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Erasmus, Desiderius Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Erasmus, Desiderius. Parabolarum, sive Similium Liber. Matthias Schčrer, Strasbourg (1518).

Erasmus, Desiderius. Paraphrasis in duas epistolas Pauli ad Corinthios. Johann Froben, Basil (1519). Froben'S Woodcut Device On Verso Of Final Leaf

Erasmus, Desiderius. Biblia utriusque testamenti iuxta vulgatam translationem and eam quam haberi potuit emendatissimam. Hier. Froben et Nicol,Basileae (1538). Biblia Latina; Cui In Novo Apposuimus Des; Erasmi Rot. Versionem; 2 Parti In Un Volume.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Apophthegmes. Richard Grafton (1542). That Is To Saie, Prompte, Quicke, Wittie And Sentencious Saiynges, Of Certain Emperours, Kynges, Capitaines, Philosophiers And Oratours, As Well Grekes, As Romaines, Bothe Veraye Pleasaunt [Et] Profitable To Reade, Partely For All Maner Of Persones, [Et] Especially Gentlemen; First Gathered And Compiled In Latine By The Ryght Famous Clerke Maister Erasmus Of Roterodame; And Now Translated Into Englyshe By Nicolas Udall; The Translation Is Of Books Three And Four (Of Eight), And Includes Famous Sayings Attributed To Socrates, Aristippus, Diogenes, Philippus, Alexander The Great, Antigonus, Augustus Caesar, Julius Caesar, Pompey The Great, Phocion, Cicero, And Demosthenes.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Colloquia Familiaria. G.I. Blaeu, Amsterdam (1638).

Erasmus, Desiderius. Adagiorum D. Erasmi Roterodami Epitome. Ex Officina Elzeviriana, Sumptibus Societatis, Amstelodami (1663). Cum Triplici Indice, Authorum, Locorum and Proverbiorum, Locupletissimo; Woodcut Device Of A Woman And An Owl Under A Tree.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Colloquia. Petrus and Cornelius Hackius, Amsterdam and Rotterdam (1664). Cum Notis Selectis Variorum, Additio Indice Novo; Accurante Cornel. Schrevelio (Cornelius Schrevelius).

Erasmus, Desiderius. Des. ex Officina Hackiana, Amsterdam and Rotterdam (1664). Erasmi Roterodami Colloquia, Cum Notis Selectis Variourum, Addito Indice Novo. Accurante Corn. Schrevelio.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Colloquia Familiaria. Rotterdam, Reinier Leers (1693). Petrus Rabus Roterod. Recensuit, and Notas Perpetuas Addidit. Accedit Conflictus Thaliae Et Barbariei, Auctore Erasmo; Erster Druck Der Rabus-Edition.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Morliae Encomium. J. Woodward (1709). Or A Panegyrick Upon Folly, Writte In Latin By Desiderius Erasmus; Done Into English And Illustrated With Above Fifty Curious Cuts, Designd And Dran By Hans Holbein, To Which Is Prefixd Erasmuss Epistle To Sir Thomas More And An Account Of Hans Holbeines Pictures And Where To Be Seen; Translation By White Kennet; 24 Engraved Plates With 42 Figures, And 4 Engravings In The Text, By Sturt After Holbein.

Bray, T. Ecclesiastes, sive Concionator Evangelicus. J Brotherton (1730). Liber Primus.Erasmus (Desiderius), Of Rotterdam; De Dignitate, Difficultate, Pietate, Puritate, Pridentia Caeterisque Virtutibus Ecclesiastae; Cui Praefigitur Dissertatio Praeliminaris.

Erasmus, Desiderius. LEloge de la folie traduit du latin par M. Gueudeville. 1757 sans nom dediteur (1757). Translation By M. Gueudeville; Illustrated By Ch. Eisen.

Erasmus von Rotterdam, Desiderius. Das Lob der Narrheit. Gallen Egli and Schlumpf (1839). Aus Dem Lateinischen Ubersetzt Und Mit Erklarenden Anmerkungen Versehen. Hrsg. Von Joseph Graf; Translated From Latin And With Explanatory Notes.- With 33 Lithographies (Shape) Drawings.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Eloge De La Folie DErasme Traduit Par Victor Develay et Accompagne Des Dessins De Hans Holbein. Librarie Des Bibliophiles (1876). Develay, Victor, Hans Holbein; Illus. With 83 B/W Gravures; 500 Copies.

Erasmus, Desiderius. Enomium Moriae. Henning Oppermann, Basle (1931). Stultitiae Laus Praise Of Folly Published At Basle In 1515 And Decorated With The Marginal Drawings Of Hans Holbein The Younger Now Reproduced In Facsimile With An Introduciton By Heinrich Alfred Schmid; Translated By Helen H. Tanzer; 2 Volumes; 750 Copies.

Erasmus, Desiderius. In Praise of Folly. Walter J. Black (1942). With A Short Life Of The Author By H. W. Van Loon; 51 Illustrations By Van Loon

Erasmus, Desiderius. Moriae Encomium. Limited Editions Club (1943). Or, The Praise Of Folly; Translated From The Latin Text By Harry Carter With An Introduction By Hendrik Willem Van Loon; Illustrated With Ten Original Mezzotints [And With Cartoons As Marginal Glosses] By Lynd Ward; Designed By George Macy;1500 Copies.

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