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Stephen Booth's The Book Called Holinshed's Chronicles is an examination of the titular late-sixteenth century account of British history, its publication and writing history, and its influence on William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is particularly indebted to Holinshed's Chronicles in some of his history plays, most notably King Lear, Cymbeline, and Macbeth. In The Book Called Holinshed's Chronicles, Booth unfurls his expertise in early modern literature to present the rich and complex history of Holinshed's Chronicles, both as a piece of book history and in terms of its content.

The Book Called Holinshed's Chronicles (The Book Club of California: San Francisco, 1968) is a valuable and attractive component to collections. 500 copies were printed, of which five contain a leaf from the 1587 copy of Holinshed's Chronicles. These five are more highly valued than the rest of the print run and sell for as much as $1,200. This is not to say, however, that the other copies of The Book Called Holinshed's Chronicles are worthless. Most commonly, these books are valued between $100 and $350 depending on the condition, particularly the condition of the original cloth-backed covers. All copies contain very attractive and detailed facsimile illustrations from the source material.

Booth, Stephen. The Book Called Holinshed's Chronicles. Book Club of California (1968). 500 copies; An Account of its Inception, Purpose, Contributors, Contents, Publication, Revision and Influence on William Shakespeare by Stephen Booth with a Leaf from the 1587 edition.

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