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Bukowski, Charles Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Charles Bukowski, sometimes called the last Beat poet, is a character that can inspire hatred, revulsion, or fierce admiration. The epitome of the writer's stereotype; a drunkard with poor impulse control; Bukowski lived his philosophy honestly - perhaps too honestly! Bukowski was, and remains, an important counter-cultural figure to many, being a poet, novelist, and short story writer of the new left, the hippie movement, and even the burgeoning punk scene of the late sixties to seventies. His work documents the dark underbelly of the American Dream from the Nuclear fifities, through the intense cultural upheaval of the sixties, to the economic progress (and class conflict) of the seventies. Like the Beat poets, Bukowski kept his focus always on the working poor, the disenfranchised, and the unwanted in society. For the collector, there has been a recent resurgence in interest in Bukowski's writings, with some of his true first edition poetry chapbooks achieving very respectable sums at auction (a true signed first edition of poetry compilation Flower, Fist, and Bestial Wail, Hearse Press 1960 is available at auction for $15,000!).

For the rest of us however, it is advisable to look towards Bukowski's years with the fine press publisher Black Sparrow - which was when editor and publisher John Martin offered Bukowski a near-permanent financial stipend for him to publish his work. This afforded the writer some small amount of the freedom which he had always sought, and which he always felt had eluded him. The many decades of flop houses and second-rate jobs could be (almost) dispensed with, allowing Bukowski's wok to take on a new vibrancy and depth. His first novel from this period (Post Office, Black Sparrow Press, 1971), tells the tale of Bukowski's preceding life up until now in a Beat manner, and is considered a classic. A true signed, limited first edition from Black Sparrow can be sought for as little as $2,500 at auction.

With the recent upsurge in Bukowski's popularity (or should that be notoriety?) it is advisable to collect now some of his later, recent works in first edition. Poetry collections such as War All The Time (1984) or The Last Night on Earth Poems (1992), Love is a Dog from Hell (1977) are very reasonably priced currently for around $400 to $700 - which would undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment in the future.

Bukowski, Charles. Twenty Tanks from Kasseldown. Black Sun Press, Washington (1946). Printed Folder Containing 30 Broadsides, Many Illustrated, IncludingTwenty Tanks From Kasseldown, Bukowskis First Separately Published Work; Other Broadsides By Henry Miller, Kay Boyle, Jean Genet, Harry Crosby, Hans Richter, And Others.

Bukowski, Charles. FLOWER, FIST AND BESTIAL WAIL. Hearse, Eureka (1960). 200 Copies Of Bukowskis Debut Chapbook

Bukowski, Charles. Longshot Pomes For Broke Players. 7 Poets Press (1962). Illustrated With Drawings By The Author; 200 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Poems and Drawings. EPOS, Crescent City (1962).

Bukowski, Charles. Run with the Hunted. Midwest Poetry Chapbooks (1962). 300 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. it catches my heart in its hands. Loujon Press, New Orleans (1963). Introduction By John William Corrington; 777 Copies; 40 Special Copies In Which Bukowski Has Written In A Sentence Or 2, Each One Different, Above His Autograph.

Bukowski, Charles. Cold Dogs in the Courtyard. Literary Times / Cyfoeth Press (1965). 500 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts. Mimeo Press, Bensenville (1965). Fragments From A Disorder See: Human Race; 500 Copies.

Bukowski , Charles. Crucifix In A Deathhand. Lyle Stuart (1965). 3100 Copies; Illustrated With Three Striking Etchings By Noel Rockmore.

Bukowski, Charles. All the Assholes in the World and Mine. Open Skull Press, Bensenville, Ill (1966). 400 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Magazine Three. Interim Books (1966). Congdon, Kirby; Contributions From Charles Bukowki, Clarence Major, Walter Lowenfels, Diane Wakoski, And Others.

Bukowski, Charles. A Tribute To Jim Lowell. Ghost Press, Cleveland (1967). 500 Copies; Contributors Include Charles Bukowski, Jonathan Williams, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Denise Levertov, Charles Olson, Robert Lowell, Guy Davenport, R. Wolter, Mitchell Goodman, Russell Atkins, Marvin Malone, William Wantling, Jacob Leed, T.L. Kryss, Dwight Macdonald, Paul Carroll, Carol Woideck, Levy, Douglas Casement, George Dowden, Hubert Selby, Jr., Mike Murphy, Franklin W.W. Osinski, Geoffrey Cook, Kent Taylor, D.R Wagner, Donald Cauble, J.M. Edelstein, James Laughlin, Brown Miller, Philip Kaplan, Gilbert Sorrentino, Felix Pollak, Michael Mcclure, Dave Cunliffe, Ron Caplan, Carl Weissner, David W. Harris, Walter Lowenfels, John Cornillion, Allen De Loach, Jasper Wood, And Walter R. Keller.

Bukowski, Charles. The Curtains Are Waving and People Walk Through the Afternoon Here and in Berlin and in New York City and in Mexico. Black Sparrow Press (1967). 125 Signed Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. At Terror Street and Agony Way. Black Sparrow (1968). 800 Copies (There Were An Additional 75 Cloth Copies); 50 Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window. Poetry X/Change / A Litmus First Edition, Glendale (1968). 400 Copies; Cover Art By P. David Horton.

Bukowski, Charles. A Bibliography of Charles Bukowski. Black Sparrow (1969). 350 Copies Signed By Bukowski And Stanford Dorbin.

Bukowski, Charles. A Bukowski Sampler. Quixote Press, Madison (1969). Early Collection Of Prose, Poetry And Drawings By Bukowski; 400 Copies; Appreciations By Doug Blazek, William Wantling, Al Purdy, Steve Richmond, Walter Lowenfels And Others.

Bukowski, Charles. CHARLES BUKOWSKI. Abyss Publications, N.P. (1969). A Critical And Bibliographical Study By Hugh Fox.

Bukowski, Charles. Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns. Laugh Literary (1969). Edited By Bukowski And Neeli Cherry; Contributions By Bukowski And Cherry, But Also T.L. Kryss, Steve Richmond, Harold Norse, Willie, Jack Micheline, And Many Others.

Bukowski, Charles. Magazine Five. Interim Books (1969). Jack Micheline, Tuli Kupferberg, Lyn Lifshin, Douglas Blazek, Robert Bly, Margaret Randall, Ted Wilentz, And Gregory Corso, Et Al.) Edited By Congdon, Kirby; 500 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Notes of a Dirty Old Man. Essex House, North Hollywood (1969).

Bukowski, Charles. THE DAYS RUN AWAY LIKE WILD HORSES OVER THE HILLS. Black Sparrow Press (1969). 50 Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski And With An Original Illustration By Him.

Bukowski, Charles. Fire Station. Capricorn Press, Santa Barbara (1970). Illustrated With A Drawing By The Author; 1000 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. A Bukowski Sampler. Druid Books, Madison (1971). Edited By Douglas Blazek; The Drawings Are By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Post Office. Black Sparrow Press (1971). Includes An Original Painting By Bukowski (Abstract In Theme) In Several Colors; 2000 Copies In Paper Wrappers, 250 Hardbound Copies Numbered And Signed By Bukowski, And 50 Numbered Copies Hardbound In Boards By Earle Gray, Signed And With Illustration By Author.

Bukowski, Charles. Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness. City Lights (1972). 5000 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. Black Sparrow Press (1972). 100 Signed And Numbered Copies; Designed By Barbara Martin.

Bukowski, Charles. LOVE POEM TO MARINA. Black Sparrow Press (1973). A Broadside; 100 Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. South of No North. Black Sparrow Press (1973). 300 Copies; 50 Numbered Specially Bound Copies Signed By Bukowski With An Original Pastel Drawing

Bukowski, Charles. Life and Death in the Charity Ward. London Magazine (1974). First Published AsErections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions And General Tales Of Ordinary Madness,

Bukowski, Charles. Post Office. London Magazine (1974). Trade Paper; First Printing

Bukowski, Charles. Factotum. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1975). 1000 Trade Copies; 250 Numbered Copies Signed By The Author.

Bukowski, Charles. Winter. No Mountains Poetry Project (1975). Silkscreen Illustration By Darsie Sanders; 199 Numbered Copies On Rives Heavyweight Paper Signed By Bukowski

Bukowski, Charles. Scarlet. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1976). 140 Copies Of This Limited Edition Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. The Last Poem. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1976). Also Tough Company. 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Bukowski And Wakoski.

Bukowski, Charles. Art. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1977). 26 Lettered Copies And 100 Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski Signed By Bukowski. Issued As A 1977 New Years Greeting.

Bukowski, Charles. Love is a Dog From Hell. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1977). Total 750 Trade Harcover Copies; 29 Advance Review Copies; 300 Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski In First Edition.

Bukowski, Charles. SPARROW 49-60. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1977). Signed By Ten Of The Contributors: Sparrow 49: More Tiger Lillies By Fielding Dawson (Signed); Sparrow 50: Variations On A Theme (An Essay On Revision) By Diane Wakoski (Signed); Sparrow 51:For The Asking By Cid Corman (Signed); Sparrow 52: First There Is The Need By Charles Reznikoff; Sparrow 53: My Experience In Parnassus By Carl Rakosi (Signed); Sparrow 54: Maybe Tomorrow By Charles Bukowski (Signed); Sparrow 55: The Lady Of By Robert Kelly (Signed); Sparrow 56: Ascensions By Theodore Enslin (Signed); Sparrow 57: Core Meander By Clayton Eshleman (Signed); Sparrow 58: Three Early Stories By Paul Goodman; Sparrow 59: Art In The Court Of The Blue Fag By Wanda Coleman (Signed); Sparrow 60: FromTowards A New American Poetics By Ekbert Faas (Signed); 50 Copies

Bukowski, Charles. To Celebrate the Opening of Maurice F. Neville Rare Books. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1977). 75 Copies; Inside The Cover The PoemWhat They Want.

Bukowski, Charles. Sparrow 1-72. Black Sparrow Press (1978). 6 Volume; Three Of The Pamphlets Are By Bukowski; Other Poets Include Eshleman, Creeley, Palmer, Wakoski, Malanga, Everson, Roditi, Olson, Artaud, Corman, Oates, Sorrentino, And Kelly.

Bukowski, Charles. Women. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1978). Original Signed Oil Paintings By Charles Bukowski; 75 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. You Kissed Lilly. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1978). Total 200 Copies; 70 Numbered Copies Handbound In Boards By Earle Gray With A Hand-Colored Cover By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Dear Mr. Bukowski. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1979). 50 Copies Printed By Garage Graphics; Illustrations By Charles; First Printing Thus, A Reprint Of The Black Sparrow Edition.

Bukowski, Charles. Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1979). Total 500 Copies; Limited First Edition 300 Copies Printed And Signed By The Author.

Bukowski, Charles. Shakespeare Never Did This. City Lights (1979). Photographs By Michael Montfort; 300 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Ask The Dust. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1980). Preface By Charles Bukowski; 750 Copies; First Issued In 1939 By Stackpole

Bukowski, Charles. BARFLY. Fribourg, Love Productions (1980).

Bukowski, Charles. Post Office. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1980).

Bukowski, Charles. Dangling in the Tournefortia. The Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1981). First Hardback Edition, 300 Copies In Original Plastic Wrap-Around Jacket.

Bukowski, Charles. Dangling in the Tournefortia. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1981). 350 Numbered Copies Signed By The Author.

Bukowski ,Charles. Ham on Rye. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1982). Total 350 Copies; 100 Copies Numbered And Signed And With An Original Painting By Bukowski Bound In; 15 Specially-Bound Copies DesignatedPresentation Copy .

Bukowski, Charles. Horsemeat. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1982). 20 Original Full-Color Photographs By Montfort; Colophon:Printed November 1982 In Santa Barbara For The Black Sparrow Press By Graham Mackintosh. Photographs By Michael Montfort. Design By Barbara Martin. Handbinding By Earle Gray. This Edition Is Limited To 125 Copies Numbered and Signed By Charles Bukowski and Michael Montfort Of Which 100 Are For Sale.

Bukowski, Charles. The Last Generation. The Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1982). Total 176 Copies; 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Bukowski; A New Years Greeting From Black Sparrow Press.

Bukowski, Charles. Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip. Grenfell Press (1983). 150 Numbered Copies By The Grenfell Press And Signed By Bukowski; 26 Lettered Copies .

Bukowski, Charles. Bring Me Your Love. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1983). Illustrations By R. Crumb; Design By Brbara Martin; Handbinding By Earle Gray; Photograph Taken By Gerard Malanga; 376 Copies Signed By Charles Bukowski And R. Crumb

Bukowski, Charles. Hot Water Music. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1983). Total 400 Copies; 100 Copies With An Original Oil Painting By Bukowski; Stories Including: Less Delicate Than The Locust, Scream When You Burn, A Couple Of Gigolos, The Great Poet, You Kissed Lilly, Hot Lady, Its A Dirty World, 900 Pounds, Decline And Fall, Have You Read Pirandello?, Strokes To Nowhere, Some Mother, Scum Grief, Not Quite Bernadette, Some Hangover, A Working Day, The Man Who Loved Elevators, Head Job, Turkeyneck Morning, In And Out And Over, I Love You, Albert, White Dog Hunch, Long Distance Drunk, How To Get Published, Spider, The Death Of The Father I, The Death Of The Father Ii, Harry Ann Landers, Beer At The Corner Bar, The Upward Bird, Cold Night, A Favor For Don, Praying Mantis, Broken Merchandise, Home Run, And, Fooling Marie.

Bukowski, Charles. Sparks. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1983). A New Years Greeting From Black Sparrow Press; Signed By Bukowski; 226 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. The Bukowski/Purdy Letters. Paget Press, Sutton West (1983). Edited By Seamus Cooney; A Decade Of Dialogue; 200 Copies; 26 Lettered Signed Copies (Signed By Bukowski And Purdy); With Pastel By Bukowski and Decorated Holograph By Purdy.

Bukowski, Charles. One for the Old Boy. Black Sparrow Press,, Santa Barbara (1984). New Years Greeting From Black Sparrow Press; Total 226 Copies; 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Theres No Business. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1984). With Illustrations By Robert Crumb; Total 426 Copies. Signed By Crumb And Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Under The Influence. Jeffrey H. Weinberg Books, Sudbury, Massachusetts (1984). Illustrated By Charles Bukowski; Original Drawings By The Author And Photographs By Michael Montfort, With A Preface By Al Fogel; 300 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. War All The Time. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara (1984). Poems 1981-1984; First Edition 400 Numbered Copies, Signed By Bukowski, With An Original Drawing By The Poet Beneath His Signature; Total 500 Copies In Trade Edition.

Bukowski, Charles. Alone in a Time of Armies. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1985). Total 226 Copies; 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. The Official Charles Bukowski 1985 Calendar. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara (1985). Spiral-Bound Calendar With Cartoon Illustrations By Charles Putris; 25 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Relentless As The Tarantula. Planet Detroit Chapbooks, Detroit (1986). 500 Copies; Eleven Poems Including The Title Poem

Bukowski, Charles. The Day It Snowed In L.A. Paget Press, Santa Barbara (1986). The Adventures Of Clarence Hiram Sweetmeat; Illustrated By The Author; 200 Numbered Copies, Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. The Wedding. Brown Buddha Books, San Pedro (1986). With Eleven Tipped-In Photographs By Michael Montfort; 40 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Writers Outside the Margin. Water Row Press, Sudbury (1986). Weinberg, Jeffrey H.; An Anthology; 12 Specially Bound Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski Who Did The Title Page Illustration.

Bukowski, Charles. You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1986). Total 400 Copies; 100 Copies With A Signed And Dated Lithograph

Bukowski, Charles. A Visitor Complains of My Disenfranchise. Illuminati (1987). 225 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Barfly Screenplay. Cannon Films (1987). The Shooting Script For The Film.

Bukowski, Charles. The MovieBarfly. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1987). An Original Screenplay By Charles Bukowski For A Film By Barbet Schroeder; Illustrated With Reproductions In Black and White Of Forty-Two Photographs By Michael Montfort and Andrew Cooper; 400 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. The Cage. Limberlost Press, Boise (1988). A Collection Of Poetry Postcards From The Limberlost Press; Housed In A Printed Folder With Nineteen Other Poetry Cards, Which Includes The Likes Of Allen Ginsberg, William Stafford, And John Clellon Holmes.

Bukowski, Charles. The Movie Critics. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1988). 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Bukowski; A New Years Greeting From Black Sparrow.

Bukowski, Charles. The Roominghouse Madrigals. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1988). Early Selected Poems 1946-1966; Total 400 Copies In First Edition; 176 Signed And Numbered Copies, With An Original Signed Print By Bukowski With 26 Lettered Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Hollywood. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1989). Total 500 Copies; 176 Signed And Numbered Copies, Hand Bown And (Design By Earle Gray) With An Original Signed Print By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Septuagenarian Stew. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1990). Stories and Poems; Illustrated By Special Silkscren By Bukowski; Total 500 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. Hank. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1991). The Life Of Charles Bukowski By Neeli Cherkovski; Lithograph; 200 Copies; 26 Lettered Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. In The Shadow of the Rose. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1991). 750 Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. The Last Night of the Earth Poems. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1992). Design By Barbara Martin; 750 Copies; 225 Numbered Copies Signed By Bukowski With An Original Dated And Signed (Buk) Silkscreen Print. .

Bukowski, Charles. PHOTOGRAPHS 1977-1991. Bukskin, Hollywood (1993). Illustrated With 20 Photographs By Michael Montfort; With An Introduction And Poem By Charles Bukowski; Total 100 Copies; 26 Lettered Copies, 74 Numbered Copies; Signed By Bukowski And Montfort.

Bukowski, Charles. Run with the Hunted. Harper Collins (1993). John Martin (Ed); A Charles Bukowski Reader; Total 326 Copies.The Material.Is Taken From The More Than Twenty Novels, Books Of Short Stories, And Volumes Of Poetry That Bukowski Has Published.

Bukowski, Charles. Screams From The Balcony. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1993). Selected Letters 1960-1970; Edited By Seamus Cooney; Total 600 Copies; 300 Numbered And 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Pulp. Black Sparrow, Santa Rosa (1994). Total 750 Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Living on Luck. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1995). Selected Letters 1960S-1970S; 2 Volumes; Edited By Seamus Cooney; 200 Copies Signed By Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Betting on the Muse. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1996). Poems and Stories; Total 226 Copies; 13 Numbered Copies Initialed By The Books Publisher, John Martin.

Bukowski, Charles. The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Salilors Have Taken Over the Ship. Black Sparrow Graphic Arts (1997). Includes 5 Original Full Color Serigraph Prints Each Individually Signed By Robert Crumb In Pencil; 175 Copies.

Sounes, Howard. Charles Bukowski. Rebel, Inc./Cannogate Books, Edinburgh, Scotland (1998). Locked In The Arms Of A Crazy Life; A Biography By Howard Sounes; Working Manuscript. The First Edition Of The Biography Of Charles Bukowski By Howard Sounes.

Bukowski, Charles. The Captain Is Out To Lunch And The Sailors Have Taken Over The Ship. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1998). 400 Numbered Copies; Many Illustrations By Robert Crumb Including An Original Signed Serigraph Of Charles Bukowski.

Bukowski, Charles. Reach For The Sun. Black Sparrow Press, California (1999). Selected Letters 1978-1994; Total 376 Copies.

Bukowski, Charles. What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through the Fire. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Rosa (1999). 426 Numbered And Lettered Copies, Handbound And Boards By Earle Gray, Each Containing An Original Serigraph Print By Charles Bukowski

Bukowski, Charles. The Cruelty of Loveless Love. Kunst Editions (2001). Toatal 65 Copies; 35 Numbered Copies Offered For Sale; Contains 18 Previously Unpublished Poems By Charles Bukowski; Illustrated With Photographs Of Bukowski By Joan Levine Gannij Who Has Also Contributed The Introductory Essay,The Day I Met Bukowski.; The Foreword Is By Carl Weissner.

Bukowski ,Charles. The Night Torn Mad with Footsteps. Black Sparow Press, Santa Rosa (2001). New Poems; Design By Barbara Martin. 25 Hors Commerce Copies (Of A Total Edition Of 65). Eighteen Poems By Bukowski Previously Unpublished In Book Form.

Bukowski, Charles. Poop. X-Ray Book Co.,Ventura (2003). 100 Numbered Copies; Afterwood By Gerry Locklin; 13 Color Photographs Of Bukowski By Michael Montfort Wrapped Around By A Bukowski.

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