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Boni and Liveright Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Disreputable Fellows: Boni and Liveright

No fine press collection is complete without considering one of the most notorious, scandalous and gleefully libertine of American fine presses: Boni and LIveright.

Founded in 1916 in New York, by Albert Boni, an ex-bookshop owner out of Greenwich village and a much wealthier bohemian Horace Liveright, the Boni and Liveright fine press specialized in introducing the very cutting edge of the scandalous new modernist movement such as T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, D.H. Lawrence to the Lost Generation of New York. Sounding like something out of the Great Gatsby, these two gentlemen had very great success with a range of black leather-bound books they called the Modern Library, which challenged American sensibilities directly by exposing them to harsh, erotic or morbid European authors, thinkers and poets.

In this way they championed Ezra Pound, Nietzsche, E. E. Cummings, Ibsen, de Maupassant, Schopenhaur, Isadora Duncan and James Joyce, and the result of which was to have some of their volumes banned and their operation investigated by none other than the Society for the Suppression of Vice.

It seems that behind closed doors, although successful their operation was still chaotic, with financial difficulties forcing them to close and reopen several times, changing their names to Boni or Liveright Press alternately. For the modern collector however they provide a marvelous opportunity to collect their leather bound Modern Library, with its characteristic covers as well as their especially unique colophons, which changed four times through their history in accordance with their name changes.

For anyone looking to collect the new modern literary greats, such as Pound, Lawrence, Auden, Elliot etcetera, then Boni and Liveright provide an excellently intriguing place. Not only because of their fine workmanship, but also due to their commitment to detail, design and not in the least their intriguing story of vice squads, prohibition, and scandal!


James, Henry. Gabrielle De Bergerac. Boni and Liveright (1918).

Hearn, Lafcadio. Karma. Boni and Liveright (1918). Four stories (Karma; A Ghost; The First Muezzin, Bilal; and China and the Western World)

Trotzky, Leon. The Bolsheviki And World Peace. Boni and Liveright (1918).

Smyth, Clifford. The Gilded Man. Boni and Liveright (1918).

Dreiser, Theodore+B14. The Hand Of The Potter. Boni and Liveright (1918). A Tragedy in Four Acts; Twenty-five copies of this issue were signed on the title page by the author

Reed, John. Ten Days That Shook The World. Boni and Liveright (1919). Frontispiece portrait of Lenin with maps on the end-papers.

Clemens, Samuel L. The Curious Republic Of Gondour And Other Whimsical Sketches. Boni and Liveright (1919). Mark Twain; A collection of sketches, most of which were taken from a series the author wrote for The Galaxy from May 1870, to April 1871.

Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville. Their Mutual Child. Boni and Liveright (1919).

James, Henry. Travelling Companions.. Boni and Liveright (1919).

Dreiser, Theodore. Twelve Men. Boni and Liveright (1919). Basis for the 1942 filmMy Gal Sal starring Rita Hayworth and Victor Mature.

Freud, Sigmund. A General Introduction To Psychoanalysis. Boni and Liveright (1920). The authorized translation with a preface by G. Stanley Hall, President of Clark University.

ONeill, Eugene. Beyond The Horizon. Boni and Liveright (1920). A Play In Three Acts

Gregory, Odin. Caius Gracchus.. Boni and Liveright (1920). A Tragedy By Odin Gregory [pseudonym of J. G. Robin] with an Introduction by Theodore Dreiser.

ONeill, Eugene G. Gold, A Play In Four Acts.. Boni and Liveright (1920).

Dreiser, Theodore. Hey Rub-A-Dub-Dub. Boni and Liveright (1920). A Book Of The Mystery and Terror and Wonder Of Life (A Collection Of Essays)

Pound, Ezra. Instigations Of Ezra Pound.. Boni and Liveright (1920). Together With An Essay On The Chinese Written Character By Ernest Fenollosa. Collection of literary criticism by Pound including - A Study of French Poets, Henry James, Remy De Gourmont, In the Vortex, Our Tetrarchal Precieuse, Genesis, Arnaut Daniel, Translators of Greek and an Essay by Ernest Fenollosa The Chinese Written Character edited by Pound; only eight hundred copies printed.

Moore, George. Memoirs Of My Dead Life. Boni and Liveright (1920). 1500 copies

Huneker, James. Painted Veils. Boni and Liveright (1920). 1200 signed copies

Andreyev, Leonid. Satans Diary. Boni and Liveright (1920). With A Preface By Herman Bernstein.

Robbins, Tod. Silent Whit And Beautiful. Boni and Liveright (1920). Collects four tales; the title story,Who Wants a Green Bottle?,Wild Wullie, the Waster, and short novelFor Arts Sake, a revised version of MYSTERIOUS MARTIN (1912).

Fort, Charles. The Book Of The Damned. Boni and Liveright (1920).

Frank, Waldo. The Dark Mother. Boni and Liveright (1920).

Hartley, Marsden. Adventures In The Arts. Boni and Liveright (1921). Informal Chapters On Painters Vaudeville And Poets

Gauguin, Paul. Paul Gauguins Intimate Journals. Boni and Liveright (1921). translated by Van Wyck Brooks and there is a preface by Emil Gauguin; edition of 999; there are numerous b/w illustrations from sketches by Gauguin.

Pound, Ezra. Poems 1918-1921. Boni and Liveright (1921). Including Three Portraits And Four Cantos

Smith, T.R. Poetica Erotica. Boni and Liveright (1921). A Collection Of Rare And Curious Amatory Verse. Three Volumes; Limited Edition of 1550 copies.

Henri, Robert. Robert Henri - His Life And Works. Boni and Liveright (1921). Edited By William Yarrow And Louis Bouche; With Forty Reproductions; 990 copies

ONeill, Eugene. The Emperor Jones. Boni and Liveright (1921). Diffrent: The Straw;2,200 copies published

ONeill, Eugene. The Moon Of The Caribees. Boni and Liveright (1921).

Foerster-Nietzsche, Elizabeth. The Nietzsche-Wagner Correspondence. Boni and Liveright (1921). Wagner, Richard and H.L. [Henry Louis] Mencken and Elizabeth Foerster-Nietzsche;1500 copies;Transl. by Caroline Kerr. Introduction by H.L. Mencken.

Dreiser, Theodore. A Book About Myself. Boni and Liveright (1922).

Hecht, Ben. Gargoyles.. Boni and Liveright (1922).

Moore, George. In Single Strictness.. Boni and Liveright (1922). 1050 numbered and signed copies; Special edition-printed privately for subscribers by

Arbiter, Petronius. Satyricon Of Petronius Arbiter. Boni and Liveright (1922). 2 Vols; Limited Edition, 1250 copies; Complete And Unexpurgated Translation By W.C. Firebaugh, In Which Are Incorporated The Forgeries Of Nodot And Marchena, And The Readings Introduced Into Text By De Salas; Illustrations by Norman Lindsay, in 47 plates.

Cummings, E. E. Enormous Room,The. Boni and Liveright (1922). 1st Printing, First Issue, withShit! uncensored in the last line on page 219.

ONeill, Eugene. The Hairy Ape. Boni and Liveright (1922). Anna Christie, The First Man; 2620 copies

Petronius,. The Satyricon. Boni and Liveright (1922).

,. The Satyricon Of Petronius Arbiter. Boni and Liveright (1922).

Arbiter, Petronius. The Satyricon Of Petronius Arbiter.. Boni and Liveright (1922). 2 volumes ;[Complete And Unexpurgated Translation By Wc Firebaugh, In Which Are Incorporated The Forgeries Of Nodot And Marchena, And The Readings Introduced Into The Text By De Salas] ; Illustrations by Norman Lindsay; 2 volumes; Limited edition of 1250 sets.

Eliot, T.S. The Waste Land.. Boni and Liveright (1922). Driscoll, Charles B; Limited numbered edition, 1000 copies printed. The first limited edition of 1000 was issued in two batches; the first 500 with flexible covers, and the second 500 with hard covers. Many of the first 500 have the full wordmountain on p. 41. But somewhere in the print run thea ofmountain fell out, hence the remainder of the printing hasmount in instead on p. 41. The second printing followed in the same year, restricted to another 1000 copies with stiff covers, all of which havemount in on p. 41.

Barnes, Djuna. A Book.. Boni and Liveright (1923). Illustrated by the author; Six drawings by the author; The authors second book, containing eleven stories, eleven poems and three plays

Bernays, Edward L. Crystallizing Public Opinion.. Boni and Liveright (1923).

Marbury, Elisabeth. My Crystal Ball. Boni and Liveright (1923). Reminiscences; Illustrated with photographs. Autobiography of Marbury, an authors and theatrical agent.

Mcgraw, John J. My Thirty Years In Baseball. Boni and Liveright (1923). Introduction by George Cohan

Yazierska, Anzia. Salome Of The Tenements. Boni and Liveright (1923).

Dreiser, Theodore. TheGenius.. Boni and Liveright (1923). foreword by Merton S. Yewdale

Dreiser, Theodore. The Color Of A Great City.. Boni and Liveright (1923). Illustrated by C.B. Falls

Jackson, Henry E. The Thomas Jefferson Bible. Boni and Liveright (1923).

Doughty, Charles M. Travels In Arabia Deserta. Boni and Liveright (1923). 2 volumes; Introduction by T. E. Lawrence; Numerous b/w text and full page illustrations, plates and maps, some folding with a frontispiece in each volume and a folding map in rear pocket of vol. I. Featuring numerous black-and-white illustrations and maps throughout both volumes, many of them fold-out. Each volume contains a photogravure frontispiece. Volume I houses a pristine, colorsketch map itinerarium of part of North Western Arabia and Negd on linen-backed paper, within a rear pocket. D56

Munson, Gorham B. Waldo Frank. Boni and Liveright (1923). A Study By Gorham B. Munson; limited to 500 numbered copies with the original photograph frontispiece by Alfred Steiglitz

Sayers, Dorothy L. Whose Body?. Boni and Liveright (1923). 3,503 copies

Carroll, Lewis. Alices Adventure In Wonderland. Boni and Liveright (1924). Through The Looking-Glass; The Hunting Of The Snark; Illustrations by John Tenniel; 300 copies.

ONeill, Eugene. All Gods Chillun Got Wings And Welded. Boni and Liveright (1924).

Kaufman, George S. Beggar On Horseback. Boni and Liveright (1924).

Frank, Waldo. Chalk Face.. Boni and Liveright (1924).

Moss, Geoffrey. Defeat. Boni and Liveright (1924).

Marbury, Elisabeth. My Crystal Ball; Reminiscences. Boni and Liveright (1924).

Stekel, Wilhelm. Peculiarities Of Behavior. Boni and Liveright (1924). Wandering Mania, Dipsomania, Cleptomania, Pyromania And Allied Impulsive Acts. Authorized English Version By James S. Van Teslaar

Fabian, Warner. Sailors Wives. Boni and Liveright (1924). Samuel Hopkins Adams

Frank, Waldo. Salvos. Boni and Liveright (1924). An Informal Book About Books And Plays

ONeill, Eugene. The Complete Works Of Eugene Oneill. Boni and Liveright (1924). 2 volumes; LIMITED EDITION OF 1200 NUMBERED COPIES; SIGNED BY ONEILL on the limitation page. ; Contents, Vol. 1:Anna Christie; Beyond the Horizon;The First Man; Diffrent; Gold; The Moon of the Caribbees; Bound East for Cardiff; The Long Voyage Home; In the Zone; Ile. Vol. 2: The Emperor Jones;The hairy Ape; All Gods Chillun Got Wings; Desire Under the Elms; Welded; The Straw; The Rope; The Dreamy Kid; Where the Cross is Made; Before Breakfast

Mayer, Edwin Justus. The Firebrand. Boni and Liveright (1924). A Comedy In The Romantic Spirit

Strong, Anna Louise. The First Time In History.. Boni and Liveright (1924). With A Preface By L. Trotsky; Two Years Of Russias New Life (August, 1921, To December, 1923)

Masters, Edgar Lee. The New Spoon River. Boni and Liveright (1924). 360 numbered copies signed by the author

Artzybasheff, Mikhail. The Savage. Boni and Liveright (1924). Translated From The Russia By Gilbert Cannan And Mme. A. Strindberg

Mumford, Lewis. The Story Of Utopias. Boni and Liveright (1924). An Introduction By Hendrik Van Loon

Zola, Emile. The Works Of Emile Zola. Boni and Liveright (1924). 2050 sets; Translated into English from the French by various translators: Piping Hot by Percy Pinkerton, with an essay by Guy de Maupassant; LAssommoir by Arthur Symons, with an essay by Robert H. Sherard; Germinal by Havelock Ellis, with an essay by William Dean Howells; Nana by Victor Plarr, with an essay by George Moore; La Terre by Ernest Dowson, with an essay by Harry Thurston Peck; La Curee by A. G. De Mattos, with an essay by Henry James

Fauset, Jessie Redmon. There Is Confusion. Boni and Liveright (1924).

Isman, Felix. Weber And Fields.. Boni and Liveright (1924). Their Tribulations, Triumphs, And Their Associates

Dreiser, Theodore. An American Tragedy. Boni and Liveright (1925). 2 Volume Set; Limited to 795 Numbered SIGNED BY DREISER

Ricci, Corrado. Beatrice Cenci. Boni and Liveright (1925). Translated From The Italian By Morris Bishop And Henry Longan Stuart; 2 Volumes

Aiken, Conrad. Bring! Bring!. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Doolittle, Hilda. Collected Poems Of H. D.. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Anderson, Sherwood. Dark Laughter. Boni and Liveright (1925). limited to 350 numbered copies signed by Sherwood Anderson. total edition of 370 signed copies.

ONeill, Eugene. Desire Under The Elms. Boni and Liveright (1925). 1st printing.

Schneider, Isidor. Doctor Transit.. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Loeb, Harold A. Doodab. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Loos, Anita. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Boni and Liveright (1925). Barton, Ralph. The Illuminating Diary Of A Professional Lady; Illustrated By Ralph Barton ; First issue with1925 on the title page andDivine forDevine on the Contents page

Hemingway, Ernest. In Our Time. Boni and Liveright (1925). first rpinting only 1335 copies. IncludesBig Two Hearted River - Parts 1 and 2,My Old Man,Soldiers Home,The Battler,

Taggard, Genevieve. May Days. Boni and Liveright (1925). An Anthology Of Verse From Masses-Liberator; With Woodcuts By J.J. Lankes; Verse by Max Eastman, John Reed, E.E. Cummings, Claude McKay, C.E.S. Wood, Louis Ginsberg, Arturo Giovannitti, Louise Bogan, Charles Ashleigh, Elsa Gidlow, Floyd Dell, Ralph Chaplin, Michael Gold, Harry Kemp, Gelett Burgess, and others.

Marion, Frances. Minnie Flynn. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Hedin, Sven. My Life As An Explorer. Boni and Liveright (1925). Translated by Alfhild Huebsch; Illustrated by the author - 8 color illustrations (including frontispiece). One hundred and sixty-five b/w illustrations including maps.

Aiken, Conrad. Priapus And The Pool. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Aiken, Conrad. Priapus And The Pool. Boni and Liveright (1925).

Jeffers, Robinson. Roan Stallion, Tamar and Other Poems. Boni and Liveright (1925). First printing, which consisted of only 1200 copies

Giles, Herbert. Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio. Boni and Liveright (1925). One hundred and sixty-four stories from the Liao-chai chih-i by Pu Sung-ling ; Story titles include: Adulteration punished--The Alchemist--Another SOlomon--The Boat-girl Bride--The boatmen of Lao-lung--Carrying a Corpse--The Butterflys Revenge--The Censor in Purgatory--The Clay Image--The Country of the Cannibals--Cruelty Avenged--The Dead Priest--Death by Laughing--The Disembodied Friend--The Donkeys Revenge--Engaged to a Nun--Examination for the Post of Guardian Angel--The Faithless Widow--Feasting the Ruler of Purgatory--Feng Shui--The Flower-nymphs--The Fortune Hunter Punished--The Gamblers Talisman--His Fathers Ghost--TheInjustice of Heaven--In the Infernal Regions--Joining the Immortals--The Lingering Death--The Marriage Lottery--The Mirror and Listen Trick--Mr. Willow and the Locusts--Raising the Dead--The Salt Smuggler--The Self-punished Murderer--Smelling Essays--The Stolen Eyes--Theft of the Peach--The Tiger Guest--The Tipsy Turtle--The Wei-chi Devil--The Wine Insect--The Wonderful Stone

Boccaccio, Giovanni. The Decameron. Boni and Liveright (1925). 2 Volume Set; Translated By John Payne; Illustrated by Clara Tice with forty-eight full page black and white engravings; 2,000 copies; signed by the publisher

Douglas, Donald. The Grand Inquisitor. Boni and Liveright (1925). 1st printing

Lawton, Mary. The Queen Of Cooks. Boni and Liveright (1925). And Some Kings (The Story Of Rosa Lewis); 29 black and white photographic illustrations.

Young, Stark. The Saint. Boni and Liveright (1925). A Play In Four Acts

Hecht, Ben. Count Bruga. Boni and Liveright (1926). First printing

Crompton, Richmal. Dread Dwelling. Boni and Liveright (1926). The House, In England

Parker, Dorothy. Enough Rope. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Loos, Anita. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Boni and Liveright (1926). The Intimate Diary Of A Professional Lady; Illustrated By Ralph Barton

Cummings, E E. Is 5 (Five). Boni and Liveright (1926). 77 copies signed by the author

Dreiser, Theodore. Moods Cadenced And Declaimed.. Boni and Liveright (1926). LIMITED EDITION OF 550 NUMBERED COPIES SIGNED BY DREISER on the limitation page

Pound, Ezra. Personae. Boni and Liveright (1926). First American edition; Edited With An Introduction By Noel Stock; The Collected Poems Of Ezra Pound. Including Ripostes, Lustra, Homage To Sextus Propertius, H.S. Mauberley

Adams, Samuel Hopkins. Revelry. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Sterling, George. Robinson Jeffers: The Man And The Artist.. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Anderson, Sherwood. Sherwood Andersons Notebook. Boni and Liveright (1926). Containing Articles Written During The Authors Life As A Story Teller, And Notes Of His Impressions From Life: Scattered Through The Book ; LIMITED EDITION OF 225 NUMBERED COPIES; SIGNED BY ANDERSON.

Roheim, Geza. Social Anthropology. Boni and Liveright (1926). A Psycho-Analytic Study In Anthropology And A History Of Australian Totemism; Instruction by M.D. Eder

Faulkner, William. Soldiers Pay. Boni and Liveright (1926). Faulkners first novel; only 2,500 copies printed

Fabian, Warner. Summer Bachelors. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Anderson, Sherwood. Tar A Midwest Childhood. Boni and Liveright (1926). 350 numbered copies signed by Anderson on limitation page.

ONeill, Eugene. The Great God Brown. Boni and Liveright (1926). The Fountain, The Moon And The Caribbees And Other Plays ; 9 plays also include Bound East for Cardiff, The Long Voyage Home, In the Zone, Ile, Where the Cross Is Made, and The Rope

Newman, Frances. The Hard-Boiled Virgin. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Elser, Frank B. The Keen Desire. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Sullivan, Frank. The Life And Times Of Martha Hepplethwaite. Boni and Liveright (1926).

Walrond, Eric. Tropic Death. Boni and Liveright (1926). Ten short stories of Afro-Caribbean life, set in the West Indies, Panama, and the Central American isthmus.

Moore, George. Ulick and Soracha.. Boni and Liveright (1926). 1250 numbered copies; Signed by George Moore

Wassermann, Jacob. Wedlock. Boni and Liveright (1926). First American edition; Translated by Ludwig Lewisohn.

Crane, Hart. White Buildings. Boni and Liveright (1926). Foreword By Allen Tate; 500 copies; Contains Black Tambourine, My Grandmothers Love Letters,Sunday Morning Apples, Praise for an Urn, Garden Abstract, Chaplinesque, Repose of Rivers, Lachrymae Christi, The Wine Menagerie, For the Marriage of Faustus and Helen, At MelvillesTomb, Voyages I-VI. Schwartz and Schweik

Anderson, Sherwood. A New Testament. Boni and Liveright (1927). 265 copies signed by Anderson

Ryan, Don. Angels Flight. Boni and Liveright (1927).

Dreiser, Theodore. Chains. Boni and Liveright (1927). Lesser Novels And Stories; Limited to 440 copies. Signed by Dreiser; collection of novellas and stories, includingThe Prince Who Was a Thief

Woolrich, Cornell. Children Of The Ritz. Boni and Liveright (1927).

Rabelais, Francois. Complete Works Of Doctor Francois Rabelais. Boni and Liveright (1927). Two Volumes; (Translators) Thomas Urquhart; Peter Motteux; Features black and white illustrations by Frank C. Pape; limited edition of 4300 hand numbered sets.

Cummings, E.E. Him. Boni and Liveright (1927). LIMITED TO 160 NUMBERED COPIES, SIGNED BY AUTHOR E.E. CUMMINGS.

Hemingway, Ernest. In Our Time. Boni and Liveright (1927).

Mcpherson, Aimee Semple. In The Service Of The King. Boni and Liveright (1927). The Story Of My Life

Masters, Edgar Lee. Kit Obrien. Boni and Liveright (1927). Illustrated with woodcuts.

ONeill, Eugene. Lazarus Laughed. Boni and Liveright (1927). A Play For An Imaginative Theatre; 775 copies SIGNED AND NUMBERED BY EUGENE ONEILL

ONeill, Eugene. Marco Millions. Boni and Liveright (1927). 450 copies signed by ONeill

Faulkner, William. Mosquitoes. Boni and Liveright (1927). first issue dustwrapper with the red on green mosquito pattern of Faulkners second novel; A total of only 3047 copies.

Duncan, Isadora. My Life. Boni and Liveright (1927). 650 NUMBERED COPIES; Illustrated with 23 black and white photographs. The frontis photo and one other are by Arnold Genthe. There are also three photos by Edward Steichen

Pound, Ezra. Personae. Boni and Liveright (1927). The Collected Poems Of Ezra Pound - Ripostes, Lustra, Homage To Sextus Propertius, H.S. Mauberley ; Frontispiece portrait of pound by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska with other illustrations by Pounds wife, Dorothy Shakespeare

Sweeney, Ed. Poorhouse Sweeney. Boni and Liveright (1927). Life In A Country Poorhous; Foreword by Theodore Dreiser. Illustrated by the author(with a color frontispiece and reproducing black-and-white drawings by Ed Sweeney).

Ryttenberg, Lillie. Samples. Boni and Liveright (1927). A Collection Of Short Stories By George Ade, Sherwood Anderson, Barry Benefield, Konrad Bercovici, Louis Bromfield, Dorothy Canfield, Willa Cather, Theodore Dreiser, Edna Ferber, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zona Gale, John Galsworthy, Sam Hellman, Ernes

Rabelais, Francis. The Complete Works Of Francois Rabelais Abstractor Of The Quintessence. Boni and Liveright (1927). Being an account of the inestimable life of the great Gargantua, and of the heroic deeds, sayings, and marvellous voyeages of his son the good Pantagruel: the whole faithfully rendered into English by Sir Thomas Urquhart and Peter Motteux, with annotatiuons by Duchat, Ozell, and others, a new introduction by J. Lewis May, and many illustrations by FRANK C. PAPE; limited edition of 4000 numbered sets.

Mann, Klaus. The Fifth Child. Boni and Liveright (1927). A Modern Romance; First American edition;Translated From The German By Lambert Armour Shears;

Bell, Lady. The Letters Of Gertrude Bell. Boni and Liveright (1927). 2 Vols

Crawley, Ernest. The Mystic Rose. Boni and Liveright (1927). A Study Of Primitive Marriage And Of Primitive Thought In Its Bearing On Marriage; A New Edition, Revised And Greatly Enlarged By Theodore Besterman. Two Volumes

Wilde, Oscar. The Poems Of Oscar Wilde. Boni and Liveright (1927). 2000 copies

Loeb, Harold. The Professors Like Vodka. Boni and Liveright (1927).

Darrow, Clarence. The Prohibition Mania. Boni and Liveright (1927). A Reply To Professor Irving Fisher And Others

Radin, Paul. The Story Of The American Indian. Boni and Liveright (1927).

Tree, Iris. The Traveller. Boni and Liveright (1927). And Other Poems

Jeffers, Robinson. The Women At Point Sur. Boni and Liveright (1927). 265 numbered copies signed by Robinson Jeffers

Rabelais, Francois. The Works Of Francois Rabelais. Boni and Liveright (1927). Translated By Sir Thomas Urquhart And Peter Motteux; Introdution By J. Lewis May; Full page engravings by Frank C. Pape; 2 Vol.; Limited edition of 4300 copies.

Wasserman, Jacob. Wedlock. Boni and Liveright (1927). Translated By Ludwig Lewisohn

Barry, Philip. White Wings. Boni and Liveright (1927). Introduction by Donald Ogden Stewart

Wertenbaker, Charles. Boojum. Boni and Liveright (1928). Wertenbaker, Peyton

Loos, Anita. But - Gentlemen Marry Brunettes. Boni and Liveright (1928). Illus. By Ralph Barton

Newman, Frances. Dead Lovers Are Faithful Lovers. Boni and Liveright (1928).

Balzac, Honor De. Droll Stories. Boni and Liveright (1928). 2 Vols; 2050 sets signed by Boni and Liverig; Edited by Ernest Boyd; illustrated by Ralph Barton

ONeill, Eugene. Emperor Jones. Boni and Liveright (1928). 775 copy, signed by Eugene ONeill; Eight lithographs by King

Parker, Dorothy. Enough Rope. Boni and Liveright (1928).

Darrow, Clarence. Farmington. Boni and Liveright (1928).

Bodenheim, Maxwell. Georgie May. Boni and Liveright (1928).

Dreiser, Theodore. Moods. Boni and Liveright (1928). Cadenced And Disclaimed; with Fifteen Symbols By Hugh Gray Lieber

Duncan, Isadora. My Life. Boni and Liveright (1928). 650 copies; Signed by Duncan

Hoffenstein, Samuel. Poems In Praise Of Practically Nothing. Boni and Liveright (1928).

Merritt, Abraham. Seven Footprints To Satan. Boni and Liveright (1928).

ONeill, Eugene. Strange Interlude. Boni and Liveright (1928). 775 copies signed by ONeill

Parker, Dorothy. Sunset Gun. Boni and Liveright (1928). 275 copies signed by Parker

ONeill, Eugene. The Emperor Jones. Boni and Liveright (1928). 775 copies signed by the author on the limitation page; illustrated by Alexander King

Bell, Lady Gertrude. The Letters Of Gertrude Bell. Boni and Liveright (1928). 2 Volumes; Both volumes signed by Sarah E. Blanchard

Ronaldshay, Earl Of. The Life Of Lord Curzon. Boni and Liveright (1928). Being The Authorized Biography Of George Nathaniel Marquess Curzon Of Kedleston, K.G. Three volumes; colour portrait of Curzon by Max Beerbohm

Londres, Albert. The Road To Buenos Aires. Boni and Liveright (1928). Translated by Eric Sutton

Reck-Malleczewen, Fritz. Woman In Flight. Boni and Liveright (1928). Translated by Jenny Covan

ONeill, Eugene. Dynamo. Boni and Liveright (1929).

ONeill, Eugene. Mourning Becomes Electra. Boni and Liveright (1931).

Faulkner, William. Soldiers Pay. Boni and Liveright (1935).

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