Press (1933). 2 vols; 500 copies

Ogden, Peter S. Traits of American Life and Character. Grabhorn Press (1933). Frontispiece and 5 full page illustrations; 500 copies

Barrington, Alexander. A California Gold Rush Miscellany. Grabhorn Press (1934). Frontispiece and 2 full-page lithographs printed in color, 15 other reproductions of maps, broadsides, letter paper, and lithographs; 550 copies

Delano, Alonzo. A Sojourn With Royalty and Other Sketches. Grabhorn Press (1934). 500 copies

Delano, Alonzo. Alonzo Delanos Pen-Knife Sketches or Chips of the Old Block.. Grabhorn Press (1934). Illustrated by Charles Nahl; 550 copies

Robertson, John W. Bibliography of the Writings of Edgar A Poe. Grabhorn Press (1934). 2 vols; 28 illustrations; 350 copies

Larkin, Thomas O and Oscar Lewis. California in 1846. Grabhorn Press (1934). 550 copies

Delano, Alonzo. Chips Old Block. Grabhorn Press (1934). 555 copies; lithographs with added color

Delano, Alonzo. Pen-Knife Sketches or Chips of the Old Block. Grabhorn Press (1934). 550 copies; wood-engravings after Charles Nahl

,. Plan Junta Diario. Grabhorn Press (1934). 550 copies

Jeffers, Robinson. Return. Grabhorn Press (1934). Woodcut tailpiece by Joseph Sinel; 250 copies

Bottome, Phyllis. Stella Benson. Grabhorn Press (1934). 250 copies

Baer, Warren. The Duke of San Francisco. Grabhorn Press (1934). A Comedy in Four Acts; Illustrations by Arvilla Parker; 550 copies

Watson, Douglas. The Spanish Occupation of California. Grabhorn Press (1934). Plan for the Establishment of a Government Junta of Council Held at San Blas, May 16, 1768. Diario of the Expeditions Made to California; 550 copies

Saroyan, William. A Christmas Psalm, 1935. Grabhorn Press (1935). 200 numbered copies signed by William Saroyan

Mercer, A. Banditti of the Plains. Grabhorn Press (1935). or The Cattlemen's Invasion of Wyoming in 1892 -The Crowning Infamy of the Ages. illustrations by Arvilla Parker; 1000 copies

Stratton, R B. Captivity of the Oatman Girls Among the Apache and Mohave Indians. Grabhorn Press (1935). illustrated by Mallette Dean; 550 copies

Bender, Albert M. Caroline Walter 1858-1935. Grabhorn Press (1935). 25 copies

Harrington, G. Historic Spots Or Milestones In The Progress Of Wyandotte, Kansas.. Grabhorn Press (1935).

Stratton, R B. Life Among the Indians, Captivity of the Oatman Girls. Grabhorn Press (1935). 550 copies; woodcut frontispiece and hors-texte plates by Mallette Dean

,. Memorial Tributes to Oscar Sutro. Grabhorn Press (1935). 250 copies

Ridgely, Laurence. Santa Francesca Our Lady of the Golden Gate. Grabhorn Press (1935). 250 copies

Green, Floride. Some Personal Recollections of Lillie Hitchcock Coit-5. Grabhorn Press (1935). 450 copies

,. The Friendship of Books. Grabhorn Press (1935). An Address by Oscar Sutro at the San Francisco College for Women, February First MCMXXXV; 125 copies

Parsons, George F. The Life and Adventures of James W.Marshall: The Discoverer of Gold in California. Grabhorn Press (1935). 550 copies

Sutro, Alfred. Batheaston Parnassus Fairs. Grabhorn Press (1936). 250 copies

Fages, Don Pedro. Letters of Captain Don Pedro Fages and the Reverend Resident Fr. Junipero Serra. Grabhorn Press (1936). 200 copies

Morrow, W C. Over An Absinthe Bottle. Grabhorn Press (1936). printed for the Book Club of California by the

Duffy, Alice E. Selections By-the-Way. Grabhorn Press (1936). 250 copies

,. The Batheaston Parnassus Fairs. Grabhorn Press (1936). 250 copies for the private use of Alfred Sutro

Dana, Richard Henry. Two Years Before the Mast. Grabhorn Press (1936). 1000 copies; drawings and etchings and 14 plates in monochrome

Garrard, Lewis. Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail. Grabhorn Press (1936). Prairie Travel and Scalp Dances, with a Look at Los Rancheros from Muleback and Rocky Mountain Campfire.; 25 color woodblock prints by Mallette Dean; 550 copies

Lowes, John Livingston. A Leaf from the 1611 King James Bible.. Grabhorn Press (1937). 300 copies

Coit, Daniel Wadsworth. Artist in El Dorado. Grabhorn Press (1937). 325 copies; Book Club of California

Soule, H B D. Conrad Gesner. Grabhorn Press (1937). Illustrated with woodcuts by Hans Leonhard Schaufelin, illustrated initials by Dorothy Grover; 325 copies

Twain, Mark. Letters from the Sandwich Islands. Grabhorn Press (1937). 550 copies

Bland, Henry Meade. Like Dawn Sierran: A Sonnet Sequence. Grabhorn Press (1937). 250 copies

Gesner, Conrad. On the Admiration of Mountains. Grabhorn Press (1937). 325 copies; 3 illustrated initials by Dorothy Grover, 8 reproductions of early woodcuts by Hans Leonhard Schaufelin

Derby,. Phoenixiana. Grabhorn Press (1937). A Collection of the Burlesques and Sketches of John Phoenix; 550 copies

Wagner, Henry R. Plains and Rockies. Grabhorn Press (1937). 600 copies

Wood, Charles. Selected Poems. Grabhorn Press (1937). 250 copies

Wagner, Henry R. The Plains and the Rockies. Grabhorn Press (1937). A Bibliography of Original Narratives of Travel and Adventure, 1800-1865; 600 copies

Schuenemann-Pott, Friedrich. The Story of My Life. Grabhorn Press (1937). 100 copies signed by Ida Denicke

Grabhorn, Edwin. A Brief History of Japanese Color Prints and Their Designers. Grabhorn Press (1938). 50 copies; 3 mounted actual antique examples of Japanese prints (2 in color) on rice paper; Nishikawa Sukenobu; Kitao Masanobu

Giovanni, Fra. A Sixteenth Century Letter from Italy. Grabhorn Press (1938).

Magee, David. An Original Leaf from the First Edition of Alexander Barclay's English Translation of Sebastian'sShip of Fools. Grabhorn Press (1938). 260 copies; 5 hand-colored figures taken from the 1509 woodcuts.

Saroyan, William. Farewell Speech of King Edward the Eighth. Grabhorn Press (1938). color wood engraving by Mallette Dean; 200 copies

Wiltsee, Ernest A. Gold Rush Steamers Of the Pacific. Grabhorn Press (1938). 500 copies

Sowers, Pauline B. Joan The Maid Of Orleans. Grabhorn Press (1938). Being That Portion of the Chronicles of St. Denis which Deals with Her Life and Times, From the Chroniques de France printed in Paris in 1493. 20 reproductions of woodcuts from the original edition; 525 copies

Lewis, Oscar. Lola Montez: The Mid-Victorian Bad Girl in California. Grabhorn Press (1938).

Twain, Mark. Mark Twain's Letter to William Bowen. Grabhorn Press (1938). illustrated with reproductions of four illustrations from the first edition of Tom Sawyer

Rogers, Fred B. Soldiers of the Overland. Grabhorn Press (1938). Being some account of the services of General Patrick Edward Connor and His Volunteers in the Old West; 1000 copies

Partridge, Eric. An Original Issue ofThe Spectator. Grabhorn Press (1939). Together with The Story of the Famous English Periodical and of its Founders, Joseph Addison and Richard Steele.; 455 copies printed for the Book Club of California

Northern California Writers' Project,. Festivals in San Francisco. Grabhorn Press (1939). 1000 unnumbered copies; 16 illustrations by Pauline Vinson

Gunst, Morgan. Fine Bookbindings Exhibited at the Golden Gate International Exposition San Francisco:1939. Grabhorn Press (1939). 400 copies for Morgan Gunst

Wilde, Oscar. Fisherman and His Soul. Grabhorn Press (1939). 200 copies; illustrations by Mallette Dean

Burke, Marie Louis. Kamehameha. King of the Hawaiian Islands. Grabhorn Press (1939). The Story of His Life and of Captain Cook's Visits to these Islands in the Years 1778-1779; Illustrated by Mallette Dean.

Sussman, Emilie. My Trip to Yosemite From the Journal of Emilie Sussman 1872. Grabhorn Press (1939). 60 copies

Meyers, William. Naval Sketches of the War in California. Grabhorn Press (1939). 100 copies; 28 colored plates

Sutter, John A. New Helvetia Diary. Grabhorn Press (1939). A Record Of Events Kept By John A. Sutter And His Clerks At New Helvetia, California, From September 9, 1845, To May 25, 1848; 950 copies

Fuller, W P. Ninety Years: The Story of William Parmer Fuller. Grabhorn Press (1939).

Brown, Marion. San Francisco Old and New. Grabhorn Press (1939). 500 copies; Illustrated by Jean Williamson

Grant, Ed. The Tame Trout. Grabhorn Press (1939). A Tale of the Maine Woods narrated by Ed Grant of Beaver Pond, Maine

Smart, Adam. Words at Play. Grabhorn Press (1939). 500 copies

Austin, Leonard. Around The World In San Francisco. Grabhorn Press (1940). 500 copies

Heller, Elinor Raas. Bibliography of the Grabhorn Press 1915- 1940.. Grabhorn Press (1940). 210 copies; 28 reproductions of title-pages

Lawrence, D H. Fire and Other Poems. Grabhorn Press (1940). 300 copies; Book Club of California

Taylor, Howard. Mark Twain and the Old Enterprise Gang. Grabhorn Press (1940). 100 copies

Clark, Thomas Blake. Omai First Polynesian Ambassador to England. Grabhorn Press (1940). 500 copies

Elwood, Louie Butler. Queen Califia's Land: An Historical Sketch of California. Grabhorn Press (1940). 325 copies signed by Elwood

Ghirardelli, Ynez. The Artist H Daumier Interpreter of History. Grabhorn Press (1940). 20 b/w lithographs; 250 copies

Deutsch, Monroe E. Albert Bender. Grabhorn Press (1941). 300 copies

Lewis, Oscar. AMB Some Aspects of his Life and Times Begun in Playful Mood for his Entertainment on his 75th Birthday. Grabhorn Press (1941). and Now Completed for his Sorrowing Friends as a Token of Remembrance and Affection; 250 copies privately printed for Samuel I. Wormser

Churchill, Winston. Broadcast Addresses to the People of Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia and the United States. Grabhorn Press (1941). 250 copies

Sandburg, Carl. Bronze Wood,. Grabhorn Press (1941). 195 copies; illustrated by Henry Flannery

Guerard, Albert. France of Tomorrow. Grabhorn Press (1941). 250 copies

Saroyan, William. Hilltop Russians in San Francisco. Grabhorn Press (1941). 500 copies; 30 illustrations in color by Pauline Vinson

Macaulay, Thomas. On the Durability of American Institutions. Grabhorn Press (1941). 50 copies on paper plus one copy on vellum

Harrison, Maurice. Saint Thomas More. Grabhorn Press (1941). 500 copies

Hutton, William Rich. California 1847-1852. Grabhorn Press (1942). 700 copies. Illustrated by William Rich Hutton

Hu, Shih. China, Too, Is Fighting To Defend a Way of Life. Grabhorn Press (1942). 200 copies

Phillips, Catherine Coffin. Coulterville Chronicle: The Annals of a Mother Lode Mining Town. Grabhorn Press (1942). 500 copies

Wheat, Carl I. Maps of the California Gold Region 1848-1857. Grabhorn Press (1942). 300 copies

Gerstacker, Friedrich. Scenes of Life in California. Grabhorn Press (1942). 500 copies

Boardman, Bess. Sincerely Yours. Grabhorn Press (1942). recipes by celebrities; 750 unnumbered copies

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Sea Fogs. Grabhorn Press (1942). A Chapter From The Silverado Squatters; 400 copies printed for the Bohemia by the Silverado Squatters

Metzgar, Judson D. Adventures in Japanese Prints. Grabhorn Press (1943). A Story of Oriental Print Collecting in the Early Years of the Present Century with some Technical Criticisms on Prints and Observations on Forming a Collection; Two tipped-in frontispieces; 10 illustrations from watercolor paintings; 300 copies

,. The Bill Of Rights: 1789. Grabhorn Press (1943).

Goll, Yvan. Jean Sans Terre: Landless John. Grabhorn Press (1944). 175 copies; two original drawings by Eugene Berman

Sawyer, Eugene T. The Life and Career of Tiburcio Vasquez The California Stage Robber. Grabhorn Press (1944). 500 copies

Hudson, Hoyt. Celebration: A Book of Poems. Grabhorn Press (1945). 500 copies

Martin, Don Jose. Memorial and Proposals of Senor Don Jose Martin on the Californias. Grabhorn Press (1945). 250 copies; 5 printed on handmade paper

Ray, Milton S. The Poet and the Messenger. Grabhorn Press (1945). 250 copies

Totheroh, Dan. Johnny Appleseed. Grabhorn Press (1946).

Miller, Henry. Maurizius Forever. Grabhorn Press (1946). 500 copies with color woodcuts after drawings by Henry Miller

Smith, Buckingham. The Discovery of Florida. Grabhorn Press (1946). Being a True Relation of the Vicissitudes that attended the Governor Don Hernando de Soto and Some Nobles of Portugal in the Discovery of Florida; 280 copies,47 initials designed and cut by Mallette Dean

Cressler, Alfred. Vignettes of Writers and Artists. Grabhorn Press (1946). 300 copies

Wadsworth, Frederick. A Few Pages From the Past for Alan Robertson, Elinor Robertson and Mary Grabhorn. Grabhorn Press (1947). 10 copies signed by Edwin Grabhorn

,. An Account of the Perilous Voyage of the Ship Gjoa. Grabhorn Press (1947). Her Arrival in the Bay of San Francisco: The Reception tendered to Capt Roald Amundsen and his Crew by the Citizens of San Francisco: The Ultimate Deisposition of the Gjoa; 500 copies

Camp, Charles L. Essays for Henry R. Wagner. Grabhorn Press (1947). 260 copies; 25 California Maps by Carl I. Wheat

Poe, Edgar. The Journal of Julius Rodman. Grabhorn Press (1947). 500 copies; seven color wood engravings by Mallette Dean

Flammer, Charles. The Philosophy of Quality. Grabhorn Press (1947).

Wheat, Carl I. 25 California Maps. Grabhorn Press (1948). 200 copies

Tripp, C E. Ace High the Frisco Detective Or, The Girl Sport's Double Game. A Story of the Sierra and the Goldebn Gate City. Grabhorn Press (1948). 500 copies; color-printed engravings by Malette Dean

Cosgrave, George. Early California Justice. Grabhorn Press (1948). The History of the United States District Court for the Southern District of California,1849-1944; 400 unnumbered copies

Ferguson, Kenneth. Maternus. Grabhorn Press (1948).

Harte, Bret. Mliss. Grabhorn Press (1948). 300 copies; illustrations by Mallette Dean

Calhoun, Janet. Reflecting Many Moods. Grabhorn Press (1948). Printed for the author; 250 copies

Farquhar, Francis P. The Grizzly Bear Hunter of California: a Bibliographical Essay. Grabhorn Press (1948). 200 copies

,. The History of Susanna. Grabhorn Press (1948). 400 copies, illustrated with wood engravings by Mallette Dean

Harte, Bret. The Luck of the Roaring Camp. Grabhorn Press (1948). 300 copies

Wheat, Carl I. The Pioneer Press of California. Grabhorn Press (1948). 450 copies

Amerine, Maynard. Vintage Tour of the Los Angeles and San Francisco Branches of the Wine and Food Society. Grabhorn Press (1948). Frontis map

,. A Chant A Myth A Prayer. Grabhorn Press (1949). 500 copies

Grabhorn, Robert. A Short Account of the Life and Work of Wynkyn de Worde. Grabhorn Press (1949). 375 copies; seven devices of Wynkyn de Worde reproduced in text and one on the title page; decorative initials by Zena Kavin

Wheat, Carl I. Books of the California Gold Rush. Grabhorn Press (1949). 500 copies

DuBois, John Van Deusen. Campaigns in the West 1856-1861. Grabhorn Press (1949). 300 copies; drawings of Joseph Heger

Bok, Curtis. Commonwealth v. Gordon et al: the Opinion of Judge Bok. Grabhorn Press (1949). 500 copies

Kabotie, Fred. Designs From the Ancient Mimbrenos with a Hopi Interpretation. Grabhorn Press (1949). 250 copies

Leffler, John Compton. Seven Witnesses to our Lord's Passion Speak. Grabhorn Press (1949).

Pattison, M. The Estiennes. Grabhorn Press (1949). A Biographical Essay, Illustrated with Original Leaves from Books Printed by the Three Greatest Members of That Distinguished Family; 390 copies

Bohemian Club,. Wine and Shirt Dinner for Alfred Knopf. Grabhorn Press (1949).

Farquhar, Francis P. Flight To The North Pole 24 August 1949. Grabhorn Press (1950).

Read, J A. Journey to the Gold Diggins. Grabhorn Press (1950). 390 copies

Muckle, Howard. Tetecan - An Aztec Tragedy. Grabhorn Press (1950).

Harlow, Neal. The Maps of San Francisco Bay From the Spanish Discovery in 1769 to the American Occupation. Grabhorn Press (1950). 375 copies; 39 maps

Raas, Ida. Where We Came From and How We Got Here. Grabhorn Press (1950). 20 copies

Machen, Arthur. Bridles and Spurs. Grabhorn Press (1951). 178 copies; 12 gilt embossed devices designed by Malette Dean

Harte, Bret. San Francisco in 1866. Grabhorn Press (1951). The Book Club of California; 400 copies

M'Ilvaine, William. Sketches of Scenery and Notes of Personal Adventure in California and Mexico.. Grabhorn Press (1951). 400 copies; M'Ilvaine's sketches first published in 1850

Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. Grabhorn Press (1951). 160 copies; 7 illustrations by Mary Grabhorn

Jeffers, Robinson. Hungerfield. Grabhorn Press (1952). 30 copies

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Silverado Squatters. Grabhorn Press (1952). 900 copies

Case, Alexander T. Tandem Triumphans. Grabhorn Press (1952).

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Silverado Squatters. Grabhorn Press (1952). 900 copies, 25 specially bound

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedie of Macbeth. Grabhorn Press (1952). 180 copies; six full-page color woodcuts by Mary Grabhorn, one signed

Small, Harold. Adventures of Joseph-Alexandre de Chabrier de Peloubet at the time of The French Revolution. Grabhorn Press (1953). 185 unnumbered copies

Jeffers, Robinson. De Rerum Virtute. Grabhorn Press (1953). 30 copies

Reichert, Irving Frederick. Judaism and the American Jew. Grabhorn Press (1953). 1500 copies; Selected Sermons and Addresses

,. Pioneers of the Sacramento. Grabhorn Press (1953). 400 copies

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Richard the Third. Grabhorn Press (1953). With the Landing of Earle Richmond, and the Battell at Bosworth Field. 6 woodcuts by Mary Grabhorn; 180 copies

Stevenson, Robert Louis. A Christmas Sermon. Grabhorn Press (1954). 100 copies

Norris, Charles G. A Gest of Robin Hood. Grabhorn Press (1954). Bohemian Club of San Francisco

Hale, John. California As It Is. Grabhorn Press (1954). 150 copies

Macarthur, Mildred Yorba. California-Spanish Proverbs. Grabhorn Press (1954). 450 copies

,. Fire Dance of the Apache Indians.. Grabhorn Press (1954). 500 copies printed as a greeting for William and Leslie Denman; reproduction of a painting by Tsa To Ke

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Silverado Journal. Grabhorn Press (1954). 400 copies

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedie of Julius Caesar. Grabhorn Press (1954). 180 copies; 6 linoleum block illustrations by Mary Grabhorn

Sloss, Hattie. To Hattie Hecht Sloss on Her Eightieth Birthday. Grabhorn Press (1954). 40 copies printed for The San Francisco Browning Society

Field, Maria Antonia. Where Castilian Roses Bloom. Grabhorn Press (1954).

Shakespeare, William. A Midsommer Nights Dreame. Grabhorn Press (1955). 7 woodcuts by Mary Grabhorn; 180 copies (150 for sale) printed on handmade paper

Irving, Federick C. Aesculapius Inspects the Harvard Medical School.. Grabhorn Press (1955). 100 copies

Colton, Walter. Glances into California. Grabhorn Press (1955). 250 copies

Meyers, William H. Journal of a Cruise to California and the Sandwich Islands. Grabhorn Press (1955). 11 reproductions of watercolors

Denman, Leslie Van Ness. Pai Ya Tu Ma: God of all Dance and his Customs of the Flute. Grabhorn Press (1955). 5 plates; 500 copies

James, Judge William. Saint Patrick of England. Grabhorn Press (1955). 200 copies

,. The Roster. Grabhorn Press (1955). Zamorano Club, Los Angeles and Roxburghe Club, San Francisco; 200 copies

Grabhorn, Jane. Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Typographic Work of Jane Grabhorn. Grabhorn Press (1956). 500 copies

Fahey, Herbert. Early Printing in California. Grabhorn Press (1956). From Its Beginning in the Mexican Territory to Statehood, September 9, 1850; 400 copies

,. Fertility. Grabhorn Press (1956). 440 copies printed as a greeting for William and Leslie Denman; 3 illustrations by Fred Kabotie

Linforth, Ivan M. Homage to Monroe Deutsch Three Addresses Delivered At a Gathering in His Memory. Grabhorn Press (1956). 200 copies

Bender, J Terry. Les Architects du Livre. Grabhorn Press (1956). 500 copies

Steedman, Gordon. The Beggar. Grabhorn Press (1956).

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedie of Othello, the Moore of Venice. Grabhorn Press (1956). 185 copies; five color print by Mary Grabhorn

Magee, David. Bibliography of the Grabhorn Press, 1940-1956. Grabhorn Press (1957). 225 copies; 15 plates, 11 original leaves and sheets

Bogan, Louise. July Dawn. Grabhorn Press (1957). 150 numbered copies

Wheat, Carl I. Mapping the Transmississippi West. Grabhorn Press (1957). 5 vols; 1000 copies; 1300 maps

Denman, William. Sh'a A-La-K'o Mana: Ritual of Creation. Grabhorn Press (1957). 500 copies; illustrations by Fred Kabotie and others

Toke, Monroe Tsa. The Peyote Ritual. Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke. Grabhorn Press (1957). 325 copies, of which 250 were offered for sale

Magee, David. An Original Leaf From Francisco Palou's Life of the Venerable Father Junipero Serra. Grabhorn Press (1958). 177 copies; presented by The Roxburghe Club of San Francisco

Schulz, H C. French Illuminated Manuscripts. Grabhorn Press (1958). 200 copies

Tobin, Agnes. Letters - Translations - Poems. Grabhorn Press (1958). 2 vols; 400 copies; illustrations by Charles Nahl

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Stern, Harold P. Figure Prints of Old Japan. Grabhorn Press (1959). A Pictorial Pageant of Actors and Courtesans of the Eighteenth Century Reproduced from the Prints In the Collection of Marjorie and Edwin Grabhorn; 400 copies; 52 color plates, some fold-out

Burgess, Gelett. Gellet Burgess and The Hyde Street Grip. Grabhorn Press (1959). Printed for members of the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco

,. Nineteenth Century Type Displayed in 18 Fonts. Grabhorn Press (1959). 300 copies signed by Edwin and Robert Grabhorn

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedie of King Lear. Grabhorn Press (1959). 180 copies; 6 woodcuts in color (with some hand-coloring) by Mary Grabhorn.

Totheroh, Dan. Rip Van Winkle. Grabhorn Press (1960). The Fifty-Fifth Grove Play of the Bohemian Club

Shakespeare, William. The Tragedie of Anthonie and Cleopatra. Grabhorn Press (1960). 185 copies; five color print by Mary Grabhorn

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Magee, David. Fine Printing and Bookbinding from San Francisco and Its Environs. Grabhorn Press (1961). A Representative Exhitition for the Grolier Club Selected and Catalogued By David Magee; 200 copies for members of the Grolier Club

McLaren, Loyall. Shakespeare in Bohemia. Three Plays. Grabhorn Press (1961). 500 copies printed for members of the Bohemian Club; Illustrated by Tony Sotomayor

Magee, David. Two Gentlemen from Indiana, Now Resident in California. Grabhorn Press (1961). 250 copies

Reichert, Madeliene. Wonderful World. Grabhorn Press (1961). 74 copies

Stevenson, Robert L. A Letter to J M Barrie. Grabhorn Press (1962). 475 copies

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,. Robinson Jeffers. Grabhorn Press (1962). Essays by Arthur Coons, William Turner Levy, Theodore M. Lilienthal, Lawrence Clark Powell and others

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Lewis, Oscar. The Wonderful City of Carrie Van Wie. Grabhorn Press (1963). Paintings of San Francisco at the Turn of the Century; illustrated from 21 paintings in color by Carrie Van Wie; plus a smaller color painting by Van Wie and a portrait from a photo on the title page

Lowry, Walker. Tumult at Dusk. Grabhorn Press (1963). being an Account of Ecuador, its Indians, its Conquerors, its Colonists, its Rebels, its Dictators, its Politicians, its Landowners, its Artists and its Priests; initials by Mallette Dean;100 copies

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Grabhorn, Jane. The Compleat Jane Grabhorn. Grabhorn Press (1968). A Hodge-Podge of Typographic Ephemera Three Complete Books Broadsides Invitations: Greeting Place Cards; 400 copies; illustrated after Jane Grabhorn

Oldfield, Otis. A Pictorial Journal of a Voyage Aboard the Three Masted Schooner Louise. Grabhorn Press (1969). Last of the Sailing Codfishermen Out of San Francisco As Recorded in 1931 By the Artist Otis Oldfield; 400 copies

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Grabhorn, Jane. One Hundred and Sixty Cat Proverbs. Grabhorn Press (1969). 300 copies

Verney, Lady. Florence Nightingale's Pet Owl, Athena. Grabhorn Press (1970). 300 copies; sepia reproductions of the original drawings by the author

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Ginsberg, Allen. The Moments Return. Grabhorn Press (1970). 200 copies

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Ginsberg, Allen. Howl. Grabhorn Press (1971). Illustrated by Robert La Vigne; 275 copies on handmade paper

Leighly, John. California as an Island. Grabhorn Press (1972). 450 copies; 25 plates reproducing the maps showing California as an island

Montale, Eugenio. Mottetti. Grabhorn Press (1973). 300 copies

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