Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Bodley Head Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Bodley Head, (sometimes also called The Bodley Head Press) is a very venerable and well-respected printing concern that grew out of the hard work and bibliographic obsessions of partners John Lane and Elkin Mathews, in the late nineteenth century.

Always high-minded but with a dash of humor, Bodley Head was named after the bust of Sir Thomas Bodley, the founder of the Bodleian Library at Oxford. It cleaved true to its namesake, and published works of high literary and academic esteem, including James Joyce, Shakespeare, Milton and the classic works of literature at the time. Bodley Head originally started as a collaborative effort between the two booksellers to establish a trade in London, collecting and selling rare books while publishing their own editions. The printing company however, went from success to success, even spawning the offshoot The Yellow Book, a quarterly illustrated literary journal of the late 1890's, associated with many of the leafing aesthetes, 'dandies' and transcendentalists of the day - including Beardsley, Oscar Wilde, Yeats, and Henry James.

The publishing concern itself became a private company in the 1920's but the 'stylish decadence' with which it was associated began to pale as the horrors of the first world war hit the national consciousness. It attempted to publish more popular fictional works (including Agatha Christie), but, however, did not really recover until it was resurrected as an imprint of both Penguin Books and, later, the publishing mega-corporation, Random House.

Its years of association with Penguin saw the imprint take on a much more creative and fictive mood; publishing many classics of literature, story, and rhyme including C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, Lewis Carol, and H.G Wells. It continued to maintain a high degree of finesse and elegance with its limited editions - many of them now command a very high price at auction, thanks to the respect paid to them by their owners and the legacy of the press as a whole.

Situated as it is, at the confluence of some of the great publishing houses of the nineteenth and early twentieth century; the Bodley Head is bound to attract a lot of interest, with many special signed editions or publisher-only copies available for a high price. For the careful collector (who may not want to pay tens of thousands of dollars) look instead for the first edition prints of the later Penguin Bodley Head Print, such as some of the very good Graham Greene edition still available for just a few hundred pounds. Whereas the full first edition set of C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia, signed and numbered by Penguin Bodley Head will cost some 25,000 dollars, a singular first edition (1955) of the first volume in that series The Magician's Nephew by Penguin Bodley Head is worth easily six-seven hundred UK pounds. (Over a thousand US dollars).

Le Gallienne, Richard. Volumes In Folio.. Bodley Head (1889). 250 unnumbered copies; first book published by Botley Head.

Todhunter, John. A Sicilian Idyll. Bodley Head (1890). A Pastoral Play in Two Scenes. 50 copies published. Signed by author.

Jalland, G. H. The Sporting Adventures Of Mr Popple.. Bodley Head (1890). illustrations including 10 full-page colour plates printed by Edmund Evans.

Crane, Walter. Renascence, A Book Of Verse.. Bodley Head (1891). 65 large paper copies; total edition of 500; illustrations by Crane. Engraved on wood by Arthur Leverett, photo-engraved by Emery Walker and W. Boutall.

Le Gallienne, Richard. English Poems. Bodley Head (1892). 150 copies; signed by author

Wilde, Oscar. Poems. Bodley Head (1892). 200 copies; signed by Wilde

Field, Michael. A Question Of Memory. Bodley Head (1893). A Play in Four Acts Produced at the Independent Theatre London on Friday October the 27th 1893 by Michael Field, Author of Stephania a Trialogue; 120 copies; Field, Michael [pseud. Of Katherine H. Bradley And Edith E. Cooper]

Watson, William. Excursions In Criticism. Bodley Head (1893). 50 large paper copies

Gale, Norman. Orchard Songs. Bodley Head (1893). 175 large paper copies

Warren, John Leicester. Poems Dramatic And Lyrical. Bodley Head (1893). 600 copies; engravings by Charles Ricketts.

Wedmore, Frederick. Renunciations. Bodley Head (1893). 375 copies; A Chemist In The Suburbs - A Confidence At The Savile - The North Coast And Eleanor

Le Gallienne, Richard. The Religion Of A Literary. Bodley Head (1893). 250 copies on handmade paper

De Gruchy, Augusta. Under The Hawthorn. Bodley Head (1893). Frontispiece by Walter Crane

Wilde, Oscar. A Woman Of No Importance. Bodley Head (1894). 500 copies

Monkhouse, Allan. Books And Plays. Bodley Head (1894). 464 copies

Egerton, George. Discords. Bodley Head (1894). Decorations by Beardsley

Marlowe, Christopher. Hero And Leander. Bodley Head (1894). and George Chapman, 220 copies; 7 woodcuts by Ricketts

Hazlitt, William. Liber Amoris Or The New Pygmalion. Bodley Head (1894). 500 copies

Wilde, Oscar. The Sphinx.. Bodley Head (1894). 200 copies; designed by Charles Ricketts

The Yellow Book.. Bodley Head (1894). An Illustated Quarterly, works include Beerbohm, Beardsley, Henry James, Siemens, Davidson, Sibert, Rothenstein, Houseman, Yeats, Linson, Grahame, Carve, Reggie Turner, Hodder, Robinson, Bachman, Golding, Wells, Lavern, Nest, Doran, Crane and many others. 13 volumes.

Nesbit, E. A Pomander Of Verse. Bodley Head (1895). 750 copies; Edith Nesbit

Swettenham, Frank Athelstane. Malay Sketches. Bodley Head (1895). Officier Dacademie:

Warren, John Byrne L. Poems Dramatic And Lyrical.second Series.. Bodley Head (1895). Lord De Tabley; 550 copies

Wells, H. G. Select Conversations With An Uncle. Bodley Head (1895).

Thompson, Francis. Sister Songs. Bodley Head (1895). An Offering To Two Sisters; frontispiece and title page decoration by Laurence Housman

Dalmon, C. W. Song Favours. Bodley Head (1895). 450 copies

Le Gallienne, Richard. The Book-Bills Of Narcissus.. Bodley Head (1895). 50 large paper copies

Machen, Arthur. The Three Imposters. Bodley Head (1895). Or The Transmutations.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. A Child`s Garden Of Verses.. Bodley Head (1896). Robinson, Charles illustrations; nearly 100 line drawings;

Thimm, Carl A. A Complete Bibliography Of Fencing And Duelling. Bodley Head (1896). As Practised By All European Nations From The Middle Ages To The Present Day. With A Classified Index, In Chronological Order, According To Languages (alphabetically Arranged). Illustrated With Numerous Portraits; 30 plates

Oppenheim, M. A History Of The Administration Of The Royal Navy. Bodley Head (1896). And Of Merchant Shipping In Relation To The Navy From MDIX To MDCLX With An Introduction Treating Of The Preceding Period; illustrated with Hand-coloured Frontis.

Peters, William Theodore. Posies Out Of Rings And Other Conceits. Bodley Head (1896).

King, Maude Egerton. Round About A Brighton Coach Office.. Bodley Head (1896). Illustrated By Lucy Kemp Welch.

Buchan, John. Scholar Gipsies. Bodley Head (1896).

Traill, H. D. The Barbarous Britishers. Bodley Head (1896). A Tip-top Novel.

Setoun, Gabriel. The Child World. Bodley Head (1896).

Housman, Clemence. The Were-wolf. Bodley Head (1896). With Six Illustrations By Laurence Housman and Letters From Clemence And Laurence Housman

Beerbohm, Max. The Works Of Max Beerbohm.. Bodley Head (1896). With A Bibliography By John Lane

Robertson, John MacKinnon. New Essays Towards A Critical Method. Bodley Head (1897).

Custance, Olive. Opals. Bodley Head (1897).

Gardner, Herb. Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam. Bodley Head (1897). 1250 copies

Meynell, Alice. The Children. Bodley Head (1897).

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler. Bodley Head (1897). Edited With An Introduction By Richard Le Gallienne. Illustrated By Edmund H. New.

Russell, George A. E. The Earth Breath And Other Poems. Bodley Head (1897).

Beerbohm, Max. The Happy Hypocrite.. Bodley Head (1897). A Fairy Tale For Tired Men. Will Bradley, Designer And Printer

Le Gallienne, Richard. The Quest Of The Golden Girl. Bodley Head (1897).

Grahame, Kenneth. Dream Days. Bodley Head (1898).

Egerton, George. Fantasias. Bodley Head (1898). pseudonym Of Mary Chavelita Dunne Bright;

Buchan, John. John Burnet Of Barns. Bodley Head (1898).

Bennett, E.A. Journalism For Women. Bodley Head (1898). A Practical Guide

Field, Eugene. Lullaby-land. Bodley Head (1898). Grahame, Kenneth. Illustrated By Charles Robinson.

Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Original Poetry By Victor and Cazire. Bodley Head (1898). Shelley, Elizabeth

Grahame, Kenneth. The Headswomen. Bodley Head (1898).

Watson, William. The Hope Of The World. Bodley Head (1898).

Lestrange, Sir Roger. A Hundred Fables Of Aesop. Bodley Head (1899). From The English Version Of, And An Introduction By Kenneth Grahame ; illustrated by Percy J. Billinghurst

Buchan, John. A Lost Lady Of Old Years. Bodley Head (1899).

Grahame, Kenneth. Dream Days. Bodley Head (1899).

Thackery, Francis St. John. Florilegium Latinum. Bodley Head (1899). Translations Into Latin Verse: Pre-victorian Poets (vol. I) and Victorian Poets (vol. II); and Edward Daniel Stone (editors)

Buchan, John. Grey Weather. Bodley Head (1899). Moorland Tales Of My Own People

Rand, W.B. Lilliput Lyrics.. Bodley Head (1899). With R. Brimley Johnson (editor); black and white illustrations by Charles Robinson; color frontis

Beerbohm, Max. More. Bodley Head (1899).

Beardsley, Aubrey. The Early Work Of Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1899). With A Prefatory Note By H. C. Marillier

Grahame, Kenneth. The Golden Age. Bodley Head (1899). 18 monochrome full page plates (as issued) illustrations by Maxfield Parrish

Le Gallienne, Richard. Young Lives. Bodley Head (1899).

Billinghurst, Percy J. A Hundred Fables Of La Fontaine. Bodley Head (1900). Of La Fontaine; 100 full-page illustrations in b/w by Percy J. Billinghurst

Phillips, Stephen. Paolo and Francesca. Bodley Head (1900). A Tragedy In Four Acts.

Harland, Henry. The Cardinals Snuff-box.. Bodley Head (1900).

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley. The Filipino Martyrs. Bodley Head (1900). A Story Of The Crime Of February 4, 1899; Barrister At Law, Inner Temple, An Eye Witness; fold-out map at front; 3 interior photographs

Grahame, Kenneth. The Golden Age. Bodley Head (1900). 18 Black and White Illustrations by Maxfield Parrish; illustrated title page with the 1900 date, with the book actually published in 1899

Beardsley, Aubrey. The Later Work Of Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1900). 174 full-page plates.

White, Gilbert. The Natural History Of Selborne. Bodley Head (1900). Edited with notes by Grant allen, illustrations by Edmund H. New; two portrait plates; full page and text illustrations

Sharp, Evelyn. The Other Side Of The Sun Fairy Stories. Bodley Head (1900). 8 chapters, each with its own title page and frontispiece; illustrated by Nellie Syrett.

Garstin, Norman. The Suitors Of Aprille.. Bodley Head (1900). 19 line illustrations by Robinson.

Stevenson, Robert Louis,. A Child`s Garden Of Verses.. Bodley Head (1901). Illustrated By Charles Robinson

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Casa Guidi Windows. Bodley Head (1901). photogravure frontispiece of the Casa Guidi facade

Rolfe, F. In His Own Image. Bodley Head (1901). 1500 copies for the USA (500 were for the Colonial Edition); Baron Corvo

Beardsley. The Early Work Of Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1901). With A Prefaratory Note By H.C. Marillier [together With] The Later Work Of Aubrey Beardsley; 2 vols.; Vol 1. 154 plates; Vol 2. 173 plates.

Grahame, Kenneth. Dream Days. Bodley Head (1902). 10 Black and White illustrations by Maxfield Parrish

Fea, Allen. King Monmouth :. Bodley Head (1902). Being A History Of The Career Of James Scottthe Protestant Duke 1649-1685; illustrated by the author; includes 14 photogravure portraits and 1 folding battle plan.

Khayyam, Omar. Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam. Bodley Head (1902). A Paraphase From Several Literal Translations By Richard Le Gallienne

White, Gilbert. The Natural History Of Selborne. Bodley Head (1902). Edited with notes by Grant Allen and illustrations by Edmund H. New.

Stokoe, Edith S. With Napoleon At St. Helena:. Bodley Head (1902). Being The Memoirs of Dr. John Stokoe, Naval Surgeon; Stokoe, Dr. John (translated From The French Of Paul Fremeaux By Edith S. Stokoe); portrait frontispiece of Stokoe; 4 full page facsimiles in text

Bartrum, E. Rev. F.R.H.S. The Book Of Plums And Pears. Bodley Head (1903). With Chapters On Cherries And Mulberries Vol. XI Handbooks Of Practical Gardening; Photographs

Corvo, Frederick Baron. The Rubaiyat Of Umar Khaiyam. Bodley Head (1903). 500 copies; Done Into English From The French Text Of J. B. Nicolas By Frederick Baron Corvo.with An Introduction By Nathan Haskell Dole.

Roberts, Harry. The Tramps Hand-book. Bodley Head (1903).

Stevenson, Robert Louis. A Child`s Garden Of Verses.. Bodley Head (1904).

Robertson, W. Graham. A Masque Of May Morning. Bodley Head (1904). illustrated by W.G. Robertson.

Gibbons, Alfred St. Hill Major. Africa, From South To North Through Marotseland. Bodley Head (1904). 2 volumes in 1; portrait frontispiece, 85 black and white illustrations, 1 folding map, together with 2 large folding maps in linen.

Vizetelly, Ernest A. Emile Zola - Novelist And Reformer. Bodley Head (1904). An Account Of His Life and Work, Illustrated By Portraits, Views, and Facsimiles

Elliott, Ernest C. Fifty Leaders Of British Sport. Bodley Head (1904). 50 photos

Wharton, Edith. Italian Villas And Their Gardens. Bodley Head (1904). Illustrated with pictures by Maxfield Parrish

Curtis, Charles H. The Book Of Topiary. Bodley Head (1904). Gibson, William.

Morris, William. The Defence Of Guenevere. Bodley Head (1904). 24 full-page black and white plates illustrated by Jessie M. King.

Grahame, Kenneth. The Golden Age. Bodley Head (1904). 19 full-page illustrations by Maxfield Parrish

Chesterton, Gilbert K. The Napoleon Of Notting Hill. Bodley Head (1904). 5,000 copies; 7 illustrations by Graham W. Robertson and 1 map.

Beardsley, Aubrey. Under The Hill And Other Essays In Prose And Verse. Bodley Head (1904). By Aubrey Beardsley. With Illustrations. With A Publishers Note By John Lane; 50 large paper copies; 17 drawings by Beardsley.

Byles, C.E. Life And Letters Of R.S. Hawker. Bodley Head (1905). with two sketches by George Howard, Earl of Carlisle, lithographs by J. Ley Pethybridge, and reproductions from paintings, photographs, etc.

Fea, Allan. Memoirs Of The Martyr King. Bodley Head (1905). Being A Detailed Record Of The Last Two Years Of The Reign Of His Most Sacred Majesty King Charles The First (1646 -1648-9); 400 copies; colour frontispiece of Charles I.

Glasfurd, A. Captain. Rifle And Romance In The Indian Jungle. Bodley Head (1905). A Record Of Thirteen Years; illustrations, photos.

Byles, C. E. The Life And Letters Of R. S. Hawker. Bodley Head (1905). (sometime Vicar Of Morwenstow)

Maxwell, Donald. The Log Of The Griffin.. Bodley Head (1905). 16 color woodcuts, 101 drawings; illustrations by the author and Cottington Taylor.

Symons, Arthur Dowson. The Poems Of Ernest Dowson. Bodley Head (1905). with a Memoir By Arthur Symons, Four Illustrations By Aubrey Beardsley, and a Portrait By William Rothenstein -- First Collected Edition

Hubback, J.H. Jane Austens - Sailor Brothers. Bodley Head (1906). Being The Adventures Of Sir Francis Austen, Gcb, Admiral Of The Fleet And Rear-admiral Charles Austen; Edith Hubback; 23 photos/illustrations

Calvert, Albert F. Moorish Remains In Spain. Bodley Head (1906). Being A Brief Record Of The Arabian Conquest Of The Peninsular With A Particular Account Of The Mohammedan Architecture And Decoration In Cordova, Seville and Toledo; 84 coloured plates and numerous black and white plates from photographs and from drawings.

Wilde, Oscar. Salome. Bodley Head (1906). A Tragedy In One Act, Translated From The French Of Oscar Wilde.

Calvert, Albert. The Alhambra.. Bodley Head (1906). Being A Brief Record Of The Arabian Conquest Of The Peninsula With A Particular Account Of The Mohammedan Architecture And Decoration; 108 chromolithographic plates taken from Owen Jones earlier work and 250 black and white photographs and line drawing illustrations.

Lee, Vernon. The Spirit Of Rome. Bodley Head (1906). Leaves From A Diary

Lane, John. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Bodley Head (1907). And Other Pageants For A Baby Girl.

Lechmere, Joscelyne. Pretty Polly The History Of Her Career On The Turf. Bodley Head (1907). 85 numbered copies.

Wilde, Oscar. Salome. Bodley Head (1907). 16 Beardsley Plates. A Tragedy In One Act: Translated From The French Of Oscar Wilde, With Sixteen Drawings By Aubrey Beardsley

Calvert, Albert F. Spanish Arms And Armour:. Bodley Head (1907). Being A Historical And Descriptive Account Of The Royal Armoury Of Madrid, By Albert F. Calvert; With 386 Illustrations

Dickinson, Francis Arthur Captain. Big Game Shooting On The Equator. Bodley Head (1908). With An Introduction By Sir Charles Norton Eliot, Late Commissioner For British East Africa; 75 illustrations on 45 plates.

Calvert, Albert F. Goya:. Bodley Head (1908). An Account Of His Life And Works By Albert F. Calvert, With 612 Reproductions From His Pictures, Etchings, And Lithographs

Dallimore, W. Holly, Yew and Box. Bodley Head (1908). With Notes On Other Evergreens; 175 B/W illustrations

Woodward, Ida. In And Around The Isle Of Purbeck. Bodley Head (1908). Illustrated By John W.G. Bond; 36 colour plates by John W.G. Bond

Joly, Henri L. Legend In Japanese Art. Bodley Head (1908). A Description Of Historical Episodes Legendary Characters, Folk-lore Myths, Religious Symbolism Illustrated In The Arts Of Old Japan With Upwards Of 700 Illustrations Iincluding Sixteen Full-page Reproductions In Colour

Hainsselin, M. T. The Island Of Maids. Bodley Head (1908). A Romance Of The Mediterranean.

Dowson, Ernest. The Story Of Beauty And The Beast. Bodley Head (1908). The Complete Fairy Story Translated From The French By Ernest Dowson; 300 copies

Herbert, Agnes. Two Dianas In Somaliland. Bodley Head (1908). The Record Of A Shooting Trip With Twenty-five Illustrations Reproduced From Photographs.

Stevenson, R. L. A Child`s Garden Of Verses.. Bodley Head (1909).

Baring-Gould, S., M.A. Cornish Characters And Strange Events. Bodley Head (1909). 62 full-page illustrations.

Pirie, P. Kashmir, The Land Of Streams and Solitudes. Bodley Head (1909). 25 full-page watercolours by H.R. Pirie and 112 b/w illustratons

Bleackley, Horace. Ladies Fair And Frail. Bodley Head (1909). Sketches Of The Demi-monde During The Eighteenth Century; 16 illustrations including frontispiece

Dennistoun, James. Memoirs Of The Dukes Of Urbino. Bodley Head (1909). Illustrating The Arms, Arts and Literature Of Italy, 1440-1630: A New Edition With Notes and Over A Hundred Illustrations In Three Volumes

Herbert, Agnes. Two Dianas In Alaska. Bodley Head (1909). And A Shikari; 30 full-page photographs

Allen, J. W. Wheel Magic. Bodley Head (1909). Or Revolutions Of An Impressionist

Holbach, Maude M. Bosnia And Herzegovina. Bodley Head (1910). Some Wayside Wanderings; 48 black and white photos and map

Dickinson, F.A. Captain. Lake Victoria To Khartoum. Bodley Head (1910). With Rifle and Camera; With An Introduction By Winston S. Churchill; 80 photos; includes photos of Churchill

Crane, D. B. The Book Of The Sweet Pea. Bodley Head (1910).

Stebbing, E.P. Jungle By-ways In India. Bodley Head (1911). Leaves From The Note-book Of A Sportsman And A Naturalist; over 100 illustrations

Schreiber, Charlotte Lady. Lady Charlotte Schreibers Journals. Bodley Head (1911). Confidences Of A Collector Of Ceramics And Antiques Throughout Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, and Germany From The Year 1869 To 1885. 2 Volumes.

Broadley, A.M. Napoleon In Caricature 1795-1821. Bodley Head (1911). With An Introduction Essay On Pictorial Satire As A Factor In Napoleonic History By J. Holland Rose. Nearly 250 Illustrations, 24 In Colour. In Two Vols.

Beardsley, Aubrey. The Early Work and The Later Work Of Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1911). 2 Volumes; Vol 1 - 157 plates; Vol 2 - 174 Plates; With A Prefatory Note By H. C. Marillier

Chamberlain, Houston Stewart. The Foundations Of The Nineteenth Century. Bodley Head (1911). 2 Volumes

Custance, Olive. The Inn Of Dreams. Bodley Head (1911).

Matcham, M. Eyre. The Nelsons Of Burnham Thorpe. Bodley Head (1911). A Record Of A Norfolk Family Compiled From Unpublished Letters And Notebooks 1787-1842; photogravure frontispiece; black and white 14 plates

Phillips, Stephen. The New Inferno. Bodley Head (1911). 320 copies; illustrated by Vernon Hill with 16 full-page plates

Bertram, James. The Starlit Mire. Bodley Head (1911). and F. Russell; 350 copies; illustrated by Austin Osman Spare.

Hill, Vernon. Ballads Weird And Wonderful. Bodley Head (1912). 500 copies; frontispiece and 25 plates by Vernon Hill

Way, Thomas R. Memories Of James McNeill Whistler. Bodley Head (1912). Lithograph frontis; 37 plates, including lithos and 6 colour plates

Wilde, Oscar. Salome. Bodley Head (1912). A Tragedy In One Act; 16 black and white drawings by Audrey Beardsley

Montagu, Violette. Sophie Dawes, Queen Of Chantilly. Bodley Head (1912). With A Photogravure Frontispiece And Sixteen Other Illustrations And Three Plans; 2 fold-out genealogical tables

Stebbing, E.P. Stalks In The Himalaya. Bodley Head (1912). Jottings Of A Sportsman-naturalist; 7 b/w plates; 94 text drawings

Leacock, Stephen. Sunshine Sketches Of A Little Town. Bodley Head (1912).

Doughty, Katharine Frances. The Betts Of Wortham In Suffolk 1480 - 1905. Bodley Head (1912). 25 illustrations including portrait frontis

Munro, H. H. The Chronicles Of Clovis. Bodley Head (1912).

Chaucer, Daniel. The New Humpty-Dumpty. Bodley Head (1912).

Weale, W. J. James. The Van Eycks And Their Art. Bodley Head (1912). 34 plates and 9 illustrations in text; With The Cooperation Of Brockwell, Maurice W.

Dickinson, H. W. Robert Fulton. Engineer And Artist.. Bodley Head (1913). His Life And Works. Engraved frontis; 32 figs.

Wilby, Thomas W. A Motor Tour Through Canada. Bodley Head (1914). 31 black and white illustrations from photographs

Wilby, Thomas W. A Motor Tour Through Canada. Bodley Head (1914).

Munro, H. H. Beasts And Super-beasts. Bodley Head (1914).

Lewis, Wyndham. Blast. Bodley Head (1914). Lewis, Wyndham [editor]; Illustrated By Wyndham Lewis, Edward Wadsworth, Gaudier Brzeska And Others; Review Of The Great English Vortex, No. 1 June 20th, 1914; 22 black and white plates; 1 full-page woodcut

Gibson, Frank. Charles Conder. Bodley Head (1914). His Life And Work - With A Catalogue Of The Lithographs And Etchings By Campbell Dodgson, M.A., Keeper Of Prints And Drawings, British Museum; 12 colour plates; 2 black and white photographs of the author; 107 black and white plates

Gust, Albina Lucy. Chronicles Of Erthig On The Dyke. Bodley Head (1914). 2 volumes

Ross, Robert. Forty-three Drawings By Alastair. Bodley Head (1914). With A Note Of Exclamation By Robert Ross; 500 copies

Davidson, L. Marion. Gates Of The Dolomites:. Bodley Head (1914). With Chapters On The History And Flora Of The Dolomites; And F. M. Spencer Thomson [introduction By Melvill Beachcroft]; large folding map

Lee, Vernon. Louis Norbert. Bodley Head (1914). A Two-fold Romance; (pseudonym Of Violet Paget).

De Vere Stacpoole, H. Poppyland. Bodley Head (1914). 17 full page color illustrations by Leighton Pearce

Keats, John. The Keats Letters, Papers. Bodley Head (1914). And Other Relics Formiing The Dilke Bequest In The Hampstead Public Library. 320 copies.

Goring-Thomas, A.R. The Strong Heart. Bodley Head (1914). The Story Of A Lady

Brangwyn, Frank. A Book Of Bridges. Bodley Head (1915). And Walter Shaw Sparrow; 35 color plates and 36 black and white illustrations by Brangwyn

Grogan, Gerald. A Drop In Infinity. Bodley Head (1915).

Burpee, Lawrence J. Among The Canadian Alps. Bodley Head (1915). 4 Full colour plates, 45 full page reproductions and five maps

Coxon, Stanley W. And That Reminds Me. Bodley Head (1915). Being Incidents Of A Life Spent At Sea, And In The Andaman Islands, Burma, Australia, And India

Brangwyn, Frank. A Book Of Bridges. Bodley Head (1915).

Woods, Margaret L. Come Unto These Yellow Sands. Bodley Head (1915). With 16 color and many black and white illustrations by J. Hancock.

Grahame, Kenneth. The Golden Age. Bodley Head (1915). 19 full-color plates; illustrations by R.J. Enraght-Moony

Beerbohm, Max. The Happy Hypocrite. Bodley Head (1915). 24 full-page color illustrations by George Sheringham

Roustam - Bek, B. Aerial Russia.. Bodley Head (1916). Tagayev, Boris Leonidovich; Kennedy, Chessborough Mackenzie;The Romance Of The Giant Aeroplane; 19 Plates

Emmanuel, Maurice. Antique Greek Dance. Bodley Head (1916). 600 illustrations; numerous black and white photos

Gallatin, A. E. Certain Contemporaries:. Bodley Head (1916). A Set Of Notes In Art Criticism; 250 copies; 24 plates, including photogravure frontispiece; 250 copies

Pound, Ezra. Gaudier-brzeska. Bodley Head (1916). A Memoir; including The Published Writings Of The Sculptor, And A Selection From His Letters; 38 illustrations; 450 UK copies; 200 US Copies

Hampden, Gordon. Our Hospital A B C. Bodley Head (1916). Dennys, Joyce (illustrator); and M. G. Tindall; 25 full-page illustrations by Lagan and Cumming of Eninburgh

Dreiser, Theodore. Plays Of The Natural And Supernatural. Bodley Head (1916). four-page essay by Dreiser titledThe Anaesthetic Revelation tipped-in

Anderson, Sherwood. Windy Mcphersons Son. Bodley Head (1916). 2500 copies

Hunt, Violet. Zeppelin Nights. Bodley Head (1916). A London Entertainment; and Ford Madox Hueffer;

Hearne, R. P. Zeppelins And Super- Zeppelins.. Bodley Head (1916). 16 full-page illustrations, 9 in text

Bleackley, Horace. Life Of John Wilkes. Bodley Head (1917). 27 illustrations and large folding genealogical chart

Sackville-West, Vita. Poems Of West And East. Bodley Head (1917).

Williamson, George C. Life And Work Of Ozias Humphry, R.A.. Bodley Head (1918). 400 copies; b/w photos

Hueffer, Ford Madox. On Heaven. Bodley Head (1918). And Other Poems Written On Active Service

Beerbohm, Max. The Happy Hypocrite. Bodley Head (1918). 50 numbered copies; colored illustrations by George Sheringham

Whale, George. British Airships Past Present And Future.. Bodley Head (1919). 24 full-page b/w illustrations and fold-out sections.

Simpson, Thomas. Modern Etchings And Their Collectors. Bodley Head (1919). With 25 Reproductions In Photogravure And An Original Signed Etching By W. P. Robins; 50 copies; Hand-made paper

Williamson, G. C. Dr. Murray Marks And His Friends. Bodley Head (1919). A Tribute of Regard

Sparrow, Walter Shaw. Prints and Drawings By Frank Brangwyn. Bodley Head (1919). With Some Other Phases Of His Art; Coloured frontis + 48 coloured and sepia plates, 6 being double page spreads; 97 b/w illustrations in text

Fowl. The Third Eve Book. Bodley Head (1919). drawings by Fish

Munro, H.H. The Toys Of Peace. Bodley Head (1919). And Other Papers, With A Portrait And A Memoir; portrait frontis; posthumously published; aka Saki

Tayler, Henrietta. A Scottish Nurse At Work. Bodley Head (1920). Being A Record Of What One Semi-trained Nurse Has Been Privileged To See And Do During Four And A Half Years Of War With Seven Illustrations

Van Dieren, Bernard. Epstein. Bodley Head (1920). 50 reproductions in collotype

Faure, Elie. History Of Art. Bodley Head (1920). 4 Volumes: Ancient Art; Medieval Art; Renaissance Art; And Modern Art; Translated From The French By Walter Pach

Holt, Lee. Paris In Shadow. Bodley Head (1920).

Tree, Iris. Poems. Bodley Head (1920). black and white photograph of head of author as modelled by Jacob Epstein; 4 full page woodcuts by Curtis Moffat

Stebbing, E.P. The Diary Of A Sportsman Naturalist In India.. Bodley Head (1920). Illustratwst with black and white photos and sketches by the author and others; 26 full-page illustrations; 75 illustrations within the text

Wilde, Oscar. The Sphinx. Bodley Head (1920). 1000 copies; illustrated by Alastair (Baron Hans Henning Voight); 10 porchoir plates with titled tissue guards; extra plate tipped in at front and one at back; 13 decorated chapter initials

Sutherland, D. Capt. War Diary Of The Fifth Seaforth Highlanders. Bodley Head (1920). 51st (Highland) Division

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Beardsley, Aubrey. Under The Hill.. Bodley Head (1921). And Other Essays In Prose and Verse By Aubrey Beardsley With Illustrations; photogravure frontis (Beardsley at Mentone) and 16 platesby Beardsley (3 illustrations are published for the 1st time)

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Bosschere, Jean. Job Le Pauvre.. Bodley Head (1922). With English Translation; 550 copies; frontispiece by Wyndham Lewis; 14 illustrations by Bosschere on colored papers; English and French text; Avec Un Portrait Par Wyndham Lewis - Traduction Des Poemes En Anglais, Et Quatorze Gravures Noires.

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Chu-chia-Chien. The Chinese Theatre. Bodley Head (1922). 30 black and white and color illustrations from the paintings, sketches and crayon drawings by Alexandre Jacovleff; 10 plates (black and white) of Theatrical Engravings in rear.

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Mousley, Edward O Captain. The Secrets Of A Kuttite. Bodley Head (1922). An Authentic Story Of Kut, Adventures In Captivity And Stamboul Intrigue; 21 plates and three maps

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Hayter, Preston. Windmills. Bodley Head (1923). 75 numbered copies; special edition contains two woodcuts, one facting the title page and the other following, both autographed by Brangwyn. These woodcuts have not appeared in any other former publication or in thewindmills of ordinary issue

Leipnik, F.L. A History Of French Etching. Bodley Head (1924). From The 16th Century To Present Day; 100 numbered copies; 106 engravings reproduced in photogravure; contains 2 original signed etchings by Georges Gobo and Armand Goussens

Sparrow, Walter Shaw. Advertising And British Art. Bodley Head (1924). 36 colored, 121 half-tone prints, 27 text illustrations

Manners, Victoria Lady;. Angelica Kauffmann R.A.. Bodley Head (1924). Her Life And Her Works; Williamson, Dr, G. C.; 1000 copies; 79 illustrations in color and black and white; frontispiece color self-portrait of Angelica Kauffmann

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Bewick, Thomas. Memoir Of Thomas Bewick. Bodley Head (1924). Written By Himself 1822-1828; 61 illustrations

Christie, Agatha. Poirot Investigates. Bodley Head (1924).

Dubuisson, A. Richard Parkes Bonington: His Life And Work.. Bodley Head (1924). translated by C. E. Hughes; 1,000 copies; 88 illustrations, 17 in color

Furst, Herbert. The Decorative Art Of Frank Brangwyn. Bodley Head (1924). A Study Of The Problems Of Decoration With Special Reference To The Work Of This Artist; 120 numbered copies on Dutch Rag paper; original self-portrait woodcut by Frank Brangwyn, signed by him; 33 color illustrations; 150 monochrome illustrations

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The Man Who Never Understood. Bodley Head (1924).

Furst, Herbert. The Modern Woodcut. Bodley Head (1924). A Study Of The Evolution Of The Craft, With A Chapter On The Practice Of Xylography; THREE SIGNED ORIGINAL WOODCUTS by Gwen Raverat (The Fair Sex), John Greenwood (Richmond Castle) and A.P. Gallien (Anatole France). 75 copies.

Nicholas, J. B. The Rubaiyat Of Umar Khaiyam. Bodley Head (1924). Translated From The French Of J.b. Nicholas By Frederic Baron Covo, Together With A Reprint Of The French Text. Edited Withnotes And A Comparative Study Of The Original Texts, And An Introduction By Edward Heron-allen.

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Maurois, Andre. Ariel. Bodley Head (1925). a Shelley Romance;

Simpson, Charles. El Rodeo. Bodley Head (1925). One Hundred Sketches Made In The Arena During The Great International Contest (1924); Approximately 100 illustrations in color and black and white; introduction by R.B. Cunninghame Graham

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Ovid. Love Books Of Ovid. Bodley Head (1925). Being The Amores, Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris and Medicamina Faciei Femineae Of Publius Ovidius Naso; May, Lewis J. (translator) and De Bosschere, Jean (illusustrator)

Bullett, Gerald. The Bakers Cart And Other Tales. Bodley Head (1925).

Beardsley, Aubrey. The Early Work Of Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1925). With A Prefaratory Note By H.c. Marillier [together With] The Later Work Of Aubrey Beardsley [and] The Uncollected Work Of Aubrey Beardsley With And Introduction By C. Lewis Hind.

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May, J. Lewis. The Love Books Of Ovid;. Bodley Head (1925). Being The Amores, Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris And Medicamina Faciei Femineae Of Publius Ovidius Naso; (translator), Jean De Bosschere (illustrator); 3,000 copies

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Christie, Agatha. The Murder On The Links. Bodley Head (1925).

Wilde, Oscar. The Picture Of Dorian Gray. Bodley Head (1925).

Christie, Agatha. The Secret Of Chimneys. Bodley Head (1925).

Beardsley, Aubrey. The Uncollected Work Of Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1925). 110 copies of first limited edition

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Knox, Edmund. A Winter Sports Alphabet. Bodley Head (1926). writing under the pseudonym of EVOE; illustrated by Joyce Dennys

Mothersole, Jessie. Czechoslovakia: The Land Of An Unconquerable Ideal. Bodley Head (1926).

Byron, Lord. Don Juan. Bodley Head (1926). 93 illustrations and decorations by John Austen;

Foster, William Sir. John Company. Bodley Head (1926). frontispiece a protrait of Sir Thomas Smythe; 22 b/w plates

Gilbert, O. P. Men In Womens Guise. Bodley Head (1926). Some Historical Instances Of Female Impersonation. Translated From The French By Robert B. Douglas; 6 photoplates

Apperley, Charles James. Nimrods Hunting Reminiscences. Bodley Head (1926). Comprising Memoirs Of Masters Of Hounds, Notices Of The Crack Riders And Characteristics Of The Hunting Countries Of England; Nimrod. (pseud.); 51 illustrations

Cuming, E.D. Squire Osbaldeston: His Autobiography. Bodley Head (1926). Edited, With Commentary, By E. D. Cuming, Introduction By Sir Theodore Cook. With Sixteen Illustrations In Colour, And Seventy-five In Black And White, And A Map.

Barman, Christian. The Bridge, A Chapter In The History Of Building. Bodley Head (1926).

Walker, G. Goold. The Honourable Artillery Company 1537-1926. Bodley Head (1926). 250 copies; 78 plates

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una. The Shoeing Of Jerry-go-nimble And Other Dialect Poems.. Bodley Head (1926). 20 pen and ink drawings by Fred Lawson

Cabell, James Branch. The Silver Stallion. Bodley Head (1926). [poictesme En Chanson Et Legende] [last Siege Of The Fellowship; Mathematics Of Gonfal; Toupans Bright Bees; Coth At Porutsa; Mundus Vult Decipi; In The Sylans House; What Saraide Wanted; Candid Footprint

Maxwell, Donald. Sussex. Bodley Head (1926). Being A Series Of Unmethodical Explorations Of The County Illustrated In Line And Colour By The Author.

Ball, Katherine M. Decorative Motives Of Oriental Art. Bodley Head (1927). 673 black and white illustrations

Apocrypha. Ecclesiasticus. Bodley Head (1927). Or The Wisdom Of Jesus The Son Of Sirach. Introduction By C.lewis Hind.

Lee, Vernon. For Maurice. Five Unlikely Stories.. Bodley Head (1927). pseudonym of Violet Paget

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Nimrod. The Chace, The Road And The Turf. Bodley Head (1927). Illustrated By Francis Barlow and George Stubbs and Et Al; 8 color plates and 8 monochrome plates

Rabelais, Francois. The Complete Works Of Doctor Francois Rabelais. Bodley Head (1927). 4,300 copies; 2 volumes; Abstractor Of The Quintessence Being An Account Of The Inestimable Life Of The Great Gargantua, And Of The Heroic Deeds, Sayings And Marvellous Voyages Of His Son The Good Pantagruel

Simpson, Charles. The Harboro Country. Bodley Head (1927).

Forester, C. S. The Wonderful Week. Bodley Head (1927).

Simpson, Charles. Trencher and Kennel. Bodley Head (1927). Some Famous Yorkshire Packs Including The Bramham Moor The York And Ainsty Lord Middletons Hunt The Sinnington The Hilsdale and The Farndale; 150 copies; 26 color plates; 68 line illustrations

Gordon, Jan. Two Vagabonds In Albania. Bodley Head (1927). and Cora Gordon

Macfall, Haldane. Aubrey Beardsley. Bodley Head (1928). The Man And His Work. 100 copies; 13 prints

Le Blond, Aubrey. Day In Day Out. Bodley Head (1928).

Prevost, Abbe. Manon Lescant.. Bodley Head (1928). Translated From The French Of The Abbe Prevost By D.c. Moylan With Eleven Illustrations By Alastair, And An Introduction By Arthur Symons. 1,850 copies; 11 color plates

Hamilton, Anthony Count. Memoirs Of The Count De Grammont. Bodley Head (1928). Translated By Horace Walpole; 1000 copies

Chatterton, E. Keble. Old Sea Paintings. Bodley Head (1928). The Story Of Maritime Art As Depicted By The Great Masters; 100 copies; 3 extra illustrations in photogravure hand-printed in color mainly from the Macpherson collection.

Johnson, Alfred Forbes. One Hundred Title-pages 1500-1800. Bodley Head (1928). 100 plates of title-pages; 100 numbered copies copies on hand-made paper

Lee, Herbert Patrick. Policing The Top Of The World.. Bodley Head (1928).

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Selected Poems Of Algernon Charles Swinburne. Bodley Head (1928). 11 prints

Grahame, Kenneth. The Golden Age. Bodley Head (1928). Illustrated by Ernest H Shepard; 275 copies signed by author and illustrator.

Northey, W. Brook Major. The Gurkhas. Bodley Head (1928). Their Manners, Customs And Country; Captain C. J. Morris; 68 black and white photo-illustrations

Sterne, Laurence. The Life And Opinions Of Tristam Shandy, Gentlemen. Bodley Head (1928). With Illustrations and Decorations By John Austen

France, Anatole. The Well Of St. Claire. Bodley Head (1928).

Cabell, James Branch. The White Robe. A Saints Summary.. Bodley Head (1928). A Translation By Alfred Allinson - [uniform Title: Puits De Sainte Claire. English]; 200 copies; 8 illustrations by Robert E. Locker; Composed In Poliphilus Type Reproduced By Lanston Monotype Corp London From Roman Face Designed In 1499 By Francesco Griffo Of Bologna, Designed By Willia

Forester, C S. Brown On Resolution. Bodley Head (1929).

Grierson, Flora. Haunting Edinburgh. Bodley Head (1929). 110 copies; 16 illustrations in color and black and white by Katherine Cameron; 8 illustrations by others

France, Anatole. Mother Of Pearl. Bodley Head (1929). Translated By Frederic Jackson. 12 photogravure plates; illustrations in text by Frank C. Pape

Forester, C. S. Nelson. Bodley Head (1929).

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una. Nightlights. Bodley Head (1929). 100 copies; 90 black and white illustrations by Cecile Walton

Defoe, Daniel. The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of The Famous Moll Flanders. Bodley Head (1929). A New Edition With Illustrations And Decorations By John Austen And An Introduction By W. H. Davies

Hynes, A. L. The Letters Of The Tsar To The Tsaritsa. Bodley Head (1929). 1914-1917; Translated By A. L. Hynes From The Offical Edition Of The Romanov Correspondence

Forester, C. S. The Voyage Of The Annie Marble. Bodley Head (1929). First printing

Stein, Gertrude. Useful Knowledge.. Bodley Head (1929).

Fawcett, F. Burlington,. Broadside Ballads Of The Restoration Period. Bodley Head (1930). From The Jersey Collection Known As The Oserley Park Ballads; editor; 750 copies

Grahame, Kenneth. Dream Days. Bodley Head (1930). Illustrated By Ernest Shepard

Drake, H. B. Korea Of The Japanese.. Bodley Head (1930).

Wilde, Oscar. Salome. Bodley Head (1930). A Tragedy In One Act : Translated From The French Of Oscar Wilde, With 16 Drawings By Aubrey Beardsley

Forester, C. S. The Annie Marble In Germany. Bodley Head (1930). 39 illustrations and 2 maps

De Quincey, Thomas. The Confessions Of An English Opium Eater.. Bodley Head (1930). 12 illustrations

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una. The Gone Away. Bodley Head (1930). A Romance Of The Dales In Three Acts; colour frontispiece and 8 drawings by Charles Simpson.

The Life And Reminiscences Of Jessie Bond The Old Savoyard. Bodley Head (1930). As Told By Herself To Ethel Macgeorge

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. Bodley Head (1930). 8 black and white lithographs by Sydney George Hume Beaman;

Sparrow, Walter Shaw. A Book Of Sporting Painters. Bodley Head (1931). A Companion Volumes Of New Research Tobritish Sporting Artists Andangling In British Art. 136 illustrations; 125 numbered copies on specially-made rag paper with two extra plates in hand-coloured photogravure

Christie, Agatha. An Agatha Christie Omnibus. Bodley Head (1931). Containing The Mysterious Affair At Styles, The Murder On The Links And Poirot Investigates.

Hanley, James. Men In Darkness. Bodley Head (1931). Five Stories. With A Preface By John Cowper Powys. 105 signed copies.

Szuts, Szegedi. My War. Bodley Head (1931). With An Introduction By R. H. Mottram.

Home, Gordon. Old London Bridge. Bodley Head (1931).

Arno, Peter. Peter Arnos Parade. Bodley Head (1931).

Burgess, Thornton W. The Adventures Of Reddy Fox. Bodley Head (1931). Illustrated By Harrison Cady

Andree, S.A. The Andree Diaries. Bodley Head (1931). Being The Diaries And Records Of S.a. Andree, Nils Strindberg And Knut Fraenkel Written During Their Balloon Expedition To The North Pole In 1897 And Discovered On White Island In 1930, Together With A Complete Record Of The Expedition [translated From The Swedish By Edward Adams-Ray]; 106 illustrations; 6 maps, plans and diagrams

Propert, W A. The Russian Ballet 1921 -1929. Bodley Head (1931). 1921-1929. With A Preface By Jacques Emile Blanche And Forty-eight Illustrations.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Travels With A Donkey. Bodley Head (1931). In The Cevennes; Blampied, Edmund (illustrates)

Forester, C. S. Two And Twenty. Bodley Head (1931).

Forester, C. S. U 97. Bodley Head (1931). A Play In Three Acts. First printing.

David-Neel, Alexandra. With Mystics And Magicians In Tibet. Bodley Head (1931). and A Darsonval; 29 photographs

Forester, C. S. Death To The French. Bodley Head (1932).

Hanley, James Edward. Ebb And Flood. Bodley Head (1932). 105 numbered copies signed by the author

Pease, Alfred Edward, Sir. Half A Century Of Sport. Bodley Head (1932).

Penzer, N. M. The Pentamerone Of Giambattista Basile. Bodley Head (1932). Of Giambattista Basile, Translated From The Italian Of Benedetto Croce, Now Edited With A Preface, Notes And Appendixes By N.M. Penzer, M.a. With A Portrait Frontispiece, Twelve Reproductions Of Title-pages And Other Illustrations

Gourgaud, General Baron. The St. Helena Journal Of General Baron Gourgaud 1815-1818. Bodley Head (1932). 1815-1818; Being A Diary Written At St. Helena During A Part Of Napoleon's Captivity, Now Translated Into English For The First Time By Sydney Gillard.

Sharp, Evelyn. Unfinished Adventure.. Bodley Head (1933). Selected Reminiscences From An Englishwomans Life.

Monckton, C. A. W. New Guinea Recollections. Bodley Head (1934).

Toller, Ernst. The Blind Goddess. Bodley Head (1934). A Play In Five Acts

Disney, Walt. The Pied Piper.. Bodley Head (1934). Story And Illustrations By The Staff Of The Walt Disney Studios; 28 color and black and white illustrations

Dowson, Ernest. The Poetical Works Of Ernest Chistopher Dowson. Bodley Head (1934). Desmond Flower (editor, Introduction, And Annotator)

Dimitrov Georgi,. The Reichstag Fire Trial. The Second Brown Book Of The Hitler Terror Based On Material Collected By The World Committee For The Relief Of The Victims Of German Fascism, With An Introductory Chapter Specially Written For The Book By Georgi Dimitrov, A Fore. Bodley Head (1934).

World Committee for the Victims of German Fascism. The Reichstag Fire Trial. Bodley Head (1934). The Second Brown Book Of The Hitler Terror. Based On Material Collected By The World Committee For The Relief Of The Victims Of German Fascism, With An Introductory Chapter Specially Written For The Book By Georgi Dimitrov

Disney, Walt. Three Little Pigs. Bodley Head (1934).

Burdsall, Richard. Men Against The Clouds. Bodley Head (1935). The Conquest Of Minya Konka. Emmons, Arthur ; 47 black and white photographs; 8 maps and charts

Gilpatric, Guy. Mr. Glencannon. Bodley Head (1935).

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Pirates Of Venus. Bodley Head (1935).

Spitz, Jacques. Sever The Earth. Bodley Head (1936). 6 illustrations by Denis Tegetmeier

Ratcliffe, Dorothy Una. The Gone Away. Bodley Head (1936). A Romance Of The Dales In Three Acts; illustrated By Charles Simpson

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Powys, Llewelyn. The Twelve Months. Bodley Head (1936). 100 copies on handmade paper and signed by author and artist; illustrated with wood engravings by Robert givvings

David-Neel, Alexandra. Tibetan Journey. Bodley Head (1936). 22 illustrations and a folding map

Joyce, James. Ulysses. Bodley Head (1936). 900 copies on Japon Vellum; edition of 1000 copies.

Hunter, Norman. Professor Branestawms Treasure Hunt. Bodley Head (1937). Illustrated By James Arnold.

Hanley, James. People Are Curious. Bodley Head (1938). 16 Stories

Caudwell, Christopher. Studies In A Dying Culture. Bodley Head (1938). Twelve-page Introduction by John Strachey. Essays on George Bernard Shaw (A Study of the Bourgeois Superman), T.E. Lawrence (A Study in Heroism), D.H. Lawrence (A Study of the Bourgeois Artist), H.G. Wells (A Study in Utopianism), Freud (A Study of Bourgeois Psychology)

Lewis, C. S. The Space Trilogy. Bodley Head (1938). Comprising: Our of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength

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Welty, Eudora. A Curtain Of Green. Bodley Head (1943).

Lewis, C. S. Perelandra. Bodley Head (1943).

Pudney, John. Almanack Of Hope - Sonnets.. Bodley Head (1944). Nash, John illustrator; 50 copies

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Welty, Eudora. The Robber Bridegroom. Bodley Head (1944). Illustrated by JAMES HOLLAND DRAWINGS

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Welty, Eudora. The Wide Net. Bodley Head (1945). And Other Stories

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Whistler, Laurence. Oho!. Bodley Head (1946). Certain Two-faced Individuals Now Exposed By The

Mortimer, John. Charade. Bodley Head (1947).

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Caveney, Philip. Sebastian Darke - Prince Of Fools. Bodley Head (2007). Original Drawing By Bob Lea, 16 signed (by both the author and the illustrator) and numbered copies.

Zusak, Markus. The Book Thief. Bodley Head (2007). 1st printing

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