Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Gold Rush Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Fremont, John Charles. Geographical Memoir upon Upper California in Illustration of his Map of Oregon and California. Tippin and Streeper: Washington (1849).

Robinson, Fayette. California and Its Gold Regions. Stringer and Townsend: New York (1849). Full title-California and Its Gold Regions; with a Geographical and Topographical View of the Country, Its Mineral and Agricultural Resources

Tyson, Philip Thomas. Geology and Industrial Resources of California. Wm. Minifie and Co: Baltimore (1851). Second Edition

Seyd, Ernest. California and its Resources: A Work for the Merchant, the Capitalist, and the Emigrant. Trubner and Co.: London (1858).

California Gold Rush. The Miners' Own Book. Hutchings and Rosenfield: San Francisco, CA (1858). Illustrated by Charles Christian Nahl; Full title-The Miners' Own Book, containing Correct Illustrations and Descriptions of the Various Modes of California Mining, including all the improvements introduced from the earliest days to the present time

Redpath, James. Hand-Book to Kansas Territory and the Rocky Mountain Gold Region. J. H. Colton: New York (1859). Other author-Richard Hinton; Full title-Hand-Book to Kansas Territory and the Rocky Mountain Gold Region; Accompanied by Reliable Maps and a Preliminary Treatise on the Pre-Emption Laws of the United States

Stillman, J.D.B. Seeking the Golden Fleece. A. Roman and Co.: San Francisco (1877). Full title-Seeking the Golden Fleece: A Record of Pioneer Life in California; To Which is Annexed Footprints of Early Navigators, Other Than Spanish, in California; With an Account of the Voyage of the Schooner Dolphin

Johnston, William G. Experiences of a Forty-Niner. Pittsburgh (1892). Full title-Experiences of a Forty-Niner: A Member of the Wagon Train First to Enter California in the Memorable Year 1849

Downie, Major William. Hunting for Gold. California Publishing Co: San Francisco, CA (1893). Full title-Hunting for Gold: Reminiscences of Personal Experience and Research in the Early Days of the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Panama

Dyer, E. Jerome, F.R.G.S. The Routes and Mineral Resources of North Western Canada. George Philip and Son: London (1898).

Clappe, Lousie Amelia. The Shirley Letters From California Mines 1851-1852. Thomas C. Russell: San Francisco, CA (1922). Signed Limited Edition; 450 copies

McClintock, John S. Pioneer Days in the Black Hills: Accurate History and Facts Related by One of the Early Day Pioneers. John S. McClintock: Deadwood, SD (1939). Edited by Edward L. Senn

Bruff, J. Goldsborough. Gold Rush. Columbia University Press: New York (1944). 2 volumes; Other author-Ruth Gaines and Georgia Willis Read; Foreword by F.W. Hodge; Full title-Gold Rush:The Journals, Drawings, and Other Papers of J. Goldsborough Bruff, Captain, Washington City and California Mining Association, April 2, 1849 - July 20, 1851

Coulter, Edith M. A Camera in the Gold Rush. Book Club of California: San Francisco, CA (1946). 950 copies; Other author-Jeanne VanNostrand; Photography by Robert H. Vance; Full title-A Camera in the Gold Rush: A Series of Photographs of Pacific Coast Towns, Camps and Mining Operations of Pioneer Days

Wheat, Carl I. Books of the California Gold Rush; A Centennial Selection. Colt Press: San Francisco, CA (1949). 500 copies

Taylor, Robert Lewis. The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. Doubleday: Garden City (1958).

Moser, Barry. Gold Rush. Arundel Press: Los Angeles, CA (1985). Full title-Gold Rush: Twenty-Five Wood Engravings. on a Theme of the Discovery and Mining of Gold in America, Africa, and Australia

Dillon, Richard H. Texas Argonauts: Isaac H Duval and the California Gold Rush. Book Club of California: San Francisco, CA (1987). 450 copies; Illustrated by Charles Shaw

Kurutz, Gary F. The California Gold Rush: A Descriptive Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets Covering the Years 1848-1853. Book Club of California: San Francisco, CA (1997). 1000 copies; Introduction by J. S. Holliday

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