Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Friedrich Nietzsche Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Friedrich Nietzsche had a profound impact on the world and has written countless books. There has been numerous editions of his books published since his death in 1900. There is also a huge market for his original manuscripts where he wrote down ideas that would change the world.

Book collectors and fans of his work have a range of genres to choose from. He wrote on very diverse subjects and was not confined to one specific area. Collectors who search for Nietzsche may be looking for books about science or religion, or poetry or philosophy. To date, there is still a lot of contention between publishers and book sellers as to whether a full and complete collection of Nietzsche's work actually exists.

One of the first complete collections ("Gesammelte Werke") has been created by a publishing house in Munich called Musarion between 1920 and 1929. There are only 185 "special" copies printed in vellum of the 23 volume collection. Rare book seller Peter Harrington is currently selling the collection for just under $7000.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Der Wanderer und Sein Schatten (The Wanderer and His Shadow). Schmeitzner, Chemnitz (1880). 192 copies; remainders were sold to E.W. Fritsch of Leipzig in 1886 - and then reissued with a new title page

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Der Fall Wagner. Ein Musikanten-Problem.. Naumann,, Leipzig (1888). 1,000 copies of this work privately printed but 500 of them were falsely markedSecond Edition so there were originally only 500 copies.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Case of Wagner/Nietzsche Contra Wagner/The Twilight of the Idols/The Antichrist. H. Henry, London (1896).

Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Volume XI: The Case of Wagner; The Twilight of The Idols; Nietzsche Contra Wagner [and The Antichrist]. Macmillan, New York (1896). IncludesThe Antichrist essay; editing by Alexander Tille, translated by Thomas Common

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Philosoph und Edelmensch. Ein Beitrag zur Charakteristik Friedrich Nietzsche's.. C.G. Naumann, Leipzig (1897).

Nietzsche, Friedrich. A Genealogy of Morals - Poems. T. Fisher Unwin, London (1899). Translated from the German by William A Haussmann and John Gray; First English Edition.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. The case of Wagner: Nietzsche contra Wagner: The twilight of the idols: The antichrist. T. Fisher Unwin, London (1899). Translated by Thomas Common; 4 volumes.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Dawn of Day. T. Fisher Unwin, London (1903). First English Edition; Translated by Johanna Volz.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Beyond Good And Evil. T N Foulis, Edinburgh (1907).

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future. The Macmillan, New York (1907). First American Edition; Translation by Helen Zimmern; 2000 copies.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. The Dawn of Day. T Fisher Unwin, London (1910).

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Early Greek Philosophy and Other Essays. T.N. Foulis, London and Edinburgh (1911). 1500 copies; Translated by Maximilian A. Mugge; Volume two ofThe Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche, edited by Oscar Levy.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Thoughts Out of Season - Part One and Part Two. T. N. Foulis, London (1914). Volume 1 Contains David Strauss, The Confessor and the Writer and Richard Wagner in Bayreuth Translated by Anthony M Ludovici; 3000 copies; Contains The Use and Abuse of History and Schopenhauer as Educator.