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Bradbury Golden Apples of the Sun Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The Golden Apples of the Sun was Ray Bradbury's fourth book, a collection of short stories named after a line in a Yeats poem. It is not one of the more popular Bradbury books, and as such has what some might consider a surprisingly low price point. This is a great book for Bradbury fans who are looking to get into collecting, but the low prices it fetches even at auction (a signed first edition recently sold for $360 at auction) means it may not be the best choice for collectors looking for an investment piece.

First edition copies of The Golden Apples of the Sun may be identified by the blocky yellow, gray, and black dust jacket, as well as the words "First Edition" on the title page. This edition was published by Doubleday and Company, Inc.

Signed first editions of The Golden Apples of the Sun top out at about $1,500 in price, with any that come near to that price being in fantastic condition with certificates of authenticity, and often with custom-made slipcases. These are often sold for less than $1,000 when they are in less than optimal condition.

The first edition of this book published in the U.K., which includes illustrations by Joe Mugnaini, is also collectible, with prices topping out at about $400 for exceptional copies. While it is technically a separate book, Twice 22 was purchased in 1966 and included The Golden Apples of the Sun. These are usually available, even as signed first editions, for under $500.

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