Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Boxing Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Miles, Henry Downes. Pugilistica. Weldon & Co: London (1880). 3 volumes; Full title-Pugilistica: Being One Hundred and Forty-Four Years fo The History of British Boxing. Containing Lives of the Most Celebraed Puglists

Shaw, George Bernard. Cashel Byron's Profession: A Novel. The Modern Press: London (1886).

Nicholson, William. An Almanac of Twelve Sports. William Heinemann: London (1898). Other author-Rudyard Kipling

Shaw, George Bernard. Cashel Byron's Profession. Herbert S. Stone: Chicago (1901). First U.S. Edition

London, Jack. The Game. MacMillan Co.: New York (1905). Illustrated by Henry Hutt and T.C. Lawrence

Miles, Henry Downes. Pugilistica. John Grant: Edinburgh (1906). 3 volumes

London, Jack. The Abysmal Brute. The Century Company: New York (1913).

Furniss, Harry. The By Ways And Queer Ways Of Boxing. Harrison & Sons (1919).

Lynch, Bohun. The Prize Ring. Country Life: London (1925). 750 copies; Illustrated by W. E. Downing

Hemingway, Ernest. Men Without Women. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1927). 7,650 copies

March, Joseph Moncure. The Set-Up. Covici Friede: New York (1928). Signed Limited Edition; 275 copies; Illustrated by Alexander King

Van Every, Edward. Muldoon the Solid Man of Sport. Frederick A. Stokes: New York (1929). Foreword by Jack Dempsey; Other author- William Muldoon

Held, John, Jr. Outlines of Sport. Dutton: New York (1930). Signed Edition; 100 copies

Tunney, Gene. A Man Must Fight. Houghton Mifflin: Boston (1932). Signed Edition; 550 copies

Tully, Jim. The Bruiser. Greenberg: New York (1936).

Van Every, Edward. Joe Louis Man and Super-Fighter. Frederick A. Stokes: New York (1936). Signed Edition

Louis, Joe. My Life Story. Duell, Sloane and Pearce: New York (1947). Signed Edition

Schulberg, Budd. The Harder They Fall. Random House: New York (1947). Signed Edition

Louis, Joe. How to Box. David McKay Company: Philadelphia, PA (1948). Edited by Edward J. Mallory

Schoor, Gene. Sugar Ray Robinson. Greenberg: New York (1951).

Heinz, W.C. The Professional. Harper & Brothers: New York (1958).

Dempsey, Jack. Dempsey, by the Man Himself as told to Bob Considine and Bill Slocum. Simon and Schuster: New York (1960). Signed Edition

Giraudoux, Jean. Le Sport. Editiond d'Auteuil: Boulogne-sur-Seine (1962). 200 copies; Other authors-Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac and Jacques Beltrand

Sullivan, George. The Cassius Clay Story. Fleet Publishing Corporation: New York (1964). Signed Edition

Goldberg, Samuel. Fighter in a Naphtha Ring. Carlton Press, Inc: New York (1967). Signed Edition

Carter, Rubin. The Sixteenth Round from #1 Contender to #45472. Viking Press: New York (1974). Signed Edition

Ali, Muhammad. The Greatest My Own Story. Random House: New York (1975). Signed Edition; Other author-Richard Durham

Rebac, Zoran. Traditional Burmese Boxing: Ancient and Modern Methods from Burma's Training Camp. Paladin Press (2003).