Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Colt Press Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Lewis, Oscar. Lola Montez. Colt Press (1938). The Mid-Victorian Bad Girl In California; 750 copies; Woodcuts by Mallette Dean; Typography by Jane Grabhorn.

Burke, Marie Louise. Kamehameha. Colt Press (1939). King Of The Hawaiian Islands. The Story Of His Life And Of Captain Cook's Visits To These Islands In The Years 1778-1779. Illustrated By Mallette Dean; 486 copies

Clark, Thomas Blake. Omai. Colt Press (1940). First Polynesian Ambassador To England. The True Story Of His Voyage There In 1774 With Captain Cook; Of How He Was Feted By Fanny Burke, Approved By Samuel Johnson, Entertained By Mrs Thrale and Lord Sandwich And Painted By Sir Joshua Reynolds; 500 copies

Black, Elenora. The Gold Rush Song Book. Colt Press (1940). Sidney Robinson; Comprising A Group Of Twenty-Five Authentic Ballads As They Were Sung By The Men Who Dug For Gold In California During The Period Of The Great Gold Rush Of 1849; song titles include,California Bank Robbers,A Ripping Trip,Crossing the Plains,The Unhappy Miner,

Walker, Franklin. Ambrose Bierce. Colt Press (1941). The Wickedest Man In San Francisco; five hundred and fifty copies

Miller, Henry. Colossus Of Maroussi. Colt Press (1941).

Norris, Frank. Mcteague. Colt Press (1941). Illustrated By Otis Oldfield; A Story Of San Francisco, Introduction By Charles G. NorriS; 500 copies issued by Jane Grabhorn and William Matson Roth

Wilson, Edmund. The Boys In The Back Room. Colt Press (1941). Notes On California Novelists; Steinbeck, John. Saroyan, William. Ohara, John; 1500 copies; 100 numbered copies, signed by Wilson

Miller, Henry. The Colossus Of Marousssi. Colt Press (1941). 100 copies

Lewis, Janet. The Wife Of Martin Guerre.. Colt Press (1941). Decorations By Valenti Angelo; 300 copies hand-colored by the illustrator and signed by both Angelo and Lewis

Wilson, Edmund. Note-Books Of Night.. Colt Press (1942). 21 copies

Cunningham, J. V. The Helmsman.,. Colt Press (1942). And The Quest Of The Opal; 300 copies.

Kees, Weldon. The Last Man.,. Colt Press (1943). 300 copies

Ross Browne, J. The Indians Of California.. Colt Press (1944). 500 copies.

De Montalvo, Rodriguez. The Queen Of California. Colt Press (1945). The Origin Of The Name Of California With A Translation From The Sergas Of Esplandian By Edward Everett Hale; 500 copies

Miller, Henry. Maurizius Forever.. Colt Press (1946). illustrations from original drawings and watercolors by Henry Miller; 500 copies.

Poe, Edgar A. The Journal Of Julius Rodman.. Colt Press (1947). 500 copies; Color wood engravings by Mallette Dean.

Wheat, Carl I. Books Of The California Gold Rush. Colt Press (1949). A Centennial Selection; 500 copies.

Saroyan, William. The Simple Songs Of Khatchik Minasian.. Colt Press (1950). Decoration By Valenti Angelo; Introduction By William Saroyan; 300 copies signed by Saroyan and Minasian

Macarthur, Mildred Yorba. California-Spanish Proverbs.. Colt Press (1954). 450 copies.

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