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Cruikshank, George Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

At the start of the nineteenth century, politicians and royalty were mercilessly lampooned by the distinctive caricatures of George Cruikshank. His satirical etchings amused the public and riled the famous in equal measure.

His artistic skills are more commonly recognized today in the form of the many illustrations he provided for famous (and not so famous) books. His most prominent collaboration was with Charles Dickens for Oliver Twist. Cruikshank's realistic representations of Oliver, Fagin and the Artful Dodger seemed ideally suited to Dickens' style of writing. But this was to be their only work together after a falling out over claims from Cruikshank that he deserved greater credit for helping with the plot of the book.

Cruikshank worked with other great names in literature, providing illustrations for the Brothers Grimm, Laurence Stern in Tristram Shandy and Harriet Beecher Stowe for Uncle Tom's Cabin. Because of this record of collaboration it can be hard to separate Cruikshank's attraction as an illustrator from the appeal of the famous works and authors.

In looking at first editions of less famous works a "Cruikshank Effect" is perhaps more evident. Tough Yarns from 1835 by Matthew Henry Barker features his illustrations and a first edition has realized $1,500. Collections of his cartoons and illustrations are also available. The Universal Songster from 1825 can realize up to $2,500 and his Fairy Library can realize up to $1,000 for a signed first edition.

Many of the books that Cruikshank illustrated are worth collecting as works in their own right of course. However in many cases the illustrator's work added depth and interest. Indeed, in many cases, Cruikshank himself provides the books appeal, which frankly would not otherwise exist.

Combe, William. Life of Napoleon. T. Tegg (1815). A Hudibrastic Poem In Fifteen Cantoes By Dr. Syntax, Embellished With Thirty Engravings; Acquatint Plates By The Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. Life In London. Sherwood, Neely, And Jones (1821). Or The Day And Night Scenes Of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq And His Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom, Accompanied By Bob Logic, The Oxonian, In Their Rambles And Sprees Through The Metropolis; Egan, Pierce, Author; First Printing, With No Footnote On Page 9, First Music Foldout Unnumbered, AndGood-Bies On Last Page.

Cruikshank, George. Life In Paris. John Fairburn (1822). Comprising The Rambles, Sprees, And Amours, Of Dick Wildfire, Of Corinthian Celebrity, And His Bang-Up Companion, Squire Jenkins And Captain O'Shuffleton; With The Whimsical Adventures Of The Halibut Family; Including Sketches Of A Variety Of Other Eccentric Characters In The French Metropolis. By David Carey. Embellished With Twenty One Coloured Plates, Representing Scenes From Real Life, Designed And Engraved By Mr. George Cruikshank. Enriched Also With Twenty-Two Engravings On Wood, Drawn By The Same Artist, And Executed By Mr. White; David Carey, Author; First Issue

Cruikshank, George. German Popular Stories. C Baldwyn (1823). Translated From The Kinder Und Hans Marchen, Collected By M M Grimm From Oral Tradition With 12 Plates By George Cruikshank; M M Grimm (Wilhelm And Jacob), Collected From Oral Tradition, Illustrated By George Cruikshank; First Issue; Title Page In The Firts Without The Umlaut InMarchen On Volume 1.

Cruikshank, George. Points Of Humor. C. Baldwin (1823). Illustrated By The Designs Of George Cruikshank; 2 Volumes In One; First Issue

Cruikshank, George. The Universal Songster. John Fairburn (1825). The Universal Songster Or, Museum Of Mirth: Forming The Most Complete, Extensive, And Valuable Collection Of Ancient And Modern Songs In The English Language. Three Volumes. 4 Etched Frontispieces By George Cruikshank, Plus 84 Woodcut Designs By George And Robert Cruikshank Plus Others (24 By George, 57 By Robert, 3 By Others).

Cruikshank, George. Greenwich Hospital. James Robins And Co. (1826). A Series Of Naval Sketches, Descriptive Of The Life Of A Man-Of-Wars Man. By An Old Sailor; Barker, Mathew Henry, Illustrated By George Cruikshank. Each Of The 12 Cruikshank Plates Is Bound In Twice, One Is B/W , The Other Is Coloured, Facing One Another With Blank Backs.

Cruikshank, George. Phrenological Illustrations. George Cruikshank (1826). Or An Artist'S View Of The Craniological System Of Doctor Gall And Spurzheim; Each Of The 12 Cruikshank Plates Is Bound In Twice, One Is B/W , The Other Is Coloured, Facing One Another With Blank Backs.

Cruikshank, George. Facetiae And Miscellanies. For William Hone By Hunt And Clarke (1827). Hone, William, Author; Cruikshank, George, Illustrator; Second Edition; Wood Engravings.

Cruikshank, George. Phrenological Illustrations. George Cruikshank (1827). Or An Artists Vew Of The Craniological System Of Doctors Gall And Spurzheim; Reissue.

Cruikshank, George. Punch And Judy. S. Prowett (1828). With Illustrations Drawn And Engraved By George Cruikshank. Accompanied By The Dialogue Of The Puppet-Show, An Account Of Its Origin, And Of Puppet-Plays In England.

Cruikshank, George. Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft Addressed To J. G. Lockhart. John Murray (1830). Scott, Sir Walter, Bart. 12 Engravings By George Cruiksank Bound In.

Cruikshank, George. Tales Of Other Days. Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange (1830). Akerman, John Yonge (George Cruikshank, Illustrator); Signed Root And Son Binding; Six Leaves With Illustrations By George Cruikshank And Also A Cruikshank Illustration On The Title Page.

Cruikshank, George. The Devils Walk. Marsh And Miller (1830). and The March Of Intellect; A Comic Poem. and Matthews Comic Annual Or The Snuff Box And The Leetel Bird. and Monsieur Tonson. A Poem By Professor Porson Edited With A Biographical Memoir And Notes, By H.W. Montagu, Beautiful Engravings On Wood By Bonner And Slader After The Designs Of R. Cruikshank; Cruikshank, George, Illustrator; Six Full Page Woodcuts By Robert, Assisted By George Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. Three Courses And A Dessert. Vizetelly, Branston and Co (1830). Clarke, William, Author; The Decorations By George Cruikshank; With Frontispiece And 4 Full-Page Engraved Plates By Cruikshank, And Numerous Vignette Illustrations.

Cruikshank, George. Tom Thumb. Thomas Rodd (1830). Ohara, Kane; A Burletta Altered From Henry Fielding, By Kane Ohara; First Issue; Pages 29/30 Being Numbered 21/22. 7 Woodcuts By George Cruikshank, Of Which 5 Are Full-Page And 2 Vignettes (Title And Last Page).

Cruikshank, George. Twelve Sketches Illustrative Of Sir Walter Scott'sDemonology And Witchcraft. J. Robins And Co. (1830). Title Page Plus 12 Engraved Plates,

Cruikshank, George. The Gentleman In Black. William Kidd (1831). Attributed To James Dalton; Frontispiece, Four Plates (Facing Pgs. 53, 91, 177, 253) And A Tailpiece By George Cruikshank. Engraved By J. Thompson And C. Landells.

Fielding, Henry. The History Of Tom Jones, A Foundling. James Cochrane And Company (1831). With A Memoir Of The Author By Thomas Roscoe, Esq; Illustrated With The Work Of The Celebrated George Cruikshank In The Form Of Eight Etched Plates Which Were Specially Commissioned For These Volumes, Four To Each Of The Two: (Volume 1): (1) Battle Royal In The Church-Yard, P. 134; (2) Square Discovered In Mollys Apartment, P. 180; (3) Squire Westerns Rage With Tom Jones, P. 350; (4) The Affrighted Sentinel, P. 330; And (Volume 2): Partridges Faux-Pas With The Gipsy, Frontispiece; (2) Squire Western Seizing Jones At Upton, P. 27; (3) Awkward Situation Of Lady Bellaston, P. 278; (4) Squire Western And His Lady Cousins, P. 345. Volume 1 Also Presents As Frontispiece A Profile Portrait Of Fielding From An Original Sketch By Hogarth.

Defoe, Danile. The Life And Surprising Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe Of York, Mariner. John Major, Fleet Street (1831). Illustrated With Numerous Engravings From Drawings By George Cruikshank Expressly Designed For This Edition. Engraved Frontispiece In Both Volumes And Woodcuts In The Text; 2 Volumes; Introductory Verses By Bernard Barton. Steel Engraved Frontispiece To Each Volume And A Total Of 38 Woodcuts.

Cruikshank, George. The Bee And The Wasp. Charles Tilt (1832). Four Etched Plates By Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. Sunday In London. Effingham Wilson (1833). Illustrated In Fourteen Cuts, By George Cruikshank, And A Few Words By A Friend Of His; With A Copy Of Sir Andrew Agnews Bill; 11 Engraved Plates And 3 Vignettes By Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. The Comic Almanack. C. Tilt (1835). An Ephemeris In Jest And Earnest ContainingAll Things Fitting For Such A Work. By Ricdum Funnidos, Gent. 1835-1853; 195 Etched Plates By Cruikshank, Plus Five Fold-Out Plates, Four In Color, And With Original Wrappers Bound-In.

Cruikshank, George. George Cruikshank's Illustrations Of Humphrey Clinker, Roderick Random, Peregrine Pickle, Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, Amelia, Vicar Of Wakefield, Sir Lancelot Greaves. Charles Tilt (1836). Forty-One Plates, With Extracts Describing Each Subject

Dickens, Charles. Sketches ByBOZ Illustrative Of Every-day Life And Every-day People. John Macrone (1836). George Cruikshank, Illustrator; 2 Volumes; First Printing; Sixteen Inserted Engraved Plates By George Cruikshank Including Two Frontispieces, Eight In Each Volume.

Cruikshank; George. Memoirs Of Joseph Grimaldi. Richard Bentley (1838). Charles Dickens, Editor; 2 Volumes; First State With Final Plate Facing 238 Without The Border; 12 Full-Page Illustrations By George Cruikshank.

Dicken, Charles. Oliver Twist. Richard Bentley (1838). ; Or, The Parish Boys Progress ByBoz In Three Volumes; 24 Fine Steel Engravings By George Cruikshank Signed In The Plate.

Ainsworth, W. Harrison. Jack Sheppard. Richard Bentley (1839). A Romance; 3 Volumes; 27 Illustrations By George Cruikshank

Dickens, Charles. Sketches By BOZ. Chapman And Hall (1839). CharlesBoz Dickens, George Cruikshank, Illustrator; First Complete One Volume Edition; 40 Illustrations In Black And White By George Cruikshank

Dickens, Charles. Sketches By BOZ. Lea And Blanchard, Philadelphia, PA (1839). CharlesBoz Dickens, George Cruikshank, Illustrator; First Complete One Volume Edition; 20 Embellishments By George Cruikshank.

Thackeray, William Makepeace. An Essay On The Genius Of George Cruikshank. The Westminster Review (1840). Title Page Bears A Pen-And-Ink Sketch Of Cruikshank By F.W. Pailthorpe. The Original 60 Pages Of Text From Volume Xxxiv, Number 1, Of The Westminster Review Contains 38 In-Text Reproductions Of The Artists Book Illustrations. The Extra Illustrations Inserted Into The Text And At The Rear Of The Book Number 113 Full-Page Plates Bearing 125 Drawings By Cruikshank, Including 44 Hand-Colored Illustrations.

Ainsworth, William Harrison. The Tower Of London. Richard Bentley (1840). With Forty Engraved Plates And Fifty-Eight Black And White Textual Illustrations By George Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. George Cruikshank's Omnibus. Tilt and Bogue (1842). 22 Etched Plates And 78 Woodcuts By Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. Martins Vagaries. A.H. Baily and Co. (1843). Being A Sequel ToA Tale Of A Tub, Recently Discovered At The University Of Oxford. Edited With Notes By Scriblerus Oxoniensis, And Illustrated By George Cruikshank; Richard Barham Author; 2 Engraved Plates

Ainsworth, William Harrison. Windsor Castle. Henry Colburn (1843). With Portrait By Maclise + Etched Title By Johannot + 14 Engraved Illustrations By Cruikshank + 4 By Johannot And + 87 Woodcut Illustrations By Delamotte.

Cruikshank, George. Saint Jamess. John Mortimer (1844). The Books Are All Illustrated With Etchings By George Cruikshank. Nine Plates.

Cruikshank, George. The Bachelor's Own Book. George Cruikshank; London (1844). Being Twenty Four Passages In The Life Of Mr Lambkin, [Gent] In The Pursuit Of Pleasure And Amusement And Also In Search Of Health And Happiness; Etched Pictorial Title And 12 Etched Plates, Each With Two Illustrations.

Cruikshank; George. George Cruikshank's Table Book. Punch Office (1845). Illustrated With 12 Steel Engravings And 116 Woodcuts And Glyphographs By Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. History Of The Irish Rebellion In 1798. Bailey Brothers (1845). With Memoirs Of The Union And Emmets Insurrection In 1803 By William Hamilton Maxwell;Twenty-Seven Plates, Of Which Twenty-One Are By George Cruikshank. The Remaining Six Are Portraits. The Latter Engraved Portraits Are Chiefly By P. Lightfoot. Originally Issued In Fifteen Parts In Twelve. Bound By Riviere.

A'Beckett, Gilbert Abbott. The Comic Blackstone. Punch Office (1846). Frontisportrait And Title Page Engraving By Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. The Greatest Plague Of Life. David Bogue (1847). Or The Adventures Of A Lady In Search Of A Good Servant. By One Who Has BeenAlmost Worried To Death.; Mayhew Brothers (Editors) With George Cruikshank; Illustrated With Black and White Engravings By Cruikshank (Twelve Including Frontis).

Cruikshank, George. Sinks Of London Laid Open. J. Duncombe (1848). A Pocket Companion For The Uninitiated, To Which Is Added A Modern Flash Dictionary Containing All The Cant Words, Slang Terms, And Flash Phrases Nowin Vogue, With A List Of The Sixty Orders Of Prime Coves, The Whole Forming A True Picture Of London Life, Cadging Made Easy, The He-She Man, Doings Of The Modern Greeks, Snooking Kens Depicted, The Common Lodging-House Gallants,Lessons To Lovers Of Dice, The Gaming Table, Etc.;A True Picture Of London Life, Cadging Made Easy, The He-She Man, Doings Of The Modern Greeks, Snooking Kens Depicted, The Common Lodging House Gallants, Lessons To Lovers Of Dice, The Gaming Table Etc. Embellished With Humorous Illustrations By George Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. The Comic Almanack And Diary : 1850. David Bogue (1849). Mayhew, Henry, Ed, Plates Are Etchings, With One Folded, Hand-Coloured Frontispiece.

Cruikshank, George. Frank Fairlegh. A. Hall, Virtue, and Co (1850). Or Scenes From The Life Of A Private Pupil; Smedley, Frank, Author; Illustrations By George Cruikshank; With Thirty Illustrations On Steel By Cruikshank.

Mayhew, Henry. 1851. David Bogue (1851). Or The Adventures Of Mr. And Mrs. Sandboys And Family, Who Came Up To London To Enjoy Themselves And To See The Great Exhibition.; Cruikshank, George (Illustrator); Early Issue With Pagination Error At Page 63; With Illustrated Title And 8 Plates, Mostly Folding, Double-Page Or Extending. 3 Plates Laid Down.

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Uncle Toms Cabin. John Cassell (1852). Twenty Seven Illustrations On Wood By George Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. Probable Effects Of Over Female Emigration. Bogue (1853). Or Importing The Fair Sex From The Savage Islands In Consequence Of Exporting All Our Own To Australia;

Cruikshank, George. The Fairy Library. David Bogue (1853). Hop O My Thumb ; Cinderella; Puss In Boots; Jack and The Bean-Stalk; All Four Are Illustrated With Black And White Steel Etchings.

Cruikshank, George. The History Of Jack And The Bean-stalk. David Bogue (1854). Six Hand-Colored Etched Plates.

Brough, Robert B. The Life Of Sir John Falstaff. Longman Brown Green Longmans and Roberts (1858). With A Biography Of The Knight From Authentic Sources. 21 Illustrations By George Cruikshank (20 Steel Egravings and 1 Woodblock Plate).

Cruikshank, George. A Discovery Concerning Ghosts. Frederick Arnold (1863). With A Rap At TheSpirit-Rappers; 40 Illustrations (Cuts) By George Cruikshank

Cruikshank, George. Sketches By Boz Illustrative Of Every-day Life And Every-day People. Chapman And Hall (1867). Dickens, CharlesBoz, Author; 38 Engraved Plates By Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. The Travels And Surprising Adventures Of Baron Munchausen. William Tegg (1868). Hand Colored Woodcut Frontispiece And 22 Additional Colored Illustrations Five By George Cruikshank.

Cruikshank, George. The Comic Almanack. Chatto and Windus. N.D.C. (1870). An Ephemeris In Jest And Earnest, Containing Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry, Quips, And Oddities. By Thackeray, Albert Smith, Gilbert A Beckett, The Brothers Mayhew. With Many Hundred Illustrations By George Cruikshank And Other Artists. First Series, 1835-1843. Second Series, 1844-1853. With Many Hundred Illustrations By George Cruikshank And Other Artists; 4 Volumes

Cruikshank, George. Comic Almanack. John Camden Hotten (1871). An Ephemeris In Jest And Earnest, Containing Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry, Quips, And Oddities -- First And Second Series; Thackeray, William Makepeace, Albert Smith, Gilbert A Beckett, And The Brothers Mayhew. Illustrated By George Cruikshank Et Al. Fold-Out Frontispiece And Many Illustrations, Including Several Fold-Outs. 2 Volume Set, 1835-1843 and 1844 - 1853

Cruikshank, George. The Life And Surprising Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe Of York, Mariner. Chatto And Windus (1883). Numerous Engravings From Drawings By George Cruikshank; 100 Numbered Copies; Large-Paper Edition

Cruikshank, George. George Cruikshank's Fairy Library. George Bell (1885). 500 Copies; 38 Illustrations.Stories Are: Hop-O-My Thumb - Jack And The Beanstalk - Cinderella Puss In Boots.

Cruikshank, George. George Cruikshanks Table Book: New Edition. George Bell and Sons (1885). Beckett, Gilbert Abbott, Editor; Cruikshank, George, Illustrator; 300 Copies

Cruikshank, George. The Cruikshankian Momus. John C. Nimmo (1892). Pictorial Broadsides And Humorous Song-Headings. Fifty-Two Comic Designs To Popular Ballads By The Three Cruikshanks The Elder Isaac, Robert, And The Great George. Coloured By Hand (After The Originals); Cruikshank, Issaac, Robert, George; 520 Numbered Copies

Cruikshank, George. The Humourist. J.C. Nimmo (1892). A Collection Of Entertaining Tales, Anecdotes, Epigrams, Etc.; 4 Volumes; 260 Numbered Copies, Printed On Hand-Made Paper. With 40 Color Illustrations By George Cruikshank.

George Cruikshank. The Cruikshank Fairy Book. Knickerbocker Press (1897). 40 Black And White Illustrations.

Cruikshank, George. Cruikshanks Water Colours. Adam And Charles Black (1903). With Introduction By Joseph Grego; 300 Limited Edition Numbered Copies; Signed By Publisher, A. And C. Black; 67 Full-Page Colour Plates, Three Works Illustrated By Cruikshank: Oliver Twist (Dickens), The Misers Daughter (Ainsworth) , History Of The Irish Rebellion In 1798, And Emmetts Insurrection In 1803 (Maxwell). A Tribute To George Cruikshank, Reproducing Completed Watercolors For Three Books; Most Of Cruikshanks Book Illustration Work Was In Pencil Or Pen-And-Ink Wash, Making ThesethreeUnits Exceptional: To Oliver Twist (27 Drawings), To The Misers Daughter (20) And To The Irish Rebellion (21), From Which Etchings Were Made For Editions Of The Book.

Cruikshank, George. The Comic Almanack. Chatto and Windus (1912). The Comic Almanack, An Ephemeris In Jest And Earnest Containing Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry, Quips And Oddities: First Series (1835-1843) And Second Series (1844-1853). Signed Binding By Morrell For The Bookseller Charles E. Lauriat Of Boston.Many Hundred Illustrations By George Cruikshank And Others.

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