Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Dolmen Press Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Colum, Padraic. Irish Elegies.. Dolmen Press (1961).

Duryee, Mary Ballard. Words Alone Are Certain Good. Dolmen Press (1961). Himself, The Poet, His Ghost; 500 copies.

Weber, Richard. Lady and Gentleman.. Dolmen Press (1963).

Oconnor, Frank. The Little Monasteries. Dolmen Press (1963). Poems Translated From The Irish; 1,050 copies.

Obrien, Flann. An Beal Bocht.. Dolmen Press (1964). Le Myles Na Gcopaleen. Myles Na Gcopaleen; Sgeal Ar An Droch Shaoghal

Yeats, Jack B. In Sand. Dolmen Press (1964). A Play In Four Acts, With The Green Wave, A Conservation Piece By Jack Macgowran With A Drawing By The Author

Clarke, Austin. Mnemosyne Lay In The Dust. Dolmen Press (1966). With Drawings By Jack Coughlin; 1000 copies.

Kinsella, Thomas. Nightwalker And Other Poems.. Dolmen Press (1968).

Gogarty, Oliver St.John. William Butler Yeats A Memoir. Dolmen Press (1968). With a Preface by Myles Dillon

Clark, David R. A Tower Of Polished Black Stones. Dolmen Press (1971). 1,250 copies; Early Versions Of The Shadowy Waters by William Butler Yeats, arranged and edited by David Ridgley Clark and George Mayhew. Also contains 5 illustrations by Leonard Baskin and drawings by the poet.

Raine, Kathleen. The Lost Country. Dolmen Press (1971). 100 copies signed by the author.

Apollinaire, Guillaume. Zone. Dolmen Press (1972). With An English Translation By Samuel Beckett

Clarke, Desmond. Three Stories.. Dolmen Press (1973). 500 copies.

Maxton, Hugh. The Noise Of The Fields. Dolmen Press (1976). Poems 1970 - 1975.

Clarke, Austin. The Third Kiss. A Comedy In One Act. Dolmen Press (1976). A Comedy In One Act

ONeill, Timothy. The Irish Hand. Dolmen Press (1984). Scribes And Their Manuscripts From The Earliest Times To The Seventeenth Century With An Exemplar Of Irish Scripts. Introduction By Francis John Byrne.

Raine, Kathleen. Yeats. Dolmen Press (1986). The Iniate

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