Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Forester, C.S Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Forester, C.S. A Pawn Among Kings. Methuen, London (1924). 260 copies.

Forester, C. S. Napoleon and his Court. Methuen, London (1924). With a frontispiece and 15 plates

Forester, C.S. Josephine. Methuen, London (1925). Napoleons Empress; With 12 Illustration.

Forester, C. S. Payment Deferred. John Lane, London (1926).

Forester, C.S. Love Lies Dreaming. John Lane, London (1927). First American edition, in the first issue binding with C. E. Forester on the cover; according to the publishers records, royalties were paid on the sale of only 1629 copies.

Forester, C S. The Wonderful Week. John Lane The Bodley Head, London (1927).

Forester, C S. Victor Emmanuel II and the Union of Italy. Methen, London (1927). Frontispiece and 11 plates inserted, genealogical table in text, endpaper map; 1500 copies

Forester, C.S. Brown on Resolution. John Lane, London (1929).

Forester, C.S. Lord Nelson. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis (1929).

Forester, C. S. Single-Handed. G.P. Putnams Sons, New York (1929).

Forester, C. S. The Voyage of the Annie Marble. John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, London (1929). with a frontispiece plate and 36 other b/w photo illustrations on plates and a map

Forester, C. S. Two-And-Twenty. John Lane, Bodley Head, London (1931).

Forester, C. S. U 97. John Lane The Bodley Head Limited, London (1931). A Play in 3 Acts

Forester, C. S. The Gun. Little, Brown, Boston (1933). Basis of the 1957 filmThe Pride and the Passion, starring Cary Grant, Sophia Loren and Frank Sinatra

Forester C S. The PEACEMAKER. William Heinemann, London (1934).

Forester, C S. The Peacemaker. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1934).

Forester, C.S. African Queen. Little Brown (1935). First edition, first printing (withPublished February, 1935 on copyright page); 2,500 copies printed

Forester, C. S. African Queen. William Heinemann Ltd, London (1935). First published 1935 on copyright page

Forester, C.S. Marionettes at Home. Michael Joseph, London (1936). illustrated with a photographic frontispiece and 11 black and white photographs

Forester, C.S. The General. Little, Brown, Boston (1936).

FORESTER, C. S. THE GENERAL. Michael Joseph, London (1936). with jacket design byAbbey; 5000 copies.

Forester, C.S. Beat To Quarters. Little Brown and Co, Boston (1937).

Forester, C S. The Happy Return. Michael Joseph, London (1937). 12,000 copies.

Strang, Frances. TOWN AND COUNTRY IN SOUTHERN FRANCE. Macmillan, London (1937). With 48 black and white plates of Southern France

Forester, C S. A Ship of the Line. Reginald Saunders, Toronto (1938). First Canadian edition of the first book in theHornblower series.

Forester, C. S. Flying Colours. Michael Joseph, London (1938).

Forester, C.S. Ship Of The Line. Little, Brown And Company, Boston (1938). 6000 copies; UK edition 1500 copies.

Forester, C. S. Captain Horatio Hornblower.. Little, Brown, Boston (1939). Three Novels - Flying Colors, Ship-of-the-line, Beat to Quarters; each volume with a frontispiece drawing by N. C. Wyeth.

Forester, C.S. Captain Hornblower. Michael Joseph, London (1939).

Forester, C.S. Flying Colours. Little, Brown And Company, Boston (1939).

Forester, C.S. The Earthly Paradise. Michael Joseph, London (1940). Copyright page states First Published in 1940.

FORESTER, C. S. The Captain From Connecticut. Little, Brown, Boston (1941).

Forester, C.S. The Captain From Connecticut. Michael Joseph, London (1941).

Forester, C S. Payment Deferred. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1942). DUST JACKET WITH DESIGN BY CHARLES LOFGREN

Forester, C.S. Poo-Poo and the Dragons. Boston: Little, Brown and Company (1942). black and white drawings, green end paper illustration by Robert Lawson

Forester, C S. Poo-Poo and the Dragons. Michael Joseph, London (1942).

Forester, C S. Rifleman Dodd and The Gun. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1943). 4000 copies.

Forester, C. S. The Ship. Little Brown, Boston (1943). First edition and Published May 1943 stated on copyright page.

Forester, C S. The Ship. Michale Joseph, London (1943). Cover art by A. E. Barlow.

Forester, C. S. The Bedchamber Mystery. S.J. Reginald Saunders, Toronto (1944). With which is included the story of The Eleven Deckchairs and Modernity and Maternity. True First and Only Edition. Stated:First Edition 1944 on the copyright page.

Forester, C. S. The Sky and the Forest. Little Brown, New York (1948).

Forester, C. S. Randall and the River of Time. Michael Joseph, London (1951).

Forester, C.S. Hornblower and the Atropos. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1953). Val Brio designed dust jacket. First edition; the Little Brown first American edition preceded the Michael Brown first UK edition.

FORESTER, C.S. Hornblower and the Atropos.. Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1953).

Forester, C. S. Hornblower and the Atropos. Michael Joseph, London, (1953).

Forester, C. S. The Good Shepherd. Little Brown, New York (1955).

Forester, C. S. The Good Shepherd. Michael Joseph, London (1955).

Forester, C.S. The Hornblower Companion. Little Brown, Boston (1964).

Forester, C.S. Hornblower One More Time. Non Profit Press, Tacoma (1976). Contains three stories about Hornblower never previously in book form. Also two essays by Forester about Hornblower and a preface by Alexander Kent; 350 numbered copies; 25 Copies are printed on special paper and signed by Alexander Kent

Forester, C. S. Novelist and Storyteller. Lemon Grove, CA (2000). The Life of C.S. Forester; 2 volumes; Total 250 copies

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